As we celebrate the national holiday honoring our veterans, Veteran’s Day, it is with an awareness of the disdain many on the Left have for our military, I choose to honor and remember our American heroes.  I am a proud Vietnam Veteran.  You can think what you will of that war, but I served my country and defend my brothers in arms who served and fought.  I stand with my brothers and sisters in uniform who have and are serving, you are worthy of all the praise we can heap upon you.  Thank you for your service!

I would like to begin my tribute to our American heroes by mentioning some from the Revolutionary war.  We all know of George Washington’s leadership and exploits and the other more prominent figures of that era, so I will not focus on them.  However, there are some who are little known that contributed magnificently to the cause of Freedom and in our victory.

One such man was Henry Knox of Boston.  He was a teen-aged street brawler, and some have said, “fighting was in his blood.”  He was the co-founder of the Boston Grenadier Corps.  He studied extensively military tactics although he had no formal military education.  Knox was a key figure in the first victory by the colonist in the war and helped to force the British out of Boston. 

Knox was assigned the task of transporting cannons from Fort Ticonderoga some 300 miles overland in difficult winter terrain.  He used enormous ox-drawn sleds and moved the cannons to their strategic position at Dorchester Heights and forced the British to evacuate.  He seemed to have a unique knack for reading men and sensing ability others missed.  He managed the logistics for Washington’s crossing of the Delaware.  I salute you Henry Knox and thank you for your service and contribution to Freedom!

Most have heard of Nathanael Green but maybe you did not know that he was born a Quaker, raised a pacifist, and suffered from asthma.  He was from Rhode Island and denied election as an officer in the Kentish Guard militia that he helped to form in 1774 because he had a pronounced limp. 

George Washington saw something in him that others apparently did not see and appointed him the youngest brigadier general in the Continental Army in 1775 although he had not seen combat.  He experienced major successes at the battles of Trenton and Germantown.  Some believe that Washington would have wanted him to command the Continental Army had anything happened to Washington.  I salute you Nathanael Green and thank you for your service and contribution to Freedom!

Unfortunately, some do not know of the exploits of Alvin York in WW I.  He has been called WW I’s ‘greatest civilian soldier.’  He served despite the conflict in his heart as a conscientious objector.  He was a devout man from the small mountain town of Pall Mall, Tennessee. 

His request to be exempted from military service based on his religious beliefs was denied and in 1918. He was then transported to the front-lines with the 82nd Division of the U.S. Army.  On October 8, 1918, York’s incredible act of courage and valor took place.  He and his small band of brothers captured 132 German soldiers and he killed over 20 German soldiers forcing the Germans to surrender.  He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroics.  Sergeant York, I salute you and thank you for your service and contribution to Freedom! 

We would be remiss to fail to mention Henry Johnson, a black man, and the most famous member of the “Harlem Hellfighters.” This was an all-black National Guard unit among the first American forces to arrive in the European theater in WW I.  Initially, he and his fellow Hellfighters were assigned menial duties.

On May 14, 1918, Johnson and another Hellfighter, Needham Roberts, while serving sentry duty were attacked by 20 German soldiers.  Both were wounded in the battle and Roberts was so badly wounded he could no longer stand and fire but held his position with hand grenades and his rifle.  When Johnson saw that the Germans were attempting to capture Roberts drew his one remaining weapon, a bolo knife and slashed and stabbed the Germans until the retreated.  He suffered 21 wounds from gunfire and bayonets and those two men were awarded the Croix de Guerre, one of France’s highest military honors. 

Unfortunately, his stand was unrecognized and unrewarded by the U.S. Army until 1996 when he was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and later the Distinguished Cross in 2003.  Henry Johnson and Needham Roberts, I salute you and thank you for your service and contribution to Freedom!

When we remember WW II, we know the most famous names and they are deserving of all the honor they are given.  However, do we remember men like Lt. Colonel Matt Urban?  He was the most decorated American officer of the war and that is incredibly impressive.  He fought in seven campaigns and was wounded seven times.  He was so invincible the Germans called him “the ghost.” 

Lt. Colonel Urban won the Congressional Medal of Honor for ten acts of heroics and bravery during the Normandy campaign.  He took on multiple enemy tanks with a bazooka while walking on a cane because of a broken leg endured at the landing on Utah Beach.  He once broke out of the hospital, hitchhiked to the front, and immediately immersed himself in the conflict.  He found an abandoned tank and drove it toward the enemy line with no crew.  Lt. Colonel Urban, I salute you and thank you for your service and contribution to Freedom!

Another hero of that war was Master Sergeant Llewellyn Chilson called the “One Man Army.”  His heroics and bravery were amazing, and President Truman pinned seven medals on him after the war.  He was captured in Italy with three other soldiers and promptly escaped taking 40 prisoners with him.  He took an enemy hill in Southern France with 25 enemy soldiers on it and fighting on the Rhine in March 1945 he took out six German guns and vehicles, crawling from position to position blowing them up.  His unit killed, wounded, or captured over 200 German troops and liberated an entire town. Master Sergeant Chilson, I salute you and thank you for your service and your contribution to Freedom!

