BLOG POST 8 - Abdication

Many on the Left, some on the Right, and numerous Christian voices have challenged me regarding caring for the poor and needy.  They believe that it is the responsibility of government to care for the poor through entitlement and welfare programs and, in their words, “to do less is Un-Christian and Un-Caring.”  I contend that assigning this to the government as a federal responsibility is to abdicate personal responsibility and empowers the government to become ALL POWERFUL.  I also contend that neither the Constitution nor the Bible mandates that the government provide for the poor and needy.  That is not to say we should not be concerned about those individuals, for we most assuredly should and turning a blind eye to their need is both Un-Christian and Un-Caring.

In Deuteronomy 15:11 we read, “For the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore, I command you, saying, ‘You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.’”  That was echoed by the apostle Paul in Galatians 2:10 – “…remember the poor…”  I am 100% in harmony with the need to care for the poor and needy both as a Christian and as a citizen of a civilized society.  But the question must arise, “Whose Responsibility is it to Care for the Poor and Needy?”  I believe we have abdicated too many of our personal responsibilities to the government and in so doing we have continued to grow the government and empower it in ways the Framers and Founders warned against.

If you will allow me to address this from a biblical perspective first, I suggest that the overwhelming evidence is that the Bible lays the heaviest burden on the individual in caring for the poor and needy.  I will not quote them in full but refer to scriptures I suggest you read; Deuteronomy 15:7-8, 10-11; Isaiah 58:6-10; Matthew 25:34-40 to name a few.  The emphasis in both the Old and New Testaments was individual responsibility for caring for the poor, not the government.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the local church to care for the poor and needy.  In the Old Testament, if the poor were unable to meet their obligations, the priests were charged with the examination of that person’s situation to determine the extent of their need.  He was to determine what portion the poor person could pay and then grant them proportional relief as is seen in Leviticus 27:8. In the New Testament this was addressed in Acts 4:34-35 and there was not a needy person among them BECAUSE the “church distributed to each as any had need.”  This was not a true communal socialist community as some suggest but a continuation of the Levitical prescription and “as they had need.”  It was proportional, temporary and not designed to be continual or perpetual.  In Proverbs 19:17 we find God’s attitude toward caring for the poor and read, “One who is gracious to the poor man lends to the LORD…”  The poor and needy, not the slothful and lazy are to be cared for and helped get back on their feet so they can not only provide for themselves but care for those less fortunate than themselves.

Thomas Jefferson’s view of caring for the poor is found in his declaration: “I deem it the duty of every man to devote a certain portion of his income for charitable purposes, and that it is his further duty to see it so applied as to do the most good of which it is capable.  This I believe to be best ensured by keeping within the circle of his own inquiry and information the subjects of distress to whose relief his contributions shall be applied.”  The Bible informs us, that generally, acts of charity should also be anonymous.  George Washington expressed concern for the poor and needy saying, “Let the hospitality of the house with respect to the poor be kept up. Let no one go hungry away.  If any of this kind of people should be in want of corn, supply their necessities (provided it does not encourage them in idleness); and I have no objection to your giving my money in charity… What I mean by having no objection is, that it is my desire that it should be done.”   Personal responsibility and a desire to ensure the condition is not encouraged or perpetuated.

Our Founders believed the government had a role in helping the poor but limited that to children, disabled, and the widows who could not work.  However, they believed that any aid should include work-requirements for the able-bodied and did not envision it being a perpetual handout.  Benjamin Franklin believed that aid to the poor or needy should be done so as to assist them in OVERCOMING POVERTY as expediently as possible, he did not believe it should be a generational lifestyle.  He said, “I am for doing good to the poor…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty but leading or driving them out of it.”  WHAT A CONCEPT!  In today’s World of Entitlements, we not only make it easy for them to remain in that condition we make it almost impossible to get out.  The Founders sought to provide aid in a way that would help the deserving poor but minimize incentives for recipients to act irresponsibly. They wanted to protect the rights of working citizens by preventing corruption and abuse in welfare aid.  James Madison said, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”   They sought to help but not perpetuate the situation or condition unlike what we have today was the overriding sentiment of our Founders and Framers.

Since the middle of the twentieth-century welfare has become less stigmatized and more acceptable as a lifestyle thus perpetuating the problem.  We have experienced an almost endless expansion of Welfare and Entitlement Programs and the poverty rate has escalated rather than reduced.  Until the mid-1960’s, free markets, secure property rights, strong families, and minimal taxation advanced a culture with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.  The rise of liberalism and the progressive movement has reversed that course and plunged more and more people into an impoverished state.  The work of the post-1965 welfare push has been to dismantle the family unit and made welfare wages higher than working wages creating an environment where unmotivated people would opt for the dole rather than the earned paycheck.  Single motherhood has been encouraged because the more babies you can produce the more income you will have.  We need to return to the principles and vision of our Founders and as we help the truly needy we should encourage them to leave their state of poverty as quickly as possible.

