BLOG POST 1 - Dollars

I can understand why the Swamp dwellers are infuriated with the proposed budget of President Trump, it siphons off much of their graft and limits their ability to bribe and extort.  Is it a perfect budget?  HARDLY, but it is a beginning and one that we have not seen in a long time, if ever.  It is a budget that takes the campaign promises and proposed policies and translates them into real $$$ so that everyone can see.  It shifts the needle from foreign entitlements, wasteful bureaucracies, and needless spending to those areas that make America safe and will help make America prosperous again.  It is, truly, a budget that puts America first.  I said AMERICA not factions within America, but AMERICA!

I have been appalled year after year at the weak-willed, big government mentality of the Republicans on matters of spending that make them almost indistinguishable from the Democrats.  Those in positions of power realize that they need MONEY to continue their quest for position and power.  The elitist professional politicians are interested in permanence in office not perpetuating the American Dream and Purpose.  They were elected by people who expected them to REPRESENT those voting for them, but they quickly reveal the constituents are not the focus POWER is.  They do not understand or believe they are in Public Service and thereby Public Servants, they believe they KNOW BETTER and have a right to ARBITRARY POWER.  We must develop the resolve to show them they are wrong, otherwise, we will continue down the path of “Government by the Elitist, for the Elitist, and of the Elitist” rather than “Of the People, for the People, and by the People.”  WHICH DO YOU PREFER?

Few, in Washington, were sufficiently alarmed by the $10 TRILLION increase in our debt under Barack Obama.  Had they been, they would have taken the austere measures that are now required to move us toward fiscal sanity.  They did not, but rather kicked the can down the road, danced without paying the piper, and now the bill has come due.  Donald Trump will be the villain and a virtual Darth Vader or Lucifer himself for his proposals but someone must man up to the task.  Those who have been succored and become addicted to the ENTITLEMENT flow of cash and services will scream the loudest.  The Democrats will paint Trump and the Republicans as HATERS of all that is good, INSENSITIVE, and HEARTLESS.  Those affected will agree with them without considering the overall picture of where we are and what we must do to survive fiscally as a nation.  If we do not deal with the problem the problem will consume us.  IT IS OUR CHOICE!

The proposed budget, that will be altered and amended in Congress proposes some whopping but much needed cuts including a 29% cut in the State Department budget that will deal with FOREIGN ENTITLEMENTS where we have attempted for years to buy friends.  That has not, does not, and will not work.  I am a proponent of ZERO BASED BUDGETING where everything is on the table and begins at ZERO and we commit to any program what is truly deemed necessary and eliminate duplication and waste, as much as is possible.  There is a 21% cut in the Department of Agriculture and Labor and while I do not know all the specifics in those departments I know there is pork, and entitlements inserted in their budgets as well as incredible waste.  Therefore, I am okay with cutting where cuts need to be made.  There is an 18% cut to the budget of Health and Human Services, and that is probably a reasonable cut with the waste, duplication, and bad spending that has produced little to no results.  Then there is a 31% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency which has, over the past few years, become a weapon used to stifle American industry and thereby do damage to the American people.  Do we need to protect our environment?  YES, but in a reasonable manner.  We cannot allow the ineptitude and machinations of that department strangle economic growth and place human beings at the bottom of the food chain of life.

The Trump budget increases spending for Defense, which we need with the depletion of our military over the past 8 years.  It increases the budgets of Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, and programs such as school choice.  The atrocities of the VA and the need to care for our veterans is, in my view, without argument.  If we ask men and women to place themselves in harm’s way to protect and defend us we should be committed to caring for them in their time of need.  Our Homeland is under constant threat from Islamic jihadist and others who desire to dismantle, disrupt, and destroy our Constitutional Republic.  We need more border security, more personnel and equipment to ensure the safety of America and Americans, so I am in agreement with increasing the budget for Homeland providing it is not wasted and used in duplicate spending that is senseless.  We have failed in our dumping billions into the inner cities and failing public schools, therefore we should take those funds or portions of them and offer an opportunity for better choice in education for ALL AMERICANS.  I do not say that all public schools are failing but many are and when people are allowed to reach for a better education their world dramatically changes and that is good for America.

