AMERICA – Say Hello To The Real Enemy Politically…

BLOG POST 1 - Enemy

Before you completely misunderstand, I am not saying that the American people are the enemy but using this old Pogo cartoon statement to illustrate a point, so bear with me, please.  I have pleaded, argued, talked, written, spoke and prayed that WE THE PEOPLE entrenched in the various camps of political candidates would somehow wake up or realize WHO the real enemy of America is from a political perspective.  I do not think my fellow patriots are the enemy, I simply want to remind each of us WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS…

One political pundit suggested that because of the millions on the Democrat and Republican sides who will likely stay home refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could possibly result in the lowest turnout for a Presidential Election in a very long time.  I don’t know if that is true or if the polls that reflect how much those two are disliked are even accurate.  I know that Richard Nixon was hated by the Democrats, disliked and even feared by many Republicans and even those who were his friends were ashamed to have that fact known but Nixon won a landslide election. How could that happen?  The polls did not take into account a head to head with the Democrat and when given that option Nixon was the overwhelming choice.  Will that be the case in this election regardless of the Democrat and Republican nominee?  I don’t know but suspect it might well be that one of the candidates will win in a landslide, but that is coming from my rocking chair on the patio drinking coffee watching the sunrise on a beautiful morning.

BLOG POST 1 - Real Enemy

I keep asking myself and others, “Do we really know who the real enemy is politically?”  Or better, “Have we forgotten who the real enemy is politically?”  I understand the nomination process and how the mud flies, the dirt is dug, the skeletons are brought out of the closet, and attacks are made but sometimes I wonder if the anger, bitterness, and hatred that is dividing camps so prolifically have considered the cost of being irreparably divided?

CAN YOU STOMACH A HILLARY CLINTON PRESIDENCY?  I wrote that in caps because I am screaming the question at the top of my lungs.  Have we considered the cost of four or eight years under her administration?  Are we able to accept a person as president that has such a low regard for human life as expressed in her views on abortion and her lies and attitude about the lives lost in Benghazi?  Can we take actions that would virtually guarantee a person so corrupt that she has placed America’s national security at risk for convenience and peddled influence to secure funds and support to achieve her objective of the White House?  Can we forget her complicity in the lies about what caused Benghazi, her failures as Secretary of State, her involvement in White Water, the questionable activities of the Clinton Foundation and its connection to foreign governments many of which are very anti-America?  Can we embrace someone who is an Alinsky disciple, a follower of Marxist ideology and demonstrates such a lack of understanding and support for the Constitution of the United States of America?  Can we forget, the past eight years?  You may disagree but I consider, Hillary Clinton and all the Democrat possibilities for President the enemy of our Constitutional Republic not Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

BLOG POST 1 - Hillary

Can we pause for a moment and consider what America would experience under a Hillary Clinton presidency?  If Hillary Clinton becomes President of these United States of America…

  • The Supreme Court will be packed with liberal activist jurist transforming it for decades rendering the Constitution null and void and providing the Democrats a clear path to the “total transformation” of America.
  • Taxes will escalate to the point that the economy will be sent spiraling into a collapse that will propel us into a Recession and even Depression that might rival the Great Depression in impact.
  • More and more businesses will take their manufacturing “offshore” forcing more people out of the workforce and onto the welfare rolls of the government increasing the debt and deficit and further destroying our economy.
  • The 1st and 2nd Amendments will be challenged if not completely destroyed by the packed court and her Executive Actions if not Congressional Legislation making Political Correctness a legally mandated reality, assaulting our religious liberties, and launching a direct assault on our 2nd Amendment rights to “keep and bear arms.”
  • Obamacare will be expanded to a single payer universal healthcare system where the government totally controls our care, from whom we receive it, and if we have access to various procedures. The cost individually and collectively as well as the intrusion into our lives will propel us further along the road to total tyranny and despotism.
  • The Government will continue to expand exponentially as all programs of entitlement and agencies of harassment and control are strengthened, enlarged, and empowered.
  • The assault on the fossil fuel industry will be completed forcing us into alternative energy usage at a cost so astronomical few will be able to afford it.
  • Climate Change will take a higher priority than battling Islamic Terrorism and keeping the nation safe from external and internal enemies.
  • The traditional family will be under heavy attack and Hillary’s view that the Community is better able to raise our children than we and the government’s interference and oversight of our parenting will be prevalent.
  • Foreign Policy will continue to be a disaster where our friends are alienated and our enemies facilitated.
  • Illegal Immigrants will become citizens and the voting base and block for the Democrats will effectively destroy any semblance of a Democratic Republic but a Single Party Oligarchy or Tyranny will be realized.

Those are a few of the problems we face with another Clinton as President.  To be fair, she is so far left or her husband I almost feel the need to apologize to him for my statement about a Clinton presidency.

So I as, “Do we recognize the real enemy or are we so focused on our preference we cannot see the forest for the trees?”  If that is the case then Pogo’s assessment does apply to us.  I continue to reject that notion and believe that somehow the American people will wake up and realize that the Enemy to be stopped is the Leftist Liberal Anti-American Ideology of the Democrats in the person of Hillary Clinton.  We must defeat her, keep the Senate and maintain our margin in the House of Representatives.  If we lose sight of that objective America is doomed!

God bless you and God bless America!

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