However, I contend it is not the sole responsibility of government to care for the poor it is individuals, families, churches, and communities.  The principle expressed by the apostle Paul should be applied to any able-bodied individual, “If he will not work, he should not eat.”  Our present entitlement system is enslaving more people, causing individuals to shirk their personal responsibility, and empowering the federal government to the point it controls every dimension of our lives.  THAT CANNOT BE GOOD and is foreign to our Founding Principles and the Bible.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



THE PIED PIPER IS PLAYING – – Will We Follow Him to Destruction?

BLOG POST - Pied Piper

I have been convinced for a long time that the root of the problems now existing in America and evidenced in the activist, media, and political jockeying is the loss of our Moral Moorings.  You can disagree but that is what I believe based on what I am witnessing today, my study of history, and my biblical beliefs.  That last portion is a disqualifier for some, but it is at the heart of my core convictions and life direction, so I stand by that statement.  Even if you do not believe the Bible and that God does or should play any role in our societal evolution and condition, surely you recognize a significant drift in our societal morals.  Surely you recognize a world in which people are much more “self-centered” than “others-centered” and less concerned about the General Welfare but more concerned about What’s In It For Me.

Our Educational System is filled to overflowing with teachers and professors who ascribe to the Alinsky model, Socialism, and that the greatest threat to mankind is what they call “white privilege”.  When a black college professor can openly declare that he is teaching his own children to distrust and even hate whites because of Donald Trump we have a problem.  The problem is not simply one election, it is systemic, generational, and promoted by those in power who want to use and abuse people to achieve their end – CONTROL.  I disapprove of racism regardless of where or from whom it comes.  It is foreign to the biblical principles by which I try to live and diametrically opposed to the ideal presented in our American Constitution.  Racism does not believe, “All are created equal” nor that “All are endowed with certain inalienable rights by our creator.”  Racism is, at its heart, SELFISH and SELF-SERVING and must believe that the end justifies the means; else its error and evil would so convict the heart, a change of mind would occur.  When there is no change of mind, as is evidenced in today’s America by those the most vocal, blindness is revealed.  This kind of blindness willing or otherwise is destructive and creates a chasm unbridgeable by reason and results in the fires of hate reaching such intensity violence are the only natural result.  Hopefully, none of us truly desire that.

I make no defense of any pedophile or any act of pedophilia.  I would not be disturbed if the pedophile were to be relieved of a certain bodily appendage if guilty of such a heinous act with a child.  Any male or female that preys on young girls or boys deserves whatever punishment given.  If they truly repent, God will forgive them and so will I but that does not totally wipe the societal slate clean.  There are penalties for sin even forgiven sin in life and that includes politics, entertainment or religion.  That being said, there are accusations against Judge Roy Moore, and if they those allegations are true he has been a very sick man.  I don’t know if they are true or are not, I don’t have the facts and believe that anyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Some are arguing that the onus is on Judge Moore to prove his innocence but that is not our American system.  Bill Clinton’s alleged and confessed indiscretions were overlooked, justified, and excused and NOT ONE DEMOCRAT called for him to step aside or step down based on accusations.  Sexual abuse or sexual harassment is reprehensible and there is no justification for them.  Again, I do not know if Judge Moore is guilty, but I’m sure some have already deemed him guilty and in their hearts convicted him of those crimes.  The timing of these allegations is somewhat suspect.  The first allegation was from an alleged incident 38 years ago.  It would seem that with all the political jockeying and jousting that Judge Moore has been involved in during that time there was ample opportunity for these kinds of things to come to light, especially if there are as many as are now being reported.  The millions of dollars spent by Mitch McConnell to defeat Judge Moore in the primaries and the continued efforts by GOP Establishment members even before these allegations cause me to wonder a bit.  The Soros money that has been invested to find and destroy Judge Moore and anyone proclaim to be a Constitutional Conservative cause me to wonder.  The mother of the first woman said, her daughter did not seek out the reporter but he came to her and she had no intention of coming out until after that contact.  She also brought into question a portion of her daughter’s story about a phone in the bedroom, which did not exist.  Questions that deserve answers will likely go unanswered gives me cause for concern.

Again, not to present the idea that I am justifying, glossing over the seriousness of those allegations or any allegations but to focus on a larger picture I ask several questions.  If we have reached a place in our society where a person is guilty until they prove themselves innocent have we not destroyed our criminal justice system?  If alleging or suggesting something negative is justified, even when untrue, as with Harry Reid and Mitt Romney’s taxes, we evidence a societal problem.  False or true accusations MUST be proven in court for a conviction and simply allege something should not be the basis of conviction or rejection.  If we can invalidate legitimate elections because we don’t like the outcome do we not destroy our entire system of government?

