What is the obsession with Robert Francis O’Rourke who calls himself ‘Beto’? His pretense that he is just a common man that worked his way up through hard work and overcoming the same difficulties that those of us who were not brought up in privilege face is ludicrous.  What is the reason for the fawning over him making him a virtual Rock Star?  Who are the sources behind his rise to prominence and those dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into his coffers?  Who is Robert Francis O’Rourke the Democrat from El Paso, Texas?

I realize that it is way too early to pick out a Democratic candidate to expose, but if not now, when?  That’s what some said about Barack Hussein Obama and many believed he had no chance of defeating the prohibitive favorite of the Left, Hillary Clinton, but he did.  He did because too many overlooked him for too long and failed to take him seriously until it was too late.  Mr. O’Rourke will not be the only candidate on either side that I address in the months to come, but since he is from my home state of Texas I address him at this juncture.

Could his reason from wanting the moniker or nickname ‘Beto’ be rooted in political aspirations dating back to his teen years?  I don’t know but know that in the world of the Liberal Leftists of the Democratic Party being a ‘white male’ is a negative, at least most of the time.  For many on the Left who avidly adhere to Political Correctness and decry White Privilege, being of European descent and having your ancestral roots in that region costs you society-advantage points and votes.  Therefore, Robert Francis wants to be called ‘Beto’ because it detracts from his whiteness and his ancestral roots and somehow, in the minds of many, makes him more palatable as a candidate for any office he elects to seek.

I had people tell me during the Senate race that although his surname was O’Rourke he was Hispanic.  Wrong!  His father, Pat Francis O’Rourke is Irish.  His mother, Melissa Martha Williams O’Rourke is Irish and Welsh.  Where is the Hispanic?  It is to present an image that he came from underprivileged roots and is just a hard-working man who made the best of a bad situation in life.  Seriously?

His history is anything but underprivileged and sadly, too many of those fawning over him and making him godlike and Mighty Mouse streaking (not going naked) to save the day don’t know who he is or his background.  Ted Cruz gave him too many free passes and the Media protected him hiding information and shielding him from criticism much as they did for Barack Obama.  Why?  Again, a question that must be asked and answered before the 2020 primaries and general election.

Did you know this about Robert Francis O’Rourke?  His mother was the stepdaughter of John F. Kennedy’s Secretary of the Navy.  That would mean that his connections to the Democrat elitist and establishment are of long standing and run deep.  His mother owns a business.  His father was a county commissioner, county judge, in tight with former governors of Texas, and was the state chairman of two Presidential campaigns:  Jesse Jackson in 1984, and 1988.  He was part of the Run, Jesse, Run mania! 

Robert Francis O’Rourke spent two years in the El Paso public school system before he was enrolled in The Woodberry Forest School.  That school is one of the elite all-male boarding school that many of the upper crust elitists sent their kids to.  Guess who fellow alumni include the brother of George W. and Jeb Bush, Marvin, the actor Randolph Scott, a former National Security Advisor, and a boatload of Congressmen, and a significant number of powerful corporate CEO’s, and a New York Times film critic.  Just a simple school for young boys, right?  No special privilege required, right?  So much for the image of Robert Francis O’Rourke as an average Joe just struggling to make ends meet.

He attended Columbia University.  He graduated in 1995 and was almost immediately arrested for burglary in Texas.  He wasn’t locked up as would virtually every common Joe but because of the connections of his family, the charges were dropped seven months later.  Then about three years later he was arrested for DUI.  He crashed his vehicle so forcefully that it propelled his car over the center median into oncoming traffic.  He then tried to escape before being caught by the police.  That would amount to a hit-and-run and the police report and witnesses confirm even with his repeated denials of trying to run.

He said, that he was born to run, and those incidents seem to indicate that he was, but not as he seeks to impress upon us as a political savior.  No, he has some very rich and powerful people in his corner.  Being rich is not a no-no for me or a deal breaker but when one pretends to be an average Joe struggling in the day to day affairs of getting ahead when they are in the socioeconomic society he has enjoyed it is disgusting. 

Joseph Menn ran an article recently about O’Rourke’s membership in the notorious hacking group known as the “Cult of the Dead Cow.” The revelation was troubling enough but the fact that Menn sat on this story during the campaign against Ted Cruz exposes the media’s desire to protect one of their own.  We have also learned that as a teenager he wrote a murder fantasy about running over two children with his car and the elation he sensed in this act.  I wonder how many of those in Texas that voted for him would have reconsidered had they known those things?

