It would be amusing if it were not so serious that one needs a “Left-wing Dictionary” and a “Glossary” to understand what Obama really means when he speaks.  His teleprompter tells him what to say and the blind just receive it like it is manna from heaven while some of us scratch our heads and question what he said and what he meant by what he said.  You see, there are those of us who not only listen to the words but observe the actions and as the old saying goes – “Actions speak louder than words.”

             There are a number of terms and phrases that I want to get to but first I found it most interesting that David Plouffe, a top adviser to the President detailed the broad plan of Obama for the next painful four years of his reign.  He prefaced his assertions by saying that they would “follow the voters’ demands” that include GUN CONTROL, EDUCATION, and IMMIGRATION REFORM.  What?  Where did I miss that part of the election?  If the information I have is correct the voters did send him back for a 2nd term but there was not a MANDATE because had there been the House of Representatives would solidly be back in the hands of the Democrats, it is not.  So, something is missing in this interpretation of what the election meant and mandated.  He continued the suggestion that while Obama planned to attempt to work with Congress that he would use his powers to do what they want done.  His clear implication was that what they viewed as needs done was what they determined rather than the actual need.

            The polls indicate that 73% of Americans believe that Americans HAVE THE RIGHT to own guns.  But if we listen to the Obama crowd one would believe that the opposite is true.  91% believe that the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns while only 6% believe it refers to state militia only.  But again Obama reverses this fact in his rhetoric.  Likewise 8 out of 10 Americans (83%) believe that the spending of the Federal Government is OUT OF CONTROL but per Obama the voters want MORE SPENDING NOT LESS.  Can he read?

             Now let’s get to the meat of what my title suggests and consider some terms or phrases used by Obama, the Democrats, the media and ALL PROGRESSIVES and even a few RINOs:

  • COMPROMISE – – That simply means that a total concession and surrender by those in opposition to his views is compromise.  Compromise is not a two-way street it is a one-way avenue and if you do not concede you are a racist, bigot, hater of the poor, middle class, seniors, children, etc.
  • CIVILITY – – Again an easy one.  Civility means that those who oppose his or their views must play nice it does not mean that they reciprocate.  Oh no, their vilification, in their view, is justified because of the evilness of every conservative going back to the Founding Fathers.  Largely it means conservative white people but it is not limited to whites only for a person of the so-called “minority” who is conservative and expresses it receives even more hatred and character assignation.  It is okay for Obama to stir up “class envy,” “plays the race card,” and promote a non-existent “war on women” that the Republicans supposedly have engaged in.  It means that they can do or say anything but we can only BE NICE!
  • VOTER MANDATE – – Means whatever they want it to mean.  It has nothing to do with facts or results of elections but if they come out on the winning end of an election it was a MANDATE.  If the conservatives win it was a CALL FOR COMPROMISE and BIPARTISNSHIP.   They only see Obama’s re-election and dismiss the fact that the Republicans maintained control of the House, the polls, and the expressed desire of the American people to REDUCE THE DEBT and stop destroying the economy.
  • WORKING WITH CONGRESS – – Means if they will do what I tell them to do then I will work with them but if they don’t then I will bypass then “illegally” and use my Czars, various governmental agencies, Executive Orders, and Executive Authority to ENFORCE WHAT I WANT.  After all I am king or should be.  (I do believe that is his philosophy and mentality)
  • PROTECTING THE MIDDLE CLASS – – Means duping as many people as possible into believing his campaign rhetoric while finding a way to TAX US MORE and control more of our finances as well as our lives.  His actions are costing EVERY TAX PAYING AMERICAN more everywhere.  He has done more to hurt the middle class and small business than virtually any president in American history.
  • IMMIGRATION REFORM – – Means building up a larger voting base for his party and ignoring all laws and present regulations on LEGAL IMMIGRATION and forcing through what he wants.   It is a slap in the face to the thousands who have gone through the legal and lengthy process to come to this country legally and those who are still waiting in line following the law.  It is tantamount to going to the cemetery and issuing voter registration cards to the deceased.
  • HEALTH CARE – – Obamacare is an example of a Tyrannical Regime moving forward with their planned agenda.  This diabolical bill will ultimately destroy the Health Industry in America and those of us in the rank and file will be reduced to Health Care that is probably not as good as many third-world countries.  The elite in Washington will not suffer this fate only we of the “unwashed masses” as they view us.

             America we are more than neck-deep in the proverbial creek and the level is rising.  Hip boots won’t do the trick because the feces poop, crap, etc. has risen and is rising beyond the point that we can keep our heads above it.  We are swimming in political refuse and unless there is IMMEDIATE ACTION on the part of Congress and WE THE PEOPLE we are going to drown in Obama’s new American Cesspool.

             May God bless you and may God deliver this nation!

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