THANK YOU is not enough to express my gratitude to all my fellow, veterans for your service and sacrificeToday, November 11, 2020, is the specific day that we have, as a nation set aside to say, THANK YOU to those who served in our Armed Forces. 

The term “armed forces” is appropriate because it expresses a force that has both the manpower and firepower to protect and defend this great nation from all enemies.  Foreign enemies, such as ISIS and the Islamic jihadist are a real threat as are nations such as Iran, North Korea, and our perpetual adversaries Russian and China. 

But also domestic threats and those petulant temper-tantrum throwing leftist taking to the streets, airwaves, social media, and calling for and actually doing damage to property and person are asking for a taste of what our Armed Forces are capable of.  I do not want to see blood flowing in our streets but sadly it seems that is the objective of the Soros-led organization, BLM, New Black Panthers, SEIU, and many others.  It is tragic that we may soon ask our men and women in uniform to place themselves in harm’s way against fellow citizens and non-citizens treated as citizens. 

BUT that is not my desired focus for Veteran’s Day it is to say THANK YOU and show the RESPECT and APPRECIATION you deserve.  I served in Vietnam and spent 1967 in that part of the world and came home to a nation that spit on me and my fellow, veterans calling us every derogatory name they could imagine. 

I am so deeply moved by the realized real sacrifice those in 1776 and beyond made to secure a Free, Independent, and Sovereign United States of America.  I am deeply appreciative of the sacrifices and service of those in our two World Wars as well as those in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and every other war and conflict our men and women have been thrust.  Many may not have fired a shot in combat and they are no less to be respected and appreciated because they are part of this illustrious and needed body designed to PROTECT and DEFEND this nation.  THANK YOU!

If I could exclude myself so that no one considers my remarks self-serving I suggest that our veterans “are the backbone of Freedom in this beloved nation.”  They are those who are out front in the line of defense for the freedom that even those who hate them are afforded. 

My love and appreciation for our Armed Forces only grow stronger each year and in each situation where they are required to defend this nation.  I salute you and your service.  Thank you to all my fellow, veterans the Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Navy. 

THANK YOU!  May your day be joyous and may the entire nation show you the honor and respect you deserve as well as remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice!


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