Please understand, I do not want to revisit what teenagers did because what they were might not be who they are.  I am not! However, if those on the Left insist that something Donald Trump said or did before running for president and the allegations of Brett Kavanaugh are justification for disqualification, then Mr. O’Rourke is immediately disqualified.  We know that is not what the Left means when they insist on bringing up something of the past.  No, they only want that ploy to be used if it is a Republican, not a Democrat.  After all, they kept saying about Hillary, that’s ‘ancient history’ but with Trump and Kavanaugh it is Front Page News!

America, if we allow people who are adamantly opposed to that which has made America great and the Free Constitutional Republic we have enjoyed for over 240 years to ascend to high office in politics we do so to our own hurt.  Virtually every candidate in the incredibly large field of Democrats running for President are against border security, want higher taxes, are pro-abortion, and rabid followers of Global Warming or whatever it is called these days.  They are advancing a political philosophy, Socialism, that has destroyed formerly prosperous and free nations.  We dare not allow that to succeed!

God bless you and God bless America!



Life is filled with the ironic and we face many enigmas in life.  At the risk of being Captain Obvious, life is a mystery and often a riddle.  Sarcasm can be brutally mean, or it can be playfully fun and what I’m going to mention will seem mean to some and playfully fun to others.  It is a matter of perspective and the ideological worldview one holds.  With those teases in place, let’s proceed.

A few days ago, I saw a report whether a leak or an acknowledgment by the Trump administration I know not, but it caused me to laugh.  However, now it has made the full circuit of the media, Facebook, Social Media of all types, and has gone viral. The Leftist largely Democratic and now Democratic Socialist all insist that any attempt to secure our border is inhumane and, in their pious words, “not what America is all about.”  However, they ignore the obvious, bypass the evidence, ignore the facts, and proceed full-speed in the pursuit of their harvesting the new crop of Democrat votes in future elections.  To ignore the real problems at the border and the genuine threat to our national security is to be willingly blind or so lacking in cognitive brain power to be a threat to oneself.

Michael Moore, not one of my favorite people, and one I desire to give little recognition to has produced several movies designed to attack anyone disagreeing with his Climate Change and Globalist views.  One of those movies was “Sicko.”  His focus was on the American healthcare system, the costs, the uninsured, and the typical diatribe and talking points of the Left.  I found it ironic that Mr. Moore, who was sick with pneumonia, opted to go into a hospital in New York City rather than seek care in one of those countries who offered, in his view, far superior universal healthcare.  Why not Cuba, Mr. Moore?  You said their healthcare system was superior.  Hey, if I was filthy rich and needed healthcare and believed some other country offered better care, guess where I’d go!

On our southern border, discounting the real threat from terrorist entering illegally for nefarious purposes, the problem presented if the sick are allowed free access is grave and will send scores of Americans to their graves if not rectified.  There are those seeking to come into this country, illegally, who are infected with numerous communicable diseases and some are labeled exotic.  It is not simply people with lice, scabies, acne, or a head-cold, many are seriously ill with diseases we conquered decades ago.  Before you blast me for being inhumane, insensitive, uncaring, and lacking compassion, I must ask, “Why did they leave home, sick?”  Why make the trek across incredible difficult terrain facilitating the worsening of their condition rather than seek care in their homeland? 

If you believe that it is the obligation of America to open its doors to everyone with any kind of disease who seeks to enter this country illegally while barred from coming legally with those diseases, I must ask, “What Are You Thinking?”  No, I ask, “Why Aren’t You Thinking?’  Let me go a step further and ask, “If you had children in the home and someone knocked on your door or just climbed through the window with a deadly communicable disease, would you want them to stay?”  Some will say, “Of course, I’d help them, it’s the right thing to do.”  Others would say, “No, my family must come first, and I must protect my children.”  The President and Congress have the constitutional responsibility to protect us and border security is one of those many needed actions.

It has been reported that there are at least 10,000 people in America illegally who are from nations identified as terrorist sponsors or terrorist nations.  The majority of them are from Iran and California has the largest Iranian population outside Iran of any place in the world.  They are truly a sanctuary state!  Either we recognize the sovereignty and the threats to our national security or we facilitate the destruction of our Republic.

The irony that I mentioned, in the beginning, was that the Trump administration proposed releasing the immigrant detainees onto the streets of sanctuary cities.  You talk about poetic justice that would be classic!  Immigration agencies rejected the proposal and I understand that, but it was classic and brilliant and made me laugh at an unlaughable situation on our southern border.  Nancy Pelosi’s district was considered a prime target and she immediately reacted and called the plan “despicable.”  I laughed again.  Nancy, your plan to open the borders, defend sanctuary cities that endanger Americans, threaten our national security, and pose an astronomical strain on our economy, healthcare system, and law enforcement is “despicable.”  I guess when the shoe is on the other foot, it hurts, right?

