As I prepared to write, my mind was filled with many things, and the deep lostness of Woke America was foremost on my mind.  The question, “What Will It Take?” echoed in my mind.  “When?” was another question that tugged at my heart.  Then, I felt that I was sensing a shift in the winds in America.  But what does that mean?  What will that mean? 

For the past few months, I have been deeply troubled, and during the night, I awakened thinking about the myriad of issues facing my beloved nation.  As I mused on those things, I was drawn to the reality of what I had been proclaiming for a long time.  We Need God!  Before you reject everything, I ask that you hear me out.  Allow me to attempt to articulate what I mean.

Many of our Founding Fathers echoed the sentiment that the American experiment would fail without divine providence and favor.  Our first president and the man called the Father of our Country declared in his farewell speech on September 19, 1796, “The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of right and order which Heaven itself has ordained.”  He continued, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would the man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.”

President Washington, if you could see us now, you would decry the radicalization of the media, federal law enforcement, and federal agencies used to suppress our freedoms and infringe upon our religious liberties.  You would be stunned at the many antibiblical policies and practices being engaged in today.  In our formative years, the politicians encouraged and embraced the voice of the clergy in formulating our laws.  Our constitution and system of laws are connected to the precepts of the Ten Commandments and God’s laws described in the Bible. 

Today, the Left and some on the Right are engaged in stripping everything of God, moral sanity, and religion from the public square.  Maybe it is because they do not believe in God.  Perhaps it is because those rules of conduct impinge upon their ability to pursue the quest for power, graft, corruption, and wealth.  Maybe it is because they are products of the modern educational revisionist history and genuinely believe that the founders wanted religion and God to be banned from government.  I do not know, but I do know that the fruit of their actions is paying negative dividends, and we are suffering needlessly.

The Winds Are Shifting!  I see both the positive and the negative trends in the shifting political paradigm.  No, politicians are not changing for the better, but I sense that there are those in the public, working ordinary people, who are becoming aware of what is happening.  Many see, but because of what they have had ingrained in their psyche cannot abandon the parties that are weakening the framework of our republic.  They see, but habit and philosophical conditioning prevent them from casting their ballots against the destroyers.  They feel the pinch and detest the infringements upon their liberties but keep trying to blame the dastardly occupants of the opposing political party.

Habits are hard to break, and generational habits are even more challenging!  They are like the proponents of Socialism, and Communism, insisting that it fails because it has not been attempted correctly.  Many on the Left and the Right believe that we can fix the problems in America politically.  I think they are wrong! 

America will not be restored at the polls!  Politicians got us into this mess, but politicians will not deliver us from it.  Our drift from basic morality has opened the door to the chaos we face.  I believe that stripping the basic principles and precepts taught in the Bible from our educational system has aided in the decline. Our drift from our faith has been far more damaging than most will admit.

Proverbs 14:34 – “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Proverbs 29:2 – “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.”

I unashamedly use scripture to define my concerns.  I believe that God, moral sanity, restoration of the home and family, and a return to public demand for ethics and accountability in all elected officials are keys to our recovery and restoration.  It bothers me that we have been governed by immoral, unethical, dishonest, and devious politicians for decades.  I am not saying that every person elected to a political office fits that bill, but many do. 

I am disturbed that many in America are not bothered by the graft, corruption, unethical, and immoral behavior of politicians.  I am disturbed that, even in the Church, there has been a growing shift to tolerance, refusing to call evil what it is, evil, and even calling evil good and good evil.  I am troubled when the voices of reason are silent, and the continuation of practices that brought us to the brink of destruction is accepted as the only pathway afforded us.

This will not resonate with everyone, but for those who believe in God and love America, I appeal to you.  We cannot fix America politically; the corruption of politics has grown too pervasive.  We cannot fix America socially with legislation.  We cannot fix America morally via laws, rules, edicts, and mandates.  We cannot fix America economically via the political process.  We have enough laws on the books now; if that were possible, we would be a utopia.  We are not!

How do we fix America?  Let me offer this to Christians and ask, “What Can We Do For Our Country?”  Several simple things must be at the forefront of all we do and think.  We need to live godly lives.  We need to teach and admonish other people to live godly lives.  We need to pray for those in positions of authority and government.

America began with the aid of God and thrived when the principles of God’s eternal rules of right and order were observed.  America became arguably the greatest nation in existence as we encouraged strong families, taught each generation the value of a work ethic, and respected the inalienable rights given to every human.

The Winds are Shifting, and two streams are flowing simultaneously in America today.  There is the stream that places God at the front and seeks to manifest His principles of right and truth. They desire honesty, live ethically, love tirelessly, and pray fervently.  The other stream disregards those, and the mantra is “Me.”  What is in it for me?  Hate is pervasive, and the caldron is boiling that will soon erupt into widespread chaos and bloodshed. 

Politicians and politics got us into this mess and will destroy us.  If we genuinely believe we can win enough elections to rectify the destruction, we are participating in the destruction.  Yes, we need to vote, but we must go beyond the polls and into our prayer closets.  We must reclaim the education of our children and teach truth, not the revised, politically correct version.  The truth may hurt, but if it is truth, it will enable us to learn from our mistakes and build on the positive.  Whitewashing history will not properly equip future generations to avoid the errors of the past.

The Winds are Shifting!  America can be salvaged!  But if it is, it will be on our knees!

God bless you, and God bless America!


No, I am not referring to the Mamas and Papas song from 1965.  Instead, I am speaking of the incredibly draconian, totalitarian actions by the state officials of the governor and elected officials of that other world.  I must apologize to all my wonderful California friends who are anything but followers of the toxic liberal woke agenda that is being imposed there.  There are good people everywhere; sadly, they are often a persecuted minority in some areas.

What I am talking about is the desire of the California governor and followers, as well as the national Woke proponents who are avid Greenies and desirous of achieving totalitarianism whereby they have total control of our lives.  California dreams of banning all combustion engine vehicles, gas stoves, and anything connected to the oil, gas, or coal industries.  They believe their actions are justifiable and required to save us from destruction!  Destroying our lives and ability to live is inconsequential; after all, saving the Smelt fish and addressing Global Warming while facilitating abortion and devious lifestyles must take precedence.

As many probably know, some months ago, the beautiful city of San Diego charted the course to tax people out of their automobiles and into public transportation.  The plan is to make driving your own vehicle so expensive that you have no option but to use public transit.  San Diego County’s Regional Transportation Agency (SANDAG) added to the pain of the price of gasoline with the plan to add three new half-cent sales tax increases.  Additionally, they are making over 800 miles of San Diego County freeway lanes into toll lanes and adding a milage tax for every mile driven to pay for their $165 billion mass transit plan. 

They have opted not to build the road improvements promised in an earlier plan but will keep the taxes intact until 2048 to pay for the improvements that are not forthcoming.  The Tractors song “Badly Bent” comes to mind, and the lyrics, “I’d like to ask the Congress, I’d like to ask the President where all the money went?”  They openly acknowledged that at the core of their intent is behavior change.  They said, “Charging fees for the transportation infrastructure that people use – for example, charging users for each mile they drive on the highway – can change travel behavior.”  Control, control, and more control is the desire.  We will tell you when, where, and how you can travel.

