BLOG POST 1 - Elections

Well, to put it in a ‘nutshell’ EVERYTHING!  But to be more specific, I will list a few things that I am watching intently because I believe, as do many of you, that this election is a window into the future of America, or a crystal ball that reveals America has no future, depending on the outcome or outcomes of various elections.  There have been some things on both sides of the political debate that have caught my attention not the least of which is the Socialist in New York upsetting an Establishment Democrat.  Couple that with some moves I am seeing in California, and the incredibly important races in Texas both for the U.S. Senate and the Governor’s Mansion.    I will go into those issues but let me state at the outset that I see this election as a clear indicator as to what direction my home state and the nation is going to take or has taken.  The elections will define not only the direction we are going to go but the state we have already reached in our moral, social, political, and even spiritual journey.  Will it be a breath of fresh air and provide a new ray of hope or will the dark clouds be revealed and that “Ichabod” has been written over the doorposts?  TIME WILL TELL but until that final vote is counted WE MUST WORK while there are day and hope.

The Bernie Sanders disciple, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over Incumbent Establishment Democrat, Joseph Crowley was a total surprise to me.  I guess that I should not have been surprised because we have been witnessing a shift in the millennials, the openness of Academia, and the fondness of the MSM for Socialism or the Socialism of Bernie Sanders.  The Democratic Party has been transitioning to that position for decades and has now become emboldened to the point they no longer hide from their Socialist ideology and agenda.  That could split the Democrats down the middle but I suggest this is the new face of the Leftist Wing of our Government and had it not been for the dirty dealings of Hillary Clinton and her gang of thugs in the DNC, Bernie would have been the nominee and might have won.  Sometimes, I wonder which would have been worse, Bernie or Hillary and am eternally grateful I can only speculate and do not have to answer that as the result of a real event.

Ms. Oscaio-Cortez wants what Bernie wants and so do most of the Democrats running for office in 2018, including Beto O Rourke (Senate Candidate) and Lupe Valdez (Gubernatorial Candidate) in Texas.  They hide their true colors, some of the time but they are very pro many of the Bernie Sanders Socialist Positions.  They Nationalized Healthcare for all or Obamacare and Socialized medicine.  A healthcare system that has failed here and is failing around the world in the sense of quality and timeliness of care.  They want more federal jobs and even want the federal government to guarantee everyone a job.  I guess we are back to the promise of two-mules and a plot of land or something.  They want free tuition for everyone including illegals. Education is not a Right it is a Privilege and a Prize to be worked for and earned.  Although I believe that most college tuition is overpriced I cannot support FREE TUITION (there is no such thing as a free ride in life) because I know who ultimately pays that bill.  They are for Open Borders and in that believe that the Border Patrol and ICE are virtual terrorist organizations and need to be abolished.  Beto O Rourke even said, “The borders are the safest they have ever been.”  SERIOUSLY?  He knows that is the spin of the Leftist and a total departure from the truth and reality but many believe it.

Ms. Oscaio-Cortez is another of the Leftist who wants “gun control” and so are the two Democrats from Texas.  Mr. O Rourke has claimed to be Pro-Second Amendment but when the Democrats take their position he is standing there with them. Ms. Valdez is a former sheriff of Dallas County and is very Pro-Sanctuary City and opposed to supporting or cooperating with federal authorities dealing with Illegal Immigration.  The two Democrats from Texas are Big Government proponents and desire to weaken the State.  They want to force us to comply with the wishes of various leftist groups whose wishes directly conflicts with our core convictions religiously.  They are all Pro-Abortion even though Mr. O Rourke would like to paint his as a compassionate and reasoned stance.  They are supportive of the DREAM Act and want to provide Amnesty and a Pathway to Citizenship to all who have come here ILLEGALLY.  Mr. O Rourke has called our Border Patrol and ICE a militarization style’ enforcement and wants that to end.  He has called for us to rejoin the ‘Paris Climate Accord’ and appears to be a devoted follower of Al Gore’s Global Warming or Climate Change initiative.

