January 1, 2013


Dear Mr. President, Honorable Senators and Congressmen/women:

I wish to take a moment to address your renewed interest in disarming law-abiding American citizens in violation to our 2nd Amendment Rights.  You have targeted what you erroneously call “assault weapons” and used such a broad brush that you have virtually included everything except a colonial musket and a single shot firearm.  You somehow dismiss the 2nd Amendment Rights of the American people and some of you have made claims that it was only talking about the State Guard and muskets not modern-day firearms.  I would like to dispute that assertion.

First, I do not own an AR-15 but do own some firearms on your list and I am an avid hunter, target shooter and sportsman as well as a husband and father who believes that I have the God-given and Constitutional right to protect and defend myself, my family, and my property.  Although when hunting I do not use high-capacity magazines I do find them suitable for home defense and in the exercise of the 2nd Amendment as the need may arise.  I have purchased my firearms legally, do not engage in the black market, or engage in any illegal activities.  I am a combat veteran having served in Vietnam in 1967 and am a patriotic American.  I honor the Constitution and I honor my God and the Bible.

I urge you to notice the purpose of the founding fathers in including this amendment to the Constitution was to enable the citizens to form a militia in order to preserve our freedom should the government overreach its legitimate authority and become Tyrannical.  The idea that this only refers to a State Guard is ludicrous as virtually every citizen at that time hunted as a means of providing food, had to battle hostile forces from time to time, and were well versed in the laws and rights for self-defense and protection of their homes, lives, family, and property.  The idea that this only referred to the firearms available at that time would be most absurd as it most certainly included the most modern weaponry with regard to small arms available to any invading force or standing army of the United States of America.  Clearly with that in mind it would be more than reasonable to declare that the 2nd Amendment protects our rights to own those firearms you call “assault-weapons” as a means of defense.  We already have laws regulating fully automatic firearms and need no additional laws.

The idea that disarming law-abiding citizens will somehow make it more difficult for criminals and people mentally challenged to obtain weapons is a hollow argument that you and I know is not based in fact.  It gives the appearance of a desire to fully disarm the American people for a purpose one can only speculate and I will not venture into speculation but it is of grave concern.

Therefore be advised that I believe my God-given inalienable and Constitutional Rights afford me the right to have, purchase, and use whatever firearm I deem suitable for the defense of my life, home, family, and property.  I use them within the current laws and am well-trained and proficient with all of them.  Additionally more people die from illegal and prescription drugs, intoxicated drivers, and automobile accidents, etc. than through gun violence.  This only further exposes your attempt as something other than protection of innocent lives. 

You have no right constitutionally to know what firearms I have, how many rounds of ammunition I possess, and how often I actually shoot my firearms.  If I or anyone should break the law using a firearm, I fully support prosecuting them to the full extent of the law but I do not support banning firearms or any additional laws regarding firearms.  I consider this a move that could be deemed as a dangerous action by an out of control and over reactive federal government and ask that you cease and desist immediately and allow each state to exercise their 10th Amendment Right and each citizen to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right.


Roy Beaird 

Legal American Citizen, Vietnam Veteran

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