Go ahead and yell at your computer and call me names, but the 2020 election was so fraught with fraud, corruption, irregularities, and illegalities it can only be called a ‘stolen election.’  Yes, I said it and if you disagree, that’s your prerogative.  You have the right to believe what you believe as do I.  You do not have to issue pejoratives and insinuate that I am both an idiot and out of touch with reality.  I believe that I have a clear understanding of what has transpired, what is transpiring, and what will transpire over the next days, weeks, months, and years in my beloved America.  I bring this up halfway through the first year of the Biden administration because AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH and We need to ensure fair elections in the future.

I have been asked if I think that many who voted for Joe Biden, like some that voted for Barack Hussein Obama the first time, will acknowledge their mistake.  My answer is, “almost none will.”  I believe that those so adamantly anti-Trump will find it beyond their ability to admit the error of their hate and acknowledge Biden is and will be a disaster.  Nope!  They are content to label Donald Trump and his supporters as evil, Neanderthals incapable of reason and clear thinking.  Those in the religious ranks that joined that movement claim they are the ones standing on biblical principles when virtually everything Biden and the Left is advancing is anathema to biblical truths.

I have acknowledged numerous times, that leading up to Trump winning the nomination in 2016, Trump was not my first choice.  My choice was eliminated.  The more I listened to Trump I was drawn to him.  When I realized he was going to be the nominee I threw my support behind him.  I am not ashamed to say, “He surprised me.”  He kept his promises as best he could with ZERO Democratic support and precious little GOP backing.  The Establishment on both sides remained thorns in his side for the entire four years he was President.  What could we have achieved if the GOP had had the backbone and constitutional fiber to have backed the agenda?  There would be no Joe Biden in the White House!

As a minister, a veteran, a patriot, and a lover of Freedom, I have been amazed at how much people ‘compartmentalize’ virtually everything.  Our naval vessels are constructed to provide numerous water-tight spaces.  This is designed to aid in survival.  If the crew did their jobs and properly sealed the vessel then only a few spaces would be flooded and increase the chance of staying afloat exponentially.  If they failed it would be a quick trip to Davey Jones’ Locker for them.

That principle is utilized by our intelligence agencies.  There is what is called, “informational compartmentalization” to prevent the leak of information or should one of the assets be capture limit the amount of possible information extracted.  The need to know comes into play in many aspects of military life.  I was made keenly aware of that in Vietnam and the value of not allowing everyone to know everything.  That most assuredly includes the media.

I read something that I had heard in various forms before regarding the Diffusion of Responsibility.  It was the protocol for firing squads.  The quote:  “…Sometimes, one or more members of the firing squad may be issued a weapon containing a blank cartridge. In such cases, members of the firing squad are not told beforehand whether or not they are using live ammunition. This is believed to reinforce the sense of diffusion of responsibility among the firing squad members.”  And “…In more recent times, such as in the execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner in the American state of Utah in 2010, one rifleman may be given a “dummy” cartridge containing a wax bullet instead of a lead bullet, which provides a more realistic recoil.”

That provides an out for the members of the firing squad to embrace the perception, if not the hope, that it was not him or her that actually killed the person being executed.  Is it possible that the dual usage of Compartmentalization and Diffusion of Responsibility transpired simultaneously in the 2020 election?  Is it possible that those low-ranking players in the various swing states or cities had no knowledge of the overall plan only what they were doing?  Is it possible that they thought this was an isolated occurrence affecting their locale, not the entire nation?   I have watched people compartmentalize their lives and I tell them, “You are not a cat you do not have nine lives; you have a life!”

If that was the case, that only the top brass in the organization knew the overall plan and people in Georgia, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc. were discovered it would be like a low-ranking little informed soldier or sailor being capture in war.  They could not reveal much and thereby would not pose a threat to the Establishment.  The information they could provide would not be deemed sufficient to change the outcome of the election and thereby give the courts an out and the politicians plausible deniability. 

If you recall, they bragged about doing it in a Time Magazine article in January 2021.  The brazenness and feeling secure in the belief that they were and are insulated from prosecution, screams that they did it and are beyond dangerous.  But we are asked to dismiss the claims of fraud and deemed sore losers and eaters of sour grapes. 

Constitutionally, America has the ‘right to know’ what transpired in the election and what is happening in the attempts to create a voting system that will forever destroy the integrity of our elections.  We have that right!  We have the required security clearance constitutionally as citizens to KNOW.  But, those in control of the government say, as does the military and other agencies from time to time, “You do not have the need to know.”  They decide what we need to know and what we do not.  If we knew what they had done and are doing, we would be up in arms and they know it.  Therefore, we must be kept in the dark and silenced. 

I can predict, with no fear of having to eat my words, which I would gladly do if proven wrong, the Biden presidency will prove to be far worse than we feared and far sooner than most expected.  They are determined to eradicate our borders.  They are determined to shut down our oil and gas industry.  They are determined to force political correctness upon us.  They are determined to make all conservative, constitutional whites pay for our conservatism, constitutionalism, and ethnicity.  Even the illustrious Governor of New York’s brother declared that he was ‘black on the inside.’  WOW!

Let me make a statement that is intended to be sarcastic but true.  Sir, if you or anyone else is ‘black’ on the inside you have a very serious health issue.  I am not saying, black as having an ethnicity but black as being the color of your internal organs.  I know that was not what he meant, but if he can make a stupid statement, I can make an equally dumb retort. 

If we survive until the mid-terms in 2022 and can somehow wrest the control of Congress from the Leftists, we must do so with people who have the courage and constitutional ideological principles to DO WHAT IS RIGHT!  We cannot simply replace Establishment Socialist Democrats with Establishment Republicans.  That is what has produced the problem we now have.  We must return to the founding principles and return to God if we are to save the republic.  We must make stealing, cheating, and fraud costly.

God bless you and God bless America!


Before I begin my discussion of the subject of inalienable rights let me say, “Thank You” for the many prayers you prayed for Bonnie before her homegoing and for me and the family since. Today marks two-months that she has been gone. She went to heaven at 12:15 AM on Sunday, April 11, 2021. I miss her more than words can say and in keeping with my calling from God, my love of freedom, and her expressed desire, I continue to stand as a Watchman on the Walls. THANK YOU!

I do not want to sound like a broken record or beat a dead horse, but the Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, Globalists, Socialists, Progressive now in control of our government are waging war on the Inalienable Rights of Americans.  Let me rephrase that, they do not believe than any of us who oppose their agenda should have any rights.  They desire and are pursuing total totalitarian authoritarian control and are willing to do whatever is required to achieve that objective.

The Executive Orders, the Legislation, and the intended actions they have announced and implemented will result in anyone who is not part of the Woke Crowd, Cancel Culture Left having NO RIGHTS!  They do not care that those rights are protected by the American Constitution and God.  If allowed, they will render the American Constitution meaningless.  In many ways, that has already transpired, but at this juncture, the Constitution is still intact although ignored and bypassed frequently.

The assault on American history and the revisionism that has been transpiring has resulted in a state of dangerous historical ignorance in America.  Few, and I know that may be offensive, but few Americans truly know American history.  They know the sanitized and skewed versions or tidbits of history but have no ability to connect the dots and understand what we were given in the Revolutionary War and the subsequent establishment of American and the enacting of our Constitution. 

Most Americans believe we are a majority-rule democracy.  We are not! We are a Republic with a representative form of government.  In that sense, we are a Representative Democracy.  Our wise founders and the framers of the constitution carefully guarded against America becoming a direct democracy and sought to install an incredible system of checks and balances in the formulation of three branches of government.  They staunchly defended ‘States Rights’ and the ‘Inalienable Rights’ of the citizens.  They believed, rightly, that there are certain inherent rights of all people that come from God not government.  They sought to guarantee that the government could not infringe upon those rights. 

