Blog Post 1 - What Does It Mean

As I watched the results, listened to the pundits, heard the speeches of the candidates and the withdrawal of Jeb Bush, some thoughts came to mind.  The question I asked myself, “So what does it all mean?”  To answer that question there are so many things must be considered and most of it speculation based on observation.

As I listened to Jeb Bush begin his opening comments I said, “He’s throwing in the towel” and he did, as he should.  He may have had the establishment backing him, rich Super-Pac money and support but his message or his person was not resonating with the voting public.  He could have stayed in the race and it would have hurt one candidate more than any other and would have had zero effect on the frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Virtually everyone is asking, why John Kasich and Ben Carson are staying in or saying they are staying in the race?  What do they accomplish?  Are they seeking Vice Presidential consideration?  Living in fantasyland?  Are they seeking to help or hinder a candidate or candidates?  I cannot answer that but I have some observations about them staying in the race with their 14% or so of the vote.  It has an impact but who does it help and who does it hinder?

Blog Post 1 - Split the Vote

If I were Donald Trump I’d want as many of them to stay in the race as possible because regardless of what he, the pundits, or I think it is likely that most of Kasich and Carson’s votes would gravitate to Rubio.  Carson’s votes would likely not go to Trump or Cruz and Kasich’s establishment votes would assuredly lean toward the most establishment candidate of the top three.  Naturally, some would vote for Trump and some move to the Cruz camp but the lion’s share would likely go to Rubio making him a more formidable challenge to Donald Trump.  That is not an endorsement or a criticism of anyone just an observation.  Therefore, I wonder why Carson and Kasich are staying in the race, they cannot win and they know it.

Blog Post 1 - Integrity

At this juncture, Hillary Clinton appears to have a clearer path to the nomination than Bernie Sanders and out of Nevada, the one thing that stood out most was the percentage of the black vote that went to Hillary.  The black vote comprised 13% of the total vote and Hillary received over 70% of that block.  If that holds true in the Southern states Bernie is toast and Hillary skates to the nomination with all the baggage she carries and the likelihood of an indictment dims with each primary.  The Democrats cannot afford and will not allow their nominee to be facing a criminal indictment just before the election. 

Another observation is that as long as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio stay in the race they enhance Donald Trump’s ability to win and continue as the front runner.  Trump might choose Rubio as his VP but never Cruz.  However, I wonder if he could do that since he has questioned the legality of Cruz and Rubio to run so could he choose one of them as his second?  Some have suggested that Rubio should offer Cruz the VP slot or Attorney General and get him to drop out.  What would that do?  If Trump convinced Rubio to drop out and through his support to him probably seal the deal and if Rubio got Cruz to drop out it would likely not tilt the scale to Rubio as many speculate.  However, none of the top three is likely to get out of the race anytime soon and Rubio and Cruz will split votes as runner-ups and Trump will continue to lead and likely win most if not all the primaries.  I suppose there is still the possibility of a Brokered Convention and we will know much more after the Super Tuesday tabulations and then assuredly by the 2nd wave of multiple primaries in mid-March.

Blog Post 1 - Fight for Freedom

I am more convinced than ever that the voters are not voting with their reason but with their emotions.  Is that good or bad?  Time will tell.  In 1776, the fight was balanced between emotion and reason and reason built a fire of emotion that could not be extinguished.  I would prefer it to be a balance of both with the reason being the dominant factor but the earned distrust politicians have generated, the anger and feeling of betrayal have created an environment that is burning hot and is not likely to dim in the near future.  I am concerned when emotion blinds to the point that facts and flaws are ignored and that applies to all the candidates.  On the left, it seems that criminal activity lies, distortions, and endangering America and Americas are immaterial because after all they must vote their party regardless and are enamored by more and more free stuff and desire to sock it to the rich.  On the right, there is confusion, conflict, and anger which creates a most interesting landscape politically.

I am not criticizing anyone or endorsing anyone in this observation, just presenting what I see and what the questions Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have raised.  Again, I am praying for and pleading for all candidates and supporters of candidates to lay aside the personal bitterness and focus on the problems that confront our nation and the specific solutions as to how to solve those problems.  Our Freedom is far more important than personal preferences based on something other than substance.  I am not saying that people who support one candidate or another are strictly following emotion without reason but I am pleading for everyone to ensure that emotion alone is not driving this train.  I think the next month is going to be very interesting and I will continue to vet, examine, investigate, and most importantly PRAY for America. 

God bless you and God bless America!




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