The Swamp dwellers will rail against any efforts such as this budget and the incessant rhetoric and vitriol will flow like a rushing river.  I pray that the President and his team are not deterred by the outcries and accusations and will continue striving to fulfill the campaign promises and truly place America first again.  Why fund the United Nations when it is opposed to virtually all that American has stood for and stands for?  Why provide monies to nations that support, sponsor, or refuse to confront terrorism?  Why provide funds for graft, corruption, cronyism, and greed when there are millions of Americans hurting and needing a window of opportunity and a breath of hope?  WHY?  Only to facilitate the professional political elite in their quest for power can explain it not justify it.  THAT I DO NOT SUPPORT, so I want us to do some serious belt-tightening in Washington and move to reducing the debt and deficit.  Even with these cuts, the federal budget will grow from $4 TRILLION to $5 TRILLION in a decade.  This is assuredly not a starvation budget because the Big Government will continue to become larger even with this type of austere budgeting.  Imagine what it would do without it?

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire! 


THE MEDIA’S SPIN – – “Obama Good, Trump Bad…”

BLOG POST 3 - Media Spin

That is very simplistic but accurately sums up how the media contrasts the beginnings of those two presidents.  One of the guiltiest revisionists in the media is the New York Times, which is without question a major mouthpiece of the Leftist Democrats in America.  They released a recent article declaring that Barack Obama was handed a colossal mess but handed Donald Trump incredibly low unemployment, relative quite around the world, and an economy that was strong.  I wonder what world they were referring to, but I don’t want to be too cynical.

The Times, as have the Democrats, shouted from the rooftop that when Barack Obama was sworn in as President we were losing upwards of 700,000 jobs per month, the financial system was about to collapse, and the world was in shambles.  They claim that by the time he gave his first speech to the joint session of Congress he had righted most of those wrongs and turned things around.  I wonder what world they are referring to, but again I must guard against cynicism.  They credited him with the passage of a stimulus bill through the Democrat-controlled Congress, passing a gender pay parity act, an inspirational children’s health insurance law, and issued executive orders that would result in the stabilization the financial woes of the auto industry.  He, they said, was facing a second Great Depression rivaled only by the original Great Depression and he went to the podium unifying the country.  Again, I wonder what country they are referring to, and this time I can’t help my cynicism.

If you examine the facts, you will discover that the GDP numbers reported by “Macroeconomic Advisers” indicate that the economy had begun to stabilize BEFORE Obama took office.  Wait, that can’t be possible because after all we must blame Bush and that would strip us of that ability.  They reported that the worst monthly declines were in the rearview mirror and the recession was deemed to have ended five months into his presidency but long before any of his actions could have taken effect.  WOW!  He can’t get the credit and Bush can’t get the total blame, so what shall we do?  I read that economist Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi have credited the $700 billion TARP program, signed into law by George W. Bush and the aggressive action by the FED in 2008 as being, “substantially more powerful in bringing the recession to an end than anything done by Barack H. Obama.”  Oops, we must delete that for it will not neatly fit into the leftist narrative of the miracle-working powers of Mr. Obama.

Regarding the disastrous Stimulus Package of Mr. Obama, it did virtually nothing to turn the economy around but was a grand gift to the Democrats to fulfill their wish list of spending projects.  What about those illusive ‘executive actions’ that Mr. Obama issued to stabilize the financial and automotive sectors of our economy, can we have the list?  Sorry, there is no list and one would assume that the reason the Times listed them as numerous is because they knew they were bogus and could not offer specifics.  Alternative Universe, with Alternate Facts, to support a Virtual Reality in the Utopian World of Politics.  The truth is that his executive actions did more harm to the auto industry than good.  His ‘tailpipe emissions and fuel mandates’ did not stabilize the industry it harmed them greatly.  Facts reveal President Bush had already delivered to GM and Chrysler BILLIONS in emergency loans to keep them afloat, but Bush bad, Trump bad, Obama good.  Does anyone remember Obama’s “Cash for Clunkers” program?  What a disaster!  Who benefited from that debacle?  Mainly the Auto Unions.  But, Mr. Obama did sign a $500,000 salary cap for executives of companies receiving bailout money.  WHOOPEE!  He signed the incredibly bad Dodd-Frank ‘financial reform’ bill and that totally failed to achieve the stated goal of making the banking system safer.  That came from Obama’s own financial adviser, Larry Summers.  WOW! 

What we have now is what we have had only worse.  The Republicans are evil and the Democrats are the saviors of the people.  NO, I do not believe that but that is how they spin the narrative and with the incessant harping by the MSM, the tired rhetoric of the Democrats and the failure of Republicans to expose the fraud for what it is has led to millions believing the diatribe and accepting it as Law and Gospel.

Donald Trump is the first president in a very long time to actually take steps to fulfill his campaign promises.  Politicians are not supposed to do that, are they?  Not according to Washington standards.  How often have we elected a politician who made promises that seemed so sincere only to find that once they were sworn in something in the water, the air, or in the Halls of Congress transformed them and they conveniently forgot their promises and compromised their convictions selling us down the river?  I don’t know if there is a machine they send them through that transforms them, if it is the water, or something in the ventilation system or something more real world, like money, hunger for power, and position but something happens.