The Lexington Minutemen were the epitome of the American spirit and devotion to Liberty and Freedom.  On April 19, 1775, a group of farmers, tradesmen, and other “Minutemen” led by Captain John Parker, gathered on Lexington Commons to express umbrage, at the British Crown’s illegal attempt to confiscate Colonial Weapons.  Captain Parker told his comrades, “Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.”  I believe that we are facing a similar seminal moment in America.

It is almost impossible to determine who fired the ‘first shot’ in that encounter but it became known as the “shot heard round the world” and the de facto beginning of the American Revolution.  There were many causes of the war but one of the key elements was the desire, intent, and attempt of the British Crown to ‘confiscate firearms’.  That is what the Democrats desire and intend to do through various means.  They will use both the front and back door approach and attempt to strip us of our God-given right of self-defense.  I predict that will result in another revolution.  It may be short-lived, but it will transpire.

The current Vice President Kamala Harris, while serving as a Senator from California, acknowledged that she was willing to send the police to our homes to take our guns. We dare not be sanguine thinking she and they can never get away with infringing upon that 2nd Amendment Right.  I believe as did many of our founders and subsequent historians that the 2nd Amendment is the inalienable right that secures all the other Rights.

The current Supreme Court seems to embrace an aberrant view regarding the 2nd Amendment. They seem to believe that it is not on the same level as all the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights.  They are wrong! Texas Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, who often speaks as if she is functionally illiterate is a strong advocate of infringing upon our 2nd Amendment Rights.  She is joined by the would-be Governor and filed Senatorial and Presidential Candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke.  His infamous declaration, “Hell yes we will take your AR-15s” should be remembered by all Texans.  He is a liberal leftist of the Socialist Communist ideological ilk and were he to become governor of Texas my beloved state will be neck-deep in the stuff that horses leave behind after eating.

The Houston Congresswoman has proposed some far-reaching and dangerous legislation to ‘grab our guns’ that has been put forth to date.  If you are not aware you should make yourself aware of H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act. 

§ 932. Licensing of firearm and ammunition possession; registration of firearms
“(a) In General.—The Attorney General, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, shall establish a system for licensing the possession of firearms or ammunition in the United States, and for the registration with the Bureau of each firearm present in the United States.

Here is an excerpt from it:

“(b) Firearm Registration System.—
“(1) REQUIRED INFORMATION.—Under the firearm registration system, the owner of a firearm shall transmit to the Bureau—
“(A) the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, the identity of the owner of the firearm, the date the firearm was acquired by the owner, and where the firearm is or will be stored; and
“(B) a notice specifying the identity of any person to whom, and any period of time during which, the firearm will be loaned to the person.

The Democrats control the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and thereby the courts, so what can we do before the mid-term elections?  The States MUST use all measures to hold the line on the 2nd Amendment.  Sadly, some State Governors and Officials have gone full-on dictatorial and are in lockstep with the Left and want to strip us of our right, to ‘keep and bear arms.’

I am encouraged when a liberal state such as New Mexico where 30 of 33 county sheriffs signed a letter pledging to refuse to enforce several gun-control measures supported by the Democrats in Santa Fe.  There are also more than two dozen counties in that state who have enacted “sanctuary” resolutions backing the sheriffs and affirming that no tax dollars in their jurisdictions should go to enforcing those proposals.  Is that enough?  No, but it is a start.

I am concerned that the ATF and FBI will soon be thrown into the mix and the clash between locally elected sheriffs and federal law enforcement will result in citizens being drawn into the clash.  We will witness such disasters such as the Waco, Branch Davidians debacle.  I am not defending David Koresh or any other groups such as that, but I am saying that the attempt to strip the law-abiding of their inalienable right of self-defense places the law-abiding at a disadvantage against criminals and a nefarious governmental overreach.

America, our Inalienable Rights, if you are a non-follower of the toxic liberal ideology, are in their crosshairs.  If the 2nd Amendment falls, all the other rights will follow.  This is a war for the Republic.  You can discount my argument and call me a kook or a mindless conspiracist but one day you may see that I am spot on in my warnings.

God bless you and God bless America!


Before I launch into my discussion (some will consider it a diatribe and rant) of the subject matter of my title let me express my deep appreciation for your continued prayers for me.  My wife’s departure for heaven has left me empty in so many ways and yet full.  I have her in my heart but miss her in the flesh.  I am pursuing the purposes of God with all that I am and all that I have as would be God’s desire and Bonnie’s. 

Let me also contend, as I do repeatedly, that the number one problem in America and the world is the condition of the human heart.  It is a heart issue, not simply a political one.  We cannot legislate right relationships even though we may regulate behavior to a degree through laws.  Basically, laws are for the law-abiding and those who view the repercussions as too costly to risk doing the crime.  Locks are to keep honest people out not criminals.  Those who disregard the law, personal property, individual rights, and ignore God have no qualms about breaking any law enacted by the government.  With that in mind, let’s consider my view on the topic of liars and lies.

I have reached the conclusion that a majority of politicians must have been trained at the school of distortion, fabrication, deception, and learned to become pathological liars.  Yes, I said, a majority, and there are members of that fraternity in both major political parties.  No, in all political parties.  The modern politician gives the stereotypical used car salesman a bad name. 

I am amazed at the willingness of the public to believe the lies and the politicians advancing them.  Rush Limbaugh classified some as ‘low information voters’ but I am reaching the point that I am not sure it is ‘low information but no information.’  Better, a complete absence of the ability or willingness to cognate and use the grey matter inside the cranium for what it was designed – THINKING! 

I would like to think that most people believe that truth is supported by facts.  Yet, every day I encounter people who, like Joe Biden and most of the Establishment Democrats have opted for what they deem to be the truth over facts.  I cannot imagine how anyone could assume that the truth would be contrary to the facts, but that seems to be the mentality of many in today’s world.

Joe Biden, during his campaign in Iowa, said, “…We choose unity over division.  We choose science over fiction.  We choose truth over facts.”  WHAT?  The first two are wonderful but the last one is either a massive Freudian slip or an identification of the ideological position of him and his political party.  Either way, it should be of concern to everyone, but it is to only a few.  He even said that America could not stand “eight more years of Trump.”  Since Trump was limited to eight years total and the first term was almost over, eight more years would be a constitutional impossibility.  But I guess that was one of his ‘truths over facts’ revelations.  That is the man in the White House America, if that makes you feel comfortable, I am more concerned about you than him.

The Cancel Culture the Left is pursuing and the Historic Revisionism they desire is part of that mentality.  They seem to believe that if you erase something from the history books and refuse to teach future generations America’s true history it somehow changes that history.  The attempted sanitization of history to the liking of the Woke Crowd who are devoted followers of Political Correctness wants a history that reflects their agenda and demonizes truth and facts.

Some of the multitude of lies told by the Left include:

  • Trump is a white supremacist; he admitted so with Charlottesville. 
  • Trump incited an insurrection on January 6th in an attempted coup.
  • Impeachment was not solely intended to preclude something Trump might do in 2024, by convicting him of something he did not do in 2021.
  • Climate change is an existential crisis that requires the elite to have total control.  People desire and are demanding oligarchic rule because rule by correct thinking experts is ‘Democracy in Action.’
  • Riots by ANTIFA/BLM were ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstrations of justified anger over systemic racism.  However, the breaching of the Capitol on January 6th was a coup and the worse thing in American history.
  • Censorship protects ‘free speech,’ and CNN is a real news organization.
  • Lockdowns and masks work with such efficaciousness that the nation needs to embrace more of both in this dark time we are experiencing.
  • The election was not stolen.  Eighty million people voted for Joe Biden who is not in the grips of senescent senility hiding in the basement of the White House surrounded by his new Praetorian (nee National) Guard.
  • Executive Orders are a legitimate way to change the constitution of the nation.
  • America needs a 9/11-style investigation and a Truth Commission where conservatives can confess their sins but not a peep on the Corruption of the abnormalities in the election or the Biden, Obama, or Clinton crimes.

