That is an open ended question that could cover a myriad of topics.  The “End” that I am talking about is the senseless, nonsensical, inane, and absurd push to destroy Donald Trump by the Left and the Never Trumpers?  Where does it end?  Does it end?  Would it end and there be a return to any sense of normalcy and civility if they succeeded in impeaching and ousting him from office?  My gut feeling is, no! 

I have learned in life and 50 years of ministry dealing with people who are saturated with hate and that emotion has become the driving force in their perceived purpose in life, the seriousness of this problem.  Once hate becomes ingrained and is a daily driving force, over time, it becomes the singular focus and so poisons the mind and sensibilities it blinds from reality and reason.  Hate is an incredibly powerful emotion and force and is a destroyer.  It is a cruel taskmaster!

There are those on the Right that feel the same way about Barack Obama as those on the Left feel about Donald Trump.  When any society allows hate and bitterness to permeate its conversation and drive its pursuits, purposes, and objectives hate opens the door to the total dismantling of that society. Hate is a tyrant and a brutal taskmaster!  I have questioned the hatred of some regarding President Trump only to have them vehemently attack me arguing they do not hate.  I have had some on the Right tell me that they hate Barack Obama.  I do not hate any person, but I do have a very strong aversion to some of the policies that are presented in government, from time to time. 

I realize that some may question my statement that I do not hate any person and they argue that I hate Democrats, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and most other politicians on that side of the aisle. I’ve been told that. I speak strongly in opposition to the policies of liberalism and socialism and may even question the character of some of the purveyors of that ideology. However, since I cannot truly see their hearts, I must leave the final judgment to God.  I pray for them and all our leaders.  I do not pray that they succeed in what they do but that they will see the light and do right.  I do not blindly obey whatever directive is issued from the government for there can be a time when I must choose to obey God or man.  However, I believe that it is imperative we be a nation of laws and comply as much as is possible without violating our faith.  Do not take that as a justification to ignore the laws you don’t like. 

In the Mueller “Investigation” that morphed into something unrecognizable when held up against its original declared purpose, there are still many questions.  Even though the summary of the report indicated there was no evidence of collusion by Trump or his team, there are those who refuse to let that go.  Even though the Attorney General and his Deputy concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to advance a case of obstruction against the president there are those who insist that was a partisan decision and without basis. 

Rod Rosenstein is not a Republican partisan but rather a Democrat operative, in my view. So, exactly how was his input a Republican partisan action? Had Robert Mueller plainly declared that Donald Trump was wrongly accused and gave him complete exoneration, there would be those who reject that and insist that Mueller just did not dig deep enough or was inept in some measure.

My question, at this point, and has been my question prior to this juncture concerns the former President Barack H. Obama.  My question and the question many have been asking but no one in Congress seems to be concerned with is, “How much did he know and when did he know it?” The Mueller Report information provided by the Attorney General indicated that Mueller and his team employed 19 lawyers and utilized the services of 40 FBI agents, intelligence analyst, forensic accountants, and other professionals and came up empty on the “Collusion” and “Obstruction” charges.  They issued 2,800 subpoenas, executed about 500 search warrants, had orders for over 230 pieces of communications, used over 40 pen registers, and made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence as well as interviewing 500 or more witnesses.  Yet, the Democrats and the Media are claiming this was not thorough!  Seriously!  The turned over every rock and shook every bush but came up empty!  When will it end?

Back to the former president and what he knew and when he knew it.  That is germane, in my view, because if he was complicit and helped coordinate this hoax and fishing expedition he should be held accountable.  What can be done via the courts and the rule of law?  Probably not much, but if he is guilty of participation in a conspiracy to overthrow a legitimate president in what can only be called a failed coup, he should be exposed to the public.

If the Democrats and Republicans truly want to get to the truth, they should reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation and examine the Obama Department of Justice and administration regarding their involvement with any entity to tamper with our elections and damage our system of government.  Some will protest and say, “Roy, let it die and move on.”  I would love to do just that but since the Trump hate will not die and the pursuit of impeachment and ouster by the Democrats will not end, the truth needs to be unequivocally and explicitly be presented.  Would that end this charade?  Not likely but it might wake up a few hundred thousand Americans who are now wandering in the labyrinth of confusion.

There is strong indication that Loretta Lynch, the Obama Attorney General, and some at high levels in the FBI, DOJ, Homeland, NSA, CIA, IRS, and other agencies were part of a conspiracy to either overturn the election or oust the duly elected 45th President, Donald Trump.  I said regarding Obama, while he was president, the way to stop him was at the ballot box and if you hate Trump you have that venue to seek your objective. I ask that you stop pressing for more and more needless expenditure of our financial resources, law enforcement manpower, and damaging our international as well as our national standing. 

I am praying for America.  No, I do not presume or want to project myself as the holder of all the answers or that my prayers are more powerful and effective than anyone else’s.  I simply state that it is my view and belief that for America to survive and return to being, that Republic our Framers and the Founders established we need God’s help.  We need His help in dealing with the condition of the human heart. 

So long as hate, bias, prejudice, and the spirit of revenge and vengeance is pervasive we will not be able to sensibly and rationally discuss our issues and find solutions to our problems.  Donald Trump is not America’s problem.  Donald Trump is not a symptom of America’s problems.  Were Donald Trump to be removed from the equation and no longer exist on Earth our problems would continue.  In a very real sense, “We are Our Problem!” 

I know that one sentence will not sufficiently define what I mean, but “allowing hate to prevail and blind us to seeing the good in others prevents us from enjoying the benefit of what each person can provide or offer.”  You may not like Trump or any Republican.  You may not like Obama or any Democrat.  That is a choice you make but if we could realize that we all need each other and none of us is the answer to the ills that exist in our world we could all benefit. 

I am praying for America as envisioned by our Founders that recognizes the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  I am praying for that America that views, “all men as being created equal.”  I am praying for the flames of hate to be extinguished and for us to embrace our differences while holding to our convictions and principles.  Let’s be America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

God bless you and God bless America!

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