Mr. President – Try This New Energy Source!

Sir, you like to talk about “Green Energy” and getting away from “Fossil Fuels” and want this energy to be cheap.  Really?  Is that why we are being force-fed “Cap & Trade” and the ‘EPA” running a Gestapo operation in this great land?  It wouldn’t make any sense to produce the least expensive fuels like “Oil & Coal” right?  I have an idea why don’t you Try Yelling!  It’s a source of energy and relatively inexpensive!  The only problem is if you yell for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you will produce enough energy to heat one cup of coffee.  That makes about as much sense as not drilling for the abundant supply of oil that we have right here in America and remaining dependent upon countries that hate us. 

I think I figured it out!  What you really want is for us to become worker bees.  While that sounds good and productive the fact is that the average worker bee produces 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its entire lifetime.  Sounds about as productive as welfare to me.  The WPA was a better idea than giving illegal aliens free everything and the government funding and running every social program.  There was a time when “charity” came from the good-heartednesss of one’s neighbors and the church, not the government.  Of course the neighbor nor the church were running for office, they were acting out of human kindness and God’s love.  That’s not something you will find in the government. 

Some of the ideas coming out of Washington are like an outdated Texas law about trains.  When two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each has to come to a full stop, and neither can proceed until the other is gone.  Duh, “Here’s your sign!”  The very idea that we can spend out way out of our financial problems is not only ridiculous but that Texas law makes more sense.  It’s like betting on a football replay that the outcome will be different or playing poker with borrowed money or buying stock in a company that has already gone bankrupt.  If you want me to believe the spin coming out of Washington then maybe I should believe that the Moon is actually made of green cheese!  I can believe that just as easy as the lunacy coming from D.C.

I have an idea, why don’t you in Washington take a 50% pay cut and cut your expense accounts by 50% and see how much that helps!  Don’t know if it would do much for the economy but it sure would help reduce the budget in Washington and you would still be millionaires, traveling ten times more the average citizen all on the tax payer’s nickel. Hey it’s just a thought but if we are going to tighten our belts and live within our means how about you leading the way.  Give us an example to follow.

Where are the leaders and heros that we can look up to?  Where are the role models that we would want our children to grow up to be like?  Where are the statesmen and patriots who truly represent the wishes of their constituency?  Don’t tell me what I need to do when you are eating $75.00 steaks and $100.00 lobster and washing it down with $400.00 bottles of wine.  I’m not asking that you live in poverty but at least stop the extravagance while millions are losing their jobs and homes. 

This is still the greatest country in the world and I’m still proud to be an American.  I am a veteran and proud of it and thankful for each one that has served in whatever capacity that service came.  I treasure the Constitution of this great land and value the blood and sacrifice that it cost to bring it into being.  I still have chills run down my spine when I hear the national anthem and see the flag and am not willing to see it disrespected either by physical, political or philosophical actions.  Freedom is not Free!  It has been earned, and the price extremely high so let’s do whatever it takes to defend and protect it.

Tell me what you think!  This country’s future really is up to you!


One comment on “Mr. President – Try This New Energy Source!

  1. Martin Volk says:

    You go Roy
    Now you’r talkin

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