How’s that for an indictment on a generation or society?  But, what society and what generation am I talking about.  Yep, you guessed it, ours today!  There are so many things that cause me to think and say that so let me address a few of them and you decide if I am right or not.  After all, in matters of opinion, each of us is the final judge.  No, what we think does not make it right, but it is our opinion and we make the determination of what that will be.  So, I offer my opinion along with some pertinent facts of historical significance and you decide what you believe. 

One of the more recent things that made me laugh, grow angry, and then weep for our present world and America was in the actions by the New York Yankees baseball franchise to stop playing “God Bless America” by Kate Smith.  The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team has done the same thing.  In fact, in the city of Philadelphia, the statue of Kate Smith has been covered in black to hide her image because the Politically Correct world has deemed that she was a racist. 

What was the basis of this charge of racism?  You may find their charge palatable, accurate and appropriate or you may consider it overreaction and unjustified.  It may make you laugh, get angry, or cry but here it is.  Kate Smith’s 1939 recording of “God Bless America” has been used by the Yankees and Flyers for a very long time.  It was somewhat iconic, and the fans loved it.  Today they are using a different version because the report is that Smith ‘might have been a racist.’  Might have been?  Yep, that’s the assertion.  Not that she was but might have been and that’s enough for the Politically Correct world that we live in to try, condemn and execute anyone.  Sound familiar?

Kate Smith recorded a song prior to WW II, which has also been sung and recorded by blacks and whites.  The song which caused her to earn the brand racist was, “Pickaninny Heaven.”  Was it racism that caused her to record the song?  Could be, I don’t know.  She also recorded, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born.”  Others including black performers have sung that song.  Then, the final straw was the revelation that in 1939 she endorsed the “Mammy Doll.” 

The songs clearly have a racial overtones and are easily offensive to many and rightfully so.  But, to attempt to sanitize history and punish a previous generation for not thinking like we think today is ludicrous.  What bothers me is not the decrying of any racist actions of anyone past or present.  What bothers me with regard to today’s society is the tendency to judge the entirety of a person’s life by an action or two that we deem unacceptable. 

Kate Smith lived in a time dramatically different from our day.  She raised huge sums of money during WWII selling war bonds and was active in the fight to defeat fascism.  She traveled countless miles to cheer up our American Servicemen when they needed it desperately.  Does that excuse racism?  No, but if we are to be consistent should we not examine people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every Democrat in our history who has engaged in some unbecoming act?  I guess not.

My problem is that anytime the word “racist” or “racism” is hurled at anyone the racialist slobber like Pavlov’s dogs and march to the sound of the bell to destroy.  The attempt to sanitize our history and rewrite it so that there is no mention of the offensive is to invite disaster.  The snowflake society we are creating is hurling along a path of cataclysmic destruction and such emotional trauma that there will be few functional adults left in the world in just a generation or two. 

I decry racism regardless of where it comes from.  If we purge from our music everything every singer has performed because of something in their past, how many songs or singers will we have left?  If we disqualify from serving in any political office every candidate that has anything questionable in their past, what will we be left with? 

If we strip from our history books the true record of our American history, the good, the bad, and the ugly, how will we avoid previous mistakes when those taking the reins in the future will be unaware and uninformed?  We should learn from history and accept that fact that no human being is perfect.  No, I am not justifying racism, but I am asking that we stop being moronic in our attempt to sanitize our world and make it like we would like it to have been.  Let’s learn from our mistakes, admit our failures, and advance the cause of humanity as only we can if we are aware and informed.

We have many difficult and pressing needs in 2019 America and many of those needs and conditions are being ignored while we pursue an almost McCarthy like assault on anything our Politically Correct World believes to be offensive.  We are allowing our border to be erased and a literal invasion occurs endangering Americans and America on multiple fronts.  We are allowing the systematic dismantling of our electoral system, the corruption of our intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies, the weaponizing of various bureaucratic agencies and more.  Those things seem to not bother a large sector of our society, but Kate Smith must be removed as were the Civil War memorials. 

What’s next?  I suggest that if the Socialist on the Democratic side of the aisle wins many of our historical heroes including Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams, and our Generals for WWI and WWII may become likely targets.  What kind of history will we have if even our Revolutionary leaders are purged from our history by this educated but often moronic society?

America, we need to awaken from our stupor and realize that no two of us are alike.  We do not think alike when we actually think.  We do not have the same preferences.  We are not touched emotionally, intellectually, morally, or spiritually by the same things.  We are individuals in a Republic built to allow that and designed to guarantee that we could continue that way.  It is Totalitarian to insist that everyone fit the mold prescribed by the government and no one is permitted to be different, think differently, or embrace different views. 

You may think, I am overreacting to the Kate Smith situation, but it is one of many events that have transpired in recent years and I suspect it is just the tip of the iceberg of destruction.  Our educational system has been more of a propaganda arm of liberalism than it is about expanding the mind and developing independent thinks who can engage in critical analysis, logic, and reason.  Yes, I stand by my statement that this generation is possibly, if not definitely, the most educated and the most moronic of any time in our history.  I fully expect a Salem style Witch Hunt to transpire as the PC Police search for offenders of their ideological preferences.  Watch out America this is not a fantasy it is real.

God bless you and God bless America!

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