Those are just a few of the many blatant fabrications advanced by the Left.  I will likely be unfriended and trashed because of my assertion that these are devoid of truth and facts.  These lies are a threat to our American System of Representative Government.  They are a threat to our Liberties and Freedoms and our Constitution. 

We are entering, no we have entered, the dark days of a political oligarchy in America.  Joe Biden is nothing more than the figurehead front-man for this destructive effort.  The nation is being pushed to the brink of civil war and that seems to be the desire of those seeking total dominance and control.  They want chaos, anarchy, division, and violence.  They seem to envision a condition so dire that the majority of Americans call for and are willing to submit to TOTAL CONTROL thinking it will be short-lived and a return to normalcy will transpire.  Freedom lost is never willing restored by those in power. 

Joe Biden has issued many economy-destroying edicts with his pen that we may never fully recover even if we oust him in 2024 or before.  The efforts of the Left to eradicate our borders and allow millions of un-vetted people to enter the United States unimpeded.  The likelihood of that causing a dramatic spike in the coronavirus and other diseases, destroy our economy, place a burden on our health, education, and unsustainable welfare systems is beyond doubt.  Is that part of their plan?  Destroy us in every way and then insist that if we allow them total control, they can rectify our ills and bring to us the Utopia they preach!

I don’t like to use colorful language and some of the descriptive adjectives that are not personally palatable as a Christian, but I agree that we must “fight like hell” or we won’t have a country.  By that, I do not mean to take to the streets with arms and have a shooting war but fight in every legal and legitimate way to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution and the Republic.    I am not calling for sedition, but for a pledge from Americans and Christians to forego violence and utilize the weapons afforded us biblically, spiritually, and constitutionally to combat this coup against our republic.

I have long urged people to ‘become vocal.’  Silence is not golden and sometimes it is yellow when evil is present, prevalent, and rampant.  Our moral obligation is to speak up and speak out giving warning of the dangers and pitfalls we see.  We must become knowledgeable and seek to articulate the values of conservativism and constitutionalism as we decry the failures and negatives of progressivism and socialism. 

I don’t know if it is time for a Third-Party to be formed to rival the Republican and Democratic Parties, but something has to be done.  Conservatives of all stripes and previous political affiliations must find a basis to unite and fight.  We have to do this with our voices, votes, and pocketbooks.  We must invest ourselves in protesting both in groups and as individuals the atrocities being perpetrated on this nation.

The lie of the Left and the RINOs that if we fight back against the perfidy of the Left, we are inciting violence.  We are doing the exact opposite and as Edmund Burke is reported to have said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  America, it is time that we do what is required to reclaim our republic.

God bless you and God bless America!


In my time of introspection, prayer, and recommitment to God in the aftermath of my wife Bonnie’s departure for heaven just over 8 weeks ago, I have come to some renewed conclusions.  I believe that the most important things in life are God and Relationships.  The problems manifested in this world on all fronts are not what we make them out to be but outgrowths of a problem with the human heart and mind.  What we focus on consumes us.  If we make politics our focus, we will become tainted by the corruption, deception, and disappointment of that world.  If we make money our focus, we will become dissatisfied and greed will consume us.  But, if we make God our focus, we can rectify many of the issues of this world through His Word, Grace, Spirit, and Power. 

If we truly loved God with all our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls and our neighbors as ourselves we would see most of the problems of this world disappear.  It is only through God that we can overcome evil.  We do not do it through war or legislation.  I am not saying those are not required but they cannot be deemed the solution.  The new birth and becoming that new person through Jesus is the only real solution to the world’s issues.  I thank you for your continued prayers for me and my family in our time of loss and ask that you consider what I am going to write in the light of God first, and everything else second.

Sometimes, I reflect on the actions and antics of politicians with a sense of bemusement and find a certain amount of amusement in them.   Many of those politicians are lauded as being extremely intelligent.  When I consider that declaration, I am brought to an awareness that simply having college degrees and being measurably smart does not make one wise!   It is possible to the IQ of a genius and be a virtual moron when it comes to common sense.  I have known people who are smart according to their test scores but are incredibly deficient in the area of wisdom.  I have known some who are not measurably smart but incredibly wise.  I also know people who are both.

In my life, I have only been intimidated by one person intellectually and because of who that person is that was short-lived.  He is smarter than me and we both know it.  That person is my brother.  He and I agree that just because someone is deemed smart based on measurable scores does not mean they are wise.  The fact that I am not intimidated by people who are deemed incredibly smart does not mean that I think I am smarter than others, heaven forbid.  What I’m saying is that I am not afraid to think, examine, and express my thoughts. 

If measurable scores determined wisdom, my earthly father would have failed miserably. However, he was one of the wisest men I have ever known.  He was astute in applying knowledge, using common sense, and demonstrating rational thought making him very wise.  I know people who are far more intelligent than me, but that fact does not intimidate me because I am totally comfortable within my own skin and person.  I am not afraid to acknowledge that I do not know something when I do not.  I am not afraid to converse with people holding multiple doctorates in various disciplines.    

When I listen to arguments today or ideological presentations of politicians, activists, university professors, and others I often think, “Measurably smart practically dumb.”  Having the ability to use ‘legalese’ and write legislation that is larger than most novels does not mean you have demonstrated wisdom.  It may well mean that you practiced deception and are attempting to hoodwink the public and even your colleagues in congress.  Making something complicated is not demonstrating wisdom but the opposite.  How can you expect people to follow a directive when they do not understand it?  I learned in raising my children that the less complicated I made my instructions the more likely they were to be followed.

When Congress produces legislation that even they do not understand we should immediately realize that we are not being governed wisely.  Wisdom would insist that laws and regulations be easily understood.  People often fear what they do not understand.  Tragically too often it seems that is exactly the objective of some legislation and legislators. 

It is almost like the religious hierarchy of ages gone by when the person in the pew was not allowed to have a Bible or read it for themselves.  The hierarchy wanted to explain to the people what was intended and thereby control the people.  I believe we have much the same situation in Washington today where the vast majority of politicians want to tell us what the legislation means rather than producing bills and laws that we could easily decipher for ourselves.  It seems to give them a sense of power and importance to have us in the dark and confused. 

It appears many politicians truly believe they are smarter than the rest of us and therefore because they are smarter, we must consent to their control.  That is a demonstration of the lack of wisdom. When people become frustrated enough, they revolt. When they revolt those in power are deemed the enemy whether they truly are or not.  We elect officials to be our representatives, not our Lords and Ladies. 

I see a rebellion coming upon this nation.  I see a time and condition where the people will become so fed up with the politicians they will refuse to submit.  I am not suggesting or calling for an armed insurrection but saying that dissatisfaction with politicians and politics is growing among those of varying political stripes.  What will be the tipping point?  I really don’t know but I know that if you corner an animal, even one that is normally passive there is a point where it will fight back, and when it does it fights for its life.

I hope the voting public sends a message to all politicians in every future election that we are tired of being cornered and manipulated.  I hope that there will be enough bad politicians given pink slips that the others will take note of.  I pray that We the People will make our voices heard and send the message that we are no longer willing to be told what to say, think, and do.  I long for a time when we hold politicians accountable for the laws and legislation they pass.  We just might return to citizen representation and a Republican Democracy if that were to happen. I pray that the masses will awaken and return to God and our moral moorings.

If you are a lover of Liberty, lover of God, and believe in the American Constitution, then you must become involved.  If you believe, as the Declaration of Independence declares that we have certain inalienable rights given to us by God, then you must become involved.  If you want the Free Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America to continue, then you must become involved.  We must pray, seek God’s Face, and give oversight to the government rather than allowing it to continue operating unsupervised. 

May God bless you and may God bless America.