I am praying that the Trump administration will hold true to the promises and actually deliver to the American the lion’s share of his commitments.  I pray that the Republicans will find it within themselves to not squander this opportunity and become Public Servants and fight for us.  Will that happen?  Time will tell, but if it does not I cannot envision the Republicans, now in office, not being held accountable in 2018 and beyond.

God, bless you and God bless America!

REPEAL AND DIE – – That’s the Spin of the Democrats…

BLOG POST 6 - Repeal Obamacare

The Democrats have long accused the Republicans of being ‘fear mongers’ but every time I turn around there is another ‘scare tactic’ used by the Democrats in an attempt to rally support for their Party and Position.  How many have heard their argument that if Obamacare is repealed it will literally kill off thousands if not millions of Americans?  I have, and it is nauseating and disgusting but I have met a number of people in my home state that believe that spin and are terrified they will be lined up and euthanized because Donald Trump is a Tyrannical Despot waiting to kill women, children, illegals, gays, lesbians, and anyone not agreeing with him.  No, I am not kidding and yes, I do talk to some colorful characters in my attempt to know what people are thinking.

This idea of people dying or virtually being killed by the mean-spirited heartless Republicans is one of the most prominent and popular. It has gotten far more mileage than I would have thought it would, but then I assumed that people would use some reason and logic not simply drink the Kool-Aid of the Left.  I was wrong, so I apologize for assuming and yes, I know the breakdown of the word.  I saw that David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler from the Chicago Tribune wrote that if the Republicans are successful in repealing Obamacare as many as 43,000 will die annually due to lack of health insurance.  The insinuation is, “Republicans if you repeal Obamacare you are murderers!”  Before, I call them lunatics, let me say their argument is insane.  They pulled a number out of the proverbial hat or somewhere because it would be impossible to quantify or verify that number or any number.  It is a ‘scare tactic’ and designed to target those who feel vulnerable and are not well informed.  Sadly, it is working.  Were there 43,000 who died annually due to lack of health insurance before the passage of Obamacare?  We do not know and we cannot know because it is a theoretical number, not a factual one.

How many remember that the Washington Post awarded Bernie Sanders “four Pinocchios” when he claimed that 36,000 Americans would die annually if Obama care was repealed?  I did a little research and gleaned from the work of others that when this claim was investigated based on a study of Massachusetts’ health care law, Obamacare’s predecessor some interesting statistics were unveiled.  The study that Bernie Sanders used compared mortality rates for adults between 2001-2005 t the rates of 2007-2010.  This was a before and after study of Obamacare.  The research indicated that for every 830 adults who gained insurance, there was one fewer death per year.  The problem, there was no individual level insurance information making it impossible to directly link mortality changes to persons gaining insurance coverage.  Too many unknown variables for that to be a valid conclusion about the deaths.  But, factual evidence was not the objective ‘scaring people’ was, to achieve an end.  Bernie Sanders does not particularly like Obamacare he wants a total government system where the government pays for, provides, and determines the care of individuals.

Actuarial tables indicate that mortality rates have been decreasing for over a century in America.  In 1950 the life expectancy was 68.2 and the mortality rate 9.6 (per 1000). In 1980, the life expectancy was 73.7 with a mortality rate of 8.7. In 2010, life expectancy was 78.7 and the mortality rate was 8.0.  What am I arguing?  Simply that the lowering of the mortality rate preceded Obamacare therefore, negating any claim that Obamacare has resulted in lowering the mortality rate and that repealing it will not cause a massive reversal.  But, to the left, if you support repeal of Obamacare you are a murderer and I find that offensive.  Let me throw in a small fly in the ointment and you decide for yourself as to the validity of their argument.  Some rough data for 2015 indicates that the mortality rate has risen to 8.4 per 1000.  That’s up from 8.0 in 2010, WHY?  The number of people covered by Medicare and Medicaid has increased from 87.8 million to 117.4 million. That is a 38% increase in federally subsidized health insurance. The population increased from 304 million to 320 million or 5.2%. Shouldn’t we see a significant reduction in the mortality rate as a result if Obamacare is the cause of lower mortality rates?  The New York Times explained this in this way.  “The death rate rose in the United States in 2015 for the first time in a decade.  A rare increase that was driven in part by more people dying from drug overdoses, suicide, and Alzheimer’s disease. The death rate from heart disease, long in decline, edged up slightly.”   That has NOTHING to do with Obamacare but yet they argue their case, spin their spin, and advance their narrative trying to ‘frighten people’ into compliance or shame Republicans into agreeing with them.  If Obamacare could not prevent this uptick in the mortality rate what makes anyone think repealing it would cause the rate to escalate?

