That’s what the Leftist Democrats are trying to convince us that this crisis at the border is. There are people, with firsthand knowledge and who are using true statistical data that tell us that the Leftist are selling us ‘snake oil.’ They are warning that the crisis is real and a response to it is required because this is a National Emergency .  Of course, there are those that believe the border is a minor issue and they focus on our involvement in foreign nations as being far more serious. 

I do not disagree that interventionism is a problem, but I believe the greatest national security issue we face now is the Southern Border.  I wish that those in Congress both the Donkeys and the Elephants could find a way to work together and do what is in the best interest of America and Americans, but politics reigns and the impasse is impassable, so we are in this conundrum.

The statistical data and factual reporting reveal that there were over 76,000 illegal border crossing in February alone!  If that is not a crisis and a situation that demands immediate attention, I guess I don’t know what a crisis is.  If that is not a threat to our national security, I guess I don’t know what national security is.  I’m sure someone will say, “You are right, you don’t.”  However, I believe that I do know and while there are many threats to our national security this is one of those at the top of the list.  Illegal immigration, we are informed by Homeland and ICE as well as other researchers is on pace to triple the levels of two-years ago.  Why?  Why the increase?

Princeton University Policy Advisor Steven Kopits has projected that illegal border crossings will be triple that of 2017.  That is unacceptable, unsustainable, and dangerous!  No, they are not all innocent women and children.  No, they are not all simple poor people who want to find a better life.  Some of them and maybe many of them are criminals, cartel members, gang members, and associated with terrorist organizations.  Some of them are murders, rapists, thieves, and other reprehensible and dangerous individuals.  Please remember that we do have a Legal Immigration Procedure and anyone coming here MUST and I mean MUST follow the rules. 

That report has projected the number of crossing in 2019 will reach about 840,000 and DHS has estimated it to be closer to 900,000.  The illegals are aware of the dramatic increase in numbers and that increase diminishes the likelihood of their being apprehended dramatically.  Add to that the ‘Welcome Sign’ hung out by the Sanctuary Cities and States such as California and the Open Borders proponents of the Left and the promise of ‘freebies’ is like honey for flies.  If it were only the women, children, and people seeking a better life it would be one thing but those who have devious and nefarious intentions also see their opportunity to come stealthily into our nation.

Another report indicated that the crime data reveals that roughly 2,600 migrants will be murdered and over 100,000 people will be raped or assaulted during 2019.  The report also suggests that there will be 34,000 kidnappings, 21,000 cases of forced labor, and over 100,000 robberies.  If that is not serious and reason to secure the border, what will it take? 

The claim by non-thinkers such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Robert Francis O’Rourke, and the myriad of other Leftists Socialist Progressive Liberal Democrats that securing the border is racist, bigotry, and inhumane is ridiculous.  Their approach would give the United States zero control or say in who crosses our border.  How is that a good plan?  A country without borders is not a country it becomes nothing more than a state of the bordering countries.  I realize that the endgame of those Leftists is Globalism and a World Government, but that is not what most Americans want and not what should transpire. 

Border patrol agents have referred to this, rightfully, as an invasion.  Of the apprehended illegals attempting to cross the borders in February, they reported that 36,000 were family units and almost 7,000 were unaccompanied minors.  That reflects an increase of over 150% over 2018.  Tell me again that this is not a crisis and an emergency.  Our law enforcement officers and officials addressing the border issue have declared it to be a Crisis! 

In the past, about 70% of the illegals were Mexican nationals and easily returned home but now 70% are from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  They have exposed over 2,400 fraudulent claims of being families, including those who claimed to be under 18 but were older.  Large groups of 100 or more individuals are linking up trying to cross the border making the task of law enforcement incredibly difficult if not impossible.  So, please tell me again that securing the border is a manufactured crisis. 

Unfortunately, for them and us, many of the illegals are infected with contagious communicable diseases.  That is dangerous for Americans, costly for America, and drains the manpower of law enforcement as they are required to transport and attend to the sick who cross illegally.  There is an increase of over 120% in the requests for asylum with almost 40,000 being submitted in 2018 which is a significant increase from 2017.

The Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants who would be allowed entry into the United States through a national quota system.  We had literacy tests and an “Asiatic Barred Zone” enforced.  That changed in the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Act, which abolished virtually all quotas based on national origin.  One of the major reasons for limiting immigration was to advance assimilation by those who were coming here. 

The claims of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that we must have immigrants to continue to be and become what our Founders envisioned is ludicrous and they know it.  In the past, America expected people immigration to become Americans and Assimilate.  Today we not only do not expect them to assimilate we encourage them not to, at least through the policies of the liberal leftists.

We either deal with the border or we lose the Republic.  It really is that simple, although an incredibly complex issue.  Once we secure the border we can then begin the conversation regarding the so-called dreamers and those who have overstayed their Visas and those who have been here for decades.  I am not saying give them blanket amnesty but once the border is secured and the massive influx of illegals is halted we can talk about the problem.  Until then, I want no discussion regarding illegals other than a Secured Border!   This is another reason that I will continue to Vote No on the Leftists and try to Primary as many RINOs as I can.

God bless you and God bless America!

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