BLOG POST 1 - Muslim Brotherhood

What do they know?  They know that organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorist.  They acknowledge it but the Leftist and some on the Right seem to have difficulty with calling a spade a spade.  I supposed those on the Right are afraid of being charged with Islamophobia or being xenophobic.  Why some on the Right allow the intimidation of the name calling of the Left to influence their actions and force them into the shadows is beyond me, but they do.

Most conservatives and constitutionalist recognize the grave threat of aggressive Islam and Islamic terrorism.  The former administration sought to put a gag order on any use of the term Islamic terrorism or jihadism.  In their view, any criticism of Islam was taboo and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch suggested it was an actionable offense that could result in federal charges being filed.  That is so foreign to rational reason one would think the public outcry would have been so loud the former President and A/G would have toned down their rhetoric, but not so.

The Trump administration is considering designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and I hope they do because they are.  The majority of the Arab, Muslim world knows what they are and calling them terrorist is like calling the Pope Catholic.  I find it amazing that Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, Bahrain, and the UAE have all officially identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization but not the United States.  WHY? Why have we failed to identify them for what they are and continued to allow them to have free access to much in America?  WHY? 

The Muslim Brotherhood promotes and encourages violent jihadism and conducts it themselves in Egypt. They sponsor Hamas in its terrorism against Israel.  They follow the most radical doctrinal interpretation of the Quran and are takfiri (a Muslim that accuses another Muslim of apostasy). They, like the most radical jihadist, regularly call other Muslims infidels because they do not adhere to the most violent tenets of Islam.  I hope you remember how close we were to the Muslim Brotherhood having a seat at the table in the White House had Hillary been elected.  Her closest confidant Huma Abedin is from the Muslim Brotherhood family.  There are significant sums of money flowing into Democratic coffers from Islamic jihadist with the lion’s share going to their fellow Muslim Keith Ellison who is the Deputy Head of the DNC.  Does that suggest where the Democrat Party is heading?  It does unless you choose to bury your head in the sand.  The jihadists are at war with the world and hold a special hatred for Israel and America and to deny that is to expose all of us to incredible danger.

In the U.K. one of the most influential and recognizable Think Tanks conducted a Poll or a Survey among TEN European Nations and found that the citizens of EIGHT of TEN wanted a TOTAL MUSLIM BAN not just a selective ban from certain countries that have weak or no vetting.  WHY?  Because they see, first hand, the problems with the massive influx of Muslim immigrants into their nations.  They have experienced the problems and have sounded the alarm repeated to America and thus far, we have ignored the warnings.  I am hopeful and prayerful that President Trump will hold firm and continue to identify the problem and take the actions necessary to make America Safe or Safer.

In Sweden, the government statistics indicate a rise in ‘rape’ and other ‘violent crimes’ since the massive influx of Muslim immigrants or refugees.  Women in Sweden are reported to feeling unsafe in their own neighborhoods much less the highly populated Muslim sectors.  However, the Swedish government has refused to deport the rapists and that is causing an outcry from the women of that nation and causing concern across Europe and much of the world.  The reports that only 1 in 5 foreign rapists is deported in that country, so would it be a wonder that women feel unsafe?

The idea in America is that we need refugees and immigrants because they do jobs Americans won’t do.  First, if that is true bringing more immigrants will not resolve that problem it will only postpone the inevitable.  Second, how can flooding our shores with illegals be deemed a good or advisable situation?  How does having people who are breaking the law, using false documents, and hiding in the shadows contribute to society?  If they are excused for breaking one law what is to deter them from breaking another or having any regard for our laws?  What does that attitude say to various elements of our legal citizenry?  It suggests that the Law is to be selectively obeyed and you can pick and choose what law you deem applicable to you, thus endangering our way of life.  It may not cause our society to crumble immediately but will be like water wearing away a rock over time.  That is not the America our Framers and Founders fought for and deliberated to produce.  It is not the America that most Americans desire.  It is the America of FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION and that transformation is to a Socialist or Marxist Society where the government is totalitarian and authoritarian.  How could any American who loves freedom be willing to see that become reality?

We must stand for Freedom.  We must stand for the Constitution.  We must stand for a Sovereign America and therefore we must resist the attempt of the Leftist to shame us into believing that desiring to be the Free Constitutional Republic of our founding with a Secure Border is heartless and lacking in compassion.  We must determine that we will stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and accept nothing less than a return to American being the Constitutional Republic our Framers gave us.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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