I laughed when a Trump official suggested that it would be right because the argument of defending sanctuary cities was that being a sanctuary made everyone safer.  Therefore, said the official, “those immigrants, migrants, illegals, or whatever they are labeled would be safer there than they would be in a non-sanctuary city, right?”  That is ironic and brilliant! 

I love the declaration of Trump and some Republicans that if the Democrats truly believe that the illegals are needed to make and keep America what our Founders envisioned they should embrace receiving them in their cities.  They also said, that if the Liberal Open Borders advocates truly believe these people made life better they should be elated to receive them with open arms.  Are they doing that?  Exactly the opposite.  They don’t want them in their cities, at least not in mass caravans.  It is amazing how attitudes change when people actually have skin in the game. They want the illegals to be allowed in America but would prefer them to be sent into largely conservative regions and then given the right to vote.  Isn’t that interesting?  No, it is diabolical and spells out the endgame in their plot.

America, we would do well to laugh at the daring of President Trump and see the reaction of the Democrats as a reflection of who and what they are and what they are all about.  If America and Americans were the focus of their efforts and agenda, they would want the border secured, but they don’t.  Why?  Why not ask one of the Democrat Politicians that very question and see what response you get.  You will either be attacked as one suffering from some phobia or called a racist, bigot, or some other derogatory name.  You will likely get an angry response or be ignored completely.  That should tell you all you need to know.

America it is time to ‘get ‘er done’ and secure the border, drain the swamp, dismantle the deep state, and make America Great Again!  

God bless you and God bless America!


From time to time I feel the urge and see the need to take a shotgun approach on matters before the American people and things threatening our Republic. Today is one of those days.  I hope I am not like a preacher I heard one time say, “What I am going to preach today will take the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job to make any sense of.”  After he got through preaching, I agreed.  I hope that is not the case in what I am going to address, but if it is you can take what I have written and a sawbuck and get a cup of coffee most places, even Starbucks.

There are many pushes being made and agendas advanced by the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, and Socialist regarding “Voter Rights.”   That is a noble subject and consideration but the length to which the Left wants to press this is far beyond reason or the Constitution and that troubles me.  We keep hearing that ‘Voter Identification’ is voter suppression of various ethnicities, but is it?  If those same people must have a valid photo ID card to get their welfare and entitlements, how is having to have one to vote somehow regressive and oppressive?  Could it be that the Left wants to open the door to non-qualified people to vote? 

There is the push to allow convicted felons to vote.  There is the push to modify the legal voting age to 16 or even 14 as has been advanced by some.  There is the idea that everyone, including non-citizens, should be allowed to vote since they live here and some of the work and pay taxes.  Seriously?  I laughed when the Republicans advanced a meaningless piece of legislation that could only be deemed to have, embarrassing the Democrats, as its objective.  They knew it would be rejected and I suspect that was the plan.  The bill stated, “It is the sense of Congress that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States Citizens.”  Amen!  The Democrats took the bait and rejected the language, positioning to be identified as those who favor letting illegals vote, which they are.

Now, let’s address the ‘Race Problem of the Democrats’ and something that should bite them in the behind in future elections.  Will it?  Probably not, if the past is an indicator of the future.  I remember during the George W. Bush years, Karl Rove and other so-called ‘center-right’ Republicans insisting that the GOP had to reach out to the Hispanic votes in order to win elections.  Steve Sailer examined the same electoral data that Rove had used and came to a diametrically different opinion.  He contended that the closeness of Bush’s elections was not due to the lack of minority vote but a failure to maximize their share of the white vote.  Tap the brakes, I am not trying to promote white supremacy nor was Sailer.  Few, Republicans gave Sailer’s argument any credence until Donald Trump won in 2016.

The Race Problem of the Democrats was exposed recently when the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives attempted to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.  They could not bring themselves to actually condemn the ‘hate’ spewed by their Minnesota Muslim Congresswoman against Israel and the Jews. Rather they offered a watered-down generalized incoherent statement about ‘hate’.  The Congressional Black Caucus rushed to Omar’s aide and defended her vile and indefensible anti-Semitic rhetoric.  Likewise, Nancy Pelosi argued that Omar failed to understand the ‘full weight’ of her own words, claiming that the Congresswoman was ignorant of the cultural impact of what she said.  What?  That’s the best explanation you can give, Nancy? Seriously!