In considering the Vietnam War it would be appropriate to honor those whose names are on the Wall and those who never came home and are still listed as POWs or MIAs.  Another name worthy of honor is Major Drew Dix, the last of four men from Pueblo, Colorado, to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor and the first Special Forces soldier to receive that honor.

Dix was a Special Forces Staff Sergeant in 1968 and fought in the Tet Offensive on January 31, 1968.  I came home at the end of December 1967, so this is powerful for me.  He supervised a small group of South Vietnamese soldiers as they attacked the city of Chau Phu and faced two heavily armed Viet Cong battalions.  Dix systematically and, at times, singlehandedly, attacked multiple building, killing or driving out enemy forces and rescued fourteen civilians.  Over two days of fighting Dix and his small group of soldiers killed numerous Viet Cong and capture many more.  Major Nix, I salute you and thank you for your service, and your contribution to Freedom!

Others to be remembered and honored are Navy Lt. Thomas R. Norris and Petty Officer 3rd Class Nguyen Van Kiet.  Lt. Norris was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and Petty Officer Kiet the Silver Star.  On April 2, 1972, an EB-66 carrying Lt. Colonel Iceal Hambleton was shot down near the DMZ and in the middle of the North’s Easter Offensive.  Hamilton’s knowledge of critical information made him a high priority for rescue.  Air efforts only resulted in more losses and finally, a ground excursion was ordered.  The man in charge of this mission was Navy Seal, Lt. Thomas Norris and he led a five-man team into hostile territory and recovered another downed flyer Lt. Mark Clark the son of WWII General Mark Clark. 

Lt. Norris led a second mission and was unsuccessful in locating Hambleton and time was expiring on his dangerous and critical mission.  He was accompanied by only a Vietnamese Commando, Nguyen Van Kiet disguising themselves as fishermen and traveled deep into enemy territory.  They managed to locate Hambleton and rescued him.  As they were making their way back to their base in a small sampan they came under heavy fire, which Norris was able to neutralize by being eyes for a strategic airstrike.  Lt. Norris, I salute you and thank you for your service and your contribution to Freedom!

It would be impossible to list all the wars and heroes.  I apologize for not listing those from the Korean War and the more current wars and battles and the countless others deserving of mention.  On this Veteran’s Day, thank a Veteran and let them know you appreciate their contributions and sacrifices.  Also, thank the families of the Veterans for they too sacrificed.  But most importantly, thank God for allowing us to live in the Free Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America.  Thank God for Freedom and join the millions of us who are committed to fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Happy Veteran’s Day and God bless you and God bless America!


I use a line from Napoleon Xiv’s song of the 1960s, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away Hahaaa” in discussing the view of the Left toward us who do not march to their drummer and comply.  They believe that we are the scourge of the earth and need to be eradicated.  They do not just want to defeat us at the polls but annihilate us and rid the planet of our infectious disobedience to their mandate of subservience. 

Millions of us demonstrated our utter distaste for the politics of toxic liberalism in 2016. We refused to obediently vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton the presumptive favorite and heir apparent to take the mantle from Barack Hussein Obama.  She was their hope to achieve the total and complete ‘fundamental transformation’ of our Republic into a Leftist Tyranny that would last generations if not permanently.  We disappointed them!  No, we rebelled against them and that, to them, is worthy of a death sentence!  How dare we, the deplorable segment of society, fail to fulfill their expectations?  How dare we? 

They somewhat tolerated us when we elected George W. Bush over Al Gore and then over John Kerry.  They wanted to squash us like bugs then but realized they did not have the political clout to achieve that objective, so they waited.  Then, after years of painting George W as the devil himself and an inept warmonger, they preyed on the fears of America and gave us Barack Hussein Obama. 

Obama is referred to as the first black president but if I have my facts straight, his mother was white and his father black.  Would he not be the first half-black and half-white president, not simply the first black president? 

If white privilege is real, why did Obama opt to be identified as a black man, not a white man or a half-white man?  He, almost single-handedly, turned back the clock 50 years regarding race relations during his eight years as president. He repeatedly painted the police as the villains and defended any criminal or accused who were non-white.  His policies shipwrecked our economy, forced Obamacare down the throats of Americans and did incredible if not irreversible damage to healthcare in America.  He destroyed our relations with other nations and weakened our military to a dangerous level. 

Millions finally said, “Enough!”  When Donald Trump, almost miraculously, won the Republican nomination and then the election we crossed the proverbial line in the sand and that was the last straw for the Left.  The Left wanted our money through taxation, fees, fines, and regulations and when we gave Trump the White House, we presented a brief roadblock to their confiscation.  No, the Republicans have not reduced spending as we hoped, and as they promised, but taxation was reduced and that is a small silver lining behind the dark clouds of government tyranny. 

