I didn’t say “explain” but ‘splain using a colloquialism from my East Texas roots and a story I heard of Bubba and Boudreaux discussing what they believed to be a complex issue.  Bubba was having difficulty comprehending the situation and said to Boudreaux, ‘SPLAIN THIS TO ME…”   What are you talking about, Roy?  Well, let me ‘SPLAIN it to you in, assuming that there is an explanation that does not defy sanity and reason.


Question number one:  “Why would anyone, President, Democrat, Republican, or average Joe American, take such pains to ensure that nothing is done to offend the Muslims?”  Why the excessive concern with the feelings of this particular group of people?  Why so much concern for their feelings and so little concern for the feelings or sensibilities of Christians or any other group?  ‘SPLAIN that, please.  The immediate answer from most is, they are protecting their own.  Okay, if that is not a valid argument, what is the answer or are there any other possibilities?

I had a devout liberal and Obama supporter attempt to explain to me the reasoning.  He argued the talking points of this administration that there is nothing radical, evil, or violent in Islam.  When I questioned some points in the Quran and the history of the Islamic prophet which included incredible violence, pedophilia, rape, human rights abuses, and the subjugation and suppression of all non-Muslims.  He attempted to argue that the Bible and Christians did the same thing.  Specifics were a problem for him other than to say repeatedly, “The crusades, the crusades, the crusades…”  When a book of religion calls for the slaughter of innocents and those they identify as infidels and identifies that act as “doing the bidding and service of Allah (their god)” it is difficult to disassociate violence from the body of their religion.  Islam, I would contend, is far more than just a religion it is a way of governance.  So, why, in the name of sanity and reason would anyone take such pains to ensure the followers of that philosophy and religion be protected from anything they might consider offensive?

That, in my mind, suggests that either those doing so are so fearful of the followers of Islam they tremble at the thought of offending them or they agree with their overall objective in the suppression of various nations, ethnicities, religious or political views.  If it is the latter it is sheer treason they are engaged and if it is the former we need a new set of leaders with courage and conviction to step forth and lead.  Either of those possibilities will ultimately lead to the systematic destruction of America and all Western values and governments.  If it is the latter and they somehow believe that after the destruction transpires they can “control” the Muslims they are more delusional than I have previously imagined.


Question number two:  “Why would so many, in America, believe or accept the rhetoric that by ignoring the problem we can solve the problem because the problem is not really the problem?”  Sorry for asking a convoluted question but I am quite serious.  WHY?  Well, we have had at least two if not three generations of people brainwashed and subjected to thought sanitization in our schools especially in the institutions of higher learning we might have a window through which to view the problem.  The radicals of the 60’s are now the professors in colleges and universities and some of them are occupying political offices at all levels of government.  Parents have, too often, been absent from the education of their children and not given regular refutation to the fabrication and lies concocted by the leftist about our history and life and they heard and over time believed what they heard.  We are in an “information society” but are so devoid of “information” it is frightening.  We have spin, rhetoric, various narratives, but FACTUAL INFORMATION is largely non-existent.  Thus, we have millions hearing something on the “news mediums”, reading something on the “internet” and listening to political spin and forming their opinions based on what they have been told by those with a non-factual point of view but are ideologically driven rather than substance led.

Honestly, I am not sure there is a complete explanation as to why things are as they are but if the multitude of followers of Islam truly found the activities of terrorist abhorrent they would not be silent, and dance in the streets when terrorist attacks are carried out against the perceived enemies of Islam predominantly Israel and the United States.  They would not sit silently when they are aware of planned or potentially planned terrorist activities, they would SEE SOMETHING and SAY SOMETHING condemning it in the strongest of terms and aiding Law Enforcement in stopping the terrorist.  Therefore, for the President to be more concerned with protecting the image of Islam and the feelings of Muslims more than he is protecting Americans needs to be examined and kept in mind when we go to the polls and to our prayer closets.


If a people are willing to be silent when they know the plans of destruction and support the slaughter of people when anything offends their religion, I cannot be concerned with offending them.  I must be more concerned with protecting my family, property, and myself than I am whether they consider my questioning or criticism of one of their followers a commission of some unpardonable sin.  If their religion is to be construed a religion of peace then be peaceable and stand against that which breaks the peace by other followers of your religion.  When you refuse, you leave me no choice but to conclude you are either filled with fear or you agree with the actions, either way, I am left in a position of danger and with the need to defend myself and I will.

Mr. President, your incessant diatribe about the wonderfulness of Islam has wearied me and millions of Americans as you defend the slaughters, terrorist, and criminals and attempt to blame Christians, Republicans, the NRA and our 2nd Amendment Rights or “guns”.  You are not that naïve or simply misguided, I believe you are complicit in the effort to destroy our nation and way of life and that causes me to lean toward your being diabolical.  Your previous attempts to ‘SPLAIN this has not satisfied reason so until I see a change in your I will continue to believe you agree either wholly or too extensively with their desires, plans, ideology, and purposes.  That makes you and all who support your ideological and political views dangers to America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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