Some may take immediate offense to what I am going to say beginning with my title to this blog post but I believe that what I am going to say is both factual and a glaring truth begging for thought and discussion. I believe that the “Entitlement Mentality” cultivated in this country via “government handout programs” is enslaving millions and locking them in a system where they cannot succeed and become nothing more than slaves to the politicians in power, namely the Federal Government.

With my heritage, personal pride, desire for self-sufficient (that does not mean absence of God’s keeping, care, and provision), and to enjoy the self-esteem that comes from actually working to provide for those of my household and then hopefully have extra to help others, I reject this mentality. That sense of pride and accomplishment can only be realized through “work”, “ingenuity”, “enterprise”, and “venture” knowing there are risks and rewards involved in the process. It is, without question, an undermining of the psyche of any individual and their self-esteem always being on the dole with the government being your sole source of subsistence. It breeds a mentality that says, “I am entitled because ______________.” Over time it produces a generational curse that passed from generation to generation that presents the normal lifestyle as one that is always standing with a hand out rather than reaching for a hand up. It develops a mentality that seeks for ways to exploit, utilize, and milk the system for all it is worth to get what you believe you are “entitled to” for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter if it is racial, ideological, political, or something else but it destroys an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, ingenuity, and a work ethic that says, “I want to carry my own weight and provide for my household, even if that provision is just the basics.”

I long to see a rekindling of the spirit that made America great in the beginning and has held her strong for over two centuries against continual assault of those who would destroy her. I long to see a rebirth of parents instilling in their children the philosophy that “life is not free” and “no one owes you anything”. Respect is an earned commodity. Success is an earned commodity. A willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and get your hands dirty, so to speak, is essential to a strong family, community, and nation. Had we not had that spirit during both World Wars who knows what language would be the, predominate one in America today and what dictatorial government we would be under. We have dug our way out of recessions and even depressions because of a willingness to work.

When government becomes our source they also become our masters. Government never gives anything without strings attached and with the current administration the strings are more stringent than ever and will become even more so if allowed to continue. Debt enslaves, and those to whom we are in debt literally “own” a part of us. Our founding fathers wanted to see an America where the Federal Government had a limited role in the lives of the people not a controlling, overreaching, over regulating dominance. They put in place checks and balances to make this possible but somehow as we sat silently in our slumber the politicians have undermined this process and violated the very principles and spirit of the founders setting in place the means to control us. We allowed it to happen! I blame them but I also blame us. We became too complacent and did not stay informed or engaged in demanding accountability from our elected officials. That gave power, greed, and corruption the opportunity to tempt and seduce them leading to a system where much of our liberty and many of our rights were lost. We can get them back but not without great effort and sacrifice.

If we could somehow convince people the “Entitlement Mentality” is nothing more than a political tool to “enslave people” we could easily clean house. Unfortunately, when people become accustomed to receiving a handout without having to work for it something happens inside and there is apprehension to kill the “goose” that is providing “golden eggs” for them. Many have blatantly told me, “Why would I work when I can make this amount from government entitlement programs without having to.” I have had them tell me, “I may never be rich this way but I don’t have to work and get a free ride.” History has informed and warned us that when people realize that they can vote themselves money, democracy is dead or will die. We are almost there, if we are not already.

My plea is pray like never before for this nation, and the leaders to see the light, return to the constitution and rule of law, and honor God. Additionally, I plead for active involvement in every political campaign from the lowest local office to the highest in the land by every citizen. If we do not become involved and make our voices and wishes known in a powerful way, the professional political class will continue ignoring us. We will move from a Constitutional Republican Democracy to a Tyrannical Government where Big Brother controls us in every aspect and dimension of life.

What do you want? What are you willing to give to see America restored? How much are you willing to tolerate? What freedoms do you feel you can afford to give up? Answer those questions and you will know what to do in November 2012 when election time rolls around. Then by all means VOTE!

May God bless you and may God bless America!

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