BLOG POST - America

Is America still America the Beautiful or has it been so tarnished, transformed, and stripped of its Constitutional Foundation that it is no longer AMERICA in the founding sense?  Maybe it hasn’t been in a long time but until recently we could still see glimmers of a Constitutional Republic feared even when not respected by our enemies and those who would destroy her.  That dramatically began to change with the Administration of the current occupant of the White House and his initial Secretary of State.  It has continued and now after over seven years of systematic efforts to reduce the American Constitution to a meaningless piece of history, systematically reducing our ability to confront and defeat enemies both foreign and domestic militarily, creating such intense divisions in this nation we are in difficult times, to say the least.

Our economy, supposedly recovered, is anemic.  Our ability to deal with terrorism, especially Islamic terror is almost none existent under this administration.  His lack of willingness to deal with them is a clear expression of the ideology of this administration. The culture, class, race, gender and ideological wars being fanned to the point of boiling over is growing worse daily.  The news media has long ceased being a reporting of events to the shaping of events politically and in other ways.  Our educational system has been hijacked by the Leftist, Socialist, Anti-American, Anti-Free Market and we are now seeing the result of those so indoctrinated now teaching the next generation.  The words of the song, “My country ’tis of thee sweet land of liberty” is rapidly becoming a blip on the radar of history.

BLOG POST - Honoring Terrorist

I realize that what I have said, thus far, is bleak and gloomy but we have a sitting president speaking at a mosque led for over a decade by an Imam who publicly justified suicide bombings and helped found a mosque with ties to Al Qaeda.  The President’s visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore with the intent to give them honor is troubling.  He can’t find the time to visit our Wounded Warriors in Bethesda Naval Hospital but can praise this Imam and his followers who are party to the “Destroy America” and “Destroy Israel” movement in the Islamic world.  That is not America, at least not the America our founders envisioned and established.

We now know that this President emailed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State at least 18 times on her unsecured server, but of course, he was unaware of her violation of federal law.  We know that at least 22 of Hillary’s emails have been deemed too sensitive and damaging to our national security to release because they are, at least, TOP SECRET but she claims they magically transformed from unclassified to top secret AFTER she received and/or sent them.  How stupid do you think we are?  No, how devoted do you believe your sheep are, Ms. Clinton and that is the larger question and the more dangerous one.


A former Inspector General has spoken out regarding the absence of an IG under Hillary’s time as Secretary of State which suggests that this was planned before she became the Secretary.  She refused to allow the State Department to create her an official email address on a secure server.  Why?  One can only speculate but at the top of the suspected reasons was HIDING from the scrutiny of Congress and the People.  Her CONVENIENCE was a reason given and I find that appalling that any government official would cite CONVENIENCE as a justification for jeopardizing our national security.  If it is not criminal, and it is, it is incredibly self-serving, self-centered, dangerous, and demonstrating a total disqualification for any higher or even elected office in America.

The back door assault on our National Sovereignty through Executive Orders on many things including Amnesty and the “go it alone” attitude of this President claiming, “I am President, I can do what I want” has, is and will endanger our nation and threaten our existence.  He has made it no secret, as have many leftists that he wants to “disarm” law abiding citizens supposedly to make us safer.  We know, based on the facts, that the “gun free zones” are far more dangerous than citizens being able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.  Now, Hillary is indicating her willingness to not only continue his push but expand it and her plan, somehow in her world of fantasy, will be consistent with the 2nd Amendment.  We know that is a farce and yet, millions support her and some even identify her treacherous behavior regarding Benghazi as one of her signature accomplishments.  With friends like Hillary, one would need no enemies.

BLOG POST - Awaken the Giant

AMERICA HOW LONG WILL YOU SLUMBER?   When will we wake up or will we wake up?  I am deeply concerned about my nation and that makes the 2016 elections even more critical.  We MUST return to following the Constitution and allowing the System of Checks and Balances our Constitution mandates be restored.

God bless you and God bless America!

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