There have been times when the American people stood “As One” against enemies of liberty and freedom and prevailed.  There was a time in this nation when the common thread that ran through our society and even our government was that of a unified desire to do what was right and best for this nation while following the “rule of law” and the “constitution.”  That day has vanished with the Obama Administration and the phrase “We Are One” is applicable to them but not to the rest of us.  They are ONE in the truest sense of the word and we, who are conservative, law-abiding, followers of the Constitution, and patriots are considered “Enemies of the State” by this administration.

             I am convinced that Lois Learner did not develop a hatred for the Tea Party, Jews, and Conservative groups once she assumed her position in the IRS, I believe she arrived at that position with that ideology firmly intact.  Susan Rice did not develop her willingness to spin falsehoods for the administration regarding Benghazi at the behest of Barack Obama she assumed her position because of her ideology.  It is an ideology firmly entrenched in Obama’s psyche and core belief system.  Samantha Power did not develop her disdain for Israel and the Constitution once she was placed in the position she held and holds by this administration because of her beliefs and those of her husband, Cass Sunstein.   Van Jones was chosen because of his ideology, as well as every other appointee of this President.  They are “Peas in a Pod” and “Ideologically Inseparable.”  Obama does not have to give them a directive to target the Tea Party, Jewish Groups, or Conservatives they know what he believes, believe the same and know that he will have their back, if at all possible.  Eric Holder and Barack Obama share the same ideology and Mr. Holder knows that Obama will back him and if worse comes to worse Obama will pardon him should he be indicted and convicted of anything.


            Sadly, today the left and the Democrats have become so in tune with the political ideology of Socialism, Marxism, Big Government, and the destruction of the American Constitution and National Sovereignty that when you see or hear one you hear Barack Obama.  They are willing to deny any and all truth to push their agenda.  They will scheme, connive, cover-up, stonewall, distort, divert, and divide whenever they can to accomplish their political and ideological purposes.  They do not love America as was founded and has been enjoyed for over 200 years.  They want a Totally Dominant Federal Government that controls every aspect of the lives of the citizenry.  They, being the ruling class of elites, will be exempt from the very laws that they write but not so for the rest of us.  They gave us Obamacare but are exempt. They are apologist for the unimaginable actions of the IRS and accuse those victimized of being the problem not the predatory agency that is advancing Obama’s agenda.  It would be akin to telling a rape victim that she was the blame for the attack for whatever reason.  No, the rapist is to blame and should be held accountable and so should the IRS.  I agree with Ted Cruz and others who seek to abolish the IRS and replace it was a “Flat Tax”, “Fair Tax” or “Consumption Tax” whatever you want to call it where there is no need for this massive rogue agency that has the power to literally destroy lives and businesses at will.

             Barack Obama’s administration has given new meaning to the phrase “We Are One” in that it identifies not only do “birds of a feather flock together” but that they are ALL THE SAME!  They drink at the same fountain of ideological thought. They live at the same address of ideological thought. They work at the same job of ideological thought. They live, breathe, eat, and sleep the destruction of America as we know her and replacing it with a Totally Dominant Federal Government that has complete control.


            We have the “Death Panel of One” identified as the U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in denying a 10-year-old a lung transplant and said, “Some live and some die.”  So much for being the Party of Compassion as the Democrats like to identify themselves!  If you examine the various and sundry things that have transpired under this administration’s watch you would wonder if the Democrat Party values anything except their Political Agenda and Place.  They remind me of the Sanhedrin when discussing what to do about Jesus when they said, “If we don’t do something the Romans will come and take our nation and our PLACE.”  They were concerned about their POSITION not the nation or anyone or anything else and that is what I see in today’s politicians. 

             America is in trouble and needs our help.  The only question is are we willing to give her the help she needs and deserves?  Will we, as patriots of old, rise to the occasion and do what is required to preserve our Freedom and Liberty?  Are we willing to go the distance for our nation?  I am and hope that you are as well.  Exactly what that will require is yet to be determined so my stance is that I am interceding for this nation, working diligently to put and keep pressure on the elected officials, and informing as many as possible of what is happening and at stake.  Is that enough?  Probably not but it is what I feel directed to do at this time.  That being said, I am willing to sacrifice all for my God, my family, and my nation.

             May God be with you protecting you and guiding you as you pursue Peace and Freedom and may God bless America again!

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