We need to get rid of this job killer law that will eventually be used to euthanize those over 75 by denied, delayed, or reduced care.  Beware of the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiatives which seek to reduce the world’s population by 30% or more by 2040.  BEWARE!  You have been warned, do your research, and pray about the matter.  Obamacare has not helped the health industry or Americans it has hurt in that sector and been a job killer across the board.  TIME FOR IT TO GO!

God, bless you and God bless America!




I guess it depends on who you ask but in my view and from what I see, hear, and read it did.  There was no Joe Wilson moment with shouts of “You Lie” but the sulking and sullen behavior could not go without notice.  To Donald Trump’s credit, he did not let it deter him in his speech nor did he completely turn his attention to the Republican side of the aisle but reached out to the Democrats offering them an olive branch of sorts, which the rejected.  Oh, there were numerous times that some of the Democrats ‘clad in white’ vigorously gave him the thumbs down gesture acting like Junior High School girls.  They thought that their sullenness and sulking would be noticed by the public and it would work in their favor as they prepared to play the role of victim to Donald Trump’s lashing out at them.  He didn’t and they were upstaged by the First Lady, then the widow of fallen Navy Seal Ryan Owen’s widow, Carryn Owens.   The picture is another example of their childishness so the speech antics and at other times they have shown themselves to be petulant children.

Of course, I am a constitutional conservative, a veteran, an American, and a Christian.  I view myself as an American patriot and a defender of freedom for everyone so my view of their antics comes through the prism of my beliefs. However, even some on the left have lamented the failed tactics of the Democrats and the petulance they portrayed.  They fear the visual will be long remembered by voters and know that the Republicans will rehearse it in the minds of the public leading up to the 2018 elections, as they should.  People like Shelia Jackson Lee who normally hog the aisle seats for photo-ops avoided the aisle like the plague.  Someone asked if a single Democrat shook President Trump’s had before the speech and it did not appear they did.  When the President said, “we are all made by the same God” many of them visibly squirmed in the seats, for if you recall they booed God in one of their national conventions and voted him out of the party platform.  I’m sure the mention of God as creator was not a comfortable moment for them.  When the President called for simple and singular nationalism the Democrats stuck to their tactic of sullenness and gave the appearance of being anything but Americans and members of the American Congress.  How could they think that would play well in the minds of the American people who are hurting and want to see America prosper again.

The president’s plea for Congress to act with regard to education giving those in the inner cities who are forced to attend low quality and underperforming schools did not meet with warmth from the Democrats.  The idea of vouchers, school choice, and personal responsibility are anathema to the party that has gone so far to the left those ideas appear to them as ‘ultra-right-wing extremist’ values.  Throughout the campaign and subsequent to the election Mr. Trump has proclaimed that the ‘era of empty talk is over’ and it should be.  I personally am fed up with the ‘hot air politics’ of Washington, the Cronyism, the Pork-filled legislation, and the political posturing of the members of Congress.  I do not want any more ‘business as usual’ politics and have no interest in the ‘pomp and ceremony’ of Washington’s prescribed way of doing business.  NO!  Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, roll up our sleeves and get busy addressing the matters at hand and reach some concrete solutions to move America forward again.

I was particularly moved and proud when the president said regarding Ryan Owens, “For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country, and for our freedom.  And we will never forget Ryan.  To those allies who wonder what kind of friend America will be, look no further than the heroes who wear our uniform.”  As a veteran and a Christian, I was about to have a shouting spell in my living room it moved me that deeply.  I pray that the American people remember the visual of Carryn Owens, the tears of grief and gratitude on her face, and the genuineness of respect that came to her from the President and at least one side of Congress.  I pray that we do not soon forget the callousness and disrespectfulness of the petulant who were in attendance.

Let me openly state that I expect President Trump to do some things and cut some deals that will frustrate me.  I truly believe that he approaches this task not as a political ideologue but as a businessman who sees a need and wants to find the best possible solution.  He will cut deals that may not set well with many of us conservatives and constitutionalist but he will also likely stand firm on some core items and hopefully get them through Congress over the opposition and obstructionism of the Democrats.