The FBI has reported that 60% of the hate crimes committed in 2017 based on religion were committed against the Jews.  The Black Lives Matters riots, the anti-Trump protesters marching carrying communist signs advocating revolution, the Jussie Smollett hoax, the Covington Catholic boys falsely accused all are evidence of a Race Problem in the Democratic Party.  Will it haunt them?  The latest Iowa polls reflect what I believe reveals that voters are not pleased with the incessant cry of racism among the majority of the Democratic hopefuls and give Biden and Sanders, two old white guys, the lead. 

Six states — California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland — accounted for more than 22 million (about one-third) of Hillary’s votes in 2016. In those states, Hillary won by an average margin of nearly 2-to-1 — 65.6% to Trump’s 34.4% — but in the remaining 44 states, Trump’s vote total (51.3 million) easily exceeded Clinton’s total (43.6 million). Because Democratic voters are mainly concentrated in a few urban states, there is a disconnect between the party’s message and the rest of the country, including states like Iowa, which Trump flipped from blue to red in 2016.  (Borrowed from Robert Stacy McCain)

America, we can deal with the issues sensibly and rationally or we can descend into the pit of emotion and hurl vile hateful epithets at each other and see the rift grow greater and the demise of the Republic more assured.  I am fed up with emotional rhetoric and want factual presentations with rational arguments regarding matters facing our nation.  I am tired of political wrangling, partisan jockeying, and political gamesmanship.  I am disgusted with the elitist professional politicians of all stripes and want to see a return to Representative Government. 

I see one party, the Democrats, moving so far to the Left that they make the Socialist and Marxists of the world turn green with envy.  I see RINOs in the Republican party become even more cowardly and cowering in the shadows hoping they don’t get trampled by the Left and the Media.  I see a few Conservatives who are willing to take a bullet for Freedom, but too many who want that are engaging in the same emotional rhetoric as those on the Left.  Name calling won’t solve our problems.  We must deal with the borders, maintain sensible voting rights, address real racism and hate no matter where it comes from, and take steps to make the federal government smaller, less intrusive, and less oppressive.  We have a Great Country and it has been tarnished and damaged and unlike the Democrats at the SXSW in Austin, Texas claim, I declare that America is not “garbage”. 

Please take to heart where we are, when we have been, where we can be and vote FOR America in 2020! 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


Yes, I said being invaded and yes, I said surrender!  I believe that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in America, being invaded by hordes of illegals seeking entry into the United States for whatever reason.  Their reason may be truly out of concern for their safety.  They may be for nefarious purposes such as drugs, crimes, and terrorism.  Regardless of why they are coming, they are seeking to come ILLEGALLY and that is a very serious problem.  So, yes, I do believe the thousands in caravans attempting to cross and crossing our borders illegally justify the designation of “invasion.”

It seems that most politicians on the Democrat side of the aisle want us to surrender.  Unfortunately, there are those on the Republican side of the equation, by their actions, appear in agreement.  That is more than disappointing it is a violation of their promises on the campaign trail.  They are in default in the commitment they made as they sought to be elected or reelected. 

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said in a public airing that it is his belief that the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border requires Congress to legalize illegal immigrants.  Why?  His reasoning was, “because nobody can really stop them.”  Wow!  Is that the same logic we should apply to drug abuse, drug cartels, sex, and human trafficking, and a myriad of other crimes being committed?  If it is, we are being asked to surrender!  We are being asked to turn our backs on America as a Free Sovereign Constitutional Republic.  We are being asked to ignore the rule of law and embrace anarchy and chaos. 

Had that reasoning been applied to Nazi Germany in the days prior to military action against them in WWII the world would be under the Jackboots of Nazi Tyranny and Despotism now.  If that reasoning had been applied to Imperial Japan prior to and after Pearl Harbor, America would either be under German or Japanese Rule today.  That reasoning is, in my view, insane and must be rejected immediately, soundly, and in no uncertain terms.  If we love our Freedom and believe in America as a Free Sovereign Constitutional Republic we must evict every politician in Washington that embraces that reasoning.  That goes for Republicans and Democrats alike.  We need to do more than just say no we need to Vote No!

Ramos also suggested that it is the responsibility of the United States to ‘absorb’ the caravans of migrants (illegals).  He has previously called for the legalization of every illegal in the United States via blanket Amnesty.  That kind of logic invites the worst possible kind of chaos in a Civil Society and a Free Nation and is the seedbed for our destruction.  He is opposed to a wall calling it a “symbol of hate and racism” and said that it is the mantra of those who want to “make America white again.”  That statement, Mr. Ramos is a blatantly racist statement!  You should be ashamed, but you are a liberal open borders advocate, so shame knows no place in your mind and heart, it would seem.

