This is not a new revelation but this Administration is guilty of using what I would call “Smoke & Mirrors Reporting” of the economy, employment, and unemployment.  It is fictional at best and an outright lie at worst!  As I read the jobs report for December 2013 I noticed that the reported unemployment rate fell from 7% to 6.7%.  On the surface that sounds good but when you examine the numbers you scratch your head and ask – HOW?

             74,000 jobs were added in December a significant slowdown of reported jobs increases over the past few months and is the smallest number since January 2011 so how did the unemployment rate drop?  That is easy one to answer – 347,000 dropped out of the labor force completely and are no longer looking for work so they do not count anymore!  Convenient isn’t it?  This is so fictional and so smoke and mirrors that is should have everyone including the lame stream media up in arms over the fictionality but they aren’t.  In fact, few are even mentioning it anymore as this has become so the norm it is now accepted and that is tragic.  A lie is being sold to the public and millions believe it that we are RECOVERING and people are going back to work in droves.  If that is the case then why the need for extending ‘unemployment benefits’ another year?  


            The average workweek also fell from 34.5 hours to 34.4 and the underemployment rate including part-timers who want full-time work and those who no longer are looking, and the unemployed is reported as being 13.1%.  That is a much more realistic number than the fictional 6.7% unemployment.  I would suggest that 13.1% does not scratch the surface of the real number if everyone who is employable and those underemployed were calculated but alas that would be the real world not the world of fictional politics.

            There was even a drop in the construction industry of approximately 16,000 jobs so I must ask even with the winter weather does that sound like a ‘boom’?  We did see that there were 40,000 temporary jobs added but does that suggest that the jobs market is coming back?  Not really, it suggests that employers are utilizing this vehicle as a means to take care of a situation or need and allows them to avoid the costs of benefits for those employees and an easy means of releasing them without additional costs.  It sounds like a stagnant economy and jobs market to me, but then I try to live in the real world not the fictional one that the President and most politicians seem to live in.


            I have to ask, “If the unemployment rate is the best it has been since 2008 why do we need to keep extending unemployment benefits that we cannot afford and do not create jobs?”  I saw that someone stated on Facebook that if Obama had not acted in five years we would be screaming about his inaction.  I thought ‘You are sure right.  We would be shouting Hallelujah!  The economy would be coming back or be back.  The incessant assault on the private sector, our civil and constitutional liberties would not be so prevalent.  We would be moving toward a smaller and more limited government if he had not done what he has done.’  So in that light the person that touted how Socialism is working in Germany and Denmark and other parts of the world can believe that if they choose but reality and history informs us that Socialism and Communism has not, does not, and will not work.  It works on paper not in reality!

             I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the exhausting parade of ‘smoke and mirror’ statistics and reports that keep coming.  Let’s stop playing games with numbers and face the fact that America is in trouble, deeply in debt, and in desperate need of putting the federal government on a fiscal diet and reducing its size.  We need a constitutional revival in this land and it can only come as WE THE PEOPLE exert our influence, make our voices heard, and fire the politicians who ignore us.

             God bless you and God bless America!


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