Our American Republic’s ability to survive is rooted in the Constitution and to a very large extent our moral turpitude as a society.  I argued that if the WikiLeaks information was factual it deserved to be investigated.  I was not seeking to justify any criminal acts involved in securing that information but that if the leaks revealed criminal conduct that should be investigated.  I would argue that if the accusations against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Donald Trump, or Judge Moore, are justifiably matters deserving investigation but not a basis for partisan witch-hunting.  Let the facts and evidence flow to a definitive conclusion, but DO NOT fabricate, twist, or skew things to obtain your ideological agenda and objective.  Those I named are not the only ones with allegations leveled at them and when the MSM, Congress, Political Parties, Activist, and Hollywood can ignore some and pursue others based on ideology we are endangering our Republic if we allow it to stand.

            You may hate the idea that Donald J. Trump is President but we had a legitimate election and even in the face of unproven and unsubstantiated allegations, HE WON!  If those who oppose his presidency succeed in overturning the legitimate election by the voters WHAT IS NEXT?  What in our System of Government or Republic remains safe or sacred?  I am always concerned about accusations such as have been leveled at Judge Moore but as long as it is “he said – she said” it becomes a personal matter for each voter to determine what they believe and act accordingly.  However, I am convinced that Mitch McConnell and the Establishment will seek to find some means to refuse to seat Judge Moore were he to win the Senate seat in December.  How many, presently in Congress or previously in Congress, had allegations not proven hanging over their heads and were still seated?  Again, I am concerned and disturbed by the allegations and if they prove to be true appropriate action should be taken.  I am also concerned about what invalidating elections will do to our Republic.

I love America, as do you, and pray that we will return to our moral moorings and constitutional ideals and receive the blessings of God.  God bless you and God bless America!

RACISM – Not a White Thing or Color Thing but a Heart and Mind Thing…

BLOG POST 12 - Racism

I am tired of being told that only White Christian Conservatives can be racist and often it is only men in that category deemed to be capable of racism.  STOP THE RIDICULOUS LIE because everyone including those who are making the charge knows it is not true.   If we are ever going to find any semblance of harmony in America we MUST stop this type of bogus rhetoric and spin.  Politicians and the diabolical who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America for their devious purposes are using race as a useful idiot as they pit one ethnicity against another.  They are not seeking resolution but revolution!  There are black leaders or so-called leaders who fan the flames of racism and hate because it keeps them relevant and lines their pockets with cash.  There are those in politics who continue beating that drum because it equates to anger and anger equates to votes.  I acknowledge that whites are not exempt from fanning those flames.  Those on the left doing so know if they can charge the Republicans and White Christian Conservatives with racism and make it stick in the minds of various groups they secure votes.  Once in office, rather than advancing the cause, they harped about they continue to advance ideology and agenda that is counterproductive and does harm to those they are supposedly offering to help.  IT MUST STOP!  WE MUST WAKE UP!

I recently saw, among the many incidences, that a Detroit EMT said that all White People “should be raped and killed.”  But of course, that is not deemed racist for some unfathomable reason.  No, this EMT did not escape from the plantation and has never been in forced servitude by a white master and lived as a slave.  Kimberly Asaro, a former emergency technician has sued the Detroit Fire Department because she was, allegedly, made to feel UNSAFE after a complaint about a fellow EMT, Willie Bragg.  Bragg posted on Facebook, “White men, women, and children should be raped and killed. White people should be alligator bait. Whites should be enslaved and beaten, like they have done to African-Americans.”  HOW IS THAT NOT RACIST?  How is that not deemed inciting violence and calling for criminal activities against other citizens?  I guess the only explanation is his skin color and that is not a justification in my mind.  If you are white and issue such evil racist diatribe you should be held accountable and if you are black, brown, or any other skin color you should also be held accountable.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED regardless of skin color, black, brown, or white. 

The Detroit Fire Department argued that his incendiary post was protected by the First Amendment, and took no action against him whereupon he apparently began to threaten Asaro.  This is the same Fire Department that fired a white fireman for bring a racist watermelon to work.  After all liking watermelon is racist.  I did not know that blacks did not like watermelon or any other fruit or vegetable because of their racist components and makeup.  I learn something every day.  Yes, I am being sarcastic.  Bringing a watermelon to work with the intent of making some racist or stereotypical statement would be wrong but the fact that someone brought one to work should not be automatically deemed racist.  Do we ban the growing of watermelons in America?  Please fix this in your mind:  A black EMT states that all white men, women, and children should be raped and murdered and that is protected free speech.  A white firefighter brings a watermelon to the station and he is a racist pig and immediately terminated.  WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?  

he story is that Kimberly Asaro left her career as an EMT after she complained to her supervisors about a co-worker’s provocative Facebook post that made her feel unsafe.  The Fire Department did nothing.  She also stated that Bragg would show up at her ambulance and intimidate her.  He was threatening and/or calling for violence including the reprehensible action of rape.  He further confronted Asaro and attempted to intimidate her which would understandably make her feel uncomfortable.  With the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the other men in Hollywood and even former President George H.W. Bush being vilified and rightly so for the most part, how is this man given a pass?  Why is he given a pass?  Where are the Left and the MSM on this issue?  Does it have to do with skin color and is it because it has been deemed that only Whites can be racist, bigots, sexual predators?  WHY?

