Some of us have been concerned for several years over the increased foreign ownership of land in the United States of America.  I can envision no scenario in which it is a good policy to allow foreign governments or foreign agents to own land, businesses, infrastructure, etc. in the United States of America.  I say that with emphasis when it comes to those who are clearly our adversaries, not our friends, such as China or Russia.  Yet, it continues to transpire and how much they own is not fully discernable but what we know is frightening.

The ownership of farmland by China is incredibly disconcerting to this American.  Farmland, the source of our food supply owned by China should cause the hair on the back of all American’s necks to stand on end.  If you cannot see the danger in that you are not thinking.  If they control the land, they control the supply, the price, and thereby have the power to cause starvation in the USA. 

Imagine an administration that is in bed with the Chinese government and what that would mean to America if China decided to do the abhorrent and reduce our food supply.  Wait, you don’t have to imagine it we have one today in the Biden administration.  An administration that seems to be owned by Xi and the Chinese along with his family.  Does that bode well for America and Americans? 

What we know and is open to public view is probably a drop in the bucket to reality.  But what we know is deeply disconcerting.  We have a sprinkling of U.S. lawmakers who have expressed concern over the increased Chinese purchases of American farmland.  They may be responding after the cows are out of the barn, but at least some of them are taking note.  Will they be able to do anything?  Not unless we gain a change in the presidency, Congress, and the courts. What I mean is, not unless we strip the power from the grips of the liberal leftist globalist and put it in the hands of those who will fight for America.

At the outset of 2020, Chinese investors owned a minimum of 192,000 acres of U.S. agricultural land valued at about $1.9 BILLION.  In 2018 the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that China’s agricultural investments in other nations had grown more than tenfold.  That demands questions?  Why?  But the answer is so clear and threatening everyone should insist that the U.S. government implement laws to prevent it from happening in America before it is too late.

Surely everyone can see the danger in allowing China to control our food supply.  We are paying subsidies to foreign-owned land in the United States.  Seriously, we are paying them to destroy us!  How can anyone think that is a good idea?  Some states are taking action that imposes restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland, but it may be too little too late.  We are rapidly headed toward a Chinese-owned agricultural monopoly and if that happens, America is toast.

By doing a little more research in an effort to find some of the hidden portions of this iceberg I discovered that at least 30 million acres of American farmland are owned by foreign investors.  That is a portion of land roughly the size of Mississippi or Pennsylvania.  That is deeply disconcerting.

Six states currently have bans on foreign ownership of farmland:  Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.  Hey American States, including my home Texas, why haven’t you followed suit? 

It is not just farmland that China is purchasing but residential properties as well.  China owns more residential real estate than any other foreign country.  They have massive holdings on the West Coast and impact the real estate market.  They also have incredible influence over the American media and our national policies are being dictated by pro-China advocates and rhetoric.

The New York Times, for example, their largest shareholder Carlos Slim has close ties and business ventures with Chinese firms in the pocket of the Chinese government.  His Giant Motors have a vested interest in China’s JAC Motors engaged in penetrating the Latin American market with designs on the U.S. market.

The Washington Post (WaPo) under the ownership of Jeff Bezos and many of Amazon’s biggest-selling products such as Echo, and the Kindle are manufactured in China.  It is fiscally profitable for Bezos and the WaPo to back China even if it means losing our Republic.  The globalists are not concerned about the America of our Founders they are concerned about a globe filling their coffers and enhancing their power, control, and influence.

Cable News Network (CNN) is a property of WarnerMedia which is so closely tied to China it might as well be called Chinese News Network.  If you recall how CNN reacted to the Wuhan virus you can see what I’m suggesting.  Couple that with NBC, ABC, and Bloomberg, and you quickly realize how much influence China has in the American media.  Therefore, their propaganda is presented 24/7/365 and the followers of those media outlets drink the Kool-Aid and regurgitate the rhetoric.

China has long owned Hollywood and is seeking to control the content that America sees via the Big Screen, the television, and various social media platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I am doubly concerned to learn that the Chinese are buying strategic land in Texas.  In 2020 they purchased over 100,000 acres in West Texas for what is deemed an economic project.  The U.S. Intelligence believes, as do I, that this is less economic and more intelligence gathering.  Interestingly, this land is framed by the pristine Devils River, the legendary Pecos River in West Texas borderlands of Val Verde County.

Beginning in 2015, GH America Investment Group has purchased over 130,000 acres of property in Val Verde County.  You will not be surprised to learn that GH America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Xinjiang-based Guanghui Industry Investment Group.  Must I remind everyone that Xinjiang is notorious for its so-called re-education camps, where China detains Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities against their wills and violates their human rights?  Why do they want in America?  Could that be a clue?

Pay attention to the fact that China emerged from the COVID-19 shock earlier than the rest of the world and is planning for the long term.  China outpaced the United States in attracting foreign direct investment for the first time in history. 

If America is loaded with corrupt politicians owned by China, where does that lead?  If the American Media is controlled by China and we are lambasted with pro-China rhetoric constantly, where does that lead?  If we continue the Big Tech censorship of anything regarding the agenda of the Leftists and the Globalists, where does that lead?  If American business continues to be undercut by Washington, where does that lead?  If our American culture and core values continue in the crosshairs of the Leftists and Washington, where does that lead?  It leads to the demise of America.

If we allow China to own us, we will find our liberty only a faint memory and our children’s children will become serfs to a foreign godless entity that will make their lives a living hell.  That will be the legacy we leave to our children.  I am not willing to quietly let that happen.

Therefore, I am committed to sounding the alarm and standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  Will you join the rest of us so committed?

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. I just found out yesterday that Cirrus is owned by the Government of China, sold by an America company birthed out of a barn in Wisconsin in 1984, was sold to the Chinese Government in 2011. I was shocked and now wonder how many other companies we thought were American owned are now owned by the communist government of China? Are these the “merchants” that enslave revealed in Revelation 18? This is the aircraft that killed my husband when his plane crashed. I ask God our Father to expose all darkness and reveal His Light of Truth so we can partner with God and not darkness. “In February 2011, Cirrus was sold for US$210M to China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA), a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Government of the People’s Republic of China.[88][89][90]” ~

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  3. cheriewhite says:

    Thank you so much for sounding the alarm about this, Roy! Sadly, our so-called leaders and media are staying mum because they’re in the CCP’s pocket. Biden is also a puppet of the CCP and gets his marching orders from them! Big Tech is also wrapped around China’s finger and I’m not sure if WordPress and Automattic aren’t either since they have flag my blogs and cut off my ability to follow or like. But at least I can still comment on the posts and blogs I like. Keep up the good work, Roy! Despite the censorship and the threat of a social credit score, we still need brave voices like ours to open the eyes of the masses!

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