What is it that we need to do to see America restored to her former state of Constitutional greatness? What do we require to bring this nation back into compliance with the guidelines of the Constitution and bring the three branches of government into compliance? What do we require to rid ourselves of the elitist, professional political class who pass laws that do not apply to them and place burdens on the backs of the citizenry that are too heavy to bear?

I believe there are several things that must happen. These are my views and you may or may not share them but consider them:

1. We must return to God as did the founders and allow His influence upon the policies and practices of this nation. We have banned God from much of public society, allowed the murder of innocent unborn babies, restricted religious freedom and liberty, and taken numerous other actions that move us away from being a “Christian Nation.”
2. We must determine that we will not allow an elitist, professional political class to exist. That would mean possibly term limits or a concerted effort when we go to the polls to vote out anyone who demonstrates that propensity. Once they have been there a term or two it is time for them to go back to private live and earn a living like the rest of us.
3. We must, now, vote out Barack Obama to give us even the remote possibility of a nation to restore.
4. We must vote out every liberal, progressive, socialist who demonstrates a willingness to further causes such as the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Imitative.
5. We must find, through prayer, research, investigation, questions, and every other means available the most fiscally responsible, national defense conscious, and constitutionally minded individuals we can and back them with our finances, labors, and votes as well as our prayers.
6. We must not become weary in this effort and must remain united and strong willing to pay whatever cost to achieve this goal.

If we are willing to do those six things then we will see God move to help us have a restored America and buy us time. For those of us who want to see the lost brought into the kingdom that is important. For all who want to see the individual liberty and freedom that the Constitution and Bill of Rights affords us that is imperative. American hangs in the balance today and it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to rise above the rhetoric and lies perpetrated by the left-wing, progressive, socialist and labor tirelessly educating all who are educatable and present the truth so we can say that we have “sounded the warning.” It is my hope and prayer that you will REMEMBER NOVEMBER and fulfill your right, privilege, and duty and VOTE! God bless you and God bless America!

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