I Finally Found Something In Common With Politicians

Really!  My wife surprised me with a new computer for my birthday with Windows 7 as the operating system.  The dilemma is that I know about as much about operating Windows 7 as a Politician in Washington knows about following the Constitution.  I do believe my limited computer knowledge makes me something less than a computer geek but that is okay.  I spent 4 hours, not to mention the occasional angry screams which didn’t amuse my wife, trying to remove an anti-virus program that came with my new computer.  It was a program that I did not want and knew from past experience would dramatically slow my computer down and would run its tentacles into every part, partition and program on my computer affecting each of them.  Does that sound like Washington?  The Laws, Rules, and Regulations they pass do not do the job and run their tentacles into every part, partition and facet of our lives slowing us down, controlling us and taking away our liberties.  Finally, after many attempts, phone calls, emails, web searches and an infinite amount of worthless information I found the correct method to remove the program and install the Security program I wanted originally.  A Program that would defend my computer, keep it safe and allow me to do the things I needed and wanted to do.  Again, sounds like Washington, their actions do not defend us nor keep us safe and their inane legislative actions hinder us from pursuing the Constitutional right of the pursuit of happiness.  They cast off the restraints of the Constitution and place on us the shackles of their ideologies enslaving us in an attempt to make us totally dependent on “The Man” for our sustenance, subsistence and ability to function independently.

I have encountered numerous other issues with some of the older programs that I have attempted to install on this new computer.  It seems that each one either needs a new driver or a new version to operate correctly and efficiently.  Unfortunately the new versions cost a lot more but don’t necessarily work any better.  Again, sounds like Washington, they want to give us new programs that will cost a lot more and may or may not work better than the older ones and in fact we often know in advance they will not work as well.  A few simple patches or a new driver would have solved the problem and allowed us to keep functioning with the older program but no we have to have “Hope and Change”. All I can say is I Hope this Change doesn’t destroy Our Country!

On one printer from my older version, my son and I reinstalled a new driver twice and everything would appear good, then the troubleshoot icon would show up on in the printers and other devices section.  We would run the troubleshoot program and it would identify that the driver was bad and there was a USB problem however the printer would still print most of the time.  Finally Sunday, I found that I could not print from some very important programs and that was a problem needing a quick resolution.  I furiously began a web search and found a different website from the Microsoft site we had previously visited and it suggested that I download the full overhaul version, which I did.  It completely uninstalled the printer, making me extremely nervous, then reinstalled the new driver and software.  To my amazement I have a lovely green check mark next to the computer’s icon and it works flawlessly.  Yeah!  Sounds like Washington too, they don’t seem to realize that if they are upgrading something (as if that ever happened there) they need know that all the parts that make the program work correctly are in place and not in the hands of someone who knows or cares little about functionality.

What I have in common with Politicians is that I know freakin’ little about working with Windows 7 and many other aspects of the computer.  Unlike the Politicians I know people who are knowledgeable about the issues I am facing.  I can and do call them for assistance and take their advice, perform the corrective actions, apply the proper applications and find that my computer then functions smoothly and efficiently, which is great!  Politicians know freakin’ little about governing under the Constitution in a Democracy under our Republican form of government.  They know how to push their agendas, press their ideologies and spend money like there was an unlimited supply because after all they can come back and confiscate our money to pay for their actions.  Most of us have to pay for our own actions but not Congress and the White House they just become talking heads, pushing their agendas and the people be damned.

I will get my new computer fully operational, learn how to do what I need to do on it in a few days, weeks or months.  I just hope that we have time to correct the problems that Washington is bringing upon us.  I realize that it will probably take decades to correct what they have done. That’s what makes these next elections so important.  I would encourage you to lean more about each candidate.  Become more diligent than you ever have before.   Study their records in politics.  If they are new to the political scene study their business practices, ideologies, philosophies as well as written and spoken statements.  Are they truly interested in “We The People” or are they interested in a particular political party or a particular political ideology?  If they don’t fit the bill don’t give them the opportunity to occupy the office they seek and thereby do further damage to what is already epidemic.  Hey, maybe you want to run, I don’t know.  What I do know is that we cannot allow this to continue and we have to have “Change that will give us Hope” because the other phrase and actions has given just the opposite.  By the time this bunch is through with destroying our lives and this country I just “Hope We Will Have A Little Change (Cash) Left”.

I admit it, I don’t know a lot about some aspects of computers and wish the politicians would admit they don’t know much about governing and start listening to those of us who feel the effect of their actions on a daily basis.  Not only we but our children and grandchildren will suffer endlessly for their wrong actions.  We cannot afford to have a bunch in Washington who continually get it wrong!  Let’s help them actually hear our voices and get it right.  The voting booths are the most effective places to bring that about.  Vote the incompetents out and sooner or later they might just start getting the message.

That’s my suggestion what is yours?  I would love to hear from you!


4 comments on “I Finally Found Something In Common With Politicians

  1. Ed says:

    Great article Roy! Keep on writing & keep getting the word out.

  2. Carrie says:

    This is awesome! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple little green button that we could vote all the knuckleheads out right now!?!

  3. Martin Volk says:

    You mean some of the programs you had for a very long time had to go because they didn’t work any more?
    I do wish that part would apply to ploiticians, Term limits would be a wonderful thing.

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