Before I begin my discussion about liars and telling lies by politicians let me once again reiterate that it is imperative that all believers set their heart to “Seek God First!” If we allow the policies of the world to shape our thinking we will develop stinkin’ thinkin’ and adopt a mentality that is rooted in defeat. We are more than conquerors through our Lord Jesus Christ and as a believer, I refuse to be shaped by the world but desire to shape the world by being salt and light.

I struggle becoming involved in the political since Bonnie has gone home to be with the LORD. My heart is to seek God first and foremost in all things and at all times. I believe the Bible and believe that God is GOD! I believe that all things are possible to those that believe and all things are possible with God. I believe that he can and will bring us help and freedom if we will make Him first in our lives. However, we cannot ignore the political and in being forewarned we become forearmed and able to pray specific, targeted, and fervent prayers to defeat evil and advance the cause of Freedom and the Kingdom of God.

Let’s begin this discussion. Honestly, I don’t know whether to accuse President Joe Biden of being a pathological liar or feel sorry for him as a person suffering from severe dementia or both.  I recall and have documented that Joe Biden then-presidential candidate in one of the Democratic debates called for what he claims is untrue. 

It is a fact that he called for an immediate surge of illegals to the border when he becomes president.  That was during the first Democratic debate.  He said that when he is president, illegal immigrants should IMMEDIATELY surge to the border.  Let me quote him: “I would, in fact, make sure that there is, an immediate surge to the border, all those people seeking asylum the deserve to be heard, that’s who we are, we are a nation that says if you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression you should come.”

Now, he has gone on ABC News and claimed he never told anyone to come and now he is telling them ‘don’t come, don’t leave your homes.’  Too late, sir!  We heard you during the campaign and so did the thousands of illegals who are heading for our borders and have crossed our borders.  Your administration may claim they have not rolled out the welcome mat but when you reverse the Trump policies of border security and reimplement the ‘catch and release’ program of Obama you are rolling out the welcome mat.  When you restrict our border security agents from enforcing our laws, you are throwing open the doors.  The crisis at the border cannot be blamed on Donald Trump, this crisis is yours, so own it.

I develop an additional cause for concern about the mental state and honesty of Mr. Biden when I heard him tell ABC News that he is in favor of changing the filibuster rules but does not want to completely get rid of it.  Oh no, he wants to return the Senate to the ‘talking filibuster’ like it was when he first got to the Senate. 

I wonder how long Mr. Biden thinks he was in the Senate and when he first arrived.  It was 1917 when the Senators adopted a rule (Senate Rule 22) that allowed the Senate to invoke cloture and limit debate with a two-thirds majority vote.  That rule was put to the test in 1919 when the Senate invoked cloture to end the filibuster against the Treat of Versailles.  Over the next four decades, the Senate invoked cloture only five times. 

In 1975, the Senate reduced the number of votes required for cloture from two-thirds to three-fifths, or 60 votes.  The reason the Senate created the rule to invoke cloture, in the beginning, was because the ‘talking filibuster’ blocked the Senate from getting anything done and they wanted a means of ending debate.  What Biden is proposing possibly arises out of his continual state of confusion or maybe it is even more nefarious. His plan sounds worse than what we now have.  If the Senate did what Teleprompter Joe suggests, they would essentially get rid of cloture completely and have endless debate and take us back to 1917. 

The man occupying the Oval Office is advancing plans, agendas, and ideas that will destroy our Republic, economy, healthcare system, and national sovereignty.  Most of the Democratic Establishment and Leftists have never met a tax hike they did not like.  They mistakenly believe that higher taxes put more money in the federal coffers allowing them to do their dirty deeds and advance their agenda.  In a backdoor sense, it allows them to advance the agenda of enslaving the American people and making us dependent upon the federal government.  That gives them power and power is the end game for the Leftists.

I agree with Representative Nancy Mace, the Biden tax hikes would be damaging to ALL Americans, not just the wealthy as the Democrats like to claim.  The Trump tax cuts did not benefit only the rich but were beneficial across the board.  Ronald Reagan knew that and in our economic history, we find that lower taxes result in more dollars in the federal coffers.  Lower taxes increases, investments, and spending by the citizens. 

I am fed up with buzzwords such as ‘fair share’ and targeting corporations and the wealthy.  If we strip corporations and the wealthy of more of their money, they will invest less and that results in fewer jobs and lower wages.  The cost of goods and services increases, and everyone will feel the pinch.  I guess Economics 101 was not taught in the schools they attended.  If it was it was taught by a Socialist not someone who understood the Free Market’s power and value.

The government has a SPENDING PROBLEM not a REVENUE PROBLEM! The COVID-19 package incentivized more unemployment.  In the state of South Carolina and others, there are employers desperate to find employees.  What happens when Biden and the Democrats raise the corporate tax to 21-28%?  Jobs will be shipped offshore rather than remaining on U.S. soil.  I guess, Biden and the Democrats believe the future is in the past and want to restore economic policies that crippled our economy and increased unemployment.  Vice President Harris is calling for that to happen as she urges corporations to create jobs in Central America to ease the immigration problem (Illegal flood of people). What about securing the border and creating jobs in America, madam?

One of Democrats’ very own, the ultra-liberal activist representatives, Ilhan Omar wants to bring Agenda 21 to the American people.  She is doing it in the name of humanitarianism.  She introduced H.R. 1847, a bill “To suspend obligations of residential renters and mortgagors to make payments during the COVID-19 emergency, and for other purposes.”  The ‘for other purposes’ is a new insertion in their rhetoric and is so open-ended it is frightening.

That bill would allow real property tenants to stop paying their landlords.  That is not America.  We were founded upon the moral code that a person is responsible for their obligations and debts.  The bill is fraught with dangerous problems and issues.  It provides for a COVID suspension period ending April 2022, but the landlord relief fund runs for five years.  Is the plan to give the tenant’s the ability not to pay rent for 5 years? 

Another problem is that tenants can simply stop paying rent under the bill with no restrictions.  There is no means-testing to determine I rent relief is warranted, simply stop paying, with impunity.  The bill does not require the tenant to notify the landlord, just stop paying.  However, if the landlord pursues their legal remedy to collect the rent or evict the non-paying tenant, they can lose their property under the provisions of this bill.  The tenants can withhold their rent, but the landlord has to wade through the mountain of red tape to qualify for relief for unpaid rent. 

The landlord, in applying for rent relief, must include Personally Identifiable Information.  What is this designed to do?  It gives the federal government a database of a complete listing of all rental property in America.  Why?  That enables them to target those entrepreneurs with a wealth tax.   It gets worse and I won’t take the time to detail the many nuisances but basically, it is designed to press America into an Agenda 21 type housing plan and pave the way to Socialism and the destruction of our Free Market Economic system.

Let me add this little footnote:  Omar’s bill fails to acknowledge that H.R.1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (i.e., $1.9 Trillion boondoggle bill) that Biden signed into law on March 12, 2021, makes her bill unnecessary.  The ARPA contains a provision for housing assistance, essentially for every category of need, under Subtitle B Housing (sections 3201-3208).  That assistance continues for 18 months meaning Omar’s bill is unnecessary.  But, if you are a proponent of Agenda 21 – Affordable Housing for All, her bill is desirable.

God help us to wake up and realize the danger we are in with Joe Biden in the White House and the Democrats in control of Congress. 

God bless you and God bless America!


This is our first Memorial Day without Bonnie.  Fifty days ago, she made her transition from Earth to Heaven and into the arms of our Lord Jesus.  Her mother was killed in an automobile accident on Memorial Day. It was caused by a person driving under the influence and Memorial Day was both special to her because of her love for America, her gratitude for all who served and died, and difficult because it was the anniversary of her mother’s departure from earth.  This will be a most difficult day but a day of remembrance for me and the family. 

As a Vietnam Veteran, an American, a patriot, a lover of freedom, and a Christian I never want to miss an opportunity to express my deep gratitude for those men and women who paid the ultimate price for Freedom.  Memorial Day is the day we have set aside to honor those who paid that price in a time of war.  They are deserving of much more than a few words of platitude and their memories must never be tarnished by the rewriters of history and those seeking to dismantle our republic. 

