BLOG POST 2 - God and Politics

That’s right, I said politics and God and I should have made it a question because I am repeatedly challenged on my involvement and being vocal regarding political matters.  I hear, “Separation of Church and State” as a prohibition for preachers regarding expressing political views.  I hear, “God doesn’t need our help” as a reason to step back and not be on the front lines politically.  Truthfully, God does not need our help but we will look at some biblical examples of how God instructed man to become involved.  I hear, “we are to obey those in positions of authority who are our leaders” as a justification for not questioning their bad decisions or bad laws.  We are to obey those that rule over us, until and unless it violates God’s word then we have to choose between obeying man or God.  But, back to my title topic, “Is God interested in or involved in politics?”

Throughout the biblical record, we find incident after incident in which God used man to thwart bad government and depose bad leaders.  In each of those cases God could have done it Himself but I have learned and observed that God uses man to deal with problems of man including government.  God gives the guidance, ability, opportunity, and purpose, then man has to choose to obey or disobey and when a man or men (meaning human beings) accept God’s directive and step out things change.

BLOG POST 2 - What If

What would have happened had Noah ignored the directive of God to build an ark?  He had no support and was undoubtedly ridiculed but he saw the condition of man which would include government and knew that if there was going to be a perpetuation of the race with any hope of righteousness he had to become involved.  It was not an easy task, nor one of short duration but his commitment and obedience thrust him into action and we know the rest of the story.  What if Moses had adopted the belief that we are to obey those who rule, blindly and without questioning?  God could and likely would have found someone to do what Moses did but the point is that without the involvement in politics by Moses there would have been no deliverance and the Nation of Israel would not have entered the Promised Land.  What if Gideon had followed the idea that there had to be a separation of his religion and the government?  We would not have the miraculous deliverance that took place with Gideon and his small band of valiant souls.  What if Elijah had followed the idea of “Separation of Church and State” and “blind obedience to those in authority?”  He would not have confronted Ahab and Jezebel and Israel would have continued in darkness.  Instead, he faced the despots and challenged their authority and power.  Yes, God challenged each of those men and used them politically.  I would assert that without their involvement, evil would have prevailed, at least for a time beyond what it did.

Some will protest and say, “Yes, but all those examples are from the Old Testament and we are to follow the New Testament.”  Let’s examine that, if we might.  Take the case of the disciples imprisoned by the Sanhedrin, which was a government within a government, if the directive of Paul, that many  endeavor to use in the argument against involvement in politics, were the meaning they would have simply obeyed the instructions and stopped preaching in the Name of Jesus, but they did not.  They challenged the rulers of their day saying, “Whom shall we obey, God or man.”  If John the Baptist followed that mentality, he would not have challenged Herod but he did because he considered God’s right a higher authority than political authority.  Even Jesus challenged the government within the government led by the Sanhedrin and Pharisees.

BLOG POST 2 - God Uses People

To the matter of God not needing our help, it is absolutely true, He does not BUT He has chosen to use man to deal with the problems of man.  The same apostle who spoke of obeying human authority also said that if we know to do good or right and fail to do it that is a sin.  If we ignore tyranny, despotism, and the trampling of the inalienable rights given to man by our creator, can we say we are doing what is good or right?  If we fail to pray for our nation and leaders, can we say we are doing what is good or right?  If we try to live in quiet seclusion ignoring problems around us and declare that our religion is a private matter and religion and politics do not mix, are we doing what is good and right?  God told Ezekiel, that He had made the prophet a watchman on the walls and that he was to warn of wickedness and in that sense danger.  If he failed, the blood of those affected would be on his hands, but if he warned and they did not heed he would be absolved of guilt and responsibility.  I believe God has called me and many others, if not all others, to be watchmen on the walls and to sound the warning and point to the right.  That, in my view, includes all aspects of life.  Therefore, I cannot be silent and have peace in my heart that I am doing what I know to do and cannot believe my silence and blind obedience to bad government is pleasing to God.

This is my view, and you can disagree, but I ask you to consider the cost of blind obedience to evil or destructive government.  I ask you to consider the cost of removing God from all things political when the political affects every aspect of our lives.  I ask you to consider what one word at the right moment to the right person might accomplish for the kingdom of God and America.

God bless you and God bless America!  I will continue to pray knowing that all depends on God and that as He directs human beings and they respond battles and wars are won.  LET FREEDOM RING!


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