We are presently living in an America where it is dangerous to openly support President Donald Trump.  Beyond the reports I hear on some news outlets about Trump supporters and those who wear a MAGA hat being abused, I know some personally.  I have acquaintances who have told me they are fearful, even in Texas, to have a Trump bumper sticker or wear a MAGA hat.  It is a sad condition we have attained for people to live in fear of exercising their 1st Amendment Right of expression a political view. 

Today, groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter,, MediaMatters, the New Black Panthers, and other Democratic terrorist groups frequently physically abuse and assault Trump supporters.  The liberal media has and still tries to paint the Tea Party as a violent hate group, but they cannot find the examples readily available in the groups the media supports. 

When the New Black Panthers can dress in their military-style black uniforms and pose fully armed with various weaponry and that is deemed their right under the 1st Amendment but any Trump supporter is guilty of a hate crime if they voice their support.  The Trump supports seldom pose in riot gear and fully armed but conducts peaceful rallies as opposed to the activist on the Left.  The media twists distorts, fabricates, doctors the video and more to paint any Trump supporter as a deranged bigoted racist hater and the dregs of society.

Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  I agree!  In the movie Pale Rider, actor Clint Eastwood played the part of the Preacher who led the oppressed citizens against an evil businessman with an army of thugs that attempted to force people to sell their lands to him.  They asked Eastwood’s character, the Preacher, to lead them.  He said, “If I lead you, some of you will die.”  Simply, Freedom isn’t Free! 

It is more important than ever for all of us to lay aside our personal preferences and get over our candidate not gaining the nomination and get behind the effort to Restore America and stem the tide of toxic liberalism and the push to fundamentally transform America.  We are being invaded at our Southern Borders at the tune of about 3,500 illegals per day.  If the Democrats win in 2020 we will see the restoration of exorbitant taxation, amnesty, further shredding of our American Constitution, and much more.  The floodgates will be opened wide and America the Free will be no more!  It will guarantee that in order to preserve the Union and maintain our Republic the Tree of Liberty will be watered with the blood of patriots again. 

If the Democrats win in 2020 the creeping cancer of Sharia Law will spread like a wildfire and more people like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will find their ways into the Halls of Congress and into Judgeships, Bureaucratic positions that will seek to eliminate Constitutional governance.  Infanticide will become the Law of the Land; the Climate Change lunacy will rule crippling our economy and plunging us into the darkness of pre-technological advancements.  We will see government regulations stifle and destroy many small businesses and send the costs of goods and services through the roof.  If Lunacy prevails, America is lost!

I pray that you will Remember in November 2020 and stand for America and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Patriots, your country needs you more today than at any time in our history!

God bless you and God bless America.


The Democrats are at it again.  Their incessant diatribe about Trump and Republicans all being evil racists, bigots, homophobes, and Islamaphobes never ceases, but now they are attempting to make toilet paper of the Constitution.  They are so driven to achieve their quest for power and solidify their position they appear willing to do anything, Constitutional or not.  Someone said, “Well, you have to give them credit for being ambitious.”  My response is, “Not if it means violating the Constitution.”

Ambition can be a good thing, or it can be incredibly destructive.  Ambition can propel a person into the pursuit of a goal in a good way or can become an all-consuming passion in the thirst for power and control.  The latter is the heart of an autocrat and is tyrannical.  The former is a motivator to invest time, money in pursuing your personal dream of achieving the American Dream. 

The House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi sent the Senate a bill (H.R.1) that is unconstitutional.  It is called “For the People Act.” What people would be my question?  Not the American people as a whole, but the ideologically aligned Leftists and activist.  The design of the bill is to expand American’s access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants.  Before you declare, “That sounds reasonable,” let me bring a few things to light.

This bill is an incredible power grab by the Democrats and would make the very complicated federal elections laws so convoluted that no one, not even the lawyers would comprehend it.  That opens the door to chaos and incredible voter fraud.  But, that is not the worst of it.  This bill is a direct assault on our Freedom of Speech.  It is so bad that both the Institute for Free Speech and the American Civil Liberties Union are not on-board with the bill.  That should cause you to sit up and take note.