I have never contended or argued that all war is honorable or even necessary but when our nation is threatened our patriots have stepped forward.  That is one of the things that has kept America the Free Constitutional Republic she is and has been.  The weakening of our foundational fabric endangers that through revisionism of history and the anti-American rhetoric bandied about in today’s politics, media, and academia.  We must never forget and never cease to be grateful for the sacrifices made in the interest of freedom.

I saw a list of numbers of the deaths that were aired on a PBS broadcast some time ago.  The numbers may not be 100% accurate but reflect the many who have sacrificed.  In honoring their memories, we need to express our gratitude to the families of the fallen because their pain is also noteworthy.  I can only imagine the pain of losing a loved one in war.  I know some of the pain that my mother endured during my time in Vietnam.  The uncertainty, lack of information, and fear that her son would not come home were deeply traumatic.  I fully believe that her prayers for me kept me alive.

The list of War Time U.S. Military Deaths are as follows:

            Revolutionary War               4.435

            War of 1812                          2,260

            Indian Wars                          1,000

            Mexican War                      13,283

            Civil War                          498,332 (Another estimate was 618,000)

            Spanish-American War       2,446

            World War I                      116,516             

            World War II                      405,399

            Korean War                       54,246 (Another estimate was 36,574)

            Vietnam War                     90,220 (Another estimate was 58,220)

            Persian Gulf War                1,565

            Global War on Terror         6,852

Clearly, some of those numbers are fluid and changing.  Vietnam and other war numbers have changed over the years as new information and discoveries have occurred.  The wartime deaths amount to about 1.2 million American service personnel.  My gratitude is overflowing and my pride in calling myself an American has never been greater. 

During World War II, about 12% of the total U.S. population was a part of the armed forces.  Today we have approximately 1.4 million Americans on active duty and another 860,000 in various reserves.  That is approximately 2.1 million out of the 331 million.  That means that rather than have 12% as in WWII we have less than 1% serving today.  Technology and other changes have resulted in that statistic.  However, I am convinced that were we to enter another global conflict the numbers of Americans volunteering would escalate dramatically.

Each year on the final Monday of May we celebrate Memorial Day.  Originally the title was Decoration Day.  The American flag is supposed to be flown at half-mast until noon, and then raised to full mast until sunset on Memorial Day.  The tradition of wearing red poppies originated in John McCrae’s 1915 poem in Flanders Fields.  A relatively unknown tradition was to eat a picnic lunch on the grounds of a cemetery to honor the fallen heroes.  The placing of American flags on graves has long been a tradition and now under fire by those who seek to obliterate our traditional honoring of the fallen.

“In Flanders Fields”

by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Few know that there is supposed to be a national moment of remembrance at 3 P.M. local time to honor the memories of the heroes of our wars.  The time-honored tradition where thousands of Americans visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day was not held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. 

In a time when so little of our true history is known, I urge everyone to gather their family around you and remind them of the greatness of America and the value of our freedoms.  If you have a loved one or an ancestor who died in one of our wars honor their memory and instill in the hearts of the young, they are free because others sacrificed all to ensure their liberty.  Take a moment and thank God for His goodness and mercy.  Take a moment and say, Thank You to those who gave all.  Many of us gave something, but the ones we honor today gave everything.  They gave so that we could be Free!

Memorial Day to me is more than a holiday or a long weekend, it is a reminder of the power of love!  Love for family, love for country, love for freedom, and love for God.  I am reminded of the words of Jesus in John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  The heroes who paid all did not know me, but they died for me and you.  They died for the Love of Freedom, Family, and Country.  Dare we not honor their memory and prevent any government official from tarnishing that tradition and obligation to REMEMBER? 

God bless you and God bless America!   HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and THANK GOD WE ARE FREE!


Let me reiterate what I have been saying lately, God must be first and our primary focus or we lose sight of the eternal and most important.  If we focus on the political, we will find ourselves being tainted by the slime of political corruption and lower our standards to the standards of the world.  If we focus on God, His Kingdom, and being the people, He desires us to be we will become salt and light in a darkened world and influence our surroundings and environments.  We should be elements of change for good not influenced by the bad of this world.

In my time of sorrow, I find my focus shifting away from the things of this earth to things eternal.  I miss my angel more than words can express but am trying to do what God has called me to do and be what God purposed me to be.  I want to fulfill my calling and be the man Bonnie wanted me to be and believed me to be.  I want to demonstrate the love of God in all things and at all times.  I want to become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus manifested to the world.  I want to be a man after His own heart and abide in Him and His word in me. 

However, in our focus on God and the things of God we dare not be oblivious or indifferent toward the issues in our world societally, politically, or spiritually.  If we know what is happening, we are better equipped to pray targeted prayers and pull-down strongholds.  Therefore, today I want to offer a reminder and call your attention to some things we can and need to commit to fervent prayer.

It has been suggested and I believe rightly so that, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are President Cloward and Vice President Piven with regard to where America is heading governmentally.  If that theory is correct, we are in for a fight beyond all fights we have endured in the history of our Republic including the Revolutionary War.  I believe that we are fighting for survival not just to get through a difficult time politically. 

Let me briefly rehearse the ‘Cloward-Piven’ political strategy so we will all be on the same page in this consideration.  It is a strategy of calculated chaos to achieve a political end.  The theory of Columbia University Professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven was published in the extremely far-left news magazine, The Nation in 1966.  Their goal and I believe the goal of this administration and the democrats is to create a chaotic condition politically. That chaotic condition would provide the pathway resulting in legislation being signed into law that would guarantee an annual income believing it would end poverty.  Guaranteed annual income for EVERYONE!  Who would own everything, and everyone were that to become reality?  THE GOVERNMENT!

As I look back over the past year and see the incredibly dangerous seizing of power by the government over the imported Chinese coronavirus, I cringe!  The events directly connected to that pandemic have been questionable elections that, in my view, clearly involved fraud, cheating, and more.  Governmental control in America has shifted to the Left dramatically and the dictatorial actions of local, state, and national officials have been alarming.  It all happened with little protest from the sheep and the only protestors were those rioting because of some real or fictional social injustices.

The Cloward-Piven objective was to create massive chaos and turmoil.  In their own words, “A massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls.”  That is not the end of their objective for they, desired that action to be followed by, “A federal program of income redistribution to elevate the poor en masse from poverty.”  Again, if the government takes all we have and redistributes it to whomever and wherever they deem fit, who owns it and us?

We have witnessed the draconian lockdowns, the closures of businesses, schools, churches, etc.  This has prompted the ruling class to engage in spending trillions of dollars we do not have to alleviate the problem created by the government.  They are attempting to throw monopoly money at the problem and repair the damage they did.  Imagine that!

Much of the ‘so-called’ COVID stimulus package was nothing more than a massive income redistribution effort.  They are seeking to take from the producers and supply sustenance to the non-producers.  The non-producers’ situation is either the result of their own decisions or through the diktats of the powers running various governmental entities.  It is designed to reduce the ‘middle-class’ to a ‘dependency class’ and thereby gain more control of our lives.

In the Cloward-Piven plan, a crisis is defined as, “a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere.”  The way they plan to create a crisis is to utilize a spontaneous outbreak of violence or through a planned assault using demonstrations, riots, and protests to generate the desired institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to the public square.  It is insurrection and subversion at its core.  They utilize any event to launch their creation of a crisis.

I suggest that the pre-planned event at the Capitol on January 6th created a false panic, quickly seized upon by the political ruling class to step up their seizure of control.  Congress rubber-stamped an election that should have demanded an investigation due to the known anomalies and disparities in the election and the myriad of sworn affidavits.  All those things demanded a thorough investigation, but to question the election was deemed un-American, insurrectionist, and bordered on treason.  The Democrats desire to decertify the Iowa congressional election won by a Republican was troubling! Hypocrisy?  No, it is beyond that and is diabolical.