I wonder how the public should feel if they are injured and have to call an ambulance and Mr. Bragg or anyone ascribing to his ideological view of people of another skin color and ethnicity?  If those citizens are white they have a justifiable reason to be concerned about the care and treatment they would receive, after all the call was for them to be raped, murdered, and turned into alligator bait.

Sadly, this is one of the many unacceptable verbalizations today.  I do not care if you are Black, White, Brown, or any other skin color RACISM is not acceptable.  You cannot or should not be allowed to call for the violation, assault, or murder of anyone.  You can dislike them, disagree with them, and refuse to associate with them but we are supposed to be a civil society and that kind of vileness is or should not be tolerated by any side of the issue.  Maybe everyone could benefit from a statement Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  I want no person judged based on the pigment of their skin but the character of their heart.  I am not attempting to diminish any past wrongs done to any group of people or individuals rather pleading for everyone to seek peace and embrace the words of our Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…”  (Emphasis mine)

America, we have many problems and the attempts to divide us further along racial lines is adding to the attempted disintegration of our Founding Framework and our Constitutional Republic.  I ask all who pray to earnestly pray for America.  I want not person enslave and want no person to enslave me.  I cannot rewrite history or turn back the clock but I can live in the moment and treat my fellow man as I want to be treated.  If I reject you it will not be based on the color of your skin.

God bless you and God bless America is my cry!



BLOG POST 9 - Smoking Gun

No, I am not addressing the mass shootings in Las Vegas or Sutherland, Texas but there are smoking guns all over the place that connect the Obama administration and the Clinton’s to cover-ups, scandals, Russian collusion, and more but nobody in Washington, DC seems to care.  There are a few Republicans that view the matter as serious and worthy of further and deeper investigation but the Establishment has no interest.  WHY?  I cannot answer that definitively and with 100% certainty but it seems that the wrong people are targeted for them to care.  They want to target TRUMP not HILLARY or OBAMA and that is disgusting and tragic.  One of the only explanations I can offer for the intense hatred of Donald J. Trump is he is a threat to their Globalist, Big Government, Cronyism, Deep State, and Swamp, therefore, in their minds, HE MUST GO!

There are so many revelations coming out they are unable to fully suppressed them, but they keep surfacing and that should be deeply problematic for the Democrats, Progressives, and Leftist.  We know that the FBI hid materials implicating the Clintons dating back to 2009 or earlier.  We know that the Clinton Team and the DNC were connected to the “Trump Dossier” although they denied it vehemently until they could no longer hide from the facts.  Now, rather than run from it they are saying something had to be done and they only wish they had done more.  If any Republican had engaged in that kind of activity and attacked a Democrat in that manner there would be a Special Investigator and all hell would be breaking loose in the Media and on Capitol Hill.  But, the Washington Establishment seems to ascribe to the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make now?”  Not my thoughts but the apparent view with the corresponding inaction by the Republicans and Democrats.  The Guns are Smoking but nobody in DC cares!

There is evidence that Eric Holder, as the Attorney General, prevented settlement payouts from going to conservative-leaning organizations while liberal groups were being awarded truckloads of money.  They were guilty of “picking and choosing” recipients but the MSM, Leftist, and Establishment members on Capitol Hill seem to be willing to turn a blind eye to that illegality.  Internal emails released recently indicated that not only were officials involved in determining what organizations would get money, but the DOJ officials may have intervened to make sure the settlements did not be awarded to conservative groups.  HOW IS THAT NOT A MAJOR TOPIC ON CAPITOL HILL?  In one email from July 2014, a senior Justice Department official expressed concerns about what groups would receive settlement money from Citigroup stating that they did not want any money going to a group that does “conservative property-rights legal services.”  In an email in 2013, Deputy Associate Attorney General Elizabeth Taylor wrote, “Can you explain to Tony (Tony West) the best way to allocate some money to an organization of our choosing?”  Talk about playing fast and loose with the law, that is a clear “smoking gun” that should demand immediate investigation and action, but doesn’t seem to have perked the attention of DC.