I have not touched on the many claims of those candidates but suffice it to say, they are extremely liberal and follow the prescribed Leftist Socialist Progressive Globalist Agenda of the Democratic Party.  Mr. O Rourke claims that he is only taking money from individuals, not corporations and PACs but who are the individuals contributing to him?  What states and organizations do they represent?  Dig deep and you’ll find that a ton of money is flooding into Texas by Liberal Leftwing Groups trying to unseat Ted Cruz and turn Texas blue.  My concern, at this point, is not that Texas will elect either of those but the margins may be too close for comfort.  Will that signal that Texas is turning purple and becoming bluer or is it a sign that a significant number of people do not like Ted Cruz or Governor Abbott?  Beto O Rourke is somewhat affable and Ted Cruz is far from ‘warm and fuzzy’.  Cruz is often incredibly ‘matter of fact’ and his detailing of issues appears to go over the heads of many who want a more simplified explanation.  That is not likely to change but I pray that my fellow Texans will not take the bait and believe the spin and rhetoric of the Leftists and VOTE NO ON Beto and Lupie and keep Texas Red, Constitutional, and Conservative.  I have no view of what New York will do because New York is New York and even New Yorkers have no idea what New York will do.  Left is Left and it often seems the farther Left one goes in New York, Chicago, or California the better the chances of winning are.

I’m watching the Supreme Court and how the Republicans handle this nomination.  I am watching, the Mueller Investigation and believe that in September or October Mr. Mueller will drop what will be called ‘bombshell’ indictments or allegations in an attempt to sway the outcome of the elections.  I am watching the maneuvering of Congress leading up to the elections to see if the Republicans have any strategic organizational skills and a battle plan designed to protect and defend the Constitution.  I am watching to see if the Democrats will continue to beat dead horses, and take bad positions that backfire on them or if they reorganize and reunite and reignite their voting base.  I am watching the voting irregularities and how many states and districts will open the door for voter fraud and the unqualified and illegals to vote.  I am watching America and believe that this mid-term election, on a national scale, will predict the future of America.

I know what I want and that is the Free Constitutional Republic where the government is Limited, Taxes are Lower, the Borders are Secure, the National Defense Strong, and all men are viewed as ‘created equal with the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  I long for America to be, “one nation under God.”  I long for us to become ‘indivisible”.  I long for there to be “liberty and justice for all” including the just prosecution of the political elitists in Washington DC, not just partisan coups.  I long for my nation to be restored and return to her moral moorings and I stand for “Faith, Family, and Freedom”.

God bless you and God bless America!




Most conservatives place an incredible importance on the Supreme Court, and rightly so, at least to a degree.  It is very important in today’s political climate and is important constitutionally, but it was never designed to become what it has become.  It is not the “be all that ends all” politically, for it should be apolitical rather than judicial activism.  Sadly, that is where the U.S. Supreme Court has evolved and that can be laid at the feet of politicians first and WE THE PEOPLE second.

The Framers and our Founding Fathers never intended for the Court to legislate from the bench and those jurists were supposed to be men and women who moved beyond personal ideology, and political leanings to legal minds who reviewed any law strictly from the grid of constitutionality.  If the Court actually did that, the SCOTUS would not be a major campaign issue but it does not and it is a major issue.  It is so important that if we allow the Left to regain control of Congress they will be hell-bent on packing the court with as many liberal activists as possible.  I am staunchly and avidly an ‘Originalist’ and believe that the American Constitution must be preserved in the spirit and letter of “original intent” and never be treated as a chameleon changing with the times and whims of any group of people or politicians.  That means I will be disappointed ideologically from time to time because there will be laws that fit within the framework and constructs of the Constitution that I do not like.  In those cases, future, as I have in the past, I will accept that determination and work to change the law rather than call for the SCOTUS to become judicial activists.

I am convinced that most Americans come up short in a basic understanding of the fundamental workings and origin of the Supreme Court.  One of the reasons for that is that is the only time most citizens are aware of the Court is during highly publicized issues that make their way before that illustrious body.  The prime objective and agenda of the Supreme Court are to “Preserve the Constitution” through the process of judicial review.  Because the rulings of the SCOTUS impact American lives, often directly, it has a major impact on WE THE PEOPLE and for that reason, we care.

The Supreme Court, as any governmental arm, is always in danger of overreach and excess.  The Framers and Founders were highly influenced by men such as John Locke in the pursuit of a constitutional government.  The Constitution of the United States delegates power to the Court in order for them to effectively preserve the Constitution.  That caused Charles Evans Hughes to say, “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the Court says it is.”  That is right and that is wrong!  The Constitution is whatever the Constitutions says it is but the political maneuvering and posturing over the past many decades has produced an unelected arm of government with legislative power.  NO, they are not granted that power by the Constitution but have been ceded that power by the Legislative and Judicial Branches and that position has been largely accepted by the public.

