MR PRESIDENT – There Is A Problem But…

Blog Post - Real Problem

You sir, cannot seem to see the forest for your political ideology and driven agenda to alter, transform and modify or completely modify the United States Constitution.  Those are your trees blocking the view of the beautiful forest called America and that is sad.  It seems that you seize upon any event that affords you an opportunity to advance your rhetoric and narrative while ignoring anything that would detract or negate your position.  That is not surprising for many politicians and individuals do the same in a limited fashion but you seem to do it to the extreme.

After the recent shooting at the Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado you immediately jumped in the mix with your statement which has an element of truth but misses the point entirely.  Your words, “We can’t let this be normal…” carries an element of truth and I can agree this is not normal for a citizen, regardless of ethnicity or religion to take a weapon of any kind and randomly kill other human beings.  That, in my view and the view of many experts in the field of human behavior, indicates a problem far beyond the weapon or type of weapon used.  It should cause us to focus on the problem inside the individual’s head and heart but that would not advance your agenda so you conveniently omit any focus on that issue.  No, you focus on the weapon of choice and further the narrative regarding the so-called “assault weapons” or “military style weapons”.  I do not hear the same clamor when someone flies a plane into a building, blows up people with bombs, uses knives, baseball bats or some other weapon of choice.  I only hear you when it is a firearm and that concerns me.

Blog Post - Forest

When you take a shot at those of us who offer prayer and suggest that we are hypocritical by praying without aligning ourselves with your “gun control” agenda I am troubled.  Your statement was, “If we truly care about this – if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience – then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them.  Period.  Enough is enough.”  There are elements in that statement I can agree with but the basic premise I cannot.  You mentioned the easy accessibility of weapons of war to people who have no business wielding them is interesting.  When the Muslim shooter at Fort Hood killed people you did not mention guns but cautioned us about profiling and the dangers and wrongness of Islamophobia.  The portion of your statement which I can agree should direct the focus to the mental state addressing mental disorders and connecting the dots in religious or ideological beliefs.  Those factors are far more critical than the incessant drive to pass more “gun laws” in a false narrative that if we do so we will stop “gun violence”.  No, we will only take actions that reduce the number of law abiding, mentally sound individuals in America who have access to a firearm which is a constitutional guarantee.

Mr. President, so often you seem to have such tunnel vision you either cannot or will not see the real problem and address it in an open forum with a willingness to hear real solutions. Your approach and that of many on the left side of the political aisle is to demonize firearms or those who question where the majority of terrorism originates.  You sir, refuse to address the issues an open border brings preferring to label everyone who seeks to address illegal immigration and the national security concerns as racist, phobic, bigoted and unfeeling or lacking compassion.  Your expression that by going to the “Climate Change Conference” in France you would be giving ISIS a major slap in the face or a sharp rebuke would be laughable if it did not identify the lack of understanding or willingness, on your part, to address the real problem of Islamic Jihadism and terror.

Blog Post - Root Cause

Yes, there is a problem and we are seeing more and more outburst of terribly evil and insane actions by groups or individuals.  We have a situation where certain groups or ethnicities are allowed to commit acts of violence with impunity and even offer justifications for their attitudes and actions the door is opened for more of the undesirable behavior patterns to surface.  We have a mental, moral, political and often religious problem that seems to be ignored and the focus is on the single element that those pushing the agenda want to ban or severely restrict.  Guns, cars, knives, bats, bombs, poison or words are not the real problem, people are.  If we do not address the problem in people and relationships we will NEVER solve the problem of violence and even with heavy emphasis and focus on the real problem we will NEVER fully remove violence from our society.   Weapons of war and destruction will not be beaten into plowshares or pruning hooks until Jesus establishes His kingdom and rules the earth in His Millennial Kingdom.  Gun control or banning guns is not a panacea for violence rather it allows the focus to be diverted from the real issues which are much more difficult to solve.  The “gun restriction” or “ban” is a feel good step for those naïve enough to believe the rhetoric and a diabolical step for those desiring to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America or the World into their Utopian Fantasy Land.

America we need to insure that we do not give up our unalienable rights in an attempt to resolve a problem through “feel good” actions that fail to address the real issue.  That is another reason that 2016 is critical.  Please do not understand anything I have said to suggest that I do not want to utilize our laws, currently in existence, to address criminal activity using a firearm or any other weapon.  I am praying for the victims and families as well as the condition in our world that is producing this type of action.

            May God bless you and God bless America!

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