BLOG POST 1- What Can We Do

Yes, I am wading into this controversial, volatile and a hot-button issue.  I realize that there may be many who will not like what I’m going to say, some will consider it going too far and some not far enough.  Hopefully, I will be able to convey my thoughts rationally, logically, intelligently, and judiciously.  In my statements, I have no desire to target the kids from Parkland, Florida who are becoming the National Mouthpieces for Gun Control.  Those kids, I believe are sincere!  They have been traumatized beyond imagination and deserving of our compassion, empathy, and understanding.  I do believe they are speaking out of fear, their indoctrination by leftist educators, possibly parents, the MSM, activist, and politicians.  That is tragic and my heart breaks for them and their fears, rational or irrational.  They deserve our prayers and love, so they are not my target.

My target is the misguided, fraudulent, and wrong philosophy and ideology that, if allowed to succeed, will perpetuate the problem not resolve it.  Evil cannot be legislated into being good, but the national debate is, once again, attempting to push us down that path.  It is a pathway of failure and fails to address the real problem and will not protect one life and the lives of our children are priceless.  If there was a law that could be enacted that would truly prevent another mass shooting as took place in the in Florida, I would support it.  It is Utopian at best to believe there is and the push for it may be far more sinister and diabolical than anyone imagines.  Stripping Americans of their inalienable rights, such as “self-defense” is a very dangerous path to travel and abridging Liberties and Freedoms usually results in more abridgment and infringement leading to anarchy and tyranny.  WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD DESIRE THAT?

The indoctrination by and of the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and politicians that the NRA is a ‘terrorist organization’ is not just dangerous it must be met head-on or it will lead to attacks and destruction of anything and everything conservative.  Is that the design?  Not by the kids in Florida or even some of the activist, Hollywood pretenders, or the MSM but it is by those behind the scenes.  I resist chasing that rabbit down its logical trail because I desire to talk about “What We Can Do?”  Possibly the better question is, “Can We Do Anything That Will Prevent More Shootings or Limit Them?”  I believe the answer is, YES!  I do not believe that we can do anything that will TOTALLY PREVENT an evil, deranged person or criminal from committing heinous crimes but if we can limit their ability to engage in their evil, is it not worth discussing?

Let me use a statement frequently used by the Left and Activist to make my point.  They say, “If we can save one life.”  They refuse that argument regarding abortion but then the babies in the womb are non-humans to them and that ideology enables them to desensitize themselves to the horror of that genocide.  Over 50 MILLION babies aborted since the inception of Rowe v Wade, far more lives snuffed out than in all the school or mass shootings in America.  HEAR ME!  I consider the mass shootings as being horrific and do not attempt to pigeon-hole me or stereotype me as uncaring and unfeeling.  I care about ALL LIVES!  That means kids in school, people in the Trade Centers on 9/11, and the unborn babies in the womb, to name a few.  ALL LIVES MATTER!

What Can We Do?  How about installing Metal Detectors in the Schools and make EVERYONE pass through them?  We have them in airports, courtrooms, and even businesses, why not SCHOOLS?  When I first had to go through a Metal Detector at the airport it irritated me and then I thought, “Wait for a second, if this prevents someone from getting on that airplane with a weapon or bomb, how is it bad?”  Yes, it slowed me down and inconvenienced me, and the system is not fool-proof, but it is a step in the right direction.  However, just having Metal Detectors would be “step-one” not the whole defense.  There should be “armed and trained” security guards nearby to deal with anyone attempting to crash that defense with a weapon.  They should have the authority to do what must be done to protect our kids and teachers.  Criminals and terrorist are often cowards and would avoid that scenario of facing a trained officer with a weapon.  The mentally disturbed might not and that is another issue entirely but one we can and must address.  Beyond the Armed Security Guards, I am Pro Arming the teachers who are willing to be armed and are trained to handle a firearm.  Imagine the coach who made himself a human shield being armed and trained to use the firearm.  He might be alive and many of the kids in Florida in class today not in the cemetery.

I went to school in the 50’s and 60’s and many trucks parked on campus had gunracks with a rifle in them and nobody was shooting up the school.  What was different then?  Many things?  We did not have the infestation of ‘snowflake’ mentality and ‘political correctness’ that is prevalent today.  We also had something else and that was DISCIPLINE in the home.  Most of us had two-parent families and our parents believed in discipline and demanded that we follow the rules.  Did we all follow the rules all the time?  OF COURSE NOT, but when we didn’t we not only incurred the penalties of the school and possibly the courts, but we often met the “board of education” at home and were disciplined in some way.

The idea that we can simply PASS A LAW and this problem will go away is beyond comprehension to me.  The failure of the FBI to either take the warnings seriously or the ineptitude of the agents and departments within that agency is stunning.  We need to ensure that communications between ALL Law Enforcement Agencies are strengthened.  We need to ensure that there is a severe penalty for those in various professions including the medical community that fails to give warning of what was apparently, open threats with specificity.  I appreciate patient-doctor and client-attorney privilege but when an act of terrorism is being advanced as a desire or intent, IT CANNOT BE IGNORED.  You may disagree, and I fully comprehend the can of worms we could be opening there, but can’t we discuss the matter rather than politicizing and using a tragedy or crisis to advance political agenda?  The gun, sitting on the shelf kills no one.  The gun in the hands of a person intent on doing evil does, so are we to focus on the implement of destruction or the real cause?  People are killed by cars, prescription drugs, and many other things, shall we ban them as well?  Yes, I’m being sarcastic but only to the point of pleading for sanity and rational thought.

I, along with millions of Americans, am heart-broken over this latest tragedy.  My heart breaks for these kids being used as fronts for the Leftist Agenda.  My heart breaks for the parents and families who have lost a treasured child.  My heart breaks for America and I plead that we do something to make us feel “warm and fuzzy” in enacting legislation that will be meaningless but that we take real steps to finding real solutions to this real problem.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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