We also know that the Clinton Team was deeply involved in the production of the “Trump Dossier” even though they adamantly denied it to the New York Times at least twice this year.  Now, they can’t hide so they embrace it as the Honorable Thing to Do.  Marc E. Elias, the Clinton and DNC lawyer retained Fusion GPS to conduct research into Trump’s Russia ties.  The firm was retained “on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC.”  If there was nothing wrong with what they did, and if it was so right, necessary and honorable, WHY LIE ABOUT IT?  Once they realized they could no longer hide in the shadows Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for Hillary defends the Anti-Trump Dossier saying, “I regret I didn’t know about Christopher Steele’s hiring pre-election.  If I had, I would have volunteered to go to Europe and try to help him.  If I’d gotten the dossier before November 8th, I may have tried to convince Mook & Podesta to let me hold a Comey-style press conference to read it.  I have no idea what Fusion or Steele were paid but if even a shred of that dossier ends up helping Muller, it will prove to be money well spent.”  There you have it!  The Clinton’s and the DNC were working diligently to find something and it appears that when nothing real that could be uncovered they created a story of their one and everyone on that side seems to be fine with that.  I’m sure Robert Muller, who helped hide Clinton dirt is well-pleased.

The Guns are Smoking and I have not yet mentioned the FBI’s political meddling and both the former FBI Directors, Muller, and Comey are dirty and tied to the Clinton and Obama Russian collusion.  If Mr. Muller was a man of integrity he would immediately recuse himself from this investigation because of his involvement in suppressing information during Uranium Gate, but his partisanship shines forth brightly and his loyalty to his buddy James Comey seems to be driving him to GET TRUMP at all costs.  Mr. Muller soft-pedaled an investigation highly embarrassing to Hillary Clinton as well as the Obama Russian reset policy.  If Russia sponsored the Trump Dossier or if Russian fake intelligence prompted James Comey’s email intervention, then Russian operations, via their impact on the FBI, influenced and continue to influence our politics in a way far more consequential than any Facebook ad, John McCain’s fantasies, and the MSM’s devotion to offering news they’d like to be true rather than the truth.  That would mean that Mr. Muller has both the means, motive, and opportunity to conceal and divert the attention away from any matter that might be embarrassing to the FBI.  Mr. Muller’s tenure may not have bridged the two investigations but James Comey’s, Rod Rosenstein’s, Andrew Weissmann’s, and Andrew McCabe’s assuredly did.  Mr. Weissmann serves on the Muller team and Mr. McCabe is still the Deputy Director of the FBI.  So much for unbiased investigations and gives a valid reason for people to not trust our government or the entities therein.  Let me offer this thought, “The FBI would not have so much to cover up now if it had not aided and abetted Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party which may have inadvertently helped Donald Trump win the election.”

The Guns are Smoking but nobody in DC seems to care.  I have only mentioned a few of the ever-growing list of reasons to investigate and prosecute those guilty, but alas in the minds of those in DC it seems to be, “What difference does it make now?”  They want to fry their target fish, Donald J. Trump and stop all efforts of Conservatives to regain control of the GOP and help bring our country back to Constitutional sanity.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST - Stupidityt

If what is happening in politics and our American society today was a skit for Saturday Night Live or some sitcom, I’d laugh but it’s not and it’s a real danger.  As I watch the Robert Muller investigation unfold, I wish I could laugh at the one-sidedness of his “investigation”, but I can’t.  He goes back years and indicted Paul Manafort, not on things connected to the 2016 Election, and things that should be or have been discovered or disclosed by the FBI, not the Special Investigator.  Mr. Muller, at the same time, ignores the mountain of mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton, her team, the DNC, and the former President and his administration skirted the Law and committed things that border on Treason if they do not achieve that level of criminality.  If this were a Comedy Routine it might be funny, but it’s not and it is dangerous. 

Let me say upfront, I am perfectly willing for Paul Manafort or anyone else guilty of a crime being prosecuted but I would like to see an equal devotion to finding something to be used against the Clinton and Obama teams as well.  If we are truly seeking TRUTH, then let’s seek it in those two as well as every member of Congress, the IRS, the VA, and every level of bureaucracy in Washington.  Let’s go after the Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, George Soros.  No, that will not happen because this is not a comedy skit but a determined effort by the Left, the Clintons, James Comey, Robert Muller, Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Establishment Republicans and every NEVER TRUMPER in America to REMOVE TRUMP FROM OFFICE.  That is their singular focus and they are willing to ignore everything not connected to Trump no matter how loosely those connections might be or how far in the past those individuals engaged in questionable or illegal activities.

