ELECTION INTEGRITY – A Must for A Free America…

I believe it is vital for our survival as a Constitutional Republic to have legitimate elections.  The need for election integrity is not optional.  If we allow those who want to commit mass fraud in the upcoming and future elections to prevail, we will be shooting ourselves in the head.  It won’t be a wound to the foot, but a fatal shot to the head that will end our republic as we know it.  If you are okay with that, then the Democrats are your cup of tea.  I am adamantly opposed to losing our republic and believe that we must achieve and maintain integrity in our elections.

I would argue that one of the only ways we can achieve election integrity is voter IDs for every legitimate voter in America.  Other countries have this and those who argue that it disproportionately affects various ethnic groups, I say balderdash.  That is a lie being bandied about for political purposes hoping to engender support for the radical leftist’s cause of ‘fundamental transformation.’  The fallacious assertion of the Left must be debunked.  We must fight the current attempt to completely revamp our mode of elections.  If we fail, we will lose the White House, the Senate, and have no hope of recovering the House from the stranglehold of the followers of toxic liberalism.

The fabrication that requiring Voter IDs would result in fewer people being able to vote is ludicrous.  How many on Food Stamps or other government subsidies find it impossible to claim those benefits due to the requirement of a Photo ID?  None would be the correct answer.  In Alabama, which has mandatory voter ID, the black vote turned out in droves to elect Doug Jones in 2018. 

We must have Photo IDs to do many things in our daily lives, why should voting be different?  I have heard the argument that many, seniors do not have birth certificates and therefore cannot get an ID.  If that is true, how are they drawing Social Security?  I am not saying they all have birth certificates but that is not a preventative.  For one to legally drive on the streets of America we are required to have a driver’s license.

It is a requirement to have an ID to draw welfare benefits, purchase a firearm legally, get married, board an airplane, and in most cases to check into a hotel.  I’ve never obtained a loan, bought a car from a dealership, purchased insurance, or many other things in life without presenting my identification.  I find it strange that people function quite well in America obtaining and enjoying the many goods and services afforded us, but somehow a Voter ID would be detrimental and somehow racist. 

In America, we are supposed to have ‘one person one vote.’   That system must be preserved and protected else we open the door to massive voter fraud.  How better to determine a voter’s identity than with a valid Photo ID.  We know that there are documented cases of people registering in multiple states and voting multiple times.  A legitimate ID along with a nationally coordinated database would help reduce those incidents. 

Not only do I believe we need Voter ID, but we need to regularly and consistently purge the voter rolls of deceased people.  We need to ensure that those voting are legal citizens.  We need to ensure that those voting are not felons who have lost their voting rights.  Why would any American not support or desire Election Integrity?  That is easily answerable because they want to cheat or don’t mind cheating.

Some countries have a mandatory Voter ID.  Interestingly, some studies indicate that those countries are deemed to be more voter-friendly than the United States.  They require voter IDs, but we don’t, and they are more voter-friendly!  That is interesting.  Norway mandates that voters present a photo ID, including a passport, driving license, or bank card that includes a photo to vote.  In Northern Ireland, voters must present an ‘acceptable photo identification’ to vote.  Germany requires that voters have state-issued voter ID’s to vote.  Also, France, Israel, Mexico, India, and Iceland require voter ID. 

I read the transcript of a conversation between an election official in Greece and an American that exemplifies our problem and the fallacy of the argument against Voter ID.  The American citizen was filming a documentary and asked an election official, “Can I vote?”  The official said, “Not without a valid photo ID.”  The American said, “So you have to see proof that I am a citizen and who I claim to be to vote, right?”  The official said, “Of course!”  The American said, “Well, in America we don’t have to do that.”  The official was surprised and said, “You mean you can go to vote and not have an ID?”  He then said, “How can they know, you are the one you say you are?”  They can’t and that’s the problem!

Voter IDs have been adopted in numerous countries seeking to preserve election integrity.  They want to prevent fraud and multiple voting by individuals.  They realize that voter fraud is destructive to the integrity of their elections.  America has the greatest system of government known on the planet and we openly allow voter fraud by failing to take the needed steps to better ensure the integrity of our elections.

The latest move to have our elections conducted via ‘mail-in-ballot’ would virtually guarantee voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and ballot-box stuffing.  I don’t care if it is done in favor of the Democrat or the Republican, I want no part of it.  I want the election to be legitimate and whoever wins is the winner.  I may be unhappy with the outcome but if it is a true reflection of the sentiments of the legitimate voters, I will live with it.

The Democrats are using the fear generated through the COVID-19 pandemic to steal our elections.  I make that accusation without apology.  I can see where there would be some who are unable to vote in any other manner than via mail.  I am supportive of those people being able to legitimately vote.  I want safeguards to ensure that those votes are not votes by someone other than the person voting.  If Grandma is 95 and suffering dementia, I do not want son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter or anyone else filling out her ballot.  If she is no longer capable of making a reasoned and rational decision, she should not vote.  Just because she is alive does not mean that her family or some activist group can decide for her.  One person, one vote, not take the name of a person and cast a ballot for them.

Someone asked, “If President Trump signed an Executive Order making a law requiring voter ID would you support it?”  First, he cannot make a law, that would have to be passed by Congress and if it was a constitutional amendment it would have to be ratified by the states.  I doubt that an Executive Order would be constitutionally defendable.  This is a matter that the individual states must take up and any state that wants election integrity should move to enact such requirements.  It impedes no one from voting.  The state DMV’s issue ID’s and if a person is incapable of getting to the DMV, how are they getting to the poll to vote? 

I want everyone who is legitimate and takes the necessary steps to register to be able to vote.  I want Integrity in our Elections.  I did not like it when Barack Obama won but since it was deemed the result of a legitimate election, I dealt with it. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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