Honestly, I have been amazed at how “thin skinned” Barack Obama is and how easily he is irritated when things do not go his way.  He reminds me of a “spoiled child” in the way he reacts to criticism, questions that challenge his actions, words, or ideology, and resistance by members of Congress, Talk Radio, or the media.  If you want to get a “childish response” just dare to question him about anything that he believes will make him look bad or questions his political ideology.  He wants civility from everyone on the right but does not seek to tone down the assault from himself or anyone on the left.  He will become vocal in a millisecond when there is anything he doesn’t like from or on the right but let the left engage in misrepresentation, spin, and political rhetoric and he is suddenly mute and doesn’t want to get involved or interfere with some process.  The double standard is not just stunning it is so plain that a sightless person could see it.


            Likewise, he is “tight lipped” when it comes to what we know regarding terrorist.  He seeks to intimidate those who have “inside information” about any situation or investigation.  He is more than “tight lipped” when it comes to divulging his personal records, college transcripts, associations with various special interest groups and former domestic terrorist.  Yet, he continually declares that he is the most transparent President we have ever had.  I don’t think the man is delusional as that kind of statement and his rhetoric would indicate.  I think he knows exactly what he is doing or not doing and it is purposeful and with malice and forethought.  That would mean that I am suggesting that this President is knowingly in violation of Federal Law and in direct conflict with the Constitution of these United States of America.  That, to me, is more than disturbing but even more disturbing is that millions either do not see it or refuse to believe it and the Congress has no stomach for the dirty task of holding him accountable.  They fear the media, the left, and special interest groups that would be upset by that action.

            Mr. Obama’s administration is apparently, according to a recent report, sitting on information regarding Benghazi.  I am not talking about the ongoing investigation that is so obvious that they are obstructing justice and stonewalling the investigation.  I am referring to a report that they have identified the “Mastermind of the Benghazi Attack” and he is walking around footloose and fancy free in Libya with not concern that we are going to do anything to apprehend him.  That information has come from several sources, all anonymous but from supposedly “high ranking” officials in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and the administration.  They have to be anonymous because if their identity was leaked they would be immediate targets for slander and recrimination if not vengeance by this administration and the Depart of Justice or Injustice whichever you prefer.


            The report from those sources said that the reason for “inaction” or “no action” was Mr. Obama is afraid of “upsetting” the wrong people.  One special operator, who had seen the video in real time, said that there is general frustration in the intelligence community and the military over the lack of response by this President.  That individual said, “We have all the capability, all the training, all the capacity, to kill and capture not only terrorists involved, with the specific events of 9/11, and Ambassador Stevens’ death, but terrorist that are feeding other regions including Europe that could eventually affect our national security in the short term and we’re not talking midterm or long-term, this is short-term.  It is a daily frustration.”

            We know that Libya is one of the largest terrorist havens in the world and is growing in Libya and North Africa but this administration worries about offending the Muslims so “no action” is taken.  Benghazi is second only to Saudi Arabia in the number of foreign fighters it houses.  It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if we continue to “ignore” the situation as we have in so many others and delay, delay, delay, deny, deny, deny and prove to be indecisive and incapable of responding in a definitive manner it will lead to further and future attacks on Americans and American entities.  This administration has falsely claimed that we are actively engaged in finding and destroying the more than 20,000 shoulder-launched missiles called MANPADS in the region but operatives there state that they are not allowed to take or destroy any of those weapons because those up the chain of command are sitting on their hands.  Some have noted that in the field they regularly come across SA-7’s.  What will it take to move this administration off the dime and get definitive action?  Will we have to lose a huge commercial airliner or something of the like?  One would have to question if that would get action from the “no action” President?


            The world is watching our every move and those that hate us and want to destroy this nation are becoming more and more embolden with each passing event in which there is “no action” or “wrong action.”  They will soon reach the point where they have “zero fear” of any response by this administration, if they are not already there and LOOK OUT because it will get ugly.  I have little doubt that if they wanted to sneak nuclear weapons into America they could with the lack of real security, the porousness of the borders and the failure of this administration to act on credible information and intelligence.  That could and will be catastrophic for our nation and our people and yet I have many tell me that I should not be critical of this administration because in doing so I am being divisive.  I have to ask, “What exactly is this administration doing that is not divisive?”  The President’s political posturing and strategy seems to be “divisiveness.”  He seeks to “divide and conquer” and is constantly in the attack mode when he is not partying, vacationing, and playing another round of golf.

            Yes, Barack Obama is the most “thin skinned”, “tight lipped”, and the ultimate in “no action” Presidents in American history.  If America is to have any hope of recovery he must be exposed and held accountable.  Will that happen?  You tell me for we’ve had almost five years of this and he has been given a free pass and likely will for another 3 plus years. 

            May God bless you and may God bless America and guide her down the path of restoration and renewal.

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