Our Declaration of Independence clearly asserts that “all men are created equal.”  That does not mean that all have equal talents or commitment and it does not guarantee that all must be equal in success.  It does not allow for the redistribution of wealth, taking from those who produce and giving to those who do not.  It states that all men are “equal” and that in the sense that we all have certain inalienable rights given by our Creator including the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Our Constitution also affirms that the government only exists at the consent of the people and if the people determine that the government is not satisfactory we have the “right to abolish it and start over.”  That is not the job of the Court it is the decision of those ‘consenting to be governed.’  There is a clear process by which that is to transpire and that is not through judicial activism or executive edict but through the “Amendment Process” or through a “Constitutional Convention” and any changes must be ratified by the individual states.

John Locke and the many philosophers that our Framers and Founders used to help them determine our system of government all contended for “Private Property” and “Individual Rights.”  The task of the Supreme Court is not to determine what is best for America or Americans but what is Constitutional.  We live under a Constitution, and the Courts are authorized to interpret the meaning of that document, but the Will of the People must always remain sovereign.  Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist 78, stated that “the interpretation of the laws is the proper province of the courts. A constitution is in fact, and must be regarded as fundamental law.”  The Constitution enumerates the Court’s judicial powers in Article III, Section 2.  Justice Marshall wrote that “the Constitution is either a superior paramount law…or it is on a level with ordinary legislative acts…alterable when the legislature shall please to alter it.”  It is the duty of the SCOTUS to interpret the laws and should Congress be allowed to create legislation that violated the Constitution, then the Court would have no meaning and WE THE PEOPLE would become subjects of a Congressional Oligarchy in direct violation of the spirit and intent of the Constitution.

That is a limited treatise on the role of the Supreme Court and not intended to be exhaustive.  If we continue the course we have been on for the past 50 years in allowing judicial activism we will effectively destroy our American Constitution and System of Government.  We will become a State in which “the consent of the governed” will become a moot point and the door will be open to the rise of tyrannical despotism of an individual tyrant or a congressional or judicial oligarchy.  THAT CANNOT BE ALLOWED!

These are a few reasons that I adamantly oppose the Toxic Liberalism of the Democratic Party.  No, I am not accusing everyone who votes Democrat of being Anti-American but I am accusing the National Democratic Party of having adopted that position.  The move toward Socialism is alarming and the willingness to destroy our national sovereignty unacceptable.  I will VOTE NO on the Leftist in November and VOTE YES to keep them out of Power so that we can continue our pursuit and hope of seeing America return to being a Limited and Constitutional Government.   May the Republic live long!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 1 - Enemy

Some will probably attempt to castigate me over the inclusion of Christians in my title, but I believe it is apropos and the importance of the political process to followers of the Christian faith is unmistakable.  I would never go as far as some on my side of the aisle and argument, that one cannot be a Christian and a Democrat.  I believe that is not only in error but rises to the level of Pharisaism that is important to avoid.  Just because people do not agree with us does not automatically make them evil, it may simply be they are misinformed or something, or it could mean that we are.  I always seek to stand with the revealed declaration of God through the Bible and in all matters political that conflict with those prescribed edicts I oppose the politics and/or the politician desires to advance those ideologies.

We are traversing some incredibly dangerous waters nationally and that causes great trepidation in my heart.  I am concerned, and almost fearful for my nation and believe that the rift between various sectors, ideologies, and peoples is plunging us headlong into the abyss of destruction.  The incessant diatribe and rhetoric of the Media, Hollywood liberal elitist, activist, and politicians is not just dangerous it is both diabolical and destructive.  I don’t care if you are on the Right or the Left if you are fanning the flames of hate and not actively seeking a peaceable solution to our differences you are or dangerously close to being part of the problem rather than the solution.  I will have push-back on that from both sides of the aisle but as a lover of Freedom, America, and God I can purpose no other course of action but trying to find common ground.  NO, I do not suggest that we violate our convictions ceding to the demands of agendas contrary and anathema to God’s Word.  I do not suggest that we cede our stance that the Constitution is the Law of the Land and our Inalienable Rights are not negotiable.  BUT, I do contend that we need to quell the anger, cease the superfluous diatribe and parroting of talking points and political soundbites and LISTEN to each other.  If we ever laid aside our biases and LISTENED, we would likely find more commonality than is being realized today.  We can continue the barbs and battle of words and find ourselves in a full-blown civil war that will destroy this Republic and allow for Tyrannical Despotism to arise out of a state of martial law.  NOBODY, on either side, should desire or be willing for that to transpire.

