I’m serious!  It is not politics that I have a problem with it is politicians.  I realize that it is virtually impossible to separate the political process from the individual politician and therein lies the problem.  Politicians, for virtually all of recorded history, have demonstrated their propensity for ‘untrustworthiness’ and their lack of resolve to be ‘trustworthy.’

           Politicians have, for as long as I can recall, demonstrated a drive to ‘serve self’ rather than be a ‘public servant.’  They seem to believe that once elected to whatever office they hold instantly makes them smarter than those who voted for them and gives them license to engage in the dirty business of political opportunism.  Their reelection becomes more important than the Constitution or their constituents.  Their position on the power grid becomes more important than the Constitutional duties they have been elected to perform.  They almost immediately begin to seek inclusion into the exclusive club of “Establishment, Elite, and Professional Politicians” and become completely deaf to the cries of those who voted for them.

           Politics is a necessary part of a Republican Democracy as was established by our Founding Fathers via our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  There is a process and that process is called politics.  There is a definitive method that is supposed to transpire in the introduction, passage, and enactment of bills that become laws.  Yet, each bill introduced in Congress comes out so filled with “pork” that it often has little or nothing to do with what the title of the Bill suggests.  That is because of politicians and their desire to participate in ‘cronyism’, satisfy ‘special interest groups’, and endear themselves to those who will line their coffers and help them secure a position in the political power hierarchy. That, my friend, is what politicians do to politics!


            Is it exclusive to one party?  Heavens No!  It seems to be the inherent characteristic of most if not all politicians once elected.  Few actually hold true to their principles throughout their entire time in elected office.  Most participate in some type of ‘graft’, ‘corruption’, ‘insider-trading’, ‘cronyism’, and ‘political shady dealing’.  The sad thing is that much of it is never brought to the view of the public and certainly not to the constituents who are charged with voting for or against these politicians.  They do it in the shadows and behind the walls of Congress or the White House and what comes out on the floor of the Chambers of Congress does not tell the whole story.  It is in the ‘back rooms’, the ‘bars’, and other venues that they cut their deals, plan their schemes, and build their networks.  It would be nice if somehow the voting public could know exactly what deals have been made, what buy-offs have transpired, and what the politicians actually do when they get behind closed doors.

             The quote by Robert A. Heinlein – “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”  It seems that most politicians fall into the first category and want people (other than themselves) to be controlled and most of us fall into the latter category, they want us controlled.  That creates a great chasm between the voting public and the politicians but they still manage to either dupe enough people or enough people decide that they have little choice and vote them back into office.  I long for the time, that I will likely never see, when we can actually choose candidates based on their character and core beliefs rather than political party.  I long for someone to enter politics out of a genuine desire and with strength of character to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States of America.  I long for people who will pursue elected office that demonstrate integrity, character, and honor both God and the Constitution respecting the God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights, freedoms, and liberties we have.

             So, it is not Politics that bothers me it is Politicians!   May God watch over you, guard and guide you, and may God send forth people of character to lead this nation!



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