The Left has now determined that they want everything.  They want our guns, our money, our freedom, and our country.  They are not satisfied with simply winning the election they want Trump’s complete annihilation.  However, I believe that if they were to achieve that objective, we, the voters who did not line up with the Left’s mandate, would be next.  They continue to produce scurrilous allegations and accusers against Trump, and anyone associated with him.  The Media is a willing ally in this coup against America the Free Constitutional Republic. 

This Impeachment and Destruction quest they are on is not about finding the truth or supporting the Rule of Law.  It is to send a clear message to any future candidate who might be of the mold of Donald Trump, a non-politician who is willing to take on the Establishment and stand for America and Americans, don’t try.  They hope to damage him so much in the public view that if they win in 2020, they can claim their victory was a “Mandate from the People” to move toward Liberalism and Socialism.  We are clearly in the cross-hairs of their political sniper rifles. 

They are attempting to revoke our citizenship through the eradication of our borders.  They want to make us ‘citizens of the world’ and erase the national sovereignty of the Republic.  They will use voter fraud, lies, distortion, deception, and a 24/7/365 media blitz to achieve their goal. 

We already see in some cities and states the full force of Political Correctness.  Some terms are now deemed illegal such as, “illegal aliens” in New York.  They have gone insane in attacking ‘plastic straws’ while providing ‘sanctuary’ to illegals and criminals in California and other parts of the nation.  They want to achieve a full ‘gun ban’ and are working behind the scenes to achieve that objective through banks and other regulations preventing gun manufacturers or gun purchasers from obtaining loans.

They want our cars because cars represent freedom and they dare not leave us with any freedoms.  A Free People is not a controlled people and never doubt they want control.  They are deeming it unnecessary that any person has more than 300 square feet per person to live in.  They are targeting large private residences, except for their elitist hierarchy.  They are seeking to make energy and fuel for homes and automobiles so costly that we give up private homes and embrace public transportation. 

If it was just putting us in high-rise condominiums and making us use public transportation it would be bad, but it would not end there.  They would then determine where we could live, where we could travel and when as well as what doctors we could see, if any, and where we could work and as well as what we could eat.  Call me Chicken Little if you please but before you do read the Agenda 21 proposals of the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Objective. 

They are also targeting our Freedom of Religion. They are seeking to mandate that we violate our core religious convictions and interpretations of the Bible. Their desire is to force us into compliance and demand that we accept and facilitate lifestyles and actions that are anathema to our faith. 

They want our children and have been working to indoctrinate them for generations in public schools.  They will target home-schooling on the premise that it is counterproductive for people fully assimilating into society.  They will deem the lack of control over the curriculum dangerous and demand that the government mandate what is taught, how it is taught, when and where it is taught. 

Impeaching Donald John Trump is their shot across the bow to tell us to “Get in line with their mandate or else!”  I say, “NO!  Not without a fight!”  I believe in God, I stand by the Bible and will defend the Republic with my dying breath if necessary.  I have drawn my line in the sand and said, “No More!”  I will vote NO on the Democrats and reject their agenda.  I will vote for President Trump in 2020 as a vote for America!

God bless you and God bless America!


I have a suggestion for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) regarding America, American’s health care system, and Canada.  That suggestion is, “If it is that great in Canada and so bad in America you might want a change in your zip code.”  Seriously, if America’s system is, as he has said, ‘barbaric’ and Canada’s is ‘perfect’ then sir, since you live so near the border, why not simply move a little further North and your problems and frustrations will be over. 

Senator Sanders, if the Canadian System is Perfect and America’s System is broken beyond repair and if the America people continue to reject your radicalism why not consider my proposal.  I’m sure the Canadians would welcome you with open arms.  Well, maybe, but I suspect that after a bit of your irrational ranting and diatribe you might find that your brand of radicalism not fully embraced among our neighbors to the North.  I could be wrong and only by your moving there could we know for certain, so amuse us and do it.

The factual data reveals that Senator Sanders’ view of Canada compared to America is inaccurate.  Patients like his mother fare much worse in Canada than in the United States.  Health Care in the Canadian style system embodies lengthy delays and even denials of care. 

That is one of the reasons that Canadians who can afford to do so, come to the United States for treatment.  The factual data reveals that Canadians cannot ‘just go to the doctor whenever they want to and not have to take out their wallets’. That view is factually inaccurate.  The data from last year reveals that the median wait to see a specialist after seeing the general practitioner in Canada was 20 weeks.  That was disclosed by the Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based think tank.  It is even worse in some provinces and many, wait over 40 weeks.  Does that sound perfect?

Imagine a system where a person is doomed to wait for months to see a specialist, but their condition prevents them from working.  If they do not have disability insurance, they could be forced to forego thousands of dollars in income.  Some research has revealed that the ‘wait times’ in Canada cost Canadians $2.1 billion Canadian dollars in 2018.  Does that sound perfect? 

