It has become painfully clear for local to national levels up to and including the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court that “We the People” are inconsequential.  They do not value our opinions or wishes and it appears that they consider us of lesser intelligence and ability to make life choices than they are.  They appear to believe that the Constitution gives them ALL POWER and the Founding Fathers desired a government not “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” but one “Of the ruling class, by the ruling class, and for the ruling class.”  If it were possible for men like Jefferson, Adams, Washington, and Franklin, to name a few, to step back on the scene today in America I wonder how vociferous they would be in their challenge of what is happening today in our nation?  I think I know but without that actually happening its mere speculation on my part based on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and their writings.

             When Justices like Anthony Kennedy want to take the easy way out and dismiss a case that the Court agreed to hear which would effectively overturn what the people of California voted for I have to question whether they truly understand and believe in the Constitution.  Since Proposition Eight has been overturned by the 9th Circuit Court in violation of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE if the Supreme Court follows Kennedy’s desire and dismisses the case the ruling of the 9th Circuit Court will stand and the voters of California will have been told to “fly a kite” because they are inconsequential.  This is in a state that voted for Obama with a 61% majority and 70% of the blacks in that state affirmed marriage as being between a man and a woman.  Hispanics also in a majority voted the same way.  The state with an overall majority of 53% voted that way but yet the courts said “No, sorry but you don’t matter.”  Actually they didn’t say “sorry” just “you don’t matter” by their actions.

             When the President of the United States Barack Obama who has declared that he is not a dictator takes actions and threatens like one, I have to wonder if the Constitution is of any value to anyone in Washington today.  He has declared that even if the States have exercised their Tenth Amendment Rights to nullify Obamacare he will send in Federal Agents to ENFORCE THE LAW.  He will send in agents from the Department of Health and Human Services to assume ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE CONTROL of the State’s Health Insurance Industry.  Sounds like a dictator to me but then I’m just one of the “inconsequential” and do not matter.

             When the President ignores the Constitution and Law regarding presenting a budget and doing so within the time frame required and Congress does nothing but give a few objections, I have to wonder if anyone in Washington sees WE THE PEOPLE as having any importance or power.  I believe that the indications are that they do not and consider us “inconsequential.”   

             When the President engages in “fear mongering” regarding the Sequester and demonstrates a desire to make everyone feel the pain because the idea that came from him became reality and Congress doesn’t act to force him to take reasonable actions, I have to wonder does anyone in Washington care about “We the People.”  When in the face of dire economic times here in America, this President can take three or four lavish vacations in the first three months of this year and via Sequester force furloughs of employees while going to the Middle East and committing millions to nations that truly do not like us and participate in terrorism or harbor terrorist, I have to wonder if the Constitution has any power anymore.

             The Constitution DOES HAVE POWER but only if WE THE PEOPLE force, its enforcement, by sending elected officials to the unemployment lines in future elections.  If WE THE PEOPLE fail, to take whatever legal action available to us as individual states and groups of people it will remain ignored and powerless.  This is a sad indictment upon our current state morally, spiritually, socially, and politically when what was so valiantly fought for and the diligence put into presenting a document or documents that would ensure the preservation of a Free Nation is allowed to be tarnished and trampled upon.  I do not know what the full answer is or the ultimate action that will have to be taken but WE CANNOT ALLOW our liberties and Constitutional rights to continue to be stripped from us.  It is time that we “Awaken out of Sleep” and “Stand up, and Stand tall” for our Constitution and our Rights!  It is time that we send a message to the President, Congress, and the Court that we WILL NOT CONTINUE TO BE REGARDED AS INCONSEQUENTIAL.

             May God bless you and may God bless America!

            It would seem that the view of this administration and all Progressives, Liberals, Socialist, Marxist, and even some Republicans is that we and our views are:



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