There was a time when I tried to understand the liberal leftists, but that ship has sailed because I realized that it was impossible to make sense out of the nonsensical and turn insanity to sanity by pondering it.  There is a very real war on Christianity, Judaism, and anything and everything conservative that is not going away easily, if ever.  I try not to be cynical, but cynicism keeps trying to creep into my thought processes because of what I see, hear, and experience in today’s America.  The antics of the professional politicians and operatives in Washington are so diabolical they could easily make a devoted optimist a pessimist.  No, I did not take my downer pill and am not sucking on a sour pickle but I am disturbed.

I recently read some remarks by people loyal to the Kennedy’s and their comparisons to what happened to Nixon and why that kind of thing never happened to John F. or Robert Kennedy.  One of the asked some conservatives if they knew why?  Obviously, they could not give any definitive answers, so he said, “Because, one of us would have walked the plank for them.”  Simply put, a Kennedy aide would have taken the rap for either of the Kennedy brothers.  To make that point more poignant it was revealed that Kennedy’s political operative Paul Corbin converted to Catholicism, at Kennedy’s recommendation, to ally the concerns of a Pennsylvania Democrat’s suspicion that Paul was a communist. 

That brings to the forefront of my thought processes the testimony of Michael Cohen, a man convicted of lying to the FBI and virtually everybody else.  He testified before the rabid elitists in Congress and insisted that this time he was being truthful.  This is the same man that had previously said that he would take a bullet for Trump.  What kind of bullet, one would have to ask since he now has become the Democrats favorite former Trump associate?  His lawyers petitioned Trump for a presidential pardon after his conviction and Trump refused.  Sounds a bit fishy to me that a man who, by his own testimony, was devotedly loyal to the President and did not consider him any of the things he accused Trump of would now consider him Public Enemy Number One.  Why?  Could it have anything to do with getting a lighter sentence and revenge for not getting his pardon? 

Democrats and Republicans are very different animals, not just because their mascots are a donkey and an elephant.  Observe, I did not use the biblical description of a donkey but said donkey.  A former Democratic operative used the analysis of libido in defining the difference in the two parties.  No, he was not talking about their sex drives but their power quests and devotion to power.  Please do not assume that I am saying, Democrats are power-crazed, and Republicans are not.  However, his analogy was that the political libido of the Democrats was that of a nymphomaniac and that of the Republicans was that of a Victorian.  I laughed when I heard that and hesitate to use it, but in many ways, it is incredibly accurate.

The Democrat politician is never off the campaign trail.  They will break for lunch, dinner, or to sleep but then it is back to the campaign trail and the quest for power.  If you doubt that, look at how many Democrats are already in the race for the presidential nomination in 2020.  The Democrats used to control virtually all elected offices and bureaucracies but now they control the House of Representatives and their hold on other offices and positions are being diminished.  Their new members, people like the anti-Semitic Muslim and the “Greenie” from New York are muddying the waters and stirring the pot.  The Vegan Spartan, Senator Spartacus and other would be presidents are continuously waging attacks on anything and everything of faith, traditional values, and conservative. 

The Democrat Establishment and most of its base would like to eliminate the electoral college.  They are energized by their own political libido and their insatiable thirst for power drives them to engage in any dirty trick they can think of to win.  They are devoted followers of the Alinsky model and the Machiavellian motto, “The end justifies the means.”  I don’t know who first made that statement, maybe Saint Jerome or the Roman poet Ovid but the leftists have made it a cornerstone of their ideological and moral position. 

President Trump has referred to, as have others, “low energy” Republicans who need to rev up their political libidos for 2020.  We are not just facing a minor bump in the road, we are facing a full-scale war for our Freedom.  Some consider me nothing more than the little boy crying wolf and an alarmist but if you take their declarations, ideological positions, and proposals serious you will likely join me in sounding the alarm.

America we are at a very serious juncture in our history.  I know I said in the last election, and in the 2016 elections that those were the most serious of my lifetime.  They were, and now we face one in 2020 that is even more critical.  We watched the Leftists who have been morphing into full-blown Socialist win the House in 2018.  Dare we allow them to reclaim the Senate and the White House in 2020?  If you do not consider this an emergency and a national crisis, you will ignore the warnings and take a ‘ho-hum’ approach and the political libido and drive of the Democrats will overwhelm us and take another step toward the dismantling of everything we hold dear in America and our system of government.   I cannot watch that happen passively and in silence.

I ask that you join me in fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom and become informed about what is happening and what the agenda truly is.  Together we can defeat the push for Socialism and the desired ‘fundamental transformation’ of our Constitutional Republic.  Where is Patrick Henry when we need him crying, “Give me Liberty or give me Death!”?

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

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