As usual, the people whom this plan will hurt the most are those on the lower end of the economic strata.  But the Donkeys are for the little people, right?  Then why is it that everything they do, hurts those of us who are not wealthy and frequently benefits those who are?  Could it be that their hands are also in the cookie jar?

We have had at least three decades of public education indoctrination with curricula and teaching methods designed to brainwash our most precious resource, young minds.  That is bearing the fruit they desired and deeply disturbing this Freedom Loving American Veteran.  I am a father and a grandfather, and what I see makes me weep and realize that the warnings of biblical writers are a modern reality.  We are living in dangerous and troubling times.  If this is not the biblical ‘Last Days,’ I am sure I do not want to be here when that time comes. 

California Dreaming is a phrase that I use to speak of the Utopianism of many on the Left and those who no longer believe in the ideal of America.  A recent poll indicated that only 27% of the younger generation are proud to be American.  I am convinced that is the result of the indoctrination they receive in educational circles, through the media, Hollywood, and the wise sages in athletics (sic). 

Those young minds have been filled with the rhetoric that capitalism is inherently evil and socialism or communism is pro-people, making everything equal and fair.  They have not been eyewitnesses of the devastation of those socio-political and socio-economic attempts.  They have not witnessed the devastating totalitarianism in those countries where socialism or communism is the government.  They have only heard the talking points of the Left, and as good soldiers of wokeism, they embrace it as the gospel.  After all, their fearless leaders would never lie to them, would they? 

A poll taken as recently as 2004 indicated that 91% of Americans were extremely or very proud to be American, and the United States ranked first in the world in national pride.  What caused this dramatic shift in national pride over the past two decades?  A recent poll indicated that the percentage had dropped to 68%, but in the two youngest generations, 38% of the Millennials and 16% of Gen Z are proud to be American.  The youngest generations are bearing the fruit of the design to destroy America from within.  A valid question would be, “Have we lost America?”

Who is to blame for this shift in ideological belief?  Who isn’t?  As a minister of the gospel, I blame those of us in the clergy for our failure to decry the wrongs being advanced and fight for what is biblical, moral, and the ideals of republicanism (not the political party).  I blame the educational system and those who seized control and mandated the toxic agenda and curricula.  I blame parents for not following the biblical precept of teaching our children at every opportunity and standing on biblical and moral principles rather than ceding the education of those children to politically correct modern indoctrination. 

Do I blame anyone else?  Of course, I also blame personal greed and the attitude of ‘what is in it for me?’ and ‘if it doesn’t impact me significantly, I’ll just let the politicians handle the politics.’  Our prosperity and freedom helped generate a spirit of indifference and self-centeredness that caused us to ignore the warning signs.  I blame the politicians for allowing the thirst for power and control and their newfound pathway to personal wealth.  I blame the globalist inspired by Hell, who learned they could shame and bribe governments and elected officials to achieve their ends.  Who is to blame?  All of us!

Hybrid Socialism/Marxism prevalent in America today claim’s that the United States has always been unfair, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, rapacious, and imperialistic.  In their minds and message, America was, is, and unless fundamentally transformed, evil.  The reality that Marxism and Socialism have failed miserably every time they were implemented is absent from their reality.  Those advancing the theory believe the previous attempts failed because those promoting the theories were not as intelligent as they are and drifted from those systems’ pure principles (sic). 

One day, the younger generations will be in charge, which is frightening for posterity.  Can you imagine what it would be like when those younger Americans blindly support efforts to fundamentally transform us and take total control?  Can any of those desiring to transform America explain how the plans of free everything will be paid for? 

How will the Utopian government facilitate the agricultural endeavors to feed the exploding population due to the absence of a border?  What will happen when the promised guaranteed job and income fail to become a reality?  What will happen when the dollar is stripped from its perch as the world’s reserve currency and becomes worthless paper backed by nothing?  How will that America defend itself against the inflexible diabolical powers that have attained global hegemony?  We will be a memory, not a republic, enslaved rather than free!  

America, if we do not wake up, we will witness the fundamental transformation of the Republic.  I hope to offer possible solutions in future articles.  But for now, my plea is, if you are a believer in God, please begin to intercede for America and, thereby, the world. 

God bless you, and God bless America!


When we consider things like the American Revolution, we tend to think only of the actual fighting of the war using troops against troops.  However, as in all conflicts, it began long before the shooting started.  It began in the minds and hearts of the people as they developed an intense desire for freedom.  I believe there is a revolution brewing, and it will either erupt into fighting in the streets or suppression of the people into subservience to the government elitists.  We will either rise up and find a pathway to freedom, or we will find ourselves in virtual chains to the ideologues of transformation of the republic.

The American Revolution began as early as 1760, with growing concerns and anger in the hearts and minds of the colonists regarding their treatment and suppression by the Crown.  There is a trigger point for every person when they say, ‘Enough!’ and resists.  We do not seem to have reached that point on a scale that will produce a revolution, reformation, and transform the morphed government back to a Constitutional one.  When will that happen?  Will that happen?  Will we see a civil war or an attempt to throw off the chains imposed by the federal government?  Only time will tell, and only God knows!

Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams in 1815 and insisted that the actual war was only the consequence of the Revolution, not the true Revolution.  He believed that the real Revolution began in the minds of the American people!  He argued that when their anger and dissatisfaction reached the point of no return, they fought.  They knew that any hope of a sustainable republic had to be formulated in the people’s minds.  Many of our Founding Fathers envisioned a Republic where people were continually informed and gave careful oversight to the government.  We, the People, were the owners of the government.

As a Christian, an American patriot, a Vietnam Veteran, a father, a grandfather, and a lover of freedom, I detest the idea of a global government.  The globalists have, for decades, if not for more than a century, slowly been implementing their agenda and laying the groundwork for a One-World-Government.  The signs are so prevalent that even a blind person could see them.  Sadly, too many do not want to see the handwriting on the wall and live in a Utopian Wonderland, believing things will magically improve.  They will not!  Those seeking power never willingly relinquish the gains they have made.

The paranoia that arose out of the COVID pandemic is revelatory of the designs and desires of the globalists.  Those in control seem to hyperventilate over the variants of the disease because they see it as a pathway to total control and monitoring of our lives.  I am not downplaying the seriousness of COVID; I have had friends die as a result of the disease or as a factor in their demise.  I know some who have never fully recovered from the effects of the disease.  I do not diminish it, but I also cannot overlook the usage of this crisis to seize power and the positioning of global monitoring of every human on the planet. 

We have moved from individual nations issuing edicts and mandates to a global consortium under the auspices of the United Nations, the WHO, and others to make their mandates legally binding internationally.  They have reverted from the requirement to maintain respect for human dignity, human rights, and our fundamental freedoms to focus on what they deem equity, inclusivity, and coherence.  That is a Marxist principle, not Republicanism or Democracy. 

The Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting religious freedom and enlightening the public, did some amazing research. Their cohesive compilation of information should cause people to take note and be alarmed.  The           WHO, the UN, and the globalists are empowering themselves to monitor and control us and create the ability to redistribute the wealth as they choose.  They are empowering themselves to mandate treatment, demand vaccine passports, contact tracing, and issue quarantines.   Control is the name of the game.  The Book of Revelation in the Bible speaks of this kind of activity.

Tyranny virtually always wears the cloak of benevolence and ultimately demands total control, supposedly in exchange for saving our lives.  The devaluing of human life can be seen in the desire for abortion on demand.  The presentation of the idea that restricting abortions is somehow taking away the reproductive rights of women is ludicrous.  The woman is exorcising her reproductive rights in choosing to have sex outside of marriage or without protection.  If she gets pregnant, another human life is inserted into the mix.  The desire of the woman not to have a baby does not supersede the right of the baby to live.  Adoption is always an option! 

Human life, once devalued, creates a mindset that invites euthanasia.  Where does it end?  When population control becomes the goal, human life has lost its value, and those deciding which life has worth and which does not become virtual gods.  That should cause each of us to have a twinge of anger at what is transpiring and a desire to see things restored to moral rightness, constitutionality, and our founding purpose.

We are living in a world that is deeply mired in moral relativism.  Our children are continuously taught that there are no absolute standards of right and wrong.  There are no absolute truths.  Relativism teaches that morality is subjective and a matter of convention, like the laws of society.  The advocates of that philosophy demand that just like laws differ from nation to nation and locale to locale or even in differing periods, morality also differs and changes. 

This philosophy allows the individual to have a warm-fuzzy sense of being open-minded, tolerant, and inclusive.  The idea that we control what is right and wrong gives us a false sense of power.  We believe we are the master of our fate and the captain of our ship of life.  It eliminates God and makes us the god of our world and life. 

Peter Kreet, in his “A Refutation of Moral Relativism,” uses the analogy that our instincts are like the keys on a piano, and morality is like sheet music.  The sheet music tells us what keys to play.  Likewise, moral principles tell us which instincts to engage in and which to ignore, meaning that morality must be more than mere instinct.  We are creations of God, and God is the guide of moral rightness. 

What does this have to do with the condition of the mind that produces revolution, reformation, and transformation?  Everything!  If we allow God to be our guide for morality and truth, then the usurpations and abridgments by the government or the purveyors of moral relativism will trouble us.  We will realize that if we allow this to become the norm, we will lose our freedoms and produce a society where human life is meaningless.  We will become slaves to the tyrannical.

We will resist when we reach the place where we can tolerate no more of the infringement upon our inalienable rights and the overt attempt to brainwash our children.  If we unify and return to moral sanity, God, and the principles of the American Republic, we will see the propitious smiles of heaven shining upon us and restoration.  The ball is in our court.  What will we do?

God bless you, and God bless America!


I can hear the clamor, ‘conspiracy theories again.’  But when facts back up a theory or a charge, it is not a theory but a reality.  It almost seems like someone seized control of the federal government without our seeing it.  Well, they did!  Some of us saw it and have been sounding the alarm, often called everything but a sane human being.

There are so many areas to address. They highlight the coup or coups that have been transpiring as the nefarious globalists, deep state adherents, and swamp denizens seek to ‘fundamentally transform’ our republic into something other than the Free, Constitutionally Guaranteed Republic our Founders created.

The Border is revelatory of a coup by the Left using the Biden administration as their shill to destroy America.  They have effectively erased the Southern Border and opened the floodgates to a planned invasion that will prove catastrophic for our republic and freedoms. 

Reports show that over 5 million have crossed our border with impunity and are largely ignored by the feds.  I do not recall a bill coming out of Congress that repealed our immigration laws, do you?  I keep looking for an Executive Order signed by Joe Biden that made illegal entry legal, but maybe I missed it.

How about the Student Loan Forgiveness that the courts declared illegal but that does not bother the Biden team?  In my decades on planet Earth, I have always found that money borrowed had to be paid back, usually with interest.  Of course, that is unless you default on the loan or declare bankruptcy.  Those have or have had repercussions and damage the borrower’s credit rating. 

Money does not grow on trees!  But under this administration, it magically appears from the printing press of the Federal Reserve, and the flow of fiat money continues.  Ultimately that house of cards will collapse, and countries will be forced to abandon worthless unbacked paper for something like gold to do their business.  Individuals will be the ones who pay the direst penalty for the government’s Ponzi scheme.  Hey, $30 Trillion is no big deal.  WRONG!

The revelations by Elon Musk regarding Twitter’s use by the diabolical agent of Leftism scream that a coup has been underway for some time.  The release of Twitter files reveals that the Deep State and the Swamp are alive, well, and very real.  The collusion between Big Tech and Big Government is so apparent that even a blind person could see it. 

We know, beyond a doubt, that the FBI utilized Twitter and Facebook to wage an attempted coup against Donald Trump and other Americans.  The members of the Deep State and Swamp screamed that there was no such thing as the Deep State and that no irregularities or illegalities had transpired.  It was all Trump and others on the Right crying foul when no foul had occurred.  We suspected that was fallacious, but now we know the facts, and Facts are stubborn things.  They reveal truth!

The FBI, eager to utilize the Social Media outlet Twitter, granted Top-Secret clearances to Twitter employees.  That is more than a little troubling, or should be. It demands a much more in-depth explanation than we have received thus far.  They not only went after Trump at every turn and scores of other conservatives but also sought to protect Hillary, Biden, and Obama, most assuredly, to discredit the revelations about Hunter Biden’s damning laptop.

The Elon Musk Twitter drop clearly shows that the DNC had Twitter go after actor James Woods.  Woods is an outspoken conservative, making the Left terribly uncomfortable and placing a find-and-destroy target on his back.  In Hollywood and Leftist Political Circles, he is persona non grata.  What needs to be discerned is if the federal government was involved and, if so, the question of constitutionality and criminality.

The Twitter executives were lying through their teeth the entire time.  They believed they were protected because Twitter was an arm of the Deep State, but Elon Musk arrived and exposed them.  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to assure Congress and the public that shadow bans and targeting of individuals were non-existent.  Salacious lies!  They were actively blacklisting conservatives and keeping ‘disfavored’ tweets from seeing the light of day.  They were hiding accounts and topics without the users’ knowledge. 

They argued that the Twitter algorithm did not make judgments based on political views!  Most of us laughed when that assertion was made; we knew it was fallacious!  Mr. Dorsey boldly declared, “We certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints.”  Hey, Mr. Dorsey, if you believe what you are saying, I have some prime oceanfront property in the middle of Arizona that I want to sell to you.  It has flying pigs and unicorns on it too!

