FROM RED TO PURPLE TO BLUE – That’s the Plan of Liberalism…

I am still trying to wrap my head around how my home state Texas has become Purple with a heavy hint of blueness in its political fabric.  How did that happen?  There are many explanations but none of them fully satisfy my concern.  In the last U.S. Senate election, we watched a Socialist Liberal Leftists from El Paso who wants to be identified by a Hispanic nickname run a close race with Senator Ted Cruz.  Some polls indicate that he is anywhere from tied to 2 points behind Senator John Cornyn had he opted to run against Cornyn in 2020.  But, Robert Francis has bigger fish to fry and sees himself as the savior of America so he is running for President. The transformation in Texas is deeply disconcerting and gives me great concern about my home state which has been a stronghold of Conservatism for a long time.

I have heard from some involved Democrats and some insightful Republicans that there is a concerted effort by the Deep State and the Democratic Socialist Party formerly the Democratic Party to make Texas and other states irreversibly blue politically.  If there were to happen it would make me BLUE emotionally but not politically.  My love for Freedom, our Constitutional Republic, my family, and my God prevent me from even considering a vote for a Leftists.  I see where that is heading and want no part of it, so I keep standing and sounding the alarm hoping some will hear and heed the warnings.

Sometimes later this year, the Supreme Court will hear the case and make a ruling on President Trump’s request that there be a citizenship question included in the 2020 U.S. Census.  I support his decision because no state should gain representation based on a population increase of non-citizens and illegals.  That is what is happening in virtually every state based on the current questionnaire of the U.S. Census. 

The Democrats are crying loudly that this is a ‘privacy’ matter and violates a person’s rights.  That has been rejected by a federal judge, but they will continue to make that plea and try to make it racist to ask about a person’s citizenship.  I don’t mind being asked if I am a U.S. Citizen on the Census questionnaire.  It is not an invasion of my privacy.  However, if a person is a non-citizen who has overstayed their visa or an illegal who has crossed our borders in violation of our laws it is a concern to them. 

If we allow non-citizens and illegals to be counted, then the Democrat Plan of turning our Red or Purple Eyes Blue will succeed in making purple states blue.  The numbers will be inflated in their favor in swing states.  Every state’s electoral vote and future federal funding are determined by their population totals.  Representation should be based on the total population of legal citizens and no one else!  We know this is part of the plan because in the past U.S. Census the electoral votes and representation of several swing states increased based on non-citizen and illegal aliens being included in the population totals.  That is wrong, and the Supreme Court should include the Citizenship Question and stop this madness.  Will they?  We will have to wait and see and as usual, I am concerned about the wolf in sheep’s clothing, John Roberts on this matter.

Based on the 2010 Census, my home State of Texas gained 4 U.S. House of Representative seats.  Texas has gained representation in every U.S. Census since 1845.  Texas is not alone in the increase because in Florida after the 2010 Census they gained 2 seats in Congress.  The dilemma for the Democrats is that Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey each lost a seat in Congress and the Democrats want to regain those lost seats and add a few more and their best avenue for that accomplishment is counting the non-citizens and illegals and including them in the numbers to determine representation in Congress and thus gain electoral votes.

The Democrats have been focused on the long game politically for over 100 years and even in the face of severe losses under Barack H. Obama they continued the behind the scenes efforts to solidify their position.  Having open borders and counting illegals is to their advantage and to America’s hurt but they do not care about America, they care about power. 

I am convinced that the Democrats would prefer to abolish the Electoral College than be forced to rely on the U.S. Census or be subjected to decisions made by the Supreme Court.  They know that their power base on both coasts in California and New York would guarantee a win in any national election based on popular vote.  That does not bode well for the rest of America but again, we are not their focus, power is.

The Democrats are still dragging their feet in confirming the many federal judicial nominees of President Trump.  Why the Republicans in the Senate are allowing this is another issue, but it is happening.  After two years some are still not confirmed.  That is evidence of their determination to be obstructionist in every way possible.  Democrats must control the courts because they know that the majority of people in the majority of states reject their snake oil politics and want nothing to do with it.  Sadly, there are enough people in America who want to get on the ‘freebie train’ and are willing slaves to the federal dole they continue to gain inroads in many areas. 

The reason the Democrats oppose border security and a wall is they know that if they can win on either of those two points I have mentioned the massive influx of new bodies in America will mean more votes for them both at the polls and in the electoral college.  The claim that there are only 11 million illegals here, as if 11 million could be an only, is flawed. I believe that is far too low and there are probably nearer 22 to 30 million.  If you add that number to the 13 million non-citizens with ‘green cards’ that gives the Democrats about a 10 percent increase in population and would dramatically affect all elections national and state.

The current condition of allowing non-citizens to vote in local and school board elections is gaining traction and that erosion of our Constitution will eventually destroy the Republic if we do not stop it now!  America, if we want to Keep our Free Republic we must defeat the Leftists who have largely become Socialist and are almost all Globalist.  It is not too early to focus on 2020 and now is the time to find honest, hard-working, God-fearing, Constitutionalist to run for office.  Is that you?  If so, I pray that you will take the plunge.  If it is not, I pray that you will join those of us sounding the alarm and become involved.

God bless you and God bless America!

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