Recently in various states, there were special elections and primaries in which there were signs of corruption.  Some of the antics and events solidify my belief and argument that the Left is predisposed to doing whatever it takes to win or steal as many seats as possible in November.  In Ohio, the razor-thin lead by the Trump endorsed Republican over the Democrat has been taking some disturbing twists and with the input of John Kasich Ohio, one wonders how much help the Republicans will get from government officials in that state.  The miraculous discovery of “588” UNCOUNTED VOTES in a ‘so-called’ routine audit which provided a net gain of 190 votes for the Democrat is questionable. Amazingly, some of those votes were from people in excess of 115 years of age!  HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN?  How can the Dead Vote and that not be a problem?  It causes me to wonder what the outcome of the “provisional” and ‘absentee’ ballots will provide for the Democrat.  The plan of the Democrats is the eventual win by the Democrat. 

Why am I even concerned with this one race?  I am concerned because it appears that too many Republicans and Conservatives are willing to SIT HOME and allow the Left to win in November.  Many of us are unhappy with the GOP leadership in Washington in the House and Senate.  Many of us believe that the Republican Establishment is so anti-Trump they are willing to lose control of Congress and see America suffer rather than back his agenda, which is also the agenda of millions who voted for him.

If we allow the Democrats to regain power in November, there is far more at stake than meets the eye.  Think with me for a moment about the crucial committees that will be headed by Democrats should that happen.  Adam Schiff would most likely become the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. THINK ABOUT THAT!  Adam Schiff!  Do you really want that to become a reality?  The congressman who brays like a Donkey about Russian collusion while covering up crimes by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc.  He would immediately halt any investigation into the Obama administration and focus all his energies and resources on Donald J. Trump.  He would turn that committee into a dogged determined “hunt for anything” against Trump and as we have already seen, the willingness to use phony intelligence and documents would not be off the table for him and them.

It does not take a Blue Wave for the Democrats to regain power.  It would only take a few thousand conservatives, constitutionalist, patriots, and/or Christians in each of the 23 pivotal congressional districts to STAY HOME and they achieve their objective.  Even if a ONE DEMOCRAT majority transpires we are in deep trouble in America.

If the Democrats continue their path toward Socialism and Big Government where Big Brother dictates every dimension of our lives they will either destroy themselves or the Republic.  On Donald Trump’s watch, we have seen unemployment drop to 3.8%, economic growth has doubled that of the Obama administration, taxes have been cut for 8 of 10 Americans, and the Obamacare individual mandate has been repealed.  We have seen serious efforts to overhaul the VA and there is a concerted effort to secure our borders and much more.  Yet, there are those who are Conservatives, Constitutionalist, Patriots, Republicans, and Christians who are so adamantly opposed to President Trump they cannot see the forest for the trees and deny, deny, deny his successes and ours.

I will say again and brace for the assault that will come from some detractors, “Donald Trump is not the enemy of America, Toxic Liberalism as demonstrated in the National Democratic Party is.”  No, I am not saying that every Democrat is the enemy of America but those at the top and those embracing the toxicity of the Liberal Socialist Agenda are!  We can prevent any rise in power by the Leftist in November IF and that is the key.  IF we Unite, become engaged, and participate in the Elections.  IT IS UP TO US!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Manical Rave

There are many reasons for my question and the phrasing it as I have.  Not the least of which is the most recent special elections and primary victories for Trump backed candidates and the obliteration of Ocasio-Cortez backed candidates.  The talking heads of the liberal leftist media are trying to spin the turnout in the various elections as a defeat for the Republicans and Trump, even though their candidates lost.  I read a report that said that there was a 90% Democrat turnout in Ohio District 12 and only about a 40-50% Republican turnout, but the Republican won.  How can anyone spin that as a positive for the Democrats?  If you turn out 90% of your voters and the other side only gets half of theirs, at best, and you lose, HOW IS THAT A WIN?  That is maniacal.  The immediate attempt to spin this to make it Russian meddling is beyond belief.  Some of the Liberal Leftists are claiming that the Green Party Candidate was Russian Plant to subvert their victory.  SERIOUSLY!  Is that the best you can come up with? 

