Blog Post - Epidemic
Comedian Ron White’s infamous routine ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’ is a statement that I have thought about many times in my life. Why would I spend time on this matter? Simply because it seems that we have an ‘Epidemic of Stupid’ in America and it is spreading faster than anything I have ever witnessed. It is a problem that needs a cure, but is there a cure?

I recall, as a teenager saying something was ‘stupid’ and that you could not do anything to prevent stupidity. My dad challenged me and said, “Boy if you learn you can fix it.” I knew better than to challenge my father but I did not buy that simply because even as a teenager I had come to grips with the fact that some people were very knowledgeable and informed but were still STUPID. I had come to realize that STUPID was not dependent upon education or information it was the result of attitude.

Blog Post - John Wayne

I have watched people do stupid things because of their attitude. I have watched people do things that put them in harm’s way because someone told them they could not do it and believing their own invincibility thought they could prove the nay-sayers wrong. NOPE and as Bill Engvall would say, ‘Here’s Your Sign.’ I have observed people do what Albert Einstein said was the definition of Insanity. They kept doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. Even when they had knowledge that what they were doing had little or no chance of working and had failed miserably numerous times they still tried. If that is not a picture of S T U P I D what is?

When it comes to the voting public, the only hope we have of ‘Fixin’ Stupid’ is information coupled with experience. Unless and until the voting public personally experiences the disastrous policies of the federal government significantly and until we find someone who can speak rationally and articulately as to what is happening, why it is happening, and how it may be reversed they will remain S T U P I D. Although highly educated and having vast knowledge of many things, yet continuing to vote politicians into office and back into office that are damaging this nation qualifies as stupid in my book.

Blog Post - End Stupidity

When it comes to politicians I have little hope that they will ever recover from the epidemic of stupidity that has permeated the Halls of Congress and the White House. They consider us stupid and we may well deserve that characterization because we allow them to wiggle off the hook of responsibility and accountability. It seems that once elected they go through the Congressional or Political ‘Sheep Dip’ of Accountability Teflon which prevents anything from sticking to them. The only reason that works is because we have not RISEN UP and DEMANDED something different to such a degree that it is unmistakable to them.

If I could somehow form a coalition of the left and right and throw the bums out just one time they would listen the next time. However that would be an exercise in futility and would probably even qualify as STUPID because the core values of the left and right are so diametrically opposite that each side would want the upper hand and the coalition would be at best shifting sand. There would be concessions, compromises, and treachery involved and we would end up with something no better and possibly worse as a result so I toss that idea aside. But, I will not give up on my desire to see ‘Citizen Representatives’ elected to Congress. I will not abdicate my pursuit of a restoration to a functional ‘Constitutional Republic’ in America. I will not cease to pray for my nation, our leaders, and citizenry for our hearts to be touched by the ‘core values’ and ‘principles’ upon which our Constitution was established and we RETURN leaving STUPID behind.

Will it happen in my lifetime? I wish I knew. Will happen? I wish I knew. Is it worth fighting for and giving all for? ABSOLUTELY! So as you continue your pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness I urge you to stay informed, stay engaged, and keep the faith.

God bless you and God bless America!

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