Beyond Twitter, we have been informed that House Republicans have uncovered Text and Email evidence that Nancy Pelosi and her staff secretly decreased security at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and, at the same time, were organizing a film crew.  Does that smell like something is rotten in Denmark?  Something fishy there!  We have evidence that President Trump requested additional National Guard protection for the U.S. Capitol that day, but Nancy Pelosi turned him down.  Why?

Do you remember Nancy saying to her staged camera crew, “I hope [Trump] comes, I’m going to punch him out, and I’m going to jail, and I’m going to be happy’?”   Well, Nancy, you probably need to go to jail, but what you and your cohorts did on that day, after and previous to that day, scream coup, but not from Trump.

A fact check debunked the claim media claim that Trump ordered audits of James Comey and Andrew McCabe by the IRS.  An IRS watchdog revealed that little tidbit. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration determined that the IRS randomly selected Comey and McCabe for audits of their tax returns from 2017 and 2019 as a part of a program the IRS uses to refine its technology.  There was no evidence of malfeasance by Trump or any Trump-appointed official.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General exonerated border patrol agents accused of whipping Haitian migrants as they crossed into the United States from Mexico.  Also, the Justice Department’s Inspector General debunked the infamous Steele dossier, which the media cited as evidence that Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election.  Those are just a few pieces of evidence to reveal that the Left is engaged in a coup against our Constitutional Republic. 

The continual misinformation campaign by this administration and the Left is beyond disheartening; it is dangerous.  If we do not demand that politicians follow the rule of law and the constitution, we will continue to watch our Republic become something other than constitutional.   We must make them accountable – ALL OF THEM!

God bless you, and God bless America!


I am not intentionally being abrasive; I am using a bit of sarcasm in my statement.  If you believe we can right the ship of state in America via the political avenue, you are misguided.  I believe that door has closed. There is hope for America and the world, temporarily.  It is not through the political.

As many know, I am a Christian, a preacher, and a staunch advocate for Constitutional purism.  I love America!  I love Freedom!  But more than anything, I love God; through that love, I love my fellow humans and want the best for everyone.  I long to see a society where we treat each other respectfully, follow ethical pathways, and return to a more moral condition.  If that is to be a reality, it cannot and will not come through politics. 

Politics is a dirty business, largely self-serving. It is food for the narcissistic to seek prominence and power.  Politics has no qualms about sacrificing lives for political position and power.  Politics is designed to divide and conquer using whatever means available in the quest for control.  Politics is not the friend of the common man.

Political Parties like Church Denominations are manmade entities that do more to separate and isolate than to unite.  Political rhetoric is akin to false advertising claims made by manufacturers of their goods.  It offers an unattainable fantasy and drives wedges through fear into the hearts of the gullible. 

Political Parties, being manmade institutions, seldom live up to their billing nor fulfill their promise.  They are flawed because the people controlling them are flawed and often driven by their thirst for power.  Man, at his best, is corrupt.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The more power available, the more likely there will be corruption, collusion, and confusion. 

The only, and I repeat, ONLY hope for America is God!  If that causes you to cease reading, that is your choice.  I defend your right to do so and even to disagree adamantly.  I hope it is not a vehement disagreement because that is part of the problem in today’s world and the political scene.  Vitriolic diatribe and hate-filled language drive people from reason to reaction.  Emotional reaction is usually knee-jerk and does not carefully count costs and weigh the options.  It reacts because it is threatened, offended, or challenged. 

Politicians in the modern era have become supersalesmen peddling their wares with utopian ideas they know will never be enacted and likely never attempted.  Every voter should carefully examine the flowery language that flows from the glib-tongued aspirants for political office.  I hear politicians that I agree with and those I do not make outlandish promises and I cringe.  It often identifies either their lack of understanding of the office they seek and its power or they are selling snake oil to the gullible. 

In the Book of Psalms, David prayed, a prayer that I pray regularly and one that the nation needs to embrace.  Psalm 139:23-24 – “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting!”  You can count on it: He knows, sees, hears, and understands people’s hearts.  He is more than willing to lead us in the right way and transform our hearts so that we can, at least, be kind to one another, if not love one another.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus challenged the church (people) to repent and return to their first love (Him).  The Golden Rule calls for us to treat others as we desire; they treat us.  That is a straightforward declaration, and all could follow, but we adopt a modified version, “Do unto others before they do unto us.”   Rather than forgiving, we often find ourselves in the mentality of vengeance.  I had a man in the church tell me, “I don’t get mad; I get even.”  He was comfortable with that; I am not biblically, morally, socially, or societally. 

We want to see America restored to its place of prominence as the world’s preeminent superpower economically and militarily.  As many previous presidents have stated, strength is the surest way to have peace.  When America has been strong, those who wanted to destroy were hesitant to launch acts of aggression.  Strength without moral mooring leads to tyranny and despotism.  We have seen that in history.  As a nation, America stood for Freedom. 

In the past few years, we have evicted God from the public square and opened the door for ideologies anathema to biblical precepts and moral sanity eroding the foundations of our republic.  Ronald Reagan poetically lauded the beacon of freedom that shined in America, and for much of our history, that beacon has provided hope for the world.  That beacon is, at best, a flickering candle today, and the light in the Lighthouse needs to be reignited. 

The only hope for America is a return to what made us the great nation we have been and can be.  In Jeremiah, the prophet spoke for God in Jeremiah 29:12-14 declaring that if people called upon God, He would listen.  What an amazing concept.  We pray to the Creator of all things, and He listens to us!  He said that if we would seek Him, we would find Him if we seek with a whole heart.  He promised that He would restore them!  We have Hope, but that Hope is in God and God alone!

W. Robert Godfrey, the Anglican minister, said, “God is still doing His work when it seems like the heretics are having all the success.”  God has not abandoned the Throne of Heaven or people who will seek Him with their whole hearts.  He promises Never to leave us nor forsake us.  The man’s cry in Mark 9:24 could be the cry of America today.  We need to cry out with a desperate, piercing cry, “Lord, I believe; help me overcome my unbelief or weak faith.” 

America, if we become so focused on politics that we miss the condition of our hearts, we will err and continue on the path to destruction as a republic.  We cannot continue business as usual; we must take a different path.  If we continue to divide, spew forth vitriolic rhetoric, and attack each other, we will reach the point where the eruption of violence is guaranteed.  That will be the point of no return, for we will have lost our Republic and Freedom.  We can see this nation restored if we deal with the heart and return to our moral mooring. 

God bless you, and God bless America!


Recently I had a conversation with a group of people of diverse political ideologies, and we agreed on little.  We solved none of the world’s problems and yet remained on speaking terms and friends (I use that term loosely).  However, we agreed on a few things, and I believe it could be classified as a significant breakthrough. 

Everyone agreed that the economy is a disaster, but that is not what I am referring to as a breakthrough.  We agreed that the border was creating an untenable condition for the law-abiding, taxpaying public, but I am referring to something else as a breakthrough.  There were a few other things, but one loomed more significant than all the rest.