Something of concern to me is the incredible result in Habersham County’s Mud Creek, Georgia primary.  In that precinct, there are only 276 voters but somehow there were 670 ballots cast?  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  There is only one answer to that question and nobody on the Right or Left can offer any other than FRAUD.  It is another reason that I am totally opposed to voting machines, and my home state of Texas uses them too.  If this is manipulation of voting machines, it is FRAUD!  If it is people voting who are not residents of that precinct, it is FRAUD!  No matter how you spin it, IT IS FRAUD!  The reason I am concerned about that is the willingness of the followers of Toxic Liberalism and the new face of the Democratic Party, SOCIALISM, this will not be the only case in which votes are distorted.  That should result in an IMMEDIATE switch to paper ballots that can be audited and correctly counted and remove the opportunity of VOTER FRAUD via the technology route.

I listened to Ocasio-Cortez and the Healthcare for Everyone plan that she and Bernie Sanders, and many other Democrats favor would cost almost $36 TRILLION over the next 10 years.  WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT!  Her argument is that we are spending on the military and other things but not healthcare and education.  The problem is with this clueless individual who has a degree in Economics from Boston University is, over 60% of the Federal Budget is spent on things like Medicare, Medicaid, and other social programs now.  We are bankrupt as a nation and any person with a smidgen of common sense would know that her plan is disastrous.  If that is the direction that the Democratic Party wishes to take, I pray that America makes their hope of a Big Blue Wave nothing more than a Maniacal Wave and we can send them scurrying back into the shadows where rodents belong.

The fact that the candidates President Trump has endorsed have won is causing the heads to explode in the media.  They are stumbling all over themselves to spin it that there was ZERO Trump influence and yet those he backed won.  They are suggesting that the heavy Democrat turnout and the low Republican turnout indicates that the support of the President has dissipated and that means an even more massive BLUE WAVE in November.  That sounds more a maniacal rave than a reality, but I am not taking the elections lightly for to do so would be disastrous and we MUST NOT LOSE in November. 

The persistent and stepped-up moves on the part of YouTube, Facebook, Google, Spotify, iTunes, etc. and other sites to purge from the internet ALL CONSERVATIVE speech or message should reveal to everyone how dangerous our situation is in America.  I was not shocked but disappointed that the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio would declare that the United States would be better off without Fox News.  He suggested that it is his wish that the United States would or could ‘remove’ unfavorable news outlets “from the last 25 years of American history.”  Exactly how that could transpire is anyone’s guess, but he made it clear that he is in favor of censorship of EVERYTHING CONSERVATIVE such as much of Fox News.  He said, “If you could remove News Corp (the parent company of Fox News) from the last 25 years of American history, we would be in an entirely different place.”  REALLY?  You want to take from those on the Right their 1st Amendment Right but have no desire to censor or silence the Terrorist on various mediums.  You do not want to silence the ANTIFA activists who are calling for overt violence.  You do not want to censor Louis Farrakhan and those on the Left who are openly racists and anti-Semitic.  I contend again, that if “Speech is not Free for Everyone it is Free for No One.”  The door that is opened by censorship is one that leads to Tyranny and Despotism and the destruction of the Republic known as the United States of America.  No, Mr. de Blasio we would not be a “more unified” country if all Conservative voices were silenced we would be puppets of the All-Powerful Federal Government and NO ONE should desire that.  Our Framers and Founders certainly did not!

The situation, as I see it, can be encapsulated in the PLEA for All who love freedom and want to keep our Republic the Free Constitutional Republic it has been for over 240 years is WAKE UP and get involved.  If we allow the agitators, the antagonist, the media, Hollywood, many celebrities and the Spinmeisters of the Left energize their base while we grow apathetic WE WILL FACILITATE THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR REPUBLIC.  I cannot do that and pray that you will find that so distasteful you will become energized and GET INVOLVED. 

What the Left is doing and desires to do to this nation is as plain as the nose on our face.  I don’t care if you like or do not like President Donald Trump, the danger presented by the Leftists Democrats is so imposing it demands that all who Love Freedom and those who stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom get involved.  In my home state of Texas, the Senate Race is of great concern.  The Liberal Leftist, Beto O Rourke has, according to many polls, closed the gap on Senator Ted Cruz.  I like Ted Cruz even though he has disappointed me a few times.  I fear for my State and the Nation were O Rourke become the junior Senator from Texas.  That would mean we would have a liberal leftist socialist Democrat and a very moderate to liberal Republican representing us.  THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN.  I pray the twisted polls are wrong but with the massive amounts of money flooding into the coffers of O Rourke I am concerned.  My fellow Texans, I plead with you to not become complacent and determine that you will VOTE and VOTE RED in November and prevent the Blues of the Blue Wave from becoming a reality.