As I listen and watch what is happening in America in Hollywood, the MSM, on College Campuses across the land and in Washington I have concluded that, according to them, if you are a Constitutionalist and/or a Conservative, and do not align yourself with the liberal leftist mantra it is deemed that YOU ARE EVIL.  If I knew nothing about what was or has transpired in America over the past decade or so and suddenly listened to the rhetoric and spin of the MSM and the Democrats I would conclude that EVERYONE who professes to be a Constitutional Conservative especially if they are white are demons from hell.  What else could I think because the MSM reports nothing negative or reveals criminality or ethical concerns for the Democrats but if someone on the Right sneezes at an inopportune time it gets WALL to WALL and WIRE to WIRE coverage?  It becomes the worst scandal in modern history and that individual is the second coming of Genghis Kahn.  If it were a Comedy Skit I’d might could laugh but it is not and it is destroying our nation.

When I hear the inconsolable whining of the Left and fabricated moral umbrage expressed by those supposedly reporting the news I cringe.  When I hear people on the Left calling for violence against the President and anyone not agreeing with their ideological position, I weep for my nation.  When I see and hear the painting of anything remotely connected to President Trump in the Russian investigation or anything he does as the ultimate evil and the total disregard for the corruption on the left I am bewildered.  When I hear the justification and excuses for not targeting Hillary and the many scandals and crimes committed either directly or indirectly by her or her team I would love to laugh but I cannot.  When Hillary and her team can hire a law firm to launder campaign finances, skirt election laws, and violate more ethical principles than I can name I am dismayed.  America, have we reached the place in our disintegration as a truly constitutional republic that this is acceptable?  If so, then I’m not sure we can ever dismantle the Deep State or Drain the Swamp sufficiently to revive and restore the Republic.  At the end of the day the Government is WE THE PEOPLE and if sufficient numbers of us are marching to the Leftist drummer to allow this to continue, then the Government has reached the level of corruption and power it cannot be stopped.

I, personally, believe there is hope for this Republic.  I believe there is hope “IF” and that is the operative word, “IF” we take some definitive actions.  I am a believer in God, and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, so my first thought is we must return to our moral moorings and intercede for the nation.  There are breaches in our social fabric that can only be bridged with divine intervention altering the hearts of men.  The second thought is that we MUST become involved to a higher level than we have in the past and MUST fully vet and elect ONLY those individuals who are fully committed to what is morally and ethically right and are strict adherents to the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  That means we evict some or many current members of Congress and replace them with people who will, hopefully, restore sanity to Washington and repair the breach in our nation.  Can that happen?  Yes, it can.  Will that happen?  I cannot answer that because I do not know the level of understanding or commitment of everyone and it will take almost everyone to accomplish this.  Will we ever be unified to the point that political parties, ethnicity, socioeconomic standing, or educational levels are no longer driving or dividing factors?  I doubt it, but hopefully, we can transform this National Tragedy into a pathway toward restoration and open the door for America to achieve the objective of our Foundering Fathers.  That we could be, in reality, a nation where, “All men are understood to have been created equal and have the inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

If you pray, I ask that you pray for America.  If you love freedom and liberty, I ask that you become involved.  If you want truth and justice, I ask that you pressure your elected official to consistently and without bias or partisanship seek to achieve that objective.  I ask you to consider the level of involvement you can and are willing to make to revive and restore the Republic.  Those in 1776 made a commitment realizing that it might cost them everything, even their lives, and for some that became their reality.  We are at a similar crossroad in America today, where involvement might cost you everything.  I am not calling for armed revolution and pray that it never comes to that.  I am calling for prayerful engagement and opened minded discussion on the ills of our nation and our society.  The America I was born in and the America and the one our Framers and Founders established is not the America of today.  I do not want to go backward but I do want us to reclaim and regain our moral moorings and our constitutional governance that kept America free for more than two centuries.  We are not devoid of national sins but we have a Republic we can and should be proud of and one that is worth the effort to preserve.  If we lose America we will have lost the world.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 6 - Truth

There has been no concrete documented evidence to support the allegations that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton and enhance his chances of winning the 2016 Presidential Election.  Yet, that has not stopped the Left, the Establishment Republicans, and the Never Trump Crowd and we have been enduring the Special Investigator Robert Muller’s team and tactics for months.  Now, he has begun his indictments of those connected to Trump in any fashion and ignoring Hillary and her cronies whose hands are incredibly dirty with documented evidence.  There was collusion and a conspiracy and I would never say definitively that nobody on the Trump team played dirty, there is NO QUESTION that the Hillary and Obama team did.  Why is that not being investigated and not the headline bulletins in all print publications, on social media, and in the Main Stream Media?  WHY? That is too easy, it is because Trump is the threat to their ideological agenda they fear the most and to expose truth with regard to the Leftist would defeat their purposes.