If it were only Democrats he had to contend with, I would not be as apprehensive about the success of his policies and the fulfillment of his promises to the American people.  There are members of the Republican Party such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are so adamantly opposed to Mr. Trump they refuse to cooperate.  In the case of Mr. McCain, he appears so filled with hatred for the president and so angry at the American people for electing Donald Trump while failing to elect John McCain he has become a detriment.  He has, in my opinion, out-served his usefulness and is such a narcissist he appears to be suffering from some psychological problem that it beyond my expertise to diagnose.  I pray that the people of Arizona allow him the opportunity to transition into retirement permanently and send a new face with new ideas to the Senate at his next election.  I will never disparage his service and the fact that he was a POW but as a current Senator, he is deserving of all the criticism we offer.

America is at a major crossroad politically, socially, morally, and economically and I pray that we all unite behind those things we can which will afford the opportunity to jumpstart our economy, secure our borders, strengthen our military, enhance our national security, and deal with the problem of Lawlessness that is becoming an epidemic.  We can win this war but only if we Pray, Labor, and Persist.

God, bless you and God bless America!


THE MIRACLE OF SIMPLICITY – The American Constitution.

BLOG POST 2 - Simplicity of the Constitution

I have long contended and even argued with some college professors regarding the simplicity of the American Constitution and wondering why it seems so difficult for politicians to grasp.  My liberal professors were not appreciative of my arguments but one did tell me that he loved having me in class.  He said, “I disagree with about 90% of your arguments but you argue from a position of thought and create an environment in the class that forces people to think and inspire them to take a definitive position.”  I also got an A in the course, but that is another story and a long time ago.

How is it that a document as simple as the American Constitution, has become so difficult for those in Washington?  I believe that part of the answer lies in the fact they are always attempting to read it in extreme legalese rather than simply reading what it says.  They are seeking ways to mold it to their ideological position rather than accepting it at face value or even researching the writings of the Framers which explained their positions.  Do you realize that the American Constitution can be read in less than half an hour by most people?  Some of the insistence that it is impossible for the average person to read is akin to the Dark Ages when the Church prohibited the parishioners from reading the Bible for themselves.  The leaders were able to advance incredible heresies and commit atrocities because of ignorance by the common man, but when people were able to read for themselves, they understood and rejected the church’s position on many things.

In our humble beginnings as a nation, the Framers and our Founders believed it was imperative that every citizen have access to a copy and be able to read the document for themselves.  They purposely designed it so that it could be understood by even students in elementary school.  One of the most popular texts of that era included the 1828 Catechism on the Constitution by Arthur Stansbury.  Tragically today, many college professors have scarcely read the document and their students know even less about the contents of the document.  I have been told by some that they avoid the Federalist Papers because they were written with such complicated and intricate legal arguments that only judges and lawyers could possibly understand.  THAT IS FALSE!  Three prominent men of our founding era penned the Federalist Papers, namely James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.  They wrote them so that the average citizen of that day could easily comprehend what was being said as they explained their position and the position of the Constitution.

I wonder how many can name the five guarantees of the 1st Amendment without looking them up?  One survey reported that less than 1 in 1000 could.  Those five basic guarantees are;  freedom of religion, press, speech, petition, and assembly.  Today, few know the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights.  We are told, as were those sitting on pews in the Dark Ages, it is too complicated for the average mind to comprehend and must be left to those charged with handling it.  NO!  Our Republic was designed to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” not the other way around.  In the early years, the reading, interpreting, and understanding of it could be called Originalism, Original Intent, or Textualism.  They believed, as do I, that the Constitution means just what is says.  President Thomas Jefferson said it eloquently as he explained the matter to Supreme Court Justice William Johnson, “On every question of construction, carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”  AMEN, Mr. Jefferson, Amen!

In this view of interpretation, when we read that ONLY the U.S. House of Representatives can initiate a tax, what it means is that ONLY the U.S. House of Representatives can initiate a tax.  Not too difficult, is it?  Likewise, when it declares that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” it means ONLY Congress is restricted.  It does not mean that a student cannot say a prayer because Congress does not mean student, does it?  The Original Intent method was followed until the Progressives managed to indoctrinate enough with the idea of a Living Constitution and thereby subverted the meaning of the document as written and intended by the framers.

The alternative philosophy followed by most of the Democrat Party today has five pillars and they religiously adhere to them.  Let me advance them briefly without commentary.

  • There are no objective, God-given standards of law, or if there are, they are irrelevant to the modern legal system.
  • Since God is not the author of law, the author of law must be man; in other words, the law is the law simply because the highest human authority, the State, has said it is the law and is able to back it up by force.
  • Since man and society evolve, therefore law must evolve as well.
  • Judges, through their decisions, guide the evolution of law.
  • To study law, get at the original sources of law – the decisions of judges.

