How’s that for sounding like a ‘war-monger’? But, that is not my intent or my heart.  I desperately long for peace in America.  I want what seems to be an elusive dream and often seems a Utopian fantasy, a United America!  I was not alive during WWII but the spirit of survival and the spirit of patriotism that coursed through the veins of most Americans in that ear is something I long for.  I did not see it in Vietnam, a war of which I am a veteran.  I saw glimpses of it after 9/11 and saw what could be.

However, even in 9/11, there were naysayers and those who sought to divide America and prevent our focus on America and the perceived threat of our very existence.  There are some who are ‘Truthers’ who call this a heinous inside job by our American government.  Some of them are on my Facebook friends list and will take offense to what I’m saying.  If I were to adopt that view, and just because I see it on Google does not make it so, I would withdraw from society and become a hermit hiding in isolation and praying that no one finds me.  Our government has done some pretty bad things in our history and my argument that this was an attack by whoever is not a justification of the bad we have done in our history.

But, none of those things are my focus for this article. The disunity of America and the brewing and possibly impending civil war in America is.  The words of Rodney King are frequent thoughts in my mind and I hear calls from both sides of the aisle to “just get along.” 

Sadly, both sides seem to have drawn lines in the sand and refuse to budge.  Most of the calls for ‘civility’ and ‘unity’ put the burden and responsibility for the divide on one side or the other.  That almost guarantees there will be no coming together as a nation and no engaging in civil discourse that is void of violence.  Again, this is a heart and mind condition that is not a recent development.  This has been brewing and developing for decades but is almost to the point of eruption and that is deeply disappointing and concerning.

I, as a supporter of this President, am willing to say, there will be no getting along until the foundational issues of the millions who back President Trump are addressed with seriousness.  There were issues addressed in the 2016 Campaign that have not been facilitated or even considered by the Left and too many on the Right.  The typical response of Congress is to kick the can down the road and ignore the real issues.  They deal with the superficial and the easy but the difficult, complicated, and controversial they tend to sidestep.  Getting elected and reelected is their objective not fixing America’s problems. 

This may shock and even infuriate some, but I do not see Donald J. Trump as an extreme politician.  I can hear the gasps and some saying, “But, Roy, his rhetoric and constant tweeting is extreme.”  Really?  In 2020 America that is extreme?  If that is the case then virtually every member of Congress and every member of the Media, Hollywood, and most College Professors are extremist.  In fact, most of us are if that is the measure of extremism. 

The polarization in America and in American politics is not caused by Donald Trump, he is the result of that polarization.  Donald Trump’s election did not cause division in America it exposed it.  Millions of Americans in most States in this Republic had grown fed-up with politicians and politics and wanted America to be America again.  We had grown tired of the continued taxation, restrictions, political correctness, dismantling of our military, erasing our borders, and shredding our Constitution.  We wanted to get government out of our healthcare, our bedrooms, and relegate it to limited involvement in our daily lives.  In short, we wanted what our Founders and the Framers of the Constitution established and envisioned.  We still do!

At the risk of alienating some on both sides of the ideological aisle, the divide in America is not Republican vs Democrat it is Good vs Evil.  No, I am not saying if you are a Democrat you are evil and if you are a Republican you are good.  But, this is a heart and mind issue more than it is a political one.  The National Democratic Establishment has adopted Evil as their platform.  They have become, if they were not always, incredibly authoritarian.  They have moved to the Left of the Leftists FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and in many ways even Barack Obama. 

The National Democratic Party that should include Socialist in their name has become visibly anti-Semitic.  Their leaders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and others have demonstrated a propensity to stoop to any level of dishonesty to achieve their objective.  There has been the direct and indirect encouragement for violence and some of their followers hear that as validation of their anger and open season on those who oppose their views. 

The rage against this president has been 100% manufactured and the refusal of the National and Congressional Democrats to move on and accept the acknowledgment of ‘no collusion’ in the 400+ page Mueller report is dangerous.  It is designed to keep Trump in the news, fake and real, and keep their base and followers in the dark and enraged.  They believe they must maintain that to have any hope of winning in 2020.  Are they right?  November of 2020 will be the answer.

As long as the angry bitter vitriol continues, we will have no peace.  As long as the fanning of the flames and the insistence continues, we will have no peace.  As long as the misuse and abuse of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies continues, there will be no peace.  As long as various governmental agencies such as the IRS are used to target those of opposing views, there will be no peace. 

I am deeply concerned that there will be a blood-letting civil war in America!  There are extremist on both sides who are chomping at the bits to engage in war.  They are ticking time bombs with increasingly short fuses.  The ranting of politicians like Maxine Waters, Corey Booker, and others continues, there will be no peace.  As long as there is perceived or real ‘ballot harvesting’ in elections trying to steal them for either side, there will be no peace.  As long as there is the attempt to shred our Constitution and ‘fundamentally transform’ America into something other than what we were established to be Constitutionally, there will be no peace.

America if we want peace we must turn to the Prince of Peace!  I make no apologies in calling for America to Repent and Return to the LORD.  The directive in 2 Chronicles 7:14 is applicable today and is both a warning and a promise.  God says, “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  We need healing and I pray, “Father, forgive me for my failures and help me be the man needed to bring about godly change in my world.”

            God bless you and God bless America!

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