AMERICAN POLITICS – A Shakespearian Tragedy or SNL Skit???

USA Democrat Vs Republican Election 2016 Cartoon - The Fight Club

Believe me, I am very serious!  When I watch the antics of politicians and the political hacks in the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and Congress I want to laugh but it is so serious and dangerous I cringe.  I saw two political cartoons that depict the way that each side sees things and how they try to spin their spin to keep their partisans in line.

Let me offer them and make my commentary:

The Cartoon from a Conservative Cartoonist:

BLOG POST 2 - Memo 1

Those of us on the Right who consider ourselves Constitutionalists and Conservatives saw the MEMO and it, to us, clearly revealed the collusion, corruption, criminality, and even the possible treasonous activities of the DNC, FBI, DOJ, Obama, and Clinton.  I would love to see the entire report that the MEMO was written from but realize that will never happen.  The FBI has offered no factual rebuttal nor has the DOJ.  The preponderance of evidence is sufficient to require a Special Investigator, hopefully, an unbiased one, to investigate the activities of Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, the FBI, and the DOJ.  Will that happen?  As I alluded in my title, the State of American Politics is such that it is likely that the follow-up will be noise but no action or as a friend likes to say, “All foam and no beer.” 

The MEMO sheds enough light on the happenings prior to the election and subsequent to it to demand a full investigation.  The suggestion that there is no documentation of wrong-doing by the higher levels of the DOJ and FBI as well as the Obama and Clinton teams, as claimed by the Democrats is ludicrous.  They insist that it should not be ignored.  There was the argument by the FBI, DOJ, and Democrats that releasing the MEMO would endanger our national security, reveal secrets and sources used by the FBI that would damage their ability to gather intelligence and endanger our agents in the field, it did not of that.  Their cries were empty rhetoric in an attempt to keep the public in the dark.

The Cartoon from a Leftist Liberal Cartoonist:

BLOG POST 2 - Memo 2

As you can see from the cartoon, the Democrats and the Left believe that the MEMO was a “nothing burger.”   They insist that it did absolutely nothing to raise concerns about the activities of the FBI, DOJ, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, Peter Strozk, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Are they right?  If we allow the MSM who are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party to control the narrative, the in the minds of millions the answer will be – YES.  The Left has and will leak information or, as in the Dossier, false information in an attempt to do damage control, CYA, and spin the spin favorably to their side.  The MSM does not believe that the average citizen is intelligent enough, informed enough, or concerned enough to investigate or understand what has happened and the ramifications to our Republic.  They believe this because we have allowed the Leftist to return to Washington time and again and millions believe that whatever the MSM presents is factual and NEWS.

The Democrats in Congress will NEVER agree to a Special Investigator or Prosecutor to investigate the FBI, DOJ, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or the DNC.  The Republicans history has been to back off rather than pushing the matter to a conclusion and letting the chips fall where they may.  Why is a question that should be asked of both sides of the aisle!  Democrats, why are you so afraid of a true investigation?  Republicans why are you unwilling to press the matter to its final conclusion?  I suspect that the answer is both are afraid that dirt will be exposed on their hands and the public will react negatively to them, jeopardizing their Position, Power, and Purse.  That is another reason for my title and my question regarding the Politics of America.  The ship of citizen representation sailed long ago, and we have endured decades of Professional Politicians who are Big Government Globalist and interested in being an oligarchy rather than Representatives of We the People.  WE NEED CHANGE IN WASHINGTON but not the kind that the Professional Politicians are advancing.  We need a RETURN to Representative Government and a RESTORATION of Constitutional Law where EVERYONE including Politicians is amenable to that law.

It is my plea that each person stays alert, pay attention and let’s join forces in November and send as many of those elitist home as possible and take steps, even if they are baby steps, toward RESTORATION of the Republic to its constitutional status.  WE CAN DO THIS!  It won’t be easy, nor will it be quick, but WE CAN DO THIS!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!


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