America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, you had a wonderful life. If anyone wants to see what America would look like had Clinton won or if Biden wins, look around you at the chaos, anarchy, and lawlessness.  If you, for one second, think all this will be reined in once the Democrats reclaim governing power, you are delusional.  You can attack me for that statement, but if you will read the rest of what I am going to present, you might, I did say might change your mind.

As many of you know, I pulled back from Facebook and other Social Media for a few days to pray for America, my wife, and attend to some things that needed care.  During that time of periods of fasting and much prayer, I believe I saw and heard in my heart a clarion call from Heaven for America.  You may or may not agree, and I cannot address all that I sense, see, and feel in this post but will speak to a few things and hopefully they will resonate inspiring you to Stand Up, Stand Against, and Stand Strong for Life, Liberty, and the ability to pursue Happiness.  I pray that you will see the dangers and join the throng of us who are beating the drums of warning. 

One of the things, that I will not adequately address is HATE.  I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the quickening in my heart that we MUST quell the hate and regain order if America is to survive.  Surrendering to hate will produce nothing but disaster and our need is not more government but less.  Our need is not more violence but less.  Our need is not the abandonment of our moral and biblical principles but returning to them and the retethering our moral mooring lines.

The old almost ancient movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” could serve as a reminder to us of what can be if we fail to stand for what is right and continue to do what we know to do regardless of the circumstances or opposition.  When we look around the globe at the countries that are embracing the views advocated by the Leftists, Marxists, Socialists, and the Anarchists we quickly see how inhumane those regimes are.  In those nations, people face shortages beyond belief and as in Venezuela, a once robust and relatively free nation has been plunged into abject poverty through the very economic and governmental desires of the Left in America. 

I am reminded of the words or warning of John Adams, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the law of God and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”  That is where we are in 2020 America and should Biden and the Democrats win in November, we are guaranteed the continuation and escalation of anarchy and should brace ourselves for the ensuing tyranny that will follow. 

The Democrats are using somewhat of a “Wag the Dog” effort to hide the deficiencies of their chosen candidate(s) and using smear tactics on all who resist their agenda.  The shenanigan actions with the A/G Barr by the Democrats should have every America shouting at their televisions for them to “Cease and Desist” but that is not happening.  Refusing to allow the accused to answer the accusations is a revelation that the charges are bogus, and the accusers fear being exposed if the accused is allowed to offer any defense. 

The devastation that is occurring in various Democrat-led cities in America should scream out a warning of the dangers of the Leftists Policies and the failure of Appeasement.   I was born but young during the Korean War. I served in Vietnam and I have watched the decline of our society toward a depraved condition.  In the 60’s when I graduated from High School and in the late 60’s served in Vietnam, I witnessed the depth and power of anarchy and wondered what the outcome would be in America. 

When I gave my heart to God and became a Christian in the very late 60’s, I was filled with hope that revival, restoration, and renewal would come.  I thought that what I had discovered in Jesus would be the healing balm of our world.  I found that not everyone is receptive to the Peace God offers but are filled with self to the point that Hate is more prevalent and powerful in their lives than Love.

I was stunned a few years ago when the Democratic National Convention booed God and have systematically sought to remove all mention of God and the Bible for the public square.  I wept when prayer, even silent prayer by individuals was banned in our schools, and the willingness to deny the opportunity of life to that innocent unborn soul in the womb.  Each decade, and now each year brings us nearer and nearer to a state of godlessness that is dangerous for our society.  You may not agree, but as a Christian, I believe that ONLY GOD can truly save this world and each of us.

When I look at what is happening in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and other localities in the United States, I tremble.  We are on the brink of an abyss of destruction from which we can never recover.  I am stunned at how many people still view what is happening as ‘peaceful’ and ‘justified’. 

I am stunned at how many people still view Biden and the Democrats as a better option than Trump.  Is hate for the man powerful enough to warrant the relinquishing of the Republic to tyrannical destruction?  I pray the answer is no and millions will awaken.  One of the things I heard in my heart to pray for was “Enlightenment of the Minds” of Americans and then that once we see the Truth we will “Gird up the loins of our minds for action.”  It takes more than seeing the problem to rectify it and preserve liberty, it takes action!

Now, the anarchist in Portland led by BLM are burning Bibles.  How can any believer or any American not be alarmed at that action?  That screams that this is not about police brutality, George Floyd, systemic or institutional racism but a desire to dismantle our Western Civilization and ‘fundamentally transform’ America into a Marxist nation with totalitarian governance.  Sadly, the factions within this unified effort all believe they will be the ones in control and that will produce more violence and anarchy.  America will cease to be if this succeeds.

How does burning a Bible protest the perceived or genuine racism by police or any other group?  In China, churches are being closed and Christians ordered to sign a pledge renouncing their faith.  Is that coming to America? Yes, if this is not stopped and if the Leftists are not stopped.

Let me insert the views of the German poet, in 1820, “Where they have burned books, they will end up burning people.”  I now ask you to remember what happened in Germany on May 10, 1933, where they burned more than 25,000 volumes in Berlin’s Opera Square.  That was presided over by the most intellectual of the Nazi leaders, Dr. Joseph Goebbels.  What happened during WWII under Hitler?  They built and used ovens to incinerate Jews, undesirables, and dissidents.  They will do the same in America if they are afforded the opportunity.

America, we either defeat the Leftist, Marxist, Socialist, Globalist, Progressives agenda or we sign our own death warrant.  You may not consider Donald John Trump, the 45th President, worthy of holding that office, but please consider what is at stake.  If you will look at the Big Picture and the Whole Body of Work, you just might change your mind.  Our Freedoms are at stake and our Republic needs her patriots to rise and defend her.

God bless you and God bless America!

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