We all agreed that the federal government, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and many other entities had not been honest with us during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We disagreed on the viability of vaccines, boosters, and treatments. Still, we all agreed that the federal government was duplicitous in reporting on the virus, especially its origin. We did not agree on the source but agreed that the federal government had failed to be forthcoming with the public and had hidden facts that the public deserved to know.  

Included was the concern that there would be additional outbreaks of Wuhan-Style Viruses soon.  We agreed that many of the mandates had the appearance of trial balloons, and bureaucrats and politicians seized upon the opportunity to grab power and control.  Imagine that even some ideological leftists and staunch members of the Donkey Brigade politically agreed.  One even said, “We have been lied to from the start.” 

Have you heard of China’s Frankenvirus experiments?  We know that COVID originated in Wuhan.  We do not fully understand exactly how that transpired and if it was a biological weapon being devised.  I have an opinion; some will insist they have concrete proof, but I do not.  The evidence points to a lab-manufactured virus that was either accidentally or intentionally released.  The preponderous of evidence supports the theory that it was manufactured.

I am confident that China and other world entities have been deeply involved in creating biological viruses. There is no valid reason to do that unless the intent is to use it as a weapon of war.  We also know that China has been conducting research and experiments, one known as “Frankenvirus.”  The genetically modified insects were infected with the virus to study.  Why create a non-existing virus to study?  Why not study actual viruses seeking to find a cure? 

Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as “Batwoman,” was one of the key researchers in China, and it is documented that she supercharged hybrid “Frankenviruses” using HIV in experiments years before COVID.  The manipulation of bugs to make them more infectious to humans was part of that process.  In 2007, she and her colleagues published a paper in the Journal of Virology that showed how viruses could change to attack human cells by splicing them. 

In 2010 her team conducted additional research on how coronaviruses could infect humans by tinkering with the spike protein.  She and her team appear to have been conducting gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in another effort to soup them up and supercharge them just months before the COVID pandemic.  Is that a smoking gun?  It is more like a smoking howitzer.  It would be an invitation to disaster, even if it were not diabolically planned.

Many ethical scientists have called for banning super-bugs that are highly infectious and deadly to humans because of the danger of a lab leak.  If this were part of a diabolical plan to produce a bioweapon, there would be no concern about a leak, for that would give them more proof of their product’s effectiveness.  If there is no concern or value for human life, then this would present no problem for the researchers and those funding or ordering it. 

Lab leaks have been a part of China’s history.  In 1977 the H1N1 flu was believed to have been leaked from the Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin lab.  In 2004 in Beijing, two SARS lab leaks led to researchers’ hospitalization.  In 2020 in Lanzhou, the Brucellosis leak from a vaccine facility infected at least 6,000 people.  None of this is new, so when playing with deadly viruses in a lab, leaks are not uncommon or unexpected. 

A peer review scientific paper in 2010 suggested that the H1N1 virus reappeared after a twenty-year absence.  These things tend to go dormant, mutate, and reappear, often far more deadly than before.  Those desiring to see the world population reduced by one-fourth to one-third should be ecstatic about the prospects. The only concern is that the bug might bite them too.   That is not part of their plan.

The paper said:  “Genetic analysis indicated that this strain was missing decades of nucleotide sequence evolution, suggesting an accidental release of a frozen laboratory strain into the general population.”  The lab from where the leak could come has been identified.  You guessed it, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Why?  Because they have the most extensive collection of horseshoe-bat viruses, the possessors of and closest relatives of COVID. 

In my research, I came across a disturbing tidbit of information on a virus that is reported as potentially 75 times more deadly than the coronavirus and would possibly, if not likely, be the new pandemic the world faces.  It is called the Nipah Virus (Brain Swelling and Deadly).  It was first discovered in 1999 in Malaysia, and the death rate is reported as being between 40 and 75 percent.  That is beyond disturbing! 

There is even a pathogen labeled as ‘Disease X.’  It is said to have a long incubation period and would be worse than the Black Death of previous centuries.  Man’s toying with deadly diseases is opening pandora’s box. Rather than finding a cure, the nefarious who desire to control the world and eliminate entire populations see this as a perfect weapon.

Antibiotic resistance already causes more than 700,000 deaths yearly, with more than 200,000 infants in that number.  However, there are no known drugs for the Nipah virus or Disease X.  It is estimated that there are 1.67 million unknown viruses, and over 800 thousand could affect humans and animals.

In the 1300s, there was the Black Death; up to 200 million died.  In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed twice as many people as WWI, with estimates of up to 100 million.  The Plague of Justinian, believed to be the same bacteria as the Black Death, took over 100 million in 541 and 542 AD.  HIV/AIDs has taken more than 35 million lives since 1981.  The Third Plague (Bubonic) struck China in 1855 and spread, killing over 15 million.  Add to that mix Ebola, SARS, MERS, Rift Valley Fever, and now COVID, and you see our history of deadly viruses. 

What that says to me is not only the diabolical nature of some humans but our need to become totally dependent upon God and return to Him.  I believe that much more dire diseases, pandemics, and disasters are coming. Some of them will transpire naturally without man’s interference in genetics.  Others will be the result of a diabolical plan to control mankind.  In America, we have exorcised God from the public and many of our lives, and when we did, we hung out the open for business and welcome sign to the evil of the satanic.  Dismiss that if you choose, but I believe GOD is our only real hope. 

If we will return to God and make 2 Chronicles 7:14 a cornerstone of our daily lives, I believe we can see divine intervention.  If we do not, we will see plagues, famines, and disasters of epic proportions transpire shortly. I have written a much too-long article, but I am concerned about what is happening and the abject idiocy of our world, especially in politics.  The question of What, When, Where, and Why may not be answerable, but I believe manipulated disaster is coming! 

God bless you, and God bless America!


I am serious!  The voting public in America seems to be asleep or ignoring the reality of eroding our liberties, society’s devolution, and the collapse of our economy.  How else can we explain the reelections of the nefarious deviants actively working to undermine all that the Free Constitutional Republic was designed to be and was for at least two centuries? 

Is personal animus toward a particular candidate so powerful that the hate for a person makes abetting the destroyers the better action to take?  Have we reached the point that identity politics and personal preference are more important than the Republic?  I continue to be amazed at the many who vote against a person or supporters of that candidate, knowing that allowing the other side to win will further erode our Republic.  Yet, that seems to be where we are.

If it is not personal animus and hate for the candidate, it must be rooted in greed or the mentality of ‘what’s in it for me?’  The increasing welfare and entitlement rolls are not moving our society toward economic recovery but economic destruction.  Our Founding Fathers understood this danger and spoke about it.  We have largely ignored their warnings on many issues and expressly so on this issue.

In Federalist #41, James Madison spoke about the favorite of the followers of toxic liberalism, the ‘general welfare clause.’  This provision, they argue, allows them a blank check to care for all the needs of those in need or on the dole.  It was never intended to be a blank check and does not allow Congress to deem what is in the ‘general welfare’ with no guidelines and restrictions. 

