The Government Didn’t Give and It Has No Right to Take Away – LIFE, LIBERTY AND…

Blog Post 1 - Life

The American Declaration of Independence lists as included in man’s unalienable Rights, ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’  It declares that all men (people) are ‘created’ equal and it recognizes our ‘Creator.’  I find it impossible to view the founding documents and conclude that the Founding Fathers considered Government all powerful.  No!  Their writings made it incredibly clear they considered man a creation of God possessing certain unalienable rights inherent in their existence.

blog Post 1 - Life 1

            They recognized the sanctity of LIFE and that the Right to LIVE was God-given not Government given.  I am alive not because of some governmental edict or law but because God placed in the hearts of a young couple living in Pasadena, Texas to continue their procreation.  I came into being on planet earth because of God not Government.  The government might want to give me life in prison or worse but they did not and cannot give me LIFE in the natural or spiritual for that is the handiwork of God and God alone.

Blog Post 1 - Liberty

            They recognized the individual and collective right of LIBERTY as being an unalienable right given by our Creator not Government.  Government almost never seeks to expand Liberty but restrict.  The Founding Fathers recognized that within the heart of man was not only a desire for Liberty but a Liberty that could not be achieved by governmental edict.  The Constitution of these United States recognized LIBERTY as being an individual right to be protected as described in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  They were casting off what they considered tyranny and oppression.  They were casting off what they views as actions, edicts, laws and regulations that suppressed LIBERTY.  They believed, as should we, that LIBERTY was a God-given right that no government anytime has a right to supplant or suppress.

Blog Post 1 - Happiness

            They recognized that the individual had a God-given right to PURSUE HAPPINESS.  The very idea, as presented by some today, that government can make all equal and essentially all happy is not only foreign to the founder’s views it is impossible.  It is not a contradictory view to say that all are not equal in talent, abilities, desire, drive, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, ambition or intelligence but all created equal.  Most of those are developed characteristics not things the government can provide.  The very idea of EQUALITY as prescribed and pursued by government renders null and void all ambition, education, talent, creativity and excellence.  It reduces everyone to the lowest level rather than elevating everyone to the highest.  You cannot elevate to the highest in intelligence and creativity those who squalor in laziness therefore if the playing field is to be leveled it will be to the lowest rung on the ladder not the middle or highest for attaining that run requires effort, investment and involvement not HAND OUT.

God gave and our Founder’s recognized that we have a Right to LIVE, LIVE FREE and PURSUE HAPPINESS.  The constitution did not nor does God guarantee that everyone will be HAPPY only that we have the right to Pursue Happiness.  We have an incredible nation which was established on principles rooted deeply in the Bible and recognized man’s unalienable rights.  America was conceived and brought forth to produce a system of government in which man’s unalienable rights would NEVER be trampled or restricted.  Today’s liberal, progressive and elitist politician seek to make government not God the ALL POWERFUL force in our lives.  They seem to truly believe that Government giveth and Government has the right to take away.  Our evolving legislation has systematically and consistently removed God from the equation and resulted in the conditions we now find ourselves.

You and I have a Right from our Creator to LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of HAPPINESS.  When any man or government perceives their authority supreme, in that moment, they invalidated their legitimacy of governance.  It is time that we WAKE UP America and RECLAIM our government.  If we do not return to our founding principles which include a recognition of God’s sovereignty we will fail. Is there Hope?  I believe there is else I would cease my efforts to warn and awaken.  I would go into seclusion.  Can we succeed?  Yes!  Will we succeed?  I do not know!

            God bless you and God bless America!

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