We know from health reports here in the USA that many Canadians, due to the direness of their illness, sometimes life-threatening, pay out of pocket for treatment here.  They go to other parts of the world as well fighting to ‘stay alive’ while their prefect system withholds treatment due to ‘wait times’. 

Senator Sanders, before you tout the Perfectness of that system and the Barbaric nature of our system come into the present.  I suggest that you stop viewing everything regarding health care through the eyes of your childhood.  I suggest that you realize that your personal experience does not equate to the experience of everyone and is not indicative of what others experience.

Senator Sanders, I can appreciate your dismay and disappointment over the fact that your mother and your family could not afford her care.  I can appreciate the fact that losing your mother at a young age was traumatic.  I can appreciate your desire and belief that there is a better way and want to see it implemented.  But, sir, I suggest that you get your facts straight before you launch into an attempt to obliterate our system of finance and health care. 

Senator Sanders, do you not realize that the ‘Free Health Care’ of Canada is paid for through the taxation of the people?  Reports are that Canadians pay more than $4,500 Canadian dollars for a single adult and over $13,300 CDN for an average family of four.  That was the numbers in 2018 and I suspect it will grow worse in the coming years.  Is that Perfect and how does that make America’s system Barbaric? 

Not only do they have to pay, the delays or lengthy, but Canada is losing doctors and the data from 2018 was that they had fewer than three doctors and fewer than three hospital beds for every 1,000 residents.  Does that sound perfect?  They have less than 16 CT Scanners for every one million people.  The United States has about three times that number.  Scanners that can detect and help diagnose many diseases, including cancer. 

There are numerous reports of people in Canada experiencing incredible pain. They had requested colonoscopies, CT Scans, etc. but were delayed until the disease has spread to the point it was inoperable and they were doomed to die for lack of early and proper treatment.  Does that sound perfect? 

I read of a woman in Canada, Sharon Shemblaw, a 46-year-old mother of three from Ontario who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in August 2015.  The doctors told her that a stem-cell transplant would give her an 80% chance of survival.  Her local hospital did not have the resources to treat her.  She sought treatment in the United States, but by the time she got to Buffalo, New York the disease had progressed to the point it was too late. 

Our system is not perfect and needs adjustments, but it is among the best in the world.  Medicare for All or any Government-Run Health Care System transfers the decision making from the patient and his/her doctor and places it in the hands of bureaucrats or politicians. 

I have Medicare because I have no other viable alternative.  I live with the constant concern that the politicians will render begin to mandate that Medicare ‘not pay’ for various care or insist on ‘delays’ and ‘denials’ for certain care at certain a certain age.  I am thankful that we have the system we have, warts and all.  Medication is, at times, almost extortion, but at least I can still get care when I need care, and from the doctor I desire.

So, Senator Sanders if you hate our system so much and you are once again rejected, maybe Canada is a good option for you.  Let me throw in this little addendum and say to the Robert De Niro’s of America.  Why don’t you go to one of the countries that are under the thumb of a Tyrant and Dictator and use your potty mouth to trash him? 

I know why because you know that you would last about 30-seconds before being carted off to jail if not executed on the spot.  Everyone, please stop trashing America and let’s unite in prayer and in a genuine effort to ‘Make America Great Again.’  We have been and can be again.  We have problems but they are not impossible to overcome.  United we stand, divided we fall.

God bless you and God bless America!


That’s my question for the Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents, the Libertarians, and all others in politics today.  Which is truly your objective regarding the Constitution, protecting and defending or shredding and rescinding?  I am not interested in the rhetoric of politicians because too frequently their words and deeds do not properly or logically align.  Therefore, I ask every politician to respect the American people and tell us the truth, if that is possible considering your Political DNA.

There are a million things we could address to illustrate why that question needs to be asked, but let’s address one item and if time and space permit others. Nancy Pelosi has argued that “Impeaching Trump” was worth losing the House of Representatives over.  I do not believe she believes that will happen to them but wanted to sound like a defender of the Republic.

In my view, she was attempting to appear to the voters as one being deeply concerned about the Constitution and Rule of Law. However, she and the Democrats have trampled on those principles and that document so extensively her assertions are laughable. Her assertions are so ludicrous (how much they care) that no rational human being should take her seriously.  She and they are hoping to sway enough voters to their side of the electoral ledger to win in 2020 not out of genuine concern for the Constitution, America, or the Rule of Law.  It is still about Power and Reversing an Election they did not like of a candidate they detest. 

But Impeachment is not the topic I wish to use to address and attempt to articulate my concerns over. I want to address the attitude of politicians of all stripes regarding our Republic and our Constitution.  Each of them took an oath to ‘Protect and Defend’ that document.  Yet, some of those taking that oath is openly in opposition to it and want it ignored, shredded, or rescinded.  I state that based on their own words and the agendas they are advancing.  If you respect and honor the American Constitution, why pursue agendas that are in direct contradiction of it? 

