BLOG POST - Anarchy

The Bible says in Joel 2:28 that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit and the result would be that ‘old men’ would dream dreams and ‘young men’ would see visions. Joel’s prophesy repeated in Acts 2:17 and although you may completely disregard biblical references concerning the times and your theological beliefs regarding dreams and visions cause you to dismiss any such testimony. I do not know what you believe but I know over 16 years ago I experienced what can only be described as a vision concerning America and the coming chaos in our streets. I won’t get into that right now but want to address what I believe is THE COMING ANARCHY.

The etymology of ‘anarchy’ is interesting. ‘An’ signifies ‘without’ and ‘arkhe’ means ‘ruler or kingdom’ so together we have the word that means ‘without rulers’. I believe that we are rapidly heading toward ANARCHY in American cities and soon. The LAWLESSNESS of this administration, the DOJ, NSA, IRS, EPA, and an almost endless litany of governmental agencies viewed by the baser elements of society and some that are not so base as an ‘open invitation’ and a ‘reason’ to disregard the Law, the Constitution, and become LAWS UNTO THEMSELVES.

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Mr. Obama’s ‘pen and phone’ assault on the Constitution and the erasing of our borders is providing a breeding ground for TOTAL ANARCHY. Why would people who come to America ILLEGALLY on the open invitation of this administration in violation to the existing laws care about the law? If the President, the DOJ, Homeland Security, and others do not regard the Law, follow or respect it why should they? If the American Constitution is so disregarded as to allow the free flow of traffic of ILLEGALS without penalty why should it be viewed as anything important? It is not just the ILLEGALS that will cause ANARCHY but their insertion into the mix will help precipitate it and move it along much faster.

When these ILLEGALS become such a drain on our American economy and begin to erode the almost endless dollars for entitlements those now receiving the government dole will become angry like never before. They will view the demonstrated lawlessness of this administration as an open invitation to ‘do whatever you please’ and their sense of ‘entitlement’ will propel them into a false idea that they ‘have a right’ to what you have. They believe it is their right to have your possessions and if you refuse they will feel completely justified in ‘taking it by force’. The President would never admit that is where his policies are taking us but they are.

BLOG POST - Constitution
When the condition exists that cartels, gang members, terrorist, and average citizens openly ignore the Constitution and Laws provides a ready-made CAULDRON containing CHAOS and ANARCHY. I predict it is coming and part of me fully believes that this is the objective of this administration and president. It will plunge our nation into such chaos that he and his ilk will be able to take dictatorial authority, suspend the constitution, and demand total control in the name of restoring order. In this scenario there will be many who agree failing to realize that by allowing this rogue government to destroy our national sovereignty, erase our borders, ignore our constitution, and thumb their noses at our laws is dooming America the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Mr. Franklin’s statement that could be a question will be answered, “A Republic if you can keep it.” Can we keep it? We are the only ones who can answer that and at the present rate of decline and disinterest by the populace my answer would be NO! I pray that I am wrong but I know what I saw in the vision and see chaos and war in the streets of America.

Some will drop me like a hot potato for this post and others will relegate me to the ‘kook’, ‘conspiracy theorist’ corner, a few will just ‘shake their heads’, but a precious few will hear me and it will resonate with them. Those are the hope for America! I continue to call for legal, civil, and peaceful resistance to what is happening to America. We must get the attention of the legislators and the public and be willing to stand firm for the Republic called the United States of America.

I believe there is hope and yet I know that it will take a miracle to turn the tide. It will possibly take divine intervention and certainly a change in the mindset of people on both sides of the political spectrum. Tell me you are not political if you please but you will be when your Liberty and Freedom is totally stripped from you but then it will be too late. Politics and Faith are not oil and water they are LIFE.

May God help us and somehow save America. May He bless you and may He bless America again!

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