Madison explained: For what purpose could the enumeration of particular powers be inserted if these and all others were meant to be included in the preceding general power? Nothing is more natural nor common than first to use a general phrase, and then to explain and qualify it by a recital of particulars. But the idea of an enumeration of particulars which neither explain nor qualify the general meaning and can have no other effect than to confound and mislead, is an absurdity, which, as we are reduced to the dilemma of charging either on the authors of the objection or on the authors of the Constitution, we must take the liberty of supposing, had not its origin with the latter.”

The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin is germane and relevant.  He said in a 1766 essay titled “On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor.”  His succulent argument: “If you argue against government welfare programs, people will automatically accuse you of not caring about poor people. Franklin takes this argument on directly, making it clear he’s not opposed to helping the poor. I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means.  I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.”

He was right! If you point out the flaws and dangers of an unlimited welfare system and government dole, you are deemed to be a hater of the poor and needy.  You are considered to be without heart, unfeeling, and uncaring.  You want to kill grandma and want the children to starve.  I argue that it is quite the contrary and have long contended that it is not the responsibility or the role of the federal government to provide for people’s needs materially. 

Taking care of people should first be the responsibility of the family, both nuclear and extended.  Second, it should be the church assisting those in need.  Then, in a small measure, the government can address the needs in the short term, but only in the short term.  Making it possible for people to be professional welfare recipients and making it more profitable and palatable to sit on one’s backside and sip whatever beverage they choose rather than working is destructive.

The most recent Omnibus Bill that Congress floated is monstrous and disastrous.  It dooms our children and future generations to be chained to government debt.  We are the debt holders of the federal government.  We are the ones who will suffer, not those passing those laws and writing those bills.  The taxpaying citizens who work for a living will pay the tax.  We injure ourselves by allowing this to continue.

When they sneak in or openly place things like $575 million for ‘family planning’ in areas where population growth ‘threatens biodiversity,’ that is sinister.  Malthusianism is a disturbing anti-human ideology that should not be in any federal program.  It is diabolical. 

The fact that they sought to include $1.7 Billion for the IRS to equip it to become a political weapon is insane.  Spending taxpayer funds to supposedly save nature by aborting babies is morally evil.  You may disagree, but that is my view!  Some have suggested that the followers of the toxic liberal ideology see human beings, not of their ilk, as nothing more than a virus.

They seek to make life more difficult by making energy costs so high that many have to choose between food, medicine, and heating or cooling their homes or abodes.  The desire to give half a billion for a National Health subdivision to study ‘structural racism’ and prohibiting funds to maintain or expand border security and technology is not in the interest of America or Freedom. 

We know from readily available data that unemployment benefits and Obamacare subsidies outpace median income in several states.  How does that make sense?  In thirteen states, families can receive annualized unemployment benefits worth more than the median household income.  Where is the incentive to work?  Imagine a system where a family of four earning over $500,000 annually can still qualify for Obamacare subsidies.  What is the motive? 

Jobs are begging for workers, yet many refuse to enter the workforce because receiving a dole from the government is more lucrative than working.  We have higher inflation than in decades and a record number of unfilled jobs; why?  What would motivate people to reject gainful employment and opt for a government check?  I cannot answer that satisfactorily, but I can state that you destroy incentive when you make it more appealing and profitable not to work than to work. 

I cannot miss the declaration of the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “If anyone is UNWILLING to work, let him not eat.”  The operative word is UNWILLING or WILL NOT.  I am very interested in helping people who CANNOT provide for themselves but for those who can but WILL NOT; I am not in favor of using one cent of tax money to support their laziness.  Call me whatever you desire. 

I have pastored a church, attended college full-time, and worked a 40-hour-per-week job at the same time to support my family.  I could have qualified for government subsistence, but my sense of personal responsibility drove me to work to provide for my family.  If the government provides for you, it will also control you, which is the ultimate objective.  It is time that we throw off their chains and become free. 

American, when will we wake up and reclaim our republic?  I hope soon, or we will have no republic to reclaim.  

God bless you, and God bless America!


I realize that my title and thoughts may infuriate the PC Police and those who insist on tolerance at the expense of core religious convictions.  But I believe that a recent revelation in a poll taking at liberal arts colleges and universities makes it a relevant one. 

What poll am I referring to?  Thank you for asking.  It was embodied in a report by the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology.  This is supposedly a center-right think tank that researches partisanship in academic and scientific fields.  The poll indicated that 40 percent of students at liberal arts colleges and universities identify as LGBTQ. If that is accurate, then we know the answer to my question.  I pray that it is wrong and that people were responding based on political correctness and attempting to provide a platform of acceptance to that lifestyle.

The report was titled “Divers and Divided: A Political Demography of American Elite Students.”  It stated: “Liberal arts colleges are the least politically diverse.  Many have almost no conservatives and thus very low viewpoint diversity.  But they have high sexual diversity, at least 40 percent LGBTQ.”  That report also declared that 23 percent of all U.S. college students identify as LGBTQ.  Gallup reported that 20.8 percent of Generation Z identify as LGBTQ.

In that report, several colleges had an alarming percentage of students who thusly identified.  Oberlin College’s data revealed that 51 percent identified as LGBTQ.  Wellesley came in at 61 percent, and Smith College was at an astounding 70 percent.  I do not know how many of those were bi-sexual, but this is an alarming report and should reveal why our government is taking the actions it is taking concerning allowing groomers to have access to our children. 

You may not like this, but according to the Bible, God made two genders, male and female.  He made them for marriage and procreation.  Homosexuals cannot reproduce, and no matter how much one may embrace the idea of being whatever one identifies as gender-wise, it is contrary to science and the Bible. 

In today’s world, it seems that more and more people want to mate with those of the same sex, and a shockingly substantial number want to be members of the opposite sex.  Have we, as a society, reached the point where there is a massive rejection of God and the Bible?  God judges Sodom and Gomorrah for their sexual deviancy and depravity, and if this is the condition in America, how can we escape?

In today’s government, there is a clear prioritization of gender transition over religious liberty.  We are witnessing an amoral and immoral condition in America and much of the world, which is alarming.  We have seen the incredible lack of moral sanity in the actions of Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal tissue harvested during abortions.  The profitability of those tissues makes one wonder if that was not at the core of their push for abortions rather than adoptions. 

The assertion that there are ninety-seven to hundreds of genders produces a condition in our world that threatens anyone standing on biblical precepts and tenets.  The PC Police are actively seeking to identify anyone who disagrees with the ideology of Wokies in today’s world.  The expressed desire of some followers of that agenda and ideology is that those of us who adhere to the Bible, conservatism, the constitution, and two genders be reprogrammed or eliminated.  Are we passed the tipping point for survival? 

Redefinitions are important and not inconsequential.  The more recent redefinition of ‘woman’ is profoundly troubling and revealing.  Samuel Johnson’s “Dictionary of the English Language” defines ‘woman’ as “The female of the human race.”  Until recently, “woman“ was defined as “an adult female human being.”  That has changed, and the Woke Society of Political Correctness has redefined the word ‘woman.’