That philosophy was first introduced by Harvard Law School Dean, Christopher Columbus Langdell who applied Darwin’s premise of evolution to jurisprudence.  He reasoned that since man evolved laws must as well and therefore the Constitution must necessarily be a Living Document, not a Fixed one.  This philosophy found a willing proponent and advanced an idea that is anathema to the intent of the Framers when Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes said, “We are under a Constitution – but, the Constitution is what the judges say it is.”  NO!  IT IS WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS not what you are any other jurist says it is or wants it to mean.  We need a return to the mentality of one of the Founders, the original Chief Justice John Jay as he offered this instruction: “Every member of the State ought to diligently read and to study the constitution of his country… By knowing their rights, they will sooner perceive when they are violated and be the better prepared to defend and assert them.”

There are several more articles I could and should right to better articulate the value and simplicity of the Constitution.  I urge every American to get a copy and read the document. It is not complicated, only the lawyers and politicians make it complicated.  If we are to be the true owners and overseers of our government we must KNOW what the Constitution says.  In these troubled times, it is imperative that we KNOW what the Constitution says and DEMAND strict adherence to it.

God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 8 - Russian Influence

The continual playing of the “Russian Card” is wearing thin for me and many Americans.  Sadly, for another very large sector it is resonating and although I fully believe that the Democrats know this is all smoke and mirrors they have found something, they believe is working, and they will work it to the bitter end.  The Democrats are incessant in their chant that the Russians hacked in and influenced the Presidential Election.  When challenged to give factual evidence on how the Russians affected the outcome, they swiftly change directions and some will say, “Well, they didn’t actually change any vote totals but they might have influenced how people thought.”  SERIOUSLY?  That is your argument? 

I heard the Speaker of the House, Congressman Paul Ryan make the declaration on National Television, “We know the Russians tried to influence our elections.”  I thought, “AND?”  The Russians try to influence everything they can but attempting to assert that they preferred Trump over Hillary, in my view, is a stretch.  I believe the Russians, as do most countries were seeking to gain an advantage for their cause, regardless of which candidate won.  If they were actually the ones who hacked into Podesta’s email and the DNC and tried unsuccessfully to hack into the RNC what was their motive?  If they were trying to hack both would that not lend credibility to my argument that they were doing what adversaries do, SEEKING TO GAIN AN EDGE or ADVANTAGE?  They had and have dirt on Hillary and no doubt wanted dirt on Trump so they could hedge their bets regardless of which candidate won.  The Russians and many other nations have tried to influence our elections for decades and this is not a new revelation, so why is it such an issue now?  TRUMP WON and the DEMOCRATS LOST!  That’s it in a nutshell.

Rather than accepting the fact that they (Democrats) had a flawed candidate and flawed message they desperately need to find someone or something else to blame so they can continue attempting to sell their political snake oil to the public.  Well, to the gullible public.  We have attempted to influence elections and the most recent were Barack Obama’s blatant attempt to influence the Israeli elections and defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.  The report from Congress and verified was that the Obama administration used “taxpayer dollars” through an NGO (non-governmental organization) to aid in the attempt to defeat the Israeli Prime Minister that he detested.  Obama gave upwards of $350,000 to “One Voice” an NGO operating in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Within days after the ‘grant period’ ended the NGO deployed campaign infrastructure and resources using U.S. grant funds to support a political campaign to defeat the incumbent Israeli government.  The campaign’s explicit goal was to elect ANYBODY BUT BIBI by mobilizing leftist voters.  Does that sound familiar?  How about the Anybody but Trump campaign conducted by some here in the U.S.?  Obama did everything he could to influence Britain in the Brexit vote and used our ‘tax dollars.’  He has attempted to influence governments to favor Islam and sought to influence election after election elsewhere as well as here in America.  SO, WHAT ABOUT THE RUSSIANS? 

Speaker Ryan, said, “We need to find out what they are up to.”  Let me help you with that Mr. Speaker, “They are up to Russian interest.  How is that different from what virtually every other country does.”  My argument is not whether the Russians attempted to gain an edge or even influence our elections, my argument is why did Podesta not have better cyber-security.  Why could anyone hack the DNC but not the RNC?  Why did Hillary use a private unsecured email server sending classified information and exposing our national security to grave danger?  WHY is that a non-issue but Russian influence such a colossal one?  WHY?  Let me make it simple, THE DEMOCRATS LOST and TRUMP WON.  That again is it in simplistic terms.