This bill could place donors in a position that every communication they issue after donating would be construed political.  Even the ACLU argued, “it is unfair to hold donors responsible for every communication in which an organization engages.” For example, if you gave a donation to an organization that was non-political, and that organization opted, without your knowledge or consent to mention a politician by name, you would then be classified a political donor although you were not. 

This bill would revamp the Federal Election Commission, opening the door to partisan control in the future.  At present, the FEC is supposed to have six commissioners, with no more than three of the same political party.  That means that for the commission to act there would have to be at least one vote from an opposing party to have a majority.  The Democrats bill would make it a five-member commission with no more than two members of any political party.  That means that the odd man in this equation could be an independent who is ideologically aligned and give it a partisan flavor, something that politicians love. 

This bill would make Big Brother the prime donor in political campaigns by increasing the amount of federal money that is issued to campaigns.  It would violate States Rights by stripping from the several states the right to draw their own congressional lines.  The Democrat bill would establish an independent commission to do that, and if you can’t see the problem in that, I won’t waste time talking about it.  It is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment which allows states to take prudent and constitutionally appropriate steps to purge their voter rolls of those not legally qualified to vote and the restriction of voting rights for felons. 

A lobbyist according to this bill would so expand the definition that any of us could be labeled lobbyist.  Even if a person provided ‘counseling services’ but never communicated with the relevant government officials, they are deemed to be a lobbyist.  The language of this bill is so expansive that any conversation at a social or private gather would qualify as engaging in lobbyist activities. 

The Democrats are among the new enemies of Free Speech, especially political speech and believe that all speech should be regulated.  Where does that lead?  Depends on who is in power and holds sway over the courts.  If the Leftists are in power, then if we disagree with them we are engaging in, according to them, Hate Speech. 

Federalism recognizes the reality that the several states within the Union of the United States of America have different cultures and priorities.  That means that their legislative districts, drawn by the states, allow the states to form their federal delegation according to the needs and wishes of their citizens, not according to the dictates of some oligarch or bureaucrat in Washington.

The Democrats are planning an assault on the Electoral College, Voting Rights making it legal for an illegal to vote, our Right to Property and Privacy are in the cross-hairs too and so are many other Constitutionally sensitive matters.  They will continue to resist this president and the wishes of all who voted for him. They will continue to push for open borders, amnesty, abortion, the blurring of traditional lines and values, and step up their attack on all speech they disagree with.  They will seek to take our private property via taxation and establish themselves the ruling oligarchy. 

Are we willing to cede our freedoms and rights to them?  I am not!  That is why I speak, write, travel, and work to find Constitutional Originalist to serve in Congress.  I pray that there has not been too much water released under the bridge and that the constitutional freedom cows have not wandered too far from the open gate for us to recover.

God bless you and God bless America!


I continue to notice what is almost a total disconnect to life by those following the toxic liberalism of the New Socialist Democratic Party.  I realize that I just offended some who consider themselves Democrats but do not wholly ascribe to the platform of their party.  I am not trying to offend anyone but expressing my mystification at the direction they are advancing.  In my view, based on the Bible, the Constitution, and Reason their agenda is nonsensical.  I said, my view, so give me a little space to explain why I believe that.  If at the end of my argument you still disagree, we will simply have to agree to disagree and hopefully, we can do that without being disagreeable and mean-spirited.

Our Founding Fathers not only included in our founding documents the concept of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” as being inalienable rights but they took steps to guarantee we would not lose them to tyrannical government or governors. They considered those rights as sacred as do I.  Any right that comes from God should be considered above the reach of government.  The government did not give us life, true liberty, and cannot provide for our happiness.  The federal government’s Constitutional mandate is to protect those rights not revise them or seek to rescind them. 

I have contended for a long time that the reason we are in the mess we are in today, politically, is relatively easily identifiable.  I blame several institutions as well as American citizens for our dilemma.  This will go against the grain for some, but Preachers are partly to blame.  I am one, and I shoulder the load of responsibility for my culpability in this condition.  There were too many times, I did not pay attention, did not speak out, and tried to leave politics to the politicians.  I did that to the hurt of America and individuals in America. 

In Ezekiel 33, we find that God’s gives responsibility to those of us charged with caring for the souls of people to be watchmen.  If we see danger or evil and sit silently the damage done is charged to us.  You may contend that is an overstatement of this principle but when I read the writings of Paul, Peter, James, and John, as well as the words of Jesus I find the idea of being a guardian of the flock mandatory, not optional.  God, I believe, takes the office of Shepherd very seriously.  If I saw a small child playing near a busy street and his ball rolled into the oncoming traffic, should I say, ‘That’s not my responsibility it is the parents’ and ignore the danger?  You would consider me a very bad person if I did.  How is remaining silent when danger is coming on the nation different?

