What difference, at this point, does it make?”



            Taking from the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her tirade when asked a difficult question about real human lives lost in their mishandling of the Benghazi situation she responded angrily “The fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”  That prompted me to do some introspection and reflection on the world, the Bible, my life, my faith, my country, and our current world.  Let me share my reflections.

            The first thing that I personally need to stress is three particular words used in that tirade and emotional outburst – “at this point.”  Does that mean that if you wait a few days, weeks, or months to answer questions about a situation that it is no longer important to get the facts and discover the root cause?  Is it no longer important to do a “fact finding inquiry” to determine who is to be held accountable and to insure that that type of situation will never happen again?  Is it no longer in the interest of the American people and our national defense to get real answers to real questions?  Does a brief amount of time diminish the importance of the actual events?  If so, we will find politicians using this OUT from now on and will NEVER get real answers in any situation that they want to hide, distort, or evade the truth.  Isn’t the object of an “inquiry” or “investigation” (and I know there is a dramatic difference in the two) to FIND THE TRUTH?  Isn’t that the obligation of a government official to provide ALL INFORMATION possible short of divulging national security sensitive information so that THE TRUTH can be discovered?  I think so!  So, at the beginning let me say:  “Secretary of State Clinton, YES IT MATTERS even at this point!”

             The fact that we have “four dead Americans” causes it to matter, AT THIS POINT or AT ANY POINT now or 100 years from now.  The fact that the evidence appears to indicate that the President, Secretary of State, and other officials of this administration dropped the ball in this situation makes it important.  Did they do this willingly, with forethought and malice, I don’t know but it happened and as a result we have “four dead Americans” and many others placed in harm’s way then and in future situations.  We demonstrated an incompetence that will energize the terrorists who desire to bring harm to American citizens and American facilities throughout the world.  The end result, the way the subsequent reporting was handled, and the continual ducking of tough questions makes this look bad and for national security reasons IMPORTANT!

            If this administration failed to respond to repeated requests from this embassy for beefed up security it makes a difference!  If this administration presented outright lies or was so blatantly misinformed in the hours, days, weeks, and even months after the fact as to what really happened it makes a difference!  If ignoring the data that suggested that this embassy was in danger of becoming a target and the requests for additional security can be laid at the feet of Secretary of State Clinton or President Barack Obama it makes a difference.  It is the moral and constitutional obligation of members of the Senate such as Senator Johnson to ask the tough questions in an attempt to get to the “root cause” and find “real answers.”  To do less is to be complicit in what took place and endangers Americans in every part of the world.  So, Secretary of State Clinton IT MATTERS!

            This administration has stonewalled virtually every investigation that could potentially place the President, Eric Holder, or anyone within the administration in a bad light.  Basically, Hillary Clinton was echoing in words what Barack Obama and Eric Holder have been doing in actions when she asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  She was only following the script of the Obama administration.  I would expect nothing less from her or anyone else in this President’s crowd.  He has set the tone and provided the script and they are just playing their roles.  It is up to us as citizens and members of Congress to press the issue to the point that REAL ANSWERS to TOUGH QUESTIONS and provide THE TRUTH!

            As a combat veteran, a patriotic American citizen, and a believer in the Constitution of the United States of America knowing how this administration handles things I WOULD NOT SERVE in an embassy today!  When you consider actions such as “Fast and Furious” where our own government put in the hands of drug cartels weapons, I would be hesitant to serve.  We still need real answers as to WHY this was done and HOW FAR UP THE FOOD CHAIN this goes, but we get by their actions – “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  In my opinion, they have demonstrated that human life means little to them.  It is my view that they believe that the end justifies the means and that their agenda is more important than TRUTH, THE CONSTITUTION, THE RULE OF LAW, or AMERICAN LIVES.  So, if I were in a position to have to choose prison or serving in an embassy I would refuse to serve knowing that I would have to be disobedient to direct and specific orders regarding preparedness and defense of the facility and personnel there.  I would have the same opinion I had when I overhead an officer instruct a sailor on the pier in Da Nang that he could not put his clip in his rifle unless or until he was fired upon.  I stepped in and told both the officer and the sailor – “Seaman, you can do what you wish but I would disregard that order as soon as he walks away and lock and load my weapon.”  I further stated, “Sir, you know that order is absolutely ridiculous and should never be given because by the time he is fired upon he will have ZERO chance of loading his weapon, thus you are giving him a death sentence and therefore I believe that your order is an illegal order.”  He agreed with me but stated that he had no choice but to give it.

             America deserves better than what we are getting from this administration and I will double and triple my efforts to get my elected officials to turn up the heat and be dogged in their pursuit of THE TRUTH in these situations.  I believe that it is our moral obligation to find out what really happened and the blood of those who have fallen is crying from the ground for answers.  Few things have so disturbed me as the statement of Secretary of State Clinton, the actions of this President and his administration on things like this.  This is America, we have a Constitution, and are a nation of laws it is time that Congress and the Courts hold them accountable.  If they do not it is time that we hold Congress and the Courts accountable!  IT IS UP TO US TO PRESS THIS ISSUE TO THE CONCLUSION!

             May God bless you and may God protect and guide this nation!

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