Now lets’ focus on the attack on Jeff Sessions and his having met with the Russian Ambassador as a serving U.S. Senator and Senator Franken’s question.  I have heard from many attorneys saying that Mr. Sessions answered the question and even went beyond.  They advise their clients to answer the question asked, nothing more and nothing less.  The question appeared to have been whether Senator Sessions had met with any Russian officials as a surrogate of the Trump campaign and talked about the campaign.  He said that he did not.  NOW, the Democrats are calling for his head and even suggesting that he should be indicted for perjury and serve prison time.  Can we go back just a bit to the meeting of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of the airport in her plane for over 30 minutes?  This meeting came just days before the FBI was to release their findings on Hillary’s email scandal.  Of course, Ms. Lynch and Mr. Clinton said they just chatted about the weather, grandkids and bland things of that nature, but never discussed the investigation.  Senator Schumer stated regarding that meeting that there were two options.  He argued that since Ms. Lynch was an honorable person and said that nothing happened they could either determine that she lied or that it did not matter because nothing happened.  His conclusion, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  But, when Jeff Session is brought up, he determines that Mr. Sessions is a liar and should immediately resign and face the consequences.  SERIOUSLY?  Are you going to be that hypocritical?  Sorry, I almost forgot you are an extremely partisan political ideologue determined to defeat your opponent and protect your own.  Please forgive me for that oversight.

Senator Claire McCaskill blasted A/G Sessions and claimed she had NEVER met with the Russian Ambassador but the record reveals that she tweeted twice about meeting with the ambassador in 2013 and 2015 and who knows how many other times.  Nancy Pelosi said she had never met with Russians and there are pictures of her sitting near Russian officials in meetings as well as Senator Schumer and others.  THIS IS HYPOCRISY and while I try to tone down the rhetoric of being a Witch Hunt it is most assuredly a fishing expedition and an attempt to divert attention and force the Trump administration to be sidetracked.  How should the President handle this?  Well, I’m not privy to all that is going on but I would suggest that they should take a page from the Democrats and during an attempted diversion go FULL STEAM AHEAD with their agenda.  I would like to see Senator McConnell and Congressman Ryan be true leaders and confront a problem head-on, shutting down what needs to be shut down and pressing on with what needs to be pressed forward.  DO YOUR JOBS and get the nominees confirmed, get the Obamacare Repeal and Replace on the Floor for a vote, secure our borders, and deal with the many problems that are facing America today.  Tell the Democrats what Barack Obama told you, “Elections have consequences, deal with it!” 

We spy on other countries and they spy on us, that is no shocking revelation.  If you choose to believe that the Russians elected Donald Trump that is your choice.  I ask you, “Do you think that illegals and voter fraud were used to attempt to elect Hillary Clinton?”  I hope you are honest on that one and if you argue there was no voter fraud then how could the Russians have affected our election?  Let’s beef up our cyber-security and secure our natural borders making America safe or safer and focus on America and what is best for her not what someone else might have or might have tried to do.  LET’S FOCUS ON WHAT WE CAN DO.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!




The incessant ranting of the MSM, Democrats, Protesters, Hollywood types and even some Republicans is driving me up the proverbial wall.  Those who supposedly are reporting the news are creating news using false information, debunked data, and spreading rumors akin to the ‘rag magazine tabloids’ found at the grocery store checkout counter.  There are so many things about this that trouble me I hardly know where to begin but it is even more sinister and dangerous than most think.  I cannot wrap my head around why the Republicans allow this to continue and even join in the chorus from time to time acting as pet puppies of the Democrats looking for a pat on the head and a nod of approval from the media.  WAKE UP REPUBLICANS, this is America we are fighting for and THIS IS WAR!

I am convinced that this type of activity is not going to stop anytime soon, UNLESS or UNTIL we, the citizens, take such action as to financially bankrupt the MSM, un-elect enough of the politicians Democrat and Republican who are following this path to get the attention of all of Washington including the bureaucrats.  In a Republic, such as ours, a Representative Democracy, one would hope that everyone realizes that it is incumbent on the losers of any election to accept that defeat and then work toward ensuring that the new administration adheres to constitutional guidelines and advances policies in the best interest of the Republic.  That is opposite of what we are witnessing and the more sinister part is that which is not being reported and largely hidden from public scrutiny, THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT of Barack Obama.  This is far more dangerous than the Clinton Foundation every was or will be.  This is, in my view, more dangerous for America than ISIS and I believe that the Islamic jihadism is a grave threat.