Two of the three leading Democratic hopefuls, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both hinging their campaigns, in a great measure, on what is called a “Wealth Tax.”  They are both wealthy and know that they will escape the crunch of any taxes they impose but that is not my issue.  They are seeking to engender sympathy for their cause by preying on and playing on the jealousy, envy, greed, and anger of those not wealthy.  They are hoping to endear themselves to those who do not have a mountain of cash and fan the flames of the thirst for punishing the rich and making them pay. 

I have long wondered if a “Federal Wealth Tax” is constitutional.  Since, I believe that many of the taxes imposed including the ‘income tax’ is not, I’m sure that you know where I stand on that issue.  Let me walkthrough, as best I can or as briefly as I can, their proposals and try to bring Constitutional Light on the matter allowing you to make your own decision.

Senator Warren the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts has advanced a proposal and plan to impose a 2% tax on individuals worth more than $50 Million, and 3% on Billionaires.  Before you argue that is not much, let’s dig a little deeper.  Is it Constitutional?  It doesn’t matter if it is a low percentage, above and beyond what they already pay in taxes, if it is not Constitutional then it is not Constitutional!  End of Story!  Two prominent law scholars wrote letters stating that their legal view is that it violates the Constitution to seek to create what is being called the “Ultra-Millionaire Tax.”

Senator Bernie Sanders the ‘Independent’ from Vermont has tried to coerce economists to back his plan that advanced a 1% tax on married couples worth $32 Million.  His tax plan included a progression to 8% on wealth over $10 Billion.  Again, you may say, “But that is not a large percentage on such wealth.”  But, is it Constitutional? 

Under the Constitution, Congress has the power to impose direct taxes under the rule of apportionment.  That was to ensure impartial federal treatment of states by requiring the government to levy taxes in a manner that affords an equal amount collected in each state.  Does this do that?  That authority to tax originated in the ‘compromise’ between the slave-holding states and the non-slave holding states.  This was designed to prevent the North from imposing a ‘head tax’ on slaves because that could not be apportioned equally across all states.

The 16th Amendment opens the door to what is viewed as a bypass of the apportionment requirement.  That means that Congress, under that view, would no longer have to ensure equal treatment if the direct tax is an “Income Tax.”  Nice way to rescind the Constitution and violate the Intent of our predecessors, but that’s where we are.

But is a ‘Wealth Tax’ an ‘Income Tax’?  That’s where the rub comes for many legal scholars.  It would appear that in most cases it would be a ‘direct tax’ not an ‘income tax’ and require apportionment, making it Unconstitutional.  It has been suggested that Congress will attempt to side-step the Constitution and the apportionment required by writing the law in such a manner as to make this an income tax.  How?  They will add a provision in the current tax code to “tax assumed fixed annual return from the measurement of household wealth.”  Assumed? More legal mumbo jumbo to confuse and allow them to shred the Constitution. 

If this transpired before the Democrats could pack the Supreme Court, it would likely be a 5-4 vote with Chief Justice John Roberts being the deciding vote.  Do you trust him?  I do not!

If we recall the Obamacare debacle and how the Supreme Court lead by Roberts imposed a ‘tax’ on citizens without following the apportionment, you see the danger.  They relied heavily on the 1796 (Hylton v. United States) decision that ultimately found a tax on carriages was not a direct tax and therefore did not violate the Constitution.  Under that hypothetical tax, the tax rate in the State of Virginia would have to be 10 times higher than that in the State of New York because New York had 10 times more carriages per capita than Virginia.  They took the stance that any tax that is not reasonably apportioned is not a direct tax.  How’s that for virtually rewriting the Constitution to whatever you want it to be?

A law professor from the University of Texas, Calvin Johnson argues in favor of the “Ultra-Wealth Tax” of Sanders and Warren.  He has stated, “Apportionment is part of a rational scheme to apportion taxes to reach wealth, and if the apportionment does not function that way, its range ends and the tax is not ‘direct tax’.” 

Wow, I guess that means, go ahead Congress and Supreme Court shred and rescind the Constitution because what you are attempting to do cannot be enacted in equal apportionment.  That opens the door for the imposition of any tax they desire and allows them to confiscate our money and after that who knows what.   I not only oppose the Plan because it is wrong, unconstitutional, violates the intent of our Founders and predecessors, but it will damage our economy and cause more money to leave our shores rather than fill the federal coffers.  Please reject the Leftists in November 2020.

May God bless you and God bless America!


For those who believe that anyone who says that the “Left is at war with family values, Christianity, conservatism, the Constitution, Free Market Capitalism, and the Republic as established by our founders” is a Conspiracist, I protest!  I believe that if anyone honestly considers the agenda, the rhetoric, the actions of Obama and going back to LBJ and denies that there is an attempted Purge by the Democrats, you are engaging in willful blindness.  Now, that I have stirred up the hornet’s nest of Political Correctness and set off the alarms in the PC Police Headquarters, let me continue.

