With gas, food, and many other goods and services soaring in price, one would think that this President would at least listen to the desires of the American people, but he doesn’t. He has an agenda and his determination to carry it out regardless of what Congress says, the Courts rule, the Constitution details, and the American people desire is more than a little troubling. It is as if he has such tunnel vision and believes that he is actually smarter than all of us combined thus ignoring the facts.

He has ignored the warnings of European nations that have voiced their concern regarding our economic direction and is taking us down the path that caused chaos in many of those nations. He has ignored history and is pressing us toward socialism with the repeated examples of the failure of that policy. He has ignored the wishes of the American people regarding Obamacare, oil production, taxes, and spending. With the help of the Democrat controlled Congress rammed Obamacare down our throats and the bill passed with Ms. Pelosi saying, “Pass it and then we’ll find out what is in it.” Excuse me, but I would never conduct personal business that way and am highly offended when the federal government takes that approach. It was a slap in the face of the working, tax paying, voting, American citizens virtually telling us that we were not intelligent enough to understand the bill even if we were able to read it before it passed. Instead we are finding out as time passes the ominous things that are in the so-called Health Care Bill that have nothing to do with health care but designed to “control.” The ramifications of that bill alone are so far-reaching that it will destroy small business and the American way of life if allowed full implementation.

His own Energy Secretary has publicly stated that they do not want to drive down prices but drive us from fossil fuels and into alternative energy vehicles and sources. He has stated and now backtracked because of the political winds, that gas prices consistent with those of Europe would be what they desired. The President stated that “supply” was not the solution and then urged the Arab world and Brazil to increase production. Sorry, Mr. Obama but you cannot have it both ways. Either supply helps or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t then we do not need more imported oil, but you and everyone else knows we need the oil. For decades we have been hearing from the left-wing liberals and environmentalist that it would take ten years if we drilled for it to do any good. Imagine that, we could be reaping the benefits now had we drilled a decade or more ago. In fact, if we had begun drilling three years ago we would be that much closer to not being dependent on foreign oil. A glaring display of radical ideology is the Keystone pipeline that this President opposes which would bring immediate help but no, instead if we get that oil it will come via his buddy Warren Buffet’s railroad making him billions in the process.

History has demonstrated that raising taxes does not stimulate the economy it does the opposite but this President has engaged in playing the race and class envy cards to pit Americans against Americans for his personal political gain. Why should success be punished? I do not want to punish successful people. The very people who create the jobs that we so desperately need find themselves targets and demonized by this administration calling them the 1% and taking actions which will drive their business ventures from our shores to foreign lands. The progressive tax system is not only, not following the design of the Founding Fathers it is so counter-productive that anyone with a simple understanding of the Constitution and history can clearly see. Ignoring the facts won’t change it.

This Administration has ignored the real unemployment numbers by playing with the elements used to create the statistics. Why don’t we just stop counting people after a period of time and that way the percentage will be more favorable. It doesn’t help those needing a job but makes the President’s numbers look better. Additionally, why not seek to have more and more people dependent upon the federal government for their livelihood so they dare not vote out the present administration for fear that they might lose their gravy train. Please understand I am not opposed to helping someone who is truly needy but opposed to a lifestyle of dependency with no desire to break that cycle.

This would be the most transparent administration in American history according to candidate Obama but has proven otherwise. It has become the most secretive and deceptive of any in the past. Their approach would be like ignoring the check engine light on the dash of the car thinking if we ignore it no problem exists. Probably more accurate would be to disable the light entirely so you don’t see it and if you don’t see it then there surely is no problem. I’ve known people treat who their health that way saying, “What I don’t know won’t hurt me.” Wrong, it could kill you and this President and his cohorts are killing America. It is time that we, the American people who are God-fearing, hard-working, tax-paying citizens to say ENOUGH! It is time that we send a great many of the present political occupants of offices in Washington, DC to the unemployment line. Well, at least send them back home and prevent them from using Congress or the Whitehouse to do further damage to America. I really don’t care what party the culprits are in, if they are voting for things that bring harm to this great nation, then I want them shown the highway!

Mr. President, members of Congress, jurist on the Supreme Court, and judges across the land WE THE PEOPLE have had enough. We want our country restored to the Constitutional Republic our founders envisioned and enacted, with WE THE PEOPLE having the power. We are becoming involved again and hopefully it is not too late to put the brakes on this runaway spending socialism train that you have put us on and move it off the tracks and replace it with American exceptionalism and ingenuity. We want to return to our roots and allow God his rightful place in society and put the Constitution back in its rightful place as a pillar upon which our government will operate. So I urge each of you to REMEMBER NOVEMBER and vote to restore America and stop the madness.

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