Of course, you are familiar with the “Trump Dossier” produced by Fusion GPS which has largely been debunked and even the creators have tacitly admitted fabrications.  In that document which John McCain sought to use against Trump the charge of “Golden Showers” among many other fabrications is the prime tool of the Leftist as they insist it is real and shows the mental derangement and collusion of Trump and his team.  Let’s dig a little deeper into Fusion GPS and now they are trying to block investigators from obtaining their bank records?  WHY?  If you are legitimate and have nothing to hide, why hide?  Their representatives have repeatedly taken the Fifth on Capitol Hill.  Their bank records have been subpoenaed but Fusion GPS is seeking court help to prevent that from happening.  On one hand, I understand not wanting to turn over bank records to Congress and on the other, I must ask, “Who are they trying to protect other than themselves?”  Hey, when you release dirt on the Clintons there is a good chance you will meet with an untimely death often via suicide (so reported) or strange natural causes.  It is dangerous to cross the Clintons.  Hey, Chuckie and Miss Nancy and the rest of the Democrats where are your cries for TRANSPARENCY?  Wait, I keep forgetting you want transparency when it does not involve your side.  My bad what was I thinking?

There are many other items regarding Hillary, Podesta, Obama, and the Left but how about the collusion and conspiracy in attempting to STEAL the Election via the Illegal Voters.  I recently saw a report by the Government Accountability Institute that gives credibility to Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity and reveals how daunting their task is.  The GAI has revealed that thousands of the votes cast in 2016 were illegal duplicates from people who were registered in multiple states.  This Institute managed to obtain voter registration data from only 21 states.  They could not get more because some of those states make it virtually impossible or financially unfeasible to pursue that information.  If you extrapolate the data they were able to obtain to all 50 states it would represent at least 45,000 duplicate votes.  That may not sound like a lot but consider those races or states where the vote totals were a few thousand votes.  A case in point would be New Hampshire where Hillary won by less than 3,000 votes and you see how individual states often hinge on a handful of votes.  My question is, “How many voted in California as duplicates or simply by non-citizens going to the polls?”  It has been suggested that there were several million and I would not be surprised.  This is another reason to maintain the Electoral College now in the crosshairs of the Democrats because voter fraud is much easier if you do not have to deal with 50 separate states only vote totals.

We have Obama administration holdovers in the Trump administration hiding Hillary emails and have been doing so for years.  We know that Robert Muller as the FBI Director and then James Comey in that role hid or swept under the rug information about “Russian bribery” in the Obama/Clinton Uranium Deal with Russia.  It would have been a major feather in the cap of our law enforcement and intelligence communities to have brought down a major Russian nuclear corruption scheme.  It was a scheme that lined the coffers of Obama and the Clintons, placed our national security at risk, and allowed Russian access to sensitive facilities and materials within our borders.  HOW IS THAT DEEMED OKAY?  They had the goods and could have exposed this but MUM WAS THE WORD.  Why?  Again, that is too easy.  It was because our federal law enforcement and the intelligence agencies involved (at least at the top) were nothing more than front men for the Leftist Agenda.  Those same people are now investigation Donald Trump with a dogged abandon but were complicit in the corruption, collusion, and conspiracies of the Clintons and Obama.  This is simply, in my mind, further validation of the anti-American position of Barack Obama and I believe Clinton and the Left.

Another thing that troubles me and some will think this unrelated is the SILENCE of the Church on what is happening.  Silence regarding the Left but much of the Church Leadership is vocal on their distrust and dissatisfaction with the 2016 Presidential Election.  I have long contended with the Church is Silent evil prevails or most assuredly gains a foothold and finds inroads into our society to destroy and damage.  No, I am not asking or calling for every pastor to become a political spokesperson but I am asking that pastors, as watchmen on the walls, sound the alarm when they see danger and expose sin as sin where sin exists.

There is Collusion, Corruption, and Conspiracy but it is in the largely if not completely in the camp of the Left and yet, those on the Left and many on the Right have no interest in pursuing it and uncovering the real truth.  No, they want the person removed from office that is an outsider and not part of the network of political cronies.  If anyone threatens the Deep State, the Swamp, the Ole Boy System and the Status Quo they are deemed Public Enemy Number One.  How dare the voters elect anyone not part of the Establishment.  After all, we are far too stupid, in their view, to know what is best for the country and our insistence on the Constitution being followed is anathema to them.  Yes, we, the Deplorables are the blame and they must rescue us from our error.  Maybe it is time we rescued the Republic from their error and replace them as soon as possible.

Join me in the fight for Liberty and the Republic.  God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!



BLOG POST 5 - Stupid

I could go dozens of directions from that statement but one of the areas they continue to demonstrate their belief that we are the unwashed ignorant masses is with regard to TAXES.  They fan the flames of public ignorance in hopes of it morphing into full-blown hatred so they can exploit those emotions and advance their cause.  The one thing we must all remember is, their cause is ALMOST NEVER our cause or the best good for the Republic.  Their cause is to solidify their power, advance globalism, and enrich themselves financially and politically.  Neither are good for WE THE PEOPLE who voted for them expecting them to be our advocates in Washington.  The demagoguery in Washington regarding taxation is a particular case in point and illustrates my title statement.

