No, I am not a defeatist and no, I do not believe America is hopelessly lost, but I do see a clear and present danger that could become the fulfillment of my title question.  The battle for Freedom and America cannot be won solely on the political battlefield.  You may vehemently disagree, and I will attempt to articulate my reasons for that stance.  There is a way to win and, in my view, only one way to win.

Life is too short to spend unhappy and filled with hate or the erroneous belief that we are the any one person is responsible for how everyone else thinks, acts, or believes.  That seems to be the view of the incredibly unhappy leftists of today, largely in the Democratic Party.  There are PC activists who appear fully convinced that, in order to save humanity, they must transform the thinking and living of everyone.  They are miserably unhappy with their lives, largely due to their ideological beliefs, and their agenda, if realized will make everyone else miserable too.  I guess the old saying is correct, “misery loves company.”

I can honestly say today, I do not hate anyone.  I don’t know that I could have honestly said that a few years ago, a few months, weeks, or possibly even a few days ago.  I have stood before the Throne of God in Prayer and confessed my animus and animosity and asked forgiveness.  As I asked the LORD to unpack any hate in my heart, He obliged far beyond any expectation and I wept, knowing I was guilty.  I didn’t think I hat hate in my heart.  I excused my disgust as being righteous indignation not hate.  I justified my dislike and argued that it did not rise to the level of hate.  The Holy Spirit seemed to disagree and now that I have laid it on the altar, I do not want to pick it back up.

Hate is ripping our nation to shreds.  Hate is dividing families and estranging longtime friends.  Hate is creating an impasse in Congress and impeding our progress as a Republic.  Hate is drawing us back to positions and conditions that we had made great strides to overcome in almost every sector of society.  Hate is not exclusive to one ideological position or political party.  Hate is not exclusive to one religious sect or one sector of the country.  It has become pervasive and although denied, it is real.

If we continue fighting the Battle for the Republic on the political battlefield, the battle is already lost.  What is happening in America is no longer Republican vs Democrat, Conservative vs Liberal, or even Capitalism vs Socialism.  The battle is truly Good vs Evil but saying that sounds as though we are saying the Republicans, Conservatives, and Capitalists are all good and everyone else is evil.  If that is our view we are dangerously near the abyss of hate and destruction.  Each side in this political war seems to believe they are purists and holy and the other side corrupt and unholy.  That creates an impasse that politics cannot cure.

In my conversations with some devoted followers of the current liberal ideological agenda, I have discovered they are deeply troubled, filled with anger, and incredibly unhappy.  You may be one of the followers of that ideological tenet and take exception to my statement.  I don’t know every liberal so I cannot make a blanket statement that is one-size-fits-all.  I can only address those I talk to and those I see and hear on the national stage.  The deep resentment for this country’s founding is astounding to this American. 

Many on the Left express their enmity for our heritage.  They have been taught by professors and others who believe that our founding was immoral, and we unjustly created this Republic.  They do not believe in American exceptionalism and agree with Barack Obama that it does not exist or exists only at the expense of the rest of the world.  They want to create a Utopian world where everyone has the same success earned or unearned.  They want to create a world where we become a cookie-cutter version of humanity and mindlessly follow the politically correct code.  They demand fairness without realizing how unfair their demands are for those who invest themselves to achieve.  They are miserable and driven to make everyone else conform to their ideological views.

I have heard the many disparaging labels used by both sides in today’s political squabbles. Derogatory names are hurled about while claiming to be on the side of right and the civil ones in this battle.  Name-calling usually reveals something in the heart that is far from righteous and is birthed from deep animosity that borders on if it is not full-blown hatred.  I try to refrain from using the most-vile of those terms because I do not see them as productive and affording any hope of finding common ground for the good of America.

Nancy Pelosi, in announcing that there would be a vote on Impeachment said, “We have been working on this 2 ½ years.”  The unfortunate truth is that the crime they accuse the president of committing occurred in July of 2019, namely the Ukraine phone call.  Yes, they accused him of working with a foreign nation to steal the 2016 election but that fell apart almost from the beginning.  Their focus then became Ukraine and that was the basis of their Impeachment Articles passed in a completely partisan vote in the House.  Was her admission a Freudian slip?  Regardless it made their actions even more transparent. 

America has suffered unnecessarily over the past 3 years, as the Left has belched forth incredible vitriol and tirelessly sought to oust and destroy this president.  If we were not divided by hate, both sides could have worked to achieve much good for the American people in this booming economy and improving international conditions.  That has not been the case and it has become totally partisan politics.  If we cannot see how that fails and realize that fighting this fight strictly politically will result in defeat for both sides, we are not being observant.

I am unashamedly a Christian.  I believe that the only solution to the divide in America is for this nation and we Americans to reaffirm the truths upon which our Republic was founded.  Our founders were not necessarily pious men or even deeply religious, but our Constitution was clearly influenced by the teaching of the Bible and God’s moral law.  They believed that everyone has the Right to Life and the right to live that life without undue government influence, regulations, and restrictions.  They believed that every person should be allowed to enjoy Liberty and Freedom and pursue Happiness. 

Pursue Happiness?  I meet so few today among those who espouse the liberal ideological philosophy of today that are happy and find it difficult to believe they are pursuing happiness.  When I am miserable, I tend to think that everyone else is too and find it difficult to see that I might be quite alone in my morass of depression.  It is when I look beyond myself, looking upward and outward that I realize that I too can find hope and happiness.

America if we are going to win this war we must look inward and address the condition of our own hearts.  We must return to God and accept the reality that everyone does not think the same, live the same, believe the same, or want the same things.  We can disagree without destroying those who disagree.  In a sense, it is “live and let live.”

I am praying for America and praying that we will awaken, first in the Church, and then in the nation and once again become the Republic that our Founders envisioned and hoped to perpetuate into perpetuity.  One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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