The Democrats have, for almost 4-years, attempted to paint Donald J. Trump as a “Mafia Boss” and his family a crime family.  Imagine that, a crime family, when the likes of the Clinton Family, the Obama Family, the Biden Family, the Cummings Family, the Waters Family, the Pelosi Family, the Feinstein Family, and countless other Democrats have and are engaging in shady dealings if not illegal activity.  But that is the modus operandi of the Left.  The Left projects on the Right what they are, have and will do if given the opportunity.

The Media, Academia, Hollywood, and the national Democrats have openly engaged in actions and advanced agendas that clearly reveal that Christianity, Conservatism, Constitutionalism, Capitalism, and Patriotism are all anathema to them.  I recall clearly the Democrats voting God out of the national platform and even booing Him at their convention. 

They have made a god out of abortion and worship at the shrine of liberalism even when that worship damages the Republic.  It is their way or the highway and if you object you immediately become a racist, xenophobe, misogynist or some suffer from some other phobia.  They play those cards rather than engage in factual intellectual discussion. 

They have moved from our judicial staple of “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty even if you prove your innocence” when it comes to anyone on the opposing side of the issue.  They also follow the idea that any Democrat, unless deemed expendable is “Innocent even if proven guilty.” 

If you cannot see the earmarks of a Purge you must not be seeing what is happening and are what Rush Limbaugh has termed, a “low information voter.”  Facts are stubborn things and while I do not defend the Right on some issues because they too are wrong, at times. However, the Right is not waging war on our Freedom of Speech, the Right to Life, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and our other Inalienable Rights.  The actions of the Left look like a Purge!

There needs to be a Purge in Washington, DC.  That goes without saying, but the Purge is not those of us who disagree with the Left or even many on the Left who disagree with us on the Right.  No, the Purge needs to come within Congress, the Courts, the Intelligence Community, the Bureaucracy, Academia, and the Press.  We need a Purge and that Purge needs to be expansive and enacted speedily! 

When the Democrats can defend the violence of ANTIFA and various groups that beat down people who openly support the President such as attending a Trump rally or wearing a MAGA hat, my concern grows.  When those in Academia, Hollywood, the Media, Politics, and elsewhere can insist that those attacking Conservatives and Trump supporters are exhibiting ‘justified anger’, my concern grows.  When Colleges and Universities, as well as Public Schools, can silence anyone and anything Conservative but allow open access to the other side, my concern grows.

The Purge was exemplified under Barack Obama when he insisted that Islam be defended while attacking Christianity.  The oddity of that was he claimed to be a Christian, but then, a significant number of nationally know ministers agree with him. 

Obama equated the Crusades as the real picture of Christianity rather than a period in history.  He ignored the clear teaching of Islam that call for murder, assignation, rape, incest, and other dire actions for anyone not agreeing with there doctrine.  He ignored the clear teachings of the Bible and reports are that he became infuriated if anyone in his White House spoke negatively of any Islamist.

His Attorney General Loretta Lynch, threatened to prosecute anyone speaking negatively of Islam.  He refused to call the terrorist Islamic Terrorist and shifted from calling a particular brand of terrorist ISIS to ISIL.  He demonstrated his dislike for Israel and especially Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to force Israel to place herself in an untenable position with the Palestinians.  On the other hand, he funneled large sums of cash and aid to terrorist or terrorist-sponsoring nations such as Iran.  He quickly condemned the police and all on the Right without facts simply based on the skin color of the perpetrators of whatever crime had transpired.

We have witnessed pressure on TV Programs to become interracial, include homosexual couples, and have pro-abortion messages or be forced off the air.  We have seen the targeting of sports teams, churches, and conservative businesses if they do not openly embrace the agenda of the Left.  They encourage boycotts but if anyone on the Right seeks to engage in push-back, they attempt to bring the full force and weight of government and regulatory arms of government down on those people or businesses.  That smacks of a Purge and a War!

Progressive educators have, for decades, been seeking to brainwash the pliable minds of the young.  We have seen the rewriting of our textbooks, the purging and sanitizing of our history because someone on the Left found it offensive.  When you have generations of people who have never been taught the truth and facts, they assume that whatever their instructors are telling them is ‘law and gospel.’ 

The Global Warming Activist has launched a worldwide effort to ban all fossil fuels regardless of the lack of evidence as to any damage coming from them.  Irrespective of the loss of jobs, the destruction of lives and families, and the crippling of our economy they push forward.  They call it ‘settled science’ when the science they quote is anything but settled and often based on computer-generated models.  Models are only as good as the algorithms or input by the programmers.  That is far from settled science.  They disregard God in everything. 

Our President and our Republic need our prayers and support.  I am asking you seriously and earnestly pray for him and the nation.  We are facing a critical juncture and crossroads in our nation in 2020.  If we lose this election, we will witness the exponential advancement of liberal destruction.  We may never recover, and I believe will not recover short of a miracle of God.

God bless you and God bless America!