The rhetoric and spin of today and virtually all bygone eras by liberal politicians and some so-called Republicans is that any TAX CUT is a “tax cut for the rich” as they argue the rich do not pay their “fair share.”  It does not take rocket science or exhaustive investigation to learn their diatribe is rooted in ideology rather than fact.  I’ve debated this many times before and every time I hear, “The rich are not paying their fair share” I laugh because it is better than getting angry or crying.

The latest information provided by the Internal Revenue Service regarding the payment of Income Taxes is interesting and not something politicians want you to know or even think about.  WHY?  Because if you truly examine the facts you will see their rhetoric for what it is, political gamesmanship.  The Top 1% of income earners, which is listed as those having an adjusted gross income of $480,930 per annum, pay 39% of ALL Federal Income Taxes.  That equates to 892,000 Americans footing the bill for 39% of all federal taxes.  If we look at the Top 10% or those who have an adjusted gross income of $138,031 per annum, pay 70.6% of ALL Federal Income Taxes. That means that 10% of the population pays over 70% of ALL the federal income taxes paid.  How is that for FAIR SHARING?  The same statistical data reveals that the bottom 50% of income earners, those who have an adjusted gross income of $39,275 or less pay 2.83% of ALL Federal Income Taxes.  We know that 37 MILLION tax filers pay ZERO in TAXES and the estimate is that 45.5% of households WILL PAY NOTHING in federal income taxes this year.

With that information, how can anyone reasonably argue that the rich and I would argue that $140,000 is a far cry from rich do not pay their fair share and those paying nothing are paying their fair share.  This is one of the major reasons I continually argue for a FLAT or FAIR Tax and believe that everyone should have skin in the game even if it is minimal.  The sad reality is that many who PAY NOTHING have ZERO concern about Big Spending and Big Government because it costs them nothing.  I wonder how many in that category view Tax Cuts as threats to their freebies rather than a genuine concern about fair share.

I laugh and cry when politicians talk about the COST of Tax Cuts and how they are going to PAY for Tax Cuts.  If we had a Zero-Based Budget rather than a Base Line Budget that would not be an issue.  However, our Base Line Budgeting system has a built-in increase in the federal budget every year and many of the increase is around 10%.  Therefore, when politicians say they are seeking a 5% budget cut they are saying they are only going to increase the budget by the remaining 5% rather than the full 10%.  That is not a cut it is an increase, as any Economics 101 student would tell you.  What they don’t tell you is that when Taxes are cut for those investing and creating jobs, more money flows to the lower end of the spectrum as well as the upper and middle sections creating more revenue and thereby more taxes.  Rather than costing to cut taxes it is beneficial for the federal coffers as well as American citizens who are working.  Of course, if you are entrenched in entitlements and are on the government dole rather than seeking gainful employment you are opposed to Tax Cuts because they threaten your bird nest on the ground.

Our nation’s corporate tax is a whopping 39.1% which is the 4th highest in the world.  The House has proposed it be reduced to 20% although some members of Congress argue for a 15% Corporate Tax Rate.  Corporations DO NOT pay taxes.  The “tax incident” as it is referred by economist levied on a corporation is passed on to consumers.  One of four responses or a combination of several takes place when corporations are taxed.  They raise the price of their goods or services, lower dividends, cut salaries or lay off workers.  Who bears the burden of the Corporate Tax?  You guessed it, WE DO.  Corporations are merely tax collecting entities for the federal government if you look at it realistically.

Don’t you love it when politicians insist they are not going to tax individuals but corporations?  If you understand that when they tax the corporation we are the ones who ultimately pay the freight, you know their argument is simply political chicanery, not the truth.  The tax code in America is more like an encyclopedia having more rules, regulations, and loopholes than any individual could ever know.  Americans spend upwards of $380 MILLION annually in tax-related accounting costs and in 2011, American spent more than 6 BILLION hours trying to comply with the Tax Codes.  That is ridiculous.

The Internal Revenue Services is a bureaucracy that needs to be dismantled from its present form and strip politicians of this political weapon.  This department is the vehicle for politicians to confiscate our earnings and redistribute them according to their political objective and agenda.  That is a situation we should not be willing to tolerate any longer.  HOW DO WE FIX THIS?  We cannot REFORM the Tax Code or REFORM the Establishment, Corrupt, Deep State Politicians we must REMOVE THEM from office and REPLACE THEM with those who understand they are Citizen Representatives and amenable to We the People and subject to the Constitution.  Anything less will only kick the can down the road and I’m done with can kicking.  I will work to see a CLEAN SWEEP of Establishment Politicians in both parties in 2018 and 2020.  That, in my view, is our only hope of salvaging the Republic and restoring her to the Constitutional Status our Framers and Founders envisioned and established.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!