Cloward-Piven did not begin with Donald Trump but the idea was given birth during FDR’s New Deal and then given full impetus in the 1960s when it was given a name.  The plan includes Medicare, Medicaid, the Great Society welfare programs.  We have watched as government agencies have strangled the republic destroying innovation and attempting to stymie the Free Enterprise System.  We have engaged in seemingly endless wars, expansion of programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, and other social welfare programs.  We are allowing the destruction of our Republic from within.  Who needs enemies from abroad when we have those successfully cracking the pillars of liberty at home?

Their goal is to have, and we are there, a majority of Americans receiving benefits from the government.  A crisis real or manufactured led to the creation of those programs.  Seniors and the poor were deemed unable to afford their medical care therefore we created Medicare and Medicaid.  They seek to create paranoia and fear at the ballot box and strip people of reason but relegate them to emotional responses and votes.  They have to bring down the current system of economics for their plan to succeed in the total takeover and we are dangerously near that precipice today.

In some ways, it seems that Donald Trump never had a chance and provided an opportunity for the Deep State and Swamp to test their strategies to weaponize the government against all political opposition.  The H.R.1 bill is designed to place the final nail in the coffin of any semblance of free and fair elections in America.  Trump was a speed bump on the Cloward-Piven expressway and now that he is out of their way it is full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.

We are being ruled, not by elected representation, but by a senile old man who is signing executive orders like they were autographs at a rock concert.  He is signing whatever is placed in front of him and I do not believe he has the mental acuity to know what he is doing if he even cares.  The COVID pandemic has provided a speedway for them to implement their agenda and most Americans have passively complied without voting to stop them or protesting to their elected officials.  That will result in our destruction.

Those who have been the producers will eventually tire of rowing the ship of economics. They will tire of watching the fruit of their labors stolen and given to the non-producers against their wills.  They will tire of watching the ruling class live lavishly while they struggle to make ends meet.  When that happens, the proverbial overweight lady will be singing, and freedom will exit stage left. God help us to awaken from our slumber before it is too late. 

God bless you and God bless America!


As I continue to battle through my grief at the loss of my earthly angel, my bride, my wife, and the love of my life I write.  My focus is not as keen as it should be because I find myself drifting into memory land and the absence of my bride is sometimes overwhelming.  I am not seeking sympathy only prayer and understanding.  I am 100% confident she is in the presence of the LORD.  I am 100% confident that she is totally free of pain and cancer.  I am 100% certain that she has no tears and is enjoying the presence of the LORD and the reuniting with family and friends who journeyed there before her.  However, her absence leaves me empty and I am seeking the LORD daily and almost constantly asking for His presence to fill that void left by her homegoing. 

I know with certainty both because I know her and because of what she said to me during her life, that her desire is for me to continue pursuing the calling of God on my life.  She loved for me to preach, teach, sing, pray, and write.  She told me once that she liked hearing me more than any other preacher.  I know that she heard better preachers and her view was biased, but it moved me deeply and made me love her all the more.  We took a vow that said, “Until death do us part.”  But I can tell you that death has not diminished my love for her and never will.  She is my eternal love.

We can focus on what is happening in this world and miss what God is doing and wants to do.  If we focus solely on the political and the news of the day, we will almost assuredly become depressed to some degree.  We will limit the vision God desires for us to have because of the hopelessness of the world today.  However, if we place Him first and seek Him with our whole heart, we can see His Kingdom come and His will done on earth as it is in heaven.  We can impact our culture rather than our culture impacting us.  We are to be salt and light.  So, let’s be the preservative and flavoring that the world needs.

I wish I could say that I have not become somewhat cynical regarding the politics of the modern politician, but I cannot.  If I listen to and accepted the lies (I mean diatribe and rhetoric) of the Liberal Leftist Globalist, Socialist politicians I would believe that they are in the process of creating Utopia.  I’m sure there are unicorns and flying pigs in their fantasy land as well as money trees.  In fact, I would think there must be a place you can go and all your wishes and wants are made realities.  After, all, they… Well, they are…

Utopia could be defined as the state, land, or nation where the government provides for all your needs.  You do not even have to become a citizen to reap the benefits of the benevolent gravy train.  You only need to be here and vote in the way they desire.  You are not allowed to voice disapproval, that would be heretical and heretics are burned at the stake.  You can hate America, God, patriots, and devise plans to destroy this nation and her people and you will still be the beneficiary of the Utopian Freebies.  After all, if you get enough free stuff and we appease you enough, you will love us, right?

In this Utopian creation of the followers of toxic liberalism, the legal citizens happily work to provide for those who choose not to work and are not citizens.  After all, it is our moral duty to be the sugar-daddy for the world, right?  How dare we, expect anyone to work for their keep and carry their fair share of the load, that is not who we are as Americans.  No, no, no, we are the caretakers of the entitled, those who feel threatened and feel they should receive some form of reparation for some past sin on someone.  It does not have to be them, just someone who looks like them, that’s sufficient.

When, the demands for this benevolence exceed those working legal citizens’ ability to care for their own too, and object, then ‘reprogramming’ is a necessary action.  The state is in dire need of the tax dollars and wages of those legal citizens, so they must be re-indoctrinated and forced to get their heads right and be compliant.  We, the legal working-class Americans, may not be able to afford the energy to heat our homes or to buy the food to feed our families, but it is a small sacrifice to ensure the healthy lifestyles of those who are on the dole.

If you object to the agenda, ideology, and rhetoric of the Leftist you are a threat to the Utopian Democracy and therefore must be dealt with.  In the Utopia that is being created by the Left, the American Dream only applies to the Dreamers and the Entitled, not the working stiffs who have to work two jobs to get by.  There is Free Everything, paid for by the American Taxpayer.  Free Education, Free Healthcare, Free Cell Phones, Free Abortions, Free Food.  If you don’t have it, just quit your job become a liberal voter and you are immediately granted your heart’s desire. 

There could never be a problem convincing doctors, nurses, and others in the healthcare industry to stay in that profession that provides free care for everyone, right?  The government regulations and salary requirements could never cause a shortage of healthcare providers, could it?  It would be un-American and un-Christian to want to better yourself and follow the advice of John Kerry to the Pipeline workers and make better choices and get better jobs, right?  There could never be the potential of delays and denials of healthcare in the Utopian system, could there?  Fewer healthcare works, fewer hospitals, and fewer medications could not possibly be a factor, after all this is the ideological utopia of the Left.

They insist that we should trust the government, the so-called experts such as Dr. Fauci, and the WHO.  Their contradictions and failed efforts must not become part of the equation.  After all, in Utopia the benevolent benefactors who govern are incapable of making errors, right?  We should trust the media and drink the Kool-Aid they offer and accept their propaganda as truth and light, right?  They have never deceived us, misled us, and sought to propagandize, have they?   Utopia is such a grand place.

In the Utopia, the Left is creating there is no more concern about the imminent destruction of the planet and life on earth due to Climate Change, Global Warming, or Climate Disruption.  Nope, carbon taxes and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry solves that problem, according to the Utopians.  Those dastardly CO2 emissions will be offset by the glorious carbon tax and the problem is solved.  The fact that the insiders will make millions if not billions on the green energy focus is just a byproduct and a reward from their leadership, right?  The rest of us will pay exorbitant amounts for energy and everything else but that is a small price to pay for living in Utopia, right?

The sovereignty of the United States is no longer needed in Utopia because we are all citizens of the world therefore, we are supposed to have no border restrictions.  Being a citizen is not necessary to vote in the elections, receive benefits provided by the taxpayers, and have the full protection of the constitution.  Wait, what constitution, Utopia does not need the United States Constitution so relegate it to the trash heap and stow it away in the archives of outdated relics.