How did we reach the place in our beloved America where partisan politics, ideological differences, and personality clashes divided have us irrevocably? How did it happen?  Why did it happen?  Is there anything that can be done to rectify the situation?  Questions that need answers.

I’m not sure I can answer the first question of how, but I do believe I know much of the why.  As to the third question, I’m not sure that anything short of a divine intervention can cure what ails America and Americans today.  That may sound as if I am throwing in the towel and giving up, be assured I am not!  I cannot and will not give up for multiple reasons. 

I am committed to fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom and America as long as I draw breath.  I am committed to fighting for my Faith in God.  I am committed to fighting for Freedom because of my love for America.  I am committed to fighting for Freedom in the interest of my children, grandchildren, and all of humanity.  If we quit all is lost but if we continue even against all odds, there remains hope and I will remain hopeful.

I am disturbed by those who call themselves conservatives, Constitutionalist and Patriots who are so adamantly filled with hate for the current president they are willing to facilitate a Democrat victory.  It is one thing to be unwilling to vote for a candidate but to vote for the other side is unconscionable to me. One can argue that are standing on principle to oppose a candidate and that is fine. However, that argument and assertion falls by the wayside if they then vote for a candidate on the other side that embraces everything their principles oppose.

The position and condition of those mentioned disturb me as much, if not more than the devoted leftists who follow the marching orders of liberalism and the blindness embodied in that ideological position.  What caused this mindset?  What prompted their full-blown hate? 

I know that I will be called names by some who are convinced that Trump is Lucifer incarnate and the epitome of ultimate evil.  I will be called a Trump Cultists, a minion, a Trump-bot, or some other name because I question their hate, but I do.  I am not a worshipper of any man, including President Donald J. Trump.  I worship God alone and not man, money, or power.

I do question the president when I believe he is wrong and taking a direction that is bad or unwise for America.  There are times when I cringe, at his verbiage and way of handling certain situations.  However, when I look at the big picture, which is vital, I ask myself a number of questions. The answers to those questions solidify my willingness to vote against the Leftist.

We need to ask ourselves are we better off now than we were under Barack H. Obama?  Would we be better off if Hillary Clinton was in the White House?  Is the direction of the economy, border security, national security, and the defense of our freedoms and liberties more protected or less protected than under Obama or would be if we allowed the implementation of the the agenda of the Democrats?  Are the courts becoming more constitutional or less?  Is the Constitution being defended and protected better than it was under Obama or in the agenda of the Democrats?  I think you know my answer and hopefully, you came to the same conclusions.

I refuse to allow personality to be the deciding factor in who I vote for to be the President of this Republic.  If I did, I would have refused to vote in many of the previous elections, not liking either side’s candidate.  However, I always endeavor to carefully consider how can we best survive and even hope to thrive?  Which candidate will better facilitate the advancement and progress toward the betterment of the Republic and best position her to remain strong and free?  I have yet to find a Democrat that I could give that recognition to, therefore, I vote against them as much as voting for the other candidate in many elections.

The blinders of those following the toxicity of liberalism, the media, Hollywood, virtually all the national Democrats in Washington, many of Academia, and other groups is alarming.  The media’s hypocrisy in the Ukraine imbroglio is beyond belief.  They ignore Biden, Clinton, and Democrats and seek to destroy Trump with fallacious charges emboldened by emotion. 

The media and all those aforementioned groups ignored Obama’s pledge to Putin that he would be more ‘flexible’ after his second election and try to destroy Trump with a falsified dossier and Russian collusion charges.  Obama obstructed justice on numerous occasions and Hillary violated the law repeatedly as Secretary of State but when Trump does his job, he is an evil villain. 

Obama gave kickbacks to unions, used taxpayer funds to reward political contributors such as Solyndra, and the Clinton’s amassed huge piles of cash from foreign governments through the family foundation.  Russia received Uranium for their generosity.  Obama funneled over $1 Billion of our tax dollars to Iran which helped them continue their terrorism and drug smuggling operations worldwide. 

Those are only the tip of the iceberg of political scandals by the Democrats and how anyone with a hint of love for America and belief in moral sanity could be willing to allow them back in power is beyond me. 

Call me whatever makes you feel good about yourself because of my opposition to the Left and my support for the President.  Accuse me of abandoning my convictions, my principles, my faith if that makes you feel more pious.  Accuse me of being a mindless puppet of Trump, a cultist, a bot with no mind, a minion if it makes you feel more knowledgeable and patriotic.  I am fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in the best way I know how and through what I believe in my heart. 

I believe that America’s survival depends on defeating the toxicity of liberalism being advanced by the Left.  I believe that America’s future will be defined and determined by whether we defeat the Socialist or not.  I see no way of defeating them if we do not unite and stand behind the President in 2020.  Yes, he is a flawed candidate with ‘kinks in his armor’ but which of us are not flawed and don’t have a few ‘kinks in our armor?’  He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. 

