AMERICA’S Valley of Decision…

BLOG POST 3- Valley of Decision

In the Book of Joel, the words “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision” are found as the prophet was warning of times coming upon the land and describing what God planned to do.  He was calling people to repentance and for a return to God and His purposes, plans, and principles.  Multitudes were facing a decision as to what direction they would take in life and that decision would not only impact their lives but their nation.  I see that as a condition in America today and I fully believe that the 2016 Election was the result of prayer and not attempt to make President Trump a saint, an example of godliness or righteousness, he was elected to give us an opportunity alter the wrong direction America has been taking for some time.  God, in the Bible, used people who were not always truly righteous or godly to bring about good for His people and His kingdom.  The Bible tells us that God raises up kings and takes them down, and you may disagree but I believe that the Election of Donald Trump is our window of opportunity to Reclaim and Restore our Constitutional Republic.  Will we?  Time will tell and only God knows for sure. 

Whether you support Donald Trump or adamantly opposed him, he is the duly elected president of the United States of America and if we love America and Freedom we must call for an end to the vitriolic violent petulant actions transpiring in America today.  We must insist that Congress act like responsible representatives of the people and rather than standing like junior high combatants pointing fingers, calling names, pouting, and refusing to seek real solutions to the problems facing America they DO THEIR JOBS.  No, their job is not to hold sit-ins, encourage violence and anarchy and with no regard for the Constitution continue to engage in obstructionism.  I do not mind dissent or disagreement but I do mind being subversive.

The media will give no credit to the newly elected president, the increase in his approval ratings, and the encouragement and hope that is being rekindled in the hearts of millions in America and around the world.  A strong America is one of the greatest deterrents to war and unrest globally that can be found.  A strong America with a vibrant economy is a boon to the economies of the world.  You can argue that the election had nothing to do with the rise in the Stock Market but you will be hard-pressed to make that case.  You can argue that the position of the new president on ILLEGALS and a desire to secure the border, the removal of the destructive restrictions on our Border Patrol and ICE agents is not having a positive effect but that is difficult to defend.  Especially considering a recent report that Illegal Border Crossings have dropped 40% in President Trump’s first full month in office. That is incredible!  The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported that the number of illegals crossing the border dropped from 31,578 to 18,762 in that period.  Of course, that reflects those detected not a true reflection of the numbers that actually cross the border.  In my view, this is a very positive and hopeful sign that we can regain control of our border and have a secure border, something we have not witnessed in a very long time.  America’s sovereignty depends on having secure borders!

We are in the Valley of Decision about the direction we are going to take as America.  Although, the federal bureaucracy and politicians have polluted and perverted our system of government we still have a constitution.  The American Constitution affirms that WE THE PEOPLE are the true guardians, overseers, and owners of our government.  We are in the Valley of Decision about whether we are going to allow politicians and bureaucrats to strip us of that authority and power or return to being a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  My decision is TAKE IT BACK!  My decision is TAKE A STAND!  My decision is RESTORATION! 

We are in a War politically and literally fighting for our Freedom and our Republic.  I have said much and will continue to beat the drum of the danger and negativity of a Shadow Government and Silent Coup that is being waged today.  Former President, Barack Obama is leading the charge of disruption from the shadows and through organizations such as his OFA (Organizing for Action).  Most political organizations disband once the politician leaves office but not this one.  It is increasing its war chest and is enlisting a virtual army of disrupters to fight President Trump every step of the way during his entire term of office.  This kind of action was called “un-American” by Barack Obama and that makes one wonder if he is now showing his true colors as being “un-American?”

The OFA has a reported army of 35,525 agitators and according to tax records has raised over $40 MILLION in contributions. This organization states that it “trains young activist to develop ORGANIZING SKILLS”.  Barack Obama said he was going to return to and hone his Community Organizing Skills once he left the White House and just as he followed through on his promise or threat to ‘fundamentally transform’ America he is doing just that.  He is directing his agitators from his DC mansion and encouraging the dissent and even violence.  Michelle Obama tweeted support for Congressman John Lewis in his war with Donald Trump as Lewis called trump an illegitimate president.  She said that his voice should be the call to action.  Barack Obama expressed support and encouragement from the protesters and challenged them to NOT BE SILENT.  That was in the face and evidence of the violence, rioting, and mayhem being caused.  He found that appealing and encouraging.  He did that with Black Lives Matter and the War on Police as well as other incidents where he should and could have called for civility he chose to encourage violence, hate, and disruption, a True Alinsky Method!

We are in the Valley of Decision and if we choose the wrong path or choose to sit in silence we will pay the severest of penalties in the loss of much if not most of our Freedom and Liberty under the Constitution.  We will allow America to descend into a state of anarchy and allow a condition to exist where those opposing an election or a decision will feel license to riot, disrupt, and destroy.  A Republic cannot survive under those conditions and Tyranny will rise in the place of a Free Constitutional Republic.  ARE YOU WILLING TO ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN?  I am not, at least not willingly or passively.  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God, bless you and God bless America!

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