Also, there is no need for prisons.  They won’t call them prisons but re-education facilities for those of us who resist.  Homeowners are not allowed to question the motives of any unwelcome intruder because, after all, this is Utopia, and whatever anyone wants they have a right to it.  If you attempt to use, the soon to be outlawed, ‘castle doctrine’ and protect your person and property you will be violating the civil rights of the thief. 

The government will pay everyone the mandated minimum wage of $15 or $20 per hour.  A rate that will destroy free enterprise and make it impossible for small businesses to operate.  But, have no fear for in Utopia there is no such thing as hyper-inflation and the national debt is simply paper accounting and nothing to be concerned about.  The fact that China and other foreign governments own much of our property and hold our debt is not threatening for none would dare threaten Utopia.

In Utopia, there is no right and wrong for there are no absolutes.  Each person gets to decide what is right in their own eyes.  Absolutes infringe upon a person’s thoughts and demand accountability and personal responsibility and that is taboo in Utopia.  The antiquated idea of Life, Liberty, Personal Property, and the pursuit of Happiness are not permitted.  The more I consider what they declare is reality and what I know to be, I am not sure they are creating a Utopia but a Hell on Earth.  If you believe that there is a Free Ride that costs no one anything, you are a prime candidate for the Utopian Society of the Democrats.  If you realize that nothing is truly Free and that somebody has to pay for the Freebies, you are unwelcome.

As for me and my house, we opt to follow the King of Kings, not some earthly would-be potentate who believes he or she has the right to dictate how we live and seeks total control of everything.  I know that someday I will live in the only Utopia possible, God’s Holy Heaven!  I will seek to live on earth in a manner that reflects His goodness and righteousness.  I trust God, not the government.  I will bow to no man or woman, only to the Living God, the Creator of All Things.  Hey, Alice, Joe, Kamala, Nancy, Chuck, etc. there is no UTOPIA!

God bless you and God bless America!


In life, politics, and faith it is always a trust issue!  In today’s political climate and the current state of much of the organized church trust in God is almost nonexistent.  I know that will be grating to some, but it is what I see and believe that we have moved from dependence upon God’s Almightiness and Providence to the Arm of Flesh and what we can do or believe we can do.  I am convinced that Donald Trump was evidence of a small window of opportunity or a delay in the impending judgment upon America.  That window closed on January 6, 2021, with the actions of Congress and the elections in Georgia.  You may disagree, but it is how I see it.

I believe that we have moved from the spirit and mentality of King Jehu to the spirit and mentality of Elijah.  If you study King Jehu in the Old Testament you will find many things about his reign and personality that are, in a measure, mirrored in Donald Trump.  When Jehu rose the temple of Baal fell.  Jehu faced the former king’s wife in a head-to-head confrontation and Trump faced a former president’s wife in a head-to-head battle.  Now we have seen our window of reprieve close and it is time for believers to allow the spirit and mentality of Elijah to prevail and rather than focusing solely on politics we need to focus on the Kingdom of God and the message of the Cross.  In that, we can impact our world in a far greater measure than solely investing ourselves in the political where we are covered with the corruption 24/7/365.

I do not suggest that we ignore the political but rather that we become people who believe God and seek to do the Will of God in all things and at all times.  Rather than the world and the political influencing and impacting us or determining our lives we should allow the Spirit and Word of God to become the influencer and although it may seem hopeless to remain in Hope because of the Power and Promises of God.  Nothing is Impossible with God or to those who believe.  I believe; therefore, my focus is God and my calling is to be a Watchman on the Walls sounding alarms where alarms are needed.

When it comes to politicians in 2021 it is a trust issue and I don’t!  I was asked if you rated your level of trust and compared politicians with dishonest used car salesmen which would you trust more.  I laughed and then said, “Well, I supposed it would have to be the dishonest used car salesmen because they are less dangerous.” 

However, the more I contemplated the question and comparison, I am 100% certain that I trust politicians less.  They are far more sinister, double-dealing, and diabolical.  Politics of the Swamp Brand has become the slimmest and most underhanded of all the minions of hell.  They are diabolically devious and dangerous.  They care about nothing but their own position, agenda, and purse.  We are not even secondary to them; we are simply useful tools to achieve their purposes. 

The American Constitution has become nothing more than a nuisance and an afterthought to the political ruling class of today.  I would love to say that it is only those on the Left that we should categorize in this manner, but it is not.  In some ways, the Republicans, especially those of the Establishment mentality and denizens of the swamp are as bad, if not worse than the Democrats.  I say that because, the Democrats have a documented record of being pernicious, congenital, pathological liars.  The Republicans have, at least, pretended to be fighting for us.  Some have, but too many have not.

The history of the Democratic Party dating back to the Jim Crow era reveals they are anything but advocates for the American people.  They are not and have never been the friends of minorities and are not fans of the U.S. Constitution or our Capitalistic Economics, nor our Republican form of government.  They are at best oligarchs and at worst diabolical autocrats seeking total dominion and control.  In today’s political climate, they are no longer pretending, but the Republicans still pretend.

The assault on the family, the willing slaughter of the unborn, the preoccupation with and promotion of deviant sexual behavior and perversion, and the deconstruction of America’s most valued institutions beginning with the family and the church is shattering.  I have contended that you cannot look at individual candidates, but at the Party Platform to make your decision.  I am shifting a bit in my view because even though the platform of the GOP supposedly advocates for many things that I believe in and are good for America, members of the party capitulate and shaft us time and again.

I have concluded that most of the political class, many who have never held a real job, are in politics to feed their egos, line their pockets and become rich, and gain power and control.  We expect and rightly so, the Republicans to respect and uphold the Constitution, fight for the family, stand with the Church, protect our national sovereignty, and protect our borders.  They have fared better in that effort than the Democrats but when they could have stood with President Trump, they took the path of least resistance and either openly objected to his policies or they allowed the Democrats to impede the progress. 

When I look back on the four years of Donald Trump as president, I think of the Shakespearean Macbeth and their betrayal would have made Macbeth proud.  I truly believe that we would not be in this mess had they done what they needed to do and stood with the president and fought for the American people and America.  I believe that America would have risen en masse and despite any fraudulent overt and covert impropriety by the Left, we would have outnumbered them so completely they would have failed.  I could be wrong, but that is what I believe.

When I think of January 6, 2021 and reflect on the many campaign rallies held by Donald Trump where tens of thousands attended without incident, I cannot buy the theory that he incited the actions of the few in Washington.  The self-serving of politicians of both parties cause me to consider them a den of elapids and poisonous and dangerous.  They continually dangle their crumbs before us hoping to elicit our support and gratitude for their benevolence.  They spend our money and money that we do not have like the proverbial drunken sailor.  My apologies to drunken sailors for the comparison. 

Politicians of both parties want to keep us, all of us, on the plantation picking their cotton, and doing their heavy lifting as they take our money and our freedoms.  A passage from Jeremiah13:22-27 comes to mind, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?  Then may ye also do good that is accustomed to do evil…This is thy lot, the portion of thy measures from Me, saith the LORD; because thou hast forgotten Me, and trusted in falsehood.”

I have heard some claim they are Reagan-Republicans and Reagan-Democrats but quickly concluded they neither knew what Reagan stood for nor were they telling the truth.  Ronald Reagan fought for America as did Donald J. Trump.  You may detest everything about Trump and believe that we are better off without him, but even with his personal flaws, he demonstrated a love for America.  He demonstrated a willingness to fight for what he proposed and promised.  He did good for all people, not just the rich as the Left loves to charge all who disagree with their agenda.

Someone said of a certain devious sort, “He would climb a tree to tell a lie when he could have stood on the ground and told the truth.”  Liars lie and politicians have demonstrated a propensity to say whatever they believe will result in votes.  They no longer care whether or not we know they are fibbing.  We have elected and reelected them too frequently, despite their fabrications and being loose with the facts and truth for them to care.  They like the deviously used car salesman, do, or say whatever is necessary to close the deal.