Cambridge now insists that the definition of a woman is “An adult who lives and identifies as a female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”  They define a man in much the same way.  Since Adam and Eve, true science knows that the sexes have immutable physiological differences, down to their genetic matter, but they observe, act, and think differently. 

Orwell offered some valid arguments about where society and government were headed, and we treated his work as pure fiction with no possibility of becoming a reality.  The Bible also warned about the mindset of people devolving into moral depravity, bringing destruction.  Orwell declared in “Politics and the English Language” that the struggle against the abuse of language is often treated as a sentimental archaism, like preferring candles to electric light or hansom cabs to airplanes.

The demand that we use acceptable pronouns seemed harmless initially but has become cancerous. We insist that the rabid activists pushing the Woke agenda have led to dangerous euphemisms like ‘gender-affirming care,’ which is the exact opposite of what it claims.  Now we have ‘gender-affirming therapy’ where girls are told that they can be a boy and a boy that he can be a girl.  We have ‘conversion therapy’ being advanced and demanded by the government.  This pseudoscientific cult is destroying our children and will destroy our society if allowed to continue.

After the sex-marriage bill, Joe Biden insisted: “We need to challenge the hundreds of callous and cynical laws introduced in the states targeting transgender children, terrifying families and criminalizing doctors who give children the care they need.  And we have to protect these children so they know they are loved and know that we will stand up for them so they can seek for themselves.”  That is sheer lunacy and a slap in the face of God, scientific reality, and morality.

Those pushing to encourage children to question their sex and to desire transition to the opposite sex are a threat to our world.  They claim that those of us who resist are creating a moral panic.  If decrying the lunacy of their push is a moral panic, the sign me up that is what needs to transpire.  We need to stand up and protest taking children who hardly know the difference between boys and girls and creating confusion in their minds regarding their identity.  They are to be nurtured in a sound moral foundation, and there is no better source than the Bible.  Parents, not societal activists, are responsible for the nurture and care of their children. 

What is happening with our children is the equivalent of forcing diet pills and stomach stapling on the stomachs of anorexics.  It is worse than that; it denies children the reality of their bodies and how God made them.  The suggestion that these activists and the government love the children more than the parents is diabolical.  I believe this has been birthed out of the pits of hell and is designed to destroy all faith in God and the Bible.  It is a spiritual war and must be addressed in that manner.

America, we can save our children and our country but only by resisting the lunacy and returning to God. This is the only pathway to victory. 

God bless you, and God bless America!


I know that is a strange title, but it is a biblical reference found in Philippians 3:2, where the apostle Paul warned, “Beware of the dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.”  He was not speaking of canines but evil spiritual carnivores that destroyed.  He was warning about what we could call extreme partisanship and divisive sects of ideological views.  Jesus said that we were not to throw the holy to the dogs, and He also referred to the false prophets as ravening wolves.  The analogy is clear that this is a reference to those who divide and destroy.

America is in peril in many ways in this modern era.  Our very system of government, a representative democracy or a republican system, is being threatened.  Some have been working to undermine our free market system of capitalism and enterprise and our representative government for decades.  They seek total dominance and total control of everything.  They are impeded in their pursuit so long as we have a free populace and an untarnished constitution. 

If those nefarious seekers of change gain permanent or semi-permanent control of the government through elected officials, bureaucrats, and the courts, we will face vicious dogs of destruction.  They have had control of the educational process for multiple generations, and the fruit of their labor is being harvested today.  There is a threat to America; depending on your ideological position, your view of what that is will differ with each person.

If I were to ask, “Who is the real threat to our Republic?” what would you answer?  Those on the Left would say Donald Trump and any who support him.  They would say those who hold conservative Christian values and are pro-life.  They would say that those who advocate for strong families with a mother and a father in the home are the greatest threat.  If you boil all that down to the basics, you will realize that anyone who engages in rational thought and deductive reasoning is their threat. 

On the other hand, if you are on the Right, you would turn that around and target the Democrats, the politically correct advocates, the pro-choice movement, the proponents of a gender-neutral society, etc.  So, it depends on where you align yourself ideologically, spiritually, politically, morally, or socially.  What you believe on those fronts determines whom you view as the greatest threat to our system of government in America.

This will not surprise any who knows me, but I contend that the Ultimate Greatest Threat is not politicians, activists, or bureaucrats.  What?  That cannot be right; surely, we must acknowledge that those are threats.  They are!  But I contend that the root of the problem is not the politician, the activist, or the bureaucrat but goes much deeper, ultimately to the powers of darkness seeking to destroy everything God created for good. 

However, that will not resonate with some, so I suggest we move more toward the surface of human existence and say that it is the mindset that those forces have engendered through decades of indoctrination, rhetoric, diatribe, and spin.  Then, we must bring it to the visible in our present world.  So, Who or What is the Greatest Threat to our System of Government? 

I suggest that there are many factors but will focus on just a few genuine threats to our system of government and our representative democracy.  Three immediately come to mind, but there are far more than three. 

Our Court System has become a real threat to our Constitutional System of Government in modern America.  The court system was implemented to rule on the constitutionality and legality of actions brought before it.  There has been a concerted effort to subvert that objectivity and transform the courts into a political arm and weapon against political opponents.  That makes the courts a threat to our system of government. 

The absolute lunacy of what has transpired can be verified by going back a few years to the Warren Court that targeted Republicans.  The GOP complained but complied.  The public voted for a Republican seven out of ten times for President, yet the courts continued to be Left-leaning, if not engaging in activism for the Left.  From 1968 to 2008, I watched the courts advance the progressive agenda, fabricate law out of thin air, and ignore stare decisis precedent and basic codified laws to advance the liberal agenda.  That is a genuine threat to our system of government.  Again, the GOP has complained but complied. 

Now that a more conservative Supreme Court is in place, there is the clamor from the Left to Pack the Court, ensuring that their agenda will be rammed through no matter the constitutional restraints. 

Another threat is the Legislature.  I know I said that the real threat was not politicians, and they are an extension of the root threat, but they are tools being used for flagitious purposes.  When politicians adopt the view that the voters are idiots and consider us the unlearned and uninformed, they become a threat to our system of government and ignore the constitutional edict that they govern only by our consent.   

When the legislature pursues agendas anathema to the Bible and rational reason and virtually wages war on the family, the church, God, and inalienable rights bequeathed to every person by God, they are a danger to our system of government.  We have people like Mark Kelly who openly suggested that those who disagree should be eliminated, and Fetterman, who wants to destroy everything connected to the oil and gas industry, has become a threat.  If you destroy the economy, you place people in a position to become dependent and thereby gain control of their lives. 