I also blame Education for the problem.  Our System of Education from Kindergarten to Graduate School has morphed into indoctrination factors in many disciplines.  History, facts, and truth, take a back seat to political agendas and the multiple generations of propaganda have taken their toll.  We are, as a nation, dangerously close to embracing Socialism largely because of this indoctrination.  We allowed God to be ejected from the classroom, the public square, government, and much of life and wonder why we have the moral and social issues we have. 

We have evolved into a society where there is emphasis placed on equality, sung the praises of immorality, and made environmentalism a virtual religion or god.  Those are deemed to be superior concepts to our founding principles and the system we enjoyed for over 200 years.  The pursuit of ‘equality’, which seems to be a moving target in the definitions of those promoting it, is deadly.  Life is not equal and will never be.  We do not all have the same abilities regardless of opportunities.  People can be given the same opportunity and one will succeed and the other fail not because of the unfairness of life or the system but because of ability, commitment, vision, and dedication. 

If you are in the 1% economically, the middle class, or the bottom tier of our economic structure you should realize that property rights are purchased with your life.  Time is life!  Your earned money is life.  Your commitment is life.  Someone said, “All that life gives us is time and the capacity to use it productively.”  If the government takes what I have invested my life to attain, earn, or achieve in the guise of helping someone else, they are saying my life is not as important as that person who has not produced, earned, or invested themselves into achieving.  That is not equality it is redistribution not based on equality but ideology.

Is the mentality of pursuing equality at all costs and leveling the playing field the reason that many who follow the agenda of the New Democratic Socialist Party so caviler about life in general?  Is that the reason the baby in the womb is unimportant and valueless to them?  Is that the reason they have no problem with the late-term and post-term exterminations of babies?  Are they truly in favor of euthanasia as Hillary Clinton has on more than one occasion advanced?  Are the lives of some ethnicities deemed more valuable than others based on skin-color or some wrong done in the past societally? 

Somebody said, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” so, in life, there will be difficulties.  We cannot produce a snowflake world where no one is allowed to be offended, traumatized by differing opinions, or have more or less than another.  God gave us Life, and in that Life, He gave us Liberty, the ability and right to choose. 

People will never achieve their potential until their basic needs are met.  We have basic needs that must be met for us to break free from the focus on those needs and become who we can be and achieve what we can achieve.  If we insist that it is the government’s responsibility to give us food, shelter, and clothing we transformed government and life into a prison.  Human beings are designed to pursue and hunt for happiness and success.  That’s what our Founders believed and advanced! 

Someone said, “The American Dream is not happiness, but the pursuit of happiness.”  Those following the toxicity of liberalism and socialism are not concerned with our individual fulfillment, they are interested in their ideological agendas.  If you add the quest and thirst for power and control to that equation you find such toxicity that the only possible result is hate, bitterness, envy, and tyranny. 

I ask again my title question, “Is it Ignorance or something else that is driving the Leftist?” I wish it were simply ignorance, but I believe the root of it is far more dangerous and even diabolical.  My view is that, to them, life be damned, liberty be damned, and the pursuit of happiness has no place in their dystopia. 

There will come a time when this will all be rectified but it may not be in our lifetime and before America as the Free Constitutional Republic is destroyed or transformed into a Socialist Despotism.  God will, one day, address this, though it may be in eternity.  I pray that we fight to stop it now!

God bless you and God bless America!


For all the Leftists, RINOs, and those who are adamantly in the Never Trump corner who have hoped for some evidence of collusion, well it’s here.  That’s right, there is solid evidence of collusion and it should be addressed immediately and those guilty held accountable.  Oh, sorry, did you think I meant that they had evidence of collusion by President Trump?  I apologize, for causing you to have undue hope and hope your heart palpitations were not elevated to the danger level in excitement! The collusion I am referring to is the latest and that is none other than Congressman Adam Schiff.  What he has done is completely unethical and probably violates many Congressional rules and maybe even the law. 

Michael Cohen met with Congressman Adam Schiff for over 10 hours before the House Oversight Committee hearing.  That information has surfaced contradicting both Schiff’s claims and Cohen’s sworn testimony.  That could be viewed, and likely was, ‘coaching a witness’ which if not illegal is unethical.  It flies in the face of the claims of the Democrats that they want to get to the truth.  Truth?  When you coach a witness to say what you want to be said is not getting to the truth it is pursuing the path of “Guilty until proven innocent.”  It amounts to Collusion!

