I know that may sound like a strange question but I’m serious.  I have contended for years that if you want to know what is going on in the “spirit realm” watch what comes out of Hollywood.  That, I believe, also applies frequently to the political agenda of the Progressive, Liberal, Left-Wingers in Washington.  I have had people poo-poo me over that statement about Hollywood but I have watched it carefully and believe that if you do over a period of time you will find that I’m right.  I’m not saying that you rely on Hollywood to tell you what is happening in the “spirit realm” or the “political realm” but it can serve as a confirmation or be an indicator of something that you might want to begin watching.  Of course, I need to give you an example of what I’m talking about.

            I have been enthralled over the past few months at movies that are coming out or have come out that involve an overthrow of the United States of America either by outside or inside forces.  Movies such as:  Red Dawn 11/21/12, Olympus Has Fallen – 03/22/13, G.I. Joe Retaliation – 03-27-13, White House Down – 06/28/13 and other movies such as After Earth – 06-07-13, and Red2 – 07-09-13 all involve some kind of conspiracy.  I really don’t think Hollywood is trying to sound the alarm but are trying to condition us so that we will either consider that possibility a mere fantasy or make it appear so impossible to resist that we just accept it when it happens.  My Patriotic and Christian antennas go up when I see things like this and then I look at what is happening in the world and government and realize that this is probably not an intentional prophetic warning by Hollywood but it something that is being developed behind the scenes. 

            I have long considered Hollywood as an arm of the devil’s propaganda machine and a very effective one.  We have come to the point in history where movie stars believe that they are or should be the spokesmen/women for the leftist agenda and that somehow their fame affords them a higher place on the intelligence scale than the rest of us.  The main stream media plays along as do the left-wing politicians and even some of the Republicans who are truly (Republican in name only).  We see movies that fan the flames of hatred and bitterness along racial lines in Django Unchained that came out Christmas Day last year.  We see massive ammunition purchases by various governmental agencies, some which have zero need for ammunition or firearms, and the Department of Homeland Security has declared that they are buying in such large quantities to reduce the price.  I have to ask, “When did government ever care about reducing the price?”  They are spend-freaks and money has never been an object when politicians and governmental agencies want something.  They see it, they want it, they buy it and all on our nickel.

             Those of us who have been watching realize that the left has been putting together their “Fundamental Transformation of America” for almost 100 years and it was not until Obama articulated that in his campaign and acceptance speech after his first election that some took notice.  The Fabian Socialists have been working with various and sundry other groups for decades to bring about the downfall of Capitalism and a Constitutional America with Liberty and Freedom.  They and people like George Soros, Bill Ayers, Saul Alynsky, and Barack Obama have made statements and committed acts that indicate that they do not like this country, its system of government or economic system, and want to turn it into a state in the International Nation of a One World Government. 

            At this point I’m not sure that Obama and his handlers want to use armed force to enslave us but would prefer to slowly and systematically strip us of our rights and freedoms to the point that we have no means of resistance.  They are expanding the “welfare rolls” and making more and more people dependent upon the government for their existence.  The percentage of people living in poverty is the same as it was in the 60’s and we are supposedly in a grand recovery economically.  We have more people on food stamps than ever, more people on disability than ever both numerically and statistically.  They are pressing forward with the Amnesty Plan to insure that another few million are locked into the Democrat voting block and insuring that we will move from a two-party system to a ONE PARTY SYSTEM and elections will be a foregone conclusion.  At that point, if it happens, they will have the legislative clout to strip us of all our Constitutional Rights and, I believe, will make the move to DISARM PRIVATE CITIZENS for the final takeover.  It will be at that point that difficult decisions will have to be made by many who are now on the fence about what to do and where to place their trust.  I have made my decision and know that our Founding Fathers saw this kind of danger and warned us of it and believe I know what their reaction would be to this type of Tyrannical assault from within.

            If we are attacked from the outside it would tend to solidify and unify the nation and I do not believe that is something that Obama and his handlers want so I believe that the powers that be will seek to avoid that.  I do believe that they want to systematically take total control from within and the day is coming, and I believe soon, when each of us will have to “count the cost” of Liberty and find ourselves in the same place Patrick Henry found himself and echo his impassioned plea “Give me liberty or give me death.”  I pray that we are able to turn the tide before that day comes but I have prepared my heart before God for such a day and am at peace as to the decision I will be called upon to make. 

             I love this nation.  I love my God more but I love America and have fought under her banner in combat and will stand for Liberty and Freedom again if called upon to do so.  I will continue my tireless endeavor to get the ear of politicians and continue to pray to the Almighty that He move on the hearts of men and women to turn back to right paths and allow America to be spared and restored to her former glory for the good of God’s Kingdom and mankind across the globe.  Yet, I realize that judgment may fall on this nation and if it does we all will be affected.  I do, however, believe that God will protect and defend those who follow Him with a whole heart no matter what transpires.  He will either give us a “Petra-like place for refuge” as He did Israel or a “Cave of Adullam” as with David and his men or He will take us home to glory.  Some of us may literally become martyrs for the cause of Freedom and if that happens, it happens. 

            My cry is “WAKE UP AMERICA” perilous times are afoot and if we remain idle the price for us and our children will be great.  It is time that we return to right paths and stand firm for Constitutional Liberty.

             May God bless you and may God bless America!


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