The organized and coordinated effort to ‘take down’ Donald Trump is not a spontaneous reaction to his election but is part of a calculated effort to destroy his presidency no matter the cost to America.  In fact, I would assert that it is designed to not only ‘take down’ Donald Trump but America as well.  That is what makes it such a grave threat to our Republic and Freedom.  When the Left succeeded in ‘taking down’ Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as Director of National Security the blood in the water inspired them to go after more and bigger fish.  We are witnessing that in the assault on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others.  There is the continual pursuit of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others to find ways or a way to impeach Donald Trump.  This began BEFORE he was inaugurated because the Left cannot abide losing and therefore they must blame something so they keep beating the “Russians Did It Drum” hoping to instill such distrust in the minds of voters that a revolt will transpire in 2018. I pray they are wrong or maybe right in the idea of a revolt in 2018 but one that removes the lion’s share of Democrats and RINO’s from office.  That revolt I would endorse and applaud.

I was and am concerned that President Trump and his administration will succumb to the pressure of the Media and Democrats and turn their backs on Attorney General Sessions or others as they did General Flynn.  I am not giving a free pass to anyone who does wrong only focusing on what I believe is the real issue not that a sitting Senator meeting with a foreign ambassador regardless of country.  To insist that Jeff Sessions must be removed from office and even charged with a crime for what they perceive as perjury and possibly serving prison time is ludicrous.  Every lawyer tells his/her client to answer the question asked, nothing more and nothing less and I believe that is what Jeff Sessions did.  But if we want to talk about lying under oath dare we omit Hillary Clinton, the IRS Director, and many others in the Obama administration?  There was no hoopla and outcry when those things happened so why now?  That is easy to answer, it is part of the “Dump Trump” effort and the handiwork of The Obama Shadow Government designed to destroy America.


Barack Obama is the first ex-president in our history to lead a political organization, a shadow government for the explicit purpose of sabotaging his successor.  Yes, I said it!  In my mind that it not only treacherous it is treasonous!  How is he doing this?  Among other ways it is through his Organizing for Action (OFA), that was legally founded in January 2103 by Michelle Obama and Barack’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina with the help of David Axelrod.  The OFA’s vision and focus are directly linked to Barack Obama’s sympathy and support for Marxism and stem from his training as a Community Organizer and Community Disrupter.  It uses both agitation and propaganda and some have said it is similar to the Soviet agitprop and assuredly identifies with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  Their view is embodied in the Alinsky motto, “the end justifies the means.”

The OFA has raised MILLIONS for political action even though Barack Obama would no longer be running for office.  Immediately after President Trump issued his executive order regarding the Travel Ban the OFA went into action and mobilized virtual armies of protesters the media called ‘spontaneous.’  Those actions were staged, and often bought and paid for by the OFA and other groups with money from people like George Soros a known hater of America and our system of government.  In February when the members of Congress began conducting their town halls the OFA released their training manual called, “Congressional Recess Toolkit” designed to instruct activist to organize into groups, go to the town halls, spread out across the room and DISRUPT.  This was to create the perception that it was uniform and universal providing the media with a useful photo op for presenting the false narrative to the public.  More illusion of discontent and discord rather than factual reporting. Facts are problematic so they must be avoided at all cost in the presentation of the ‘false narrative’ of the Leftist.

I believe that Barack Obama has done this with one intent in mind, Destroy America.  Yes, I said, destroy America.  His encouragement of Black Lives Matter and the War on Police, inflating the Welfare Rolls, and Flooding our Nation with Illegal and Legal Immigrants, as well as driving wedges between genders and ethnicities is part of the plan.  Barack Obama is a faithful student of the Alinsky method and is a student of “Crisis Strategy Theory” of Cloward-Piven.  They believed, as does Obama, that the easiest way to ‘transform the nation’ into a socialist state is by overloading the welfare system, which Obama did.  It has been reported that the OFA has an army of agitators numbering upwards of 30,000 ready to fight every step of the way to take down the Republicans and America.  They have plans to stage 400 or more rallies across at least 42 states to attack President Trump’s efforts to repeal Obamacare.  The Marxist have long advocated that the transformation to a socialist state requires the collapse of the old system.  That has been his desire and design for 8 years and now that he has the framework, organization, and funds and is somewhat out of the public view he will DO ANYTHING to take down Donald Trump and America.

America wasn’t fooled and elected Donald Trump and my prayer is that we will not be fooled by these tactics and President Trump and his team will STAND THEIR GROUND and resist.  I pray that the Republicans and Conservatives in Congress will STAND FIRM and resist.  I pray that the American people will not be found asleep at the wheel but will stay alerted and engaged.  WE ARE FIGHTING FOR THE REPUBLIC…  WE ARE FIGHTING FOR AMERICA!

God, bless you and God bless America!