Michael Cohen hesitantly acknowledged to Congressman Jim Jordan that he had spoken to Adam Schiff about the topics that would be discussed in his testimony.  If all this was normal and nothing out of the ordinary, why did they seek to keep it secret and even deny it?  Why are they trying to backtrack and give cover for Adam Schiff and other Democrats?  Why?  Because they know that they are ‘fishing’ and now Schiff has hired another Russian Interference Lawyer ahead of the Mueller report.  Why?  Because they are determined to find some crime to convict the man they hate.  Innocent until proven guilty is not a principle that today’s Democrats recognize unless it is a Democrat being accused.  If it is one of their own, then it is Innocent even if proven guilty.

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Nadler, is shouting from the rooftops that there is ‘clear evidence’ that Trump obstructed justice and is launching an ‘abuse of power’ probe.  What is his major plank in his platform of accusation?  That Trump called the Mueller investigation a ‘witch hunt’.  Seriously, Congressman?  That’s the best you’ve got!  Do you remember what the Clinton’s attempted to do to Ken Starr?  They sought to destroy him and called him a pervert and many other things.  They blasted him in the media on every opportunity.  That was okay, and not obstruction of justice but if Trump says anything it is?  What happened to Freedom of Speech? 

Congressman Nadler went on ABC’s “This Week” and claimed that the Republicans have spent “two years shielding the president from any accountability”. Your memory is incredibly short, sir.  What about the Democrats regarding both Clinton and the Obama?  I would contend that the Republicans, by and large, have cooperated with the Democrats in allowing the fishing expedition and the endless investigations to continue rather than shielding the president. 

Congressman Nadler piously said, “It is our job to protect the rule of law.  That’s our core function. And to do that we are going to initiate investigations int abuses of power, into corruption, and into obstruction of justice.”  That’s wonderful Congressman.  I suppose that means you are going to open investigations into James Comey’s obstruction of justice regarding Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and a myriad of other Democrats.  What?  You are not. Then, sir, I contend that your pious diatribe is nothing more than superfluous grandiloquence and meaningless.  It is nothing more than a partisan hit job!

Congressman Nadler and the Democrats were calling for the impeachment of the President after he was elected and even before inaugurated.  The Congressman has now launched a massive fishing expedition and requested documents from over 60 people.  That request has now expanded to 80. He said that the goal of their probes was to “present the case to the American people about obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power.”  He said also, that they had to convince enough Trump supporters that there was obstruction of justice to succeed in impeaching the president.  Wait?  If he is guilty why do you have to convince anybody?  If he is guilty why make this a political maneuver? 

What is Trump’s sin for Mr. Nadler and the Democrats?  He also has criticized the media.  That, in Mr. Nadler’s mind, is undermining our democratic government.  What President has not complained about or criticized the media at some time in their term in office?  What happened to Freedom of Speech?  Even former Obama advisor David Axelrod criticized Nadler and the Democrats for making their sweeping document request look like a witch hunt.  Why would it look like that?  Because it is!

Congressman Nadler said that Impeachment was a long way down the road and might never happen. He said that before you can impeach somebody you have to convince the American people that it ought to happen.  Well, if you have already made up your mind before seeing one shred of evidence and in the light of debunked charges that impeachment is the right course of actions, you proceed as they are. 

Congresswoman Ilham Omar, (D-MN), and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib signed a “Pledge to Impeach” Trump.  The pledge was created by the Group “By the People”.  Congresswoman Omar said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “Impeachment is inevitable.  It is also a terrifying notion, Vice President Pence is an ideologue, and the ideology he holds is more terrifying to me and my constituents…And we have not had a full impeachment that removes the president from office… Nations struggle any time [they] overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator.”  What is dictatorial is the religion of Congresswoman Omar and her hatred for anything that is not Muslim.

The Democrats are and will continue to be on a witch hunt until at least the 2020 elections are over and if the President is elected to a second term, look out UNLESS.   Unless what?  Unless the Republicans unseat the Democrats from control of the House and keep the Senate.  Even then, there is no guarantee that this will end, UNLESS.  Unless what?  There are enough of the RINOs evicted from the Halls of Congress in the 2020 primaries to assure a Senate and a House of Representatives that will back the President and fulfill their campaign promises.

I see the elections of 2020 as more than serious, I see them as critical and a loss to the Democrats catastrophic.  You may or may not agree and that is your God-given and Constitutional Right.  I simply ask that you study, uncover the truth, and pray, pray, and pray for America.

God bless you and God bless America!