Another threat is our elections.  No, I am not suggesting we have none, but we should do everything possible to ensure one vote by one legitimate and qualified voter.  Returning to the Senate Race between Dr. Oz and Fetterman, we realize that about half the mail-in ballots had been cast before Fetterman’s incoherent and disastrous debate performance.  Would that have affected those voters?  I am convinced some of them would have had a cause to be concerned and would have withheld their vote from him. 

When the elections are fraught with fraud and lack oversight to ensure their legitimacy, they threaten our system of government.  In our formation as a nation, there was a compromise between large and small states, which produced the electoral college and the method of electing our presidents.  Everybody accepted the rules, and candidates strategized to campaign the hardest in the areas with the most likely votes and maximized their resources. 

Democrats loved the electoral college because they had formed blue strongholds in California, New York, and Illinois and had considerable support in the Rust Belt Midwest with the unions.  When Trump beat Hillary, the Democrats suddenly hated the Electoral College and wanted it to be by popular vote, stripping the smaller states of their representative voice.  Therefore, the Left has resorted to branding or attempting to label every conservative as a neo-fascist or neo-Nazi and cry, “threat to democracy.”  They instill fear in the hearts of the uninformed and become a genuine threat to our system of government.

What do we do?  There is no simple cookie-cutter answer, or one size fits all approach.  The nearest I can come to is 2 Chronicles 7:14, which urges all followers of Christ to commit themselves to prayer and follow the commands of Scripture, making them the rule of their lives, including how they vote.  Vote according to the precepts of God’s Word, and you will vote rightly.

God bless you, and God bless America!


My title question could be applied to all freedoms.  Is there a limit to our freedoms as defined in the constitution and as granted by God in the inalienability of those rights?  Is there a condition where any right should be restricted or limited?  Attempting to answer that question might be like opening pandora’s box and, if not handled with extreme care, could lead to massive overreaches by the federal government in infringing those rights. 

In today’s America, we have those in positions of authority and power who are overtly and covertly infringing upon our Religious Freedoms.  It is a dangerous situation that could and likely will morph into the infringement upon all our freedoms and rights.  Those who believe that rights come from the government applaud the tyrannical actions of this administration.  Those who believe our rights are inalienable and must be defended are appalled and see the dangers therein.  But my question is valid, “Is there a limit to our Religious and other Freedoms?” 

The present administration’s actions demonstrate that they believe they have the right to force the public to adopt their version of Religious Rights and Freedoms.  Their actions are counter to the biblical definitions and declarations, but since they seem to believe they are gods, they ignore all biblical authority. 

The fact that they have no respect for the Constitution, as written, is exemplified in a continuing push to force their ideologies upon everyone and force the public to adapt their core religious convictions to meet their guidelines.  That is more than a little disturbing; it is diabolical and will destroy Religious Liberty if allowed to continue. 

They do not respect the protections of the Constitution, or the Church Amendment, which protects the conscience of medical doctors or anyone.  I am referring to a court case brought by a religious hospital in 2016 with more than 20,000 healthcare professionals.  This administration is acting as though it had a legal and moral right to punish doctors or groups unwilling to perform ‘gender transition surgery and abortions.’   I recall in the Bible the disciples standing before the authorities of their day and asking, “Whom do we obey, man or God?”  That is still a legitimate question for this era.

The Obama administration launched an assault on Religious Freedoms and Rights in 2016 as they rejected conscience objections, and the Biden team has breathed new life into that objective.  The courts have backed the Constitution, but the Biden team has no regard for the courts, the constitution, or the Bible, so they continue illegally pushing their unconstitutional and anti-biblical agenda of gender transition.  They have unleashed pedophiles on our children, and the indoctrination (brainwashing) is in full bloom.

We have watched the repeated actions that seek to force compliance to the governmental mandated agenda regardless of the moral conscience of doctors and the public.  Religious objections are unimportant to this administration. That reality should cause every American who loves liberty and freedom to be concerned.  Sadly, for many, even in the Christian Community, the Bible is not considered authoritative. The result of that approach will not bode well for a Free America.  Where are we free if we are not Free in our Religious convictions?

Back to my title question and one of the reasons I raised it.  What about non-Christian religions that have as their core tenets hate and violence?  Should they be allowed unrestricted religious freedom?  Our elected officials, many in the media, and some in religious circles insist that Islam is a Religion of Peace and nothing in their tenets promote hate or violence.  They insist that Islam is a tolerant, peaceful religion.  Is that true? 

Let me refer you to a few verses in the Quran – 2:256 – “Let there be no compulsion in religion, for the truth stands out clearly from falsehood.”   Is that what they believe?  If so, that is commendable.  But if we dig a little deeper, we find contradictions to that view in the Quran. 

How about 8:38 – “Tell the disbelievers that if they desist, their past will be forgiven.  But if they persist, then they have an example in those destroyed before them.”  Then, 9;29 – “Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, nor comply with what Allah and his Messenger have forbidden, nor embrace the religion of truth from among those who were given the scripture, until they pay the tax, willingly submitting, fully humbled.”  One more 9:33 – “He is the one who has sent his messenger with true guidance and the religion of truth, making it prevail over all others, even to the dismay of the polytheists.”

In 9:5 – “fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).”  Islamic countries brutalize women and kill infidels, and anyone practicing homosexuality or things they deem a violation of their religion.  As stated by their book and many experts in their religion, the objective is a takeover of the world.  It is expressed that they are allowed to lie and deceive to gain the upper hand. 

On the one hand, in defense of Religious Freedom, I would contend that they must be allowed to preach their faith, but on the other, must not be allowed to carry out the actions demanded by their book.  That makes it a Pandora’s Box issue.  If we allow them to teach and preach their hate and violence, will that not result in some taking the actions called for?  At what point do we restrict any religious freedom in the interest of safety? 

But, moving away from Islam, I address the protection of Religious Freedom as recognized by the constitution and the Bible; we must not allow the government to force doctors, ministers, educators, or the public to cede their conscience.  We must demand that the government allow each person to follow their faith.  I do not advocate allowing anyone to commit acts of violence or incite riots and anarchy. Still, I do advocate allowing people to practice their faith within the context of peacefulness. 

Referring to the biblical definition of sin is not hate speech.  However, if I were to say that the Bible says to kill anyone who disagrees, that would be another issue.  If I were to call for all Christians to begin killing Muslims or those practicing lifestyles that the Bible rejects, that would be another issue.  But, if I say, “God hates sin,” I am not engaging in hate speech, and that right should be protected.  My core convictions are inalienable, and no government has a right to punish me for my beliefs unless I take actions to do others harm.  Then, the action is not against my religion but my behavior. 

Religious Freedom and all our Freedoms must be protected; otherwise, we become a nation subjected to tyrannical despotism where the ruling class defines what we can and cannot believe.  I may or may not agree with what someone believes, but if they believe it without acting in violence, I will defend their right to believe it.  I will weep for them because I believe the Bible and believe that eternity is dependent upon accepting Jesus as our savior. 

We have many difficult questions that the elected officials are mishandling.  America’s status as the Free Constitutional Republic is being threatened by government overreach and infringement.

God bless you, and God bless America!