As of today I have officially altered my focus and will no longer be petitioning my elected officials in Washington, DC to do anything since they have demonstrated that they are not up to the task.  The House and Senate have repeatedly allowed this President who operates as a Dictator to bypass Congress, violate the Law and the Constitution and use Executive Authority/Order to impose his will upon America.  They could stop him but have chosen not to do so allowing him to effectively become a DICTATOR and therefore Congress has no reason to exist.  If Congress does not act then America will have become a Dictatorship due to Congressional Inaction.


            If that becomes reality then I will call for every member of the House and Senate to immediately resign and return to private/civilian life, lock the doors on the Legislative Branch of the government.  The same goes for the Supreme Court thereby shutting down the Judicial Branch of our Constitutional Government.  Barack Obama who is the current President, but I am sure would rather be called “His Highness” will continue to operate as a Dictator unless stopped by Congressional and Legal Action.  He is plunging this nation into a state where anyone desiring FREEDOM will have to make some very difficult choices in the very near future.


            I will turn my attention to the Governors and Attorney Generals of the various states and urge them to utilize the Constitutional provisions of the 10th Amendment and NULLIFICATION and thereby invalidate any action taken by this President contrary to the Constitution and if necessary join together in forming a New America.  That is a drastic call but one I see no other alternative to at this juncture.


            Barack Obama has declared that Congress is to unilaterally agree to his demands on raising the debt ceiling WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS, thus giving him a “blank check” to do whatever he chooses.  He cites his election as evidence that this is what the American people want.  However, many of those who voted for him have expressed concern about spending and want Congress to control and reduce the debt.  He does not see or acknowledge that.  He envisions himself as the Grand Potentate of this nation, feels he is above the Law, the Constitution, the Congress, the Courts, and the People.  THOSE ARE THE ACTIONS OF A DICTATOR.  His actions are no different from any Despot in any Tyrannical Regime anywhere on the planet or in history.


            He will detail 19 specific actions that he plans to take in his GUN GRAB and GUN BAN all violating the 2nd Amendment.  He will enact those by Executive Authority/Order bypassing the legal constitutional method prescribed by law.  If Congress does not STOP HIM then my initial assertion stands and they should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN and GO HOME.  They, by their inaction, will have NULLIFIED THE CONSTITUTION and TRASHED IT COMPLETELY.  I am more disturbed by their inaction that I am by his action because he is a Pathological Narcissist who is so ideologically driven that his actions are consistent with his beliefs..  He told us this would be his pathway to achieving his agenda.  So, like Hitler of Germany we had warning but Congress continues to sit on their hands and jockey for position in the Dictator’s inner circle while WE THE PEOPLE experience the robbery of our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  I for one do not find that acceptable and so I turn my efforts to two sources:


GOD – I will continue to pray that God raise up people who have the wisdom and courage to withstand this Tyrannical Assault on our nation and restore us not only as a Christian Nation but as a Free Nation.


THE STATES – Where action is possible on a State by State basis to combat this assault on our Constitution and Freedoms by a would-be Dictator and his cronies.


There are specific constitutional and legal ways for the passage of laws.  They must originate in Congress.  There are specific ways for enacting constitutional amendments.  The must first be passed by Congress then be ratified by the States.  NO PRESIDENT past or present has ever had or should have the legal or moral authority to do anything differently.  Barack Obama has gotten away with violating the law and the constitution so many times now that he knows that there is not enough backbone in Congress to stop him so he acts without any opposition making him a virtual dictator.


America has transitioned from a Constitutional Republic to a Dictatorship with the 2nd term of Barack Obama accompanied by a Congress that does not have the intestinal fortitude to do their constitutional duty and STOP HIS TYRANNICAL ASSAULT ON OUR CONSTITUTION.  I realize that various groups will take this matter to court but with Congress demonstrating the unwillingness to act, it is likely that the Supreme Court will side with Obama and we will be left without representation in either of the branches designed as “Checks and Balances” to an over-reaching and tyrannical Executive Branch. 


Those who supported him for the morsel of bread that he has tossed them will one day regret their actions because they will find that the morsel is not sufficient and there will be no money to continue their handouts.  This nation is already bankrupt and headed to economic collapse.  Obama’s policies, plans, and agenda will decimate our military’s ability to the point that we will not be able to defend ourselves against those powers that seek our complete destruction.  We will soon be under governance of the United Nations and Agenda 21 will be in full force in this once free nation.


If we cannot get Congress to act, the Governors and State Attorney Generals to take the necessary action we will either find ourselves in bondage to a DICTATOR or we will have to follow the path that our Founding Fathers followed in securing our freedom.  I do not and am not calling for ARMED REBELLION or OVERTHROW of the Government but I am warning of where we are and what the result will be if we do not do everything in our power to MOVE INTO ACTION those who have the power to do something.

So, at this point I see a lost nation because a large segment of the public has been deceived by a lie and a Congress that is so impotent that it cannot and will not act!


May God help us!

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