Before anyone breaks out the boiling oil, tar, and feathers and secures a rail sufficiently strong to hoist me upon, let me state THAT LIBERAL WAS NOT ME!  I cannot say that I have ever been a liberal in my views other than regarding charitable giving, in which I believe strongly in being liberal in our willingness to give to good causes and to the Kingdom of God. That would be personal giving not government handouts. 

I hope everyone read far enough to realize that the former liberal of which I speak is not me.  If you are still with me, I would like to address some of the political climate now existing in America and how it has, does, and will affect everyone.  That is a lofty objective and one that I may not attain but it is worthy of me giving the old college try. 

I have talked with numerous liberals, some still in the Democratic fold and some who have strayed from the plantation and there is unanimity in opinion on some things.  One is that the Left in America is not a homogenous entity but a blending of numerous factions.  They largely have adopted the Middle Eastern philosophy, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  Thus, they have worked with and even allowed the co-opting of their Party Platform by the avid activist on the Far Left to lead the way.  They almost all, have a disdain for anyone embracing conservative views or who follow advance Judeo-Christian values.  Therefore, those on the Far Left who hate us are deemed as welcome allies in their quest for power.

The unfortunate condition in America is that the Left has been hijacked by the purveyors of Democratic Socialism.  Those who are staunchly entrenched in the Marxist/Socialist philosophy are in control of the Party mechanisms and are driving the bus.  They have the singular objective of fundamentally transforming America into a socialist paradise.  Some of the traditional, more moderate liberals in the Party are beginning to realize that this agenda will swallow them up and eliminate their position and power.  However, they see no viable pathway to regain control of the Party.

If anyone was paying attention in the early and mid-1960’s they would have quickly realized that there was a hijacking underfoot and sought to use Martin Luther King, Jr. and the black community as useful tools in their objective.  Most failed to see that, and many still cannot embrace or admit that reality, but reality it is. 

The ultra-far left-liberals in the Democratic Party viewed blacks as useful and expendable foot soldiers for their cause.  They manipulated and beguiled them into believing they were the Party that truly cared about their plight.  If one researches the views of LBJ they would quickly realize that control was the objective not rectifying any perceived wrong.

The Uber Left have always viewed blacks and now Hispanics and any other ethnicity they can manipulate as people to be pitied, patted on the head, tossed an occasional bone, and used as their mascots.  They do not care about the needs of any of those groups. They care about power and control.  History reveals that it has been the Republican Party throughout our American history that has taken actions that have truly benefitted all ethnicities, not the Democrats.  But you never hear that from the media and will never hear it from the far-left activist professors in our institutions of higher learning.

Out of the civil rights and anti-establishment movements of the 1960’s came people such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and others.  Those activists of the 1960’s became educators, politicians, and have been allowed to shape the minds of our youth for decades.  They have successfully produced generations of mind-numbed activists who follow their leaders like children and rats followed the Pied Piper. 

According to the liberals that I spoke to, there is growing trepidation in their ranks over the direction of their beloved party.  Those who love Big Government but want to maintain Capitalism and most of our freedoms are waking up to the reality that their party has been hijacked but the Far-Left Activist.  They are realizing that their future, position, place, and power is becoming endangered and they too will be swallowed up by the destruction of those now in control of the agenda. 

Academia is in bed with the Far Left and is the source of advancing that philosophy and ideology.  The entertainment community is joined at the hip with the Far-Left Socialist Communist agenda and ideology.  Those in the Old Democratic Party who would prefer a somewhat more moderate approach to government are realizing that the handwriting is on the wall and their days are numbered too.  Many of them believe, as do I, that it is too late for the Democratic Party to return to any semblance of moderation.

Here is one of my great concerns: They win the White House, keep the House, and reclaim the Senate in 2020.  I pray that will not happen and am cautiously optimistic about our chances of winning all three, yet I have concerns.  The RINOs within the Republican Party, the Never Trump Advocates, and the Liberal Activist are seemingly traveling the same path and that is cause for concern.  The RINOs and Never Trumpers want him defeated and believe that the Democratic damage or control would be temporary.  IT WILL NOT BE!  Remember the 8 years of Barack Obama?  We may never recover from the damage done to our system of government.

One of the liberals and former liberals said, “I hope Trump wins in a landslide in 2020 and the Republicans reclaim the House and keep the Senate.”  I was surprised at that declaration and he explained his reasoning.  He said, “If that happens there is hope that the Democratic Party will realize its own failure and those who want to move more to the center will regain influence and control of the Party mechanism.”  In a very real sense that would mean a divorce within the Party by the Far Left and the Left.  It would be bloody and could mean the end of the Party or its resurgence in a position more palatable to millions of voters who would see them as an alternative. 

If the Republicans would follow Trump’s lead, they could relegate the Ultra Liberal Leftism to the trash heap of history.  Will they do that?  They haven’t thus far, so there is little reason to believe they will become wiser in 2020.  Trump has the unique ability to talk to and resonate with people from all spectrums of life.  He can communicate with those in what is deemed ‘flyover’ America, those in the urban centers, the rich and the poor.  Why?  Because Trump is Trump and can be nothing else and that strikes a chord of hope in many hearts.  They believe he means it when He says, “America First.”  Those in the African American, Hispanic, and other ethnic communities are beginning to awaken and see that his policies have been better for them than the age-old Democratic offerings.

The Republican Party has the unique and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to redefine its message and perception among the working class in America.  If they seize this opportunity and follow the lead of the President, we can see a new era of conservatism, constitutionalism, and Americanism well into the foreseeable future.   Will that happen?  That depends on you and me.  Therefore, I ask that you join me and the millions like me in ensuring a win for Trump and the Republicans in 2020 and beyond.

God bless you and God bless America!

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