Barack Obama said, “Elections have consequences.”  They most assuredly do, but so do the actions of those who are deemed the winners.  The Constitution is still the Law of the Land and unless we the people put enough pressure on politicians and the courts to enforce and uphold it, we will lose this Republic. 

In George Orwell’s 1984, he said, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.  It was their final, most essential command.”  We are there and the media, the courts, and the politicians insist that we ignore the evidence before us.  They want us to ignore what has and is happening and believe the propaganda and regurgitate the rhetoric they offer.  They want us to believe that the graft of the politicians is not graft but simply their good fortune for fighting for us.  They are simply being rewarded for being good stewards of our trust.  They want us to ignore the massive speaking fees, the insane book deals, the charitable shakedowns, and the congressional stock trading. 

They have insisted that we trust their voices during the pandemic and allow them to instill such fear that we willingly relinquish all our freedoms, rights, and liberties.  Sadly, both sides of the aisle are complicit in this power grab and the numerous infringements.  They demand that we accept the biased presentations against Donald J. Trump and comply with their edicts.  They are making a mockery of the Constitution.  Thankfully, enough Republicans are resisting that we may salvage a smidgen of our Republic and have a small window of opportunity to begin the reclamation of America in 2022.  The operative word is “may” not “will”.

If trust is the issue, then we are screwed but no one in their right mind would trust the political class of today.  Give me the dishonest used car salesman any day.

God bless you and God bless America!


Once again, I am trying to fulfill my calling to be a watchman on the walls and sound the alarm where an alarm is needed and point to the truth and freedom.  Today is the 40th day since my Bonnie went home to heaven and it is a most trying day.  I miss her more than words can express and in the midst of my tears, I will try to do what she continually encouraged me to do, WRITE what is in my heart!  She supported me and gave me the strength to continue when it would have been easier to quit and give up.  She was an inspiration when I had her in the flesh, and she continues to be as she lives in my heart.  My love for her grows deeper every day!  One day, I will see her again.  Until then, I will endeavor to do what she and God would desire and stand in the gap and attempt to make up the hedge. 

I can imagine some of the responses or thoughts that come to mind when people read my title.  However, I am concerned that we are not being honest with ourselves, others, or with God at this time in which we live.  I am concerned that we are not being honest politically, socially, or spiritually.  I do not mean that a railing indictment but an expression of concern and a plea for us to honestly reflect on what has, what is, and what is likely to happen in America in 2021 and beyond.  I believe that honest reflection can provide some wonderful answers that will enable us to chart our course for the future.

Honesty is not a political characteristic in our modern times.  Politicians are like the stereotypical used car salesman they say whatever needs to be said to close the deal.  Honesty and politics seem to be diametrically opposites and that reveals one of the glaring problems in today’s political climate.  If no one is ‘honest’ then there is both delusion and denial prevalent and that prevents reaching valid and constitutional objectives.


That is not a justification for their seeming innate propensity to ‘lie’ but a reminder that they, like the rest of us, are flawed vessels.  Albeit some are more flawed than others.  Some are sincerely misguided and have believed the lies of liberalism that have been advanced for decades.  Some are simply not of the intelligence to comprehend the problems, dangers, and damage of advancing a view that is wrought with factually inaccurate arguments.  Some are honestly desirous of achieving constitutional governance but have been beaten down by the system and adopted the view that you must play the game to get anything.  There are still others who are devious and diabolical and knowingly advance lies for their nefarious purposes and agenda.

Yet, they are human, and humans need guidance.  Sadly, far too many are unwilling to acknowledge what our Founding Fathers acknowledged – The Divine!  The Divine for me is Jehovah God, the One True God, the Living God of the Bible.  Without a moral foundation, we all drift into selfishness and become obsessed with our own ambitions.  Without honesty, as a moral absolute in our lives, we shade the truth, misrepresent, or manipulate facts to achieve our purposes or gain favor.  We make everything about ourselves and believe that trampling on others to achieve our objective is both justifiable and acceptable.

There was a time in our American history when those seeking elected office had a desire to serve not simply advance themselves.  Of course, there have always been those who were filled with themselves and held the view that they were Number One and Number One was the Prime Objective.  The only true leader has a servant’s heart.  Don’t object to the usage of the term ‘leader’ for that is what they should be.  Yes, they are elected to represent us but the position they hold is one where leadership is desired and required.


If we are brutally honest, we realize that the media, academia, and politicians have skewed the truth about every societal disagreement.  Those following the toxic view of liberalism seek to skew it to make the issues systemic and universal. They target a segment of society or political ideology and attempt to make them heinous villains. 

Modern society has been conditioned to believe that if you are black you are a victim and if you are white you are privileged and oppressor.  I am a white male.  I grew up in rural East Texas and, yes was racism displayed.  I was poor by most standards and everything in my life that I have gained was not the result of my whiteness but hard work and the grace of God.  I have served in the military, ministry, and labored with people of many ethnic backgrounds and skin pigmentations.  Those who believed they were entitled worked with less diligence and created conflict and controversy.  Those who believed they were victims of reverse discrimination were angry and frequently uncooperative. 

However, those who believed that they should be promoted based on their performance, disregarded ethnicity, skin pigmentation, or political views and produced.  There were times when they were not rewarded adequately for their views and labors. because those in positions of authority were of the same ethnicity and deeply embedded in the victim mentality.  They viewed those of their own ethnicity as traitors if they did not advance the call for entitlement and engage in passive if not overt racism.

I have witnessed problems on both sides of the issue but never believed that the problem was institutional or systemic.  I believe that cry has become a weapon of the media and the followers of toxic liberalism and globalism to divide.  It is through the division they stir up emotions and create distrust and discord.  People who are disgruntled frequently vote out of fear, not faith or fact. 

We have been manipulated and I believe we were making great advancements in the area of race relations until the Obama administration and the Race Card once again became the weapon of choice of the Left.  The media has become Freedom’s enemy rather than reporting the news and allowing people to formulate their own opinion based on fact.


That sounds like defeatism and I do not mean it as such.  I believe that the ideals and safeguards of our Founders have been abandoned by politicians and much of the public.  We have lost sight of the extended good and become incredibly short-sighted.  We have become selfish and focused on “ME”. 

I heard an interview that Mark Levin conducted with the late Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Williams made some astounding but accurate statements.  One of the things he said, and I have contended for a long time, is that both politicians and the public focus on the immediate not the future.  Politicians are voted on for 2, 4, or 6 years depending on their elective office.  Therefore, for them to focus on the best path for 20 or 30 years down the pike is a virtual impossibility because the voters want what they want NOW! 

We have lost control of the federal government and there is no foreseeable fix.  Any politicians who seriously fought to balance the budget and make the necessary adjustments to all expenditures and programs of government that would ensure the stability of the Republic down the road would lose in the next election. 

I am over 65 and draw Social Security.  I do not consider it an entitlement although I am entitled to the money that I put into the program.  I do not lump it into the same basket as welfare or many other entitlement programs.  However, Social Security is in trouble because of government mismanagement and waste.  Fixing it would likely require some austere belt-tightening and that would cause a majority of seniors to vote that politician out of office immediately.

I believe that fiscally we MUST, not should, adopt a ‘Zero-Based Budget’ and stop the insanity of the ‘Base Line Budget’ that we now have.  Every bureau, agency, and any foreign aid should begin the year with a budget of ZERO.  As long as our nation is in the fiscal constraints and the general public, small businesses, and our veterans are suffering fiscally there should be little to no foreign aid from tax dollars.  Some must be spent, but it should be after careful evaluation and with the guarantee of a positive return on our investment.  National Security should be issue number one in our foreign aid.

America, we can salvage our Republic but not without some serious and difficult decisions being made politically.  We must also experience a return to our moral moorings and recognize as did our Founders that Divine Providence and Guidance helped us become a Republic and only that will keep us one.  That is my rant and hopefully, it is not so discombobulated that it is incoherent.

God bless you as you join the Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!