We are fighting for America and this is not a personality contest it is a fight for survival.  So, I ask you to lay aside your personality preferences and consider what is at stake.  Vote No on the Liberal Leftists in 2020, Please!

God bless you and God bless America!


Wish what, Roy?  That the media, the donkeys, the liberals, the Leftists, the Socialists that make up the new Democratic party or maybe not so new were only being duplicitous in the ‘double standard.’  What?  More than duplicitous?  Yes, it is diabolical, at least those leading the charge are driven by forces beyond the human realm.  No, I am not looking for a demon under every rock or in every political candidate, but what I see is far beyond a simple ‘double standard’ it is malicious evil. 

Their refusal to accept the 2016 election of Donald John Trump as the 45th President of these United States unveiled the depth of their duplicitousness and dishonesty.  It revealed the depth of their depravity and their disrespect for the Constitution and our System of Government.  It revealed their true colors in a way that even a blind man could see them as more than mere hypocrites but instruments of destruction.  Yes, that is a strong opinion, but one that I believe is factually verifiable.

If the Democrats in Congress, the Media, Hollywood, and other agencies of our Government had not been on a non-stop assault against President Trump for over three years, I might give some of their allegations more serious consideration.  But, since they have been on what can only be viewed as a coup and a witch hunt, I view their charges with a ‘ho-hum’ attitude and see them as ‘sour grapes’.  Their antics and action cannot be explained by simply calling hypocritical.  The destruction in the fruit of their plantings and rantings is diabolical.

There is clear evidence of a “Trump Derangement Syndrome” existing in the Democrats and far too many who identify as conservatives and constitutionalists.  No, not ‘Derangement in Trump’ but in those who hate him.  He occupies their thoughts 24/7/365 and their quest to destroy him knows no bounds.  I found virtually everything about Barack Obama’s character and politics disgusting.  But I refused to allow him to occupy my mind every waking moment.  I refused, to deny that he won the election.  I did not say there was no fraud or illegalities, but it happened, and I dealt with it not once but twice for eight very long years.  That is not the case with the afflicted with “TDS”.

If Trump does or says anything and I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G the Democrats go berserk.  If he does something that their party or Obama got praised for, he is evil, and they are righteous.  They were for building a wall on the southern border until he became president.  They were for pulling out of the Middle-East until he took a small body of troops out of Syria.  It does not matter what he says or does, they are committed to hating it, decrying it, and fighting it. 

When the Democrats take a position against Trump and offer some of the same criticisms the Republicans issued against Obama the media praises them.  But, when Trump issues a statement about any Democrat or any Democratic Policy he must be branded a fool, a racist, and an eternal miscreant.  The Democrats are called ‘brave’ for their attacks and Republicans were racists in theirs.  The same criticisms but one considered brave and honorable and the other is diabolical, racist, and bigoted.  I wish I could call that mere hypocrisy, but I believe it goes to the condition of the heart and soul and not just some political jockeying.

When former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stuck her finger in the face of Barack Obama she was vilified as being rude and racist.  But, when Nancy Pelosi sticks her finger in the face of Donald Trump, she is called brave, honorable, and a fighter for America and Freedom.  Someone said, “If it weren’t for double standards, the media wouldn’t have any standards at all.”  That is true also for the Democrats in Washington.

The systematic and orchestrated disruption and division of our nation that is being pushed by the Democrats and organizations such as those funded and founded by George Soros is more than hypocritical it is diabolical.  I wish I could say that their political positions, agendas, and proposals were simply misguided views.  I cannot, because I see some of them so destructive and beyond the scope of human reason, I can only presume they came from a source far more diabolical and devious than any human mind could formulate. 

You may find the inclusion of the demonic and hellish influence in my argument objectionable and that is your choice.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the Bible.  I believe God is real and so is the ultimate evil, Lucifer himself, the devil.  I believe that the enemy of man’s soul, the devil, would like nothing better than to destroy America.  Why?  One of the reasons is the Freedom of Expression and our ability to advance the Gospel Freely.  Democrats such as Robert Frances O’Rourke, who says what he thinks and what the rest of them believe, would destroy our Religious Freedom and seen Christians into the shadows.  That cannot be attributed to hypocrisy but something far more sinister.

I am praying for America and deeply concerned that on a national level too many Christians and Preachers have been deceived and are unable or unwilling to stand against the evil that is pervasive today.  I am praying for a renewal of moral principles, a restoration of the traditional family and parental authority and responsibility.  I am praying for America to remain the Free Constitutional Republic we were given over 240 years ago.  I am praying for civility and sanity to find a rebirth in the hearts of all Americans and the ability and willingness to listen to each other restored.  I am praying for God’s Mercy!

I believe that many on the Left, the rank and file, also love America.  I believe that many of them love God and want America to be the best she can be.  I also believe they are misguided, mistaken, misinformed, and have fallen prey to the diabolical scheme of evil that is being given power.  May we wake up before we lose the Republic and everyone on both sides of the aisle suffers. 

God bless you and God bless America!