I see the mid-term elections of 2018 as THE MOST CRITICAL elections in my lifetime.  That may be true of every subsequent election, but it is absolutely true in this situation.  If there is a Blue Wave and the Democrats regain control of Congress you can “turn out the lights” because the party will be over.  I pray that the Democrat rhetoric and spin of a Big Blue Wave is nothing more than a Maniacal Rave.  Join me and millions of other Lovers of Freedom and Let’s MAKE THE BLUE WAVE a RED WAVE and keep America Safe and Free.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Jackass

Realizing that saying that places me squarely in the crosshairs of people from various sectors but I feel it is a question that needs to be asked.  Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”  Comedian Bill Engvall’s hilarious “Here’s Your Sign” routine regarding the dumb things people say and do is apropos in today’s America.  It is one thing to be mistaken and take the wrong side of an issue but the demonstration of lunacy and illogic as is frequently exhibited in Washington, the MSM, and by the public transcends mere mistakes and verifies Franklin’s hypothesis.  I am not trying to be unkind but I am alarmed at the level of lunacy and illogic being exhibited today, even among some who are supposedly intelligent and well-educated.  If the rhetoric, spin, and absurdities being offered are an indication of a trend, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I recently saw that former President Jimmy Carter offered his theological wisdom on the matter of ‘same-sex marriages’ and ‘abortion’ and declared that Jesus would endorse those marriages because any loving and caring relationship was a good thing.  He also said that Jesus would endorse some abortions.  Mr. President, I would suggest you stick to peanuts and leave the theology to others who have read the Bible because your comments fly in the face of the Written Word of God and would place Jesus at odds with the Word of God and the declarations of the Father.  That would place Jesus in a position akin to that of Lucifer when he attempted to overthrow God.  Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior and declared regarding the Word of God, “Thy word is truth.”  He would NEVER take a position opposing the Word of God.  I remember a friend telling me, when Carter ran for President the first time, “We have to vote for him because he is a Christian.”  I contended that his profession of faith did not qualify or disqualify him for the office but his political positions and ideology did.  Some of those same people who contended that we vote for Carter demanded that we not vote for Trump because of their perceived view of his faith or the lack thereof.  When I viewed Carter, his politics was my problem and when I viewed Trump, his faith was not the issue but policy, and promises were.  I have had people call me and anyone who voted for President Trump apostates and when I explained what an apostate was, they shouted angrily at me and called me other choice names.

In this first half of President Trump’s term, the Donkey coalition has demanded that he colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton.  They were willing to ignore the scandals, lapses in judgment, and illegalities of Hillary overlooked the meddling and subversion of the Obama administration, as well as the actions of various governmental agencies and bureaucracies.  The Sgt. Schultz defense was presented as plausible and viable but everything President Trump or his team did or said was a lie.  Hillary, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Holder, etc. it was demanded they be given the benefit of the doubt and were innocent until proven guilty but with Trump it was GUILTY.  The verdict was issued and then the investigation to find evidence to support the verdict ensued.  That type of activity transforms the Donkey (a member of a political party) into a Jackass (a contemptibly foolish or stupid person) giving additional validity to Ben Franklin’s theory.

The vile vitriolic rhetoric of the Donkey Party today and the total unwillingness to even consider anything good coming from President Trump or the Elephant Party reveals a metamorphosis into Jackassedness.  Someone said, “Today’s politics, especially that of those filled with vengeful hate on the Left has become so corrupt and devoid of reason and logic it makes open, and honest debate or discussion impossible.”  I welcome the honest presentation of differing ideas.  That is healthy for any civil society and people who pursue a constitutional form of government.  However, when the inane and asinine are presented as fact, reason, and logic intelligent discussion is impossible.

The hysteria that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will forever destroy our American system of government would inspire Ben Franklin to repeat his assertion on ignorance and stupidity.  If his confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice becomes reality, and I hope it does little will change.  He is a strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment Right to “keep and bear arms” and has expressed his willingness to abide by the guarantee of the Constitution which prevents the government from infringing on that right.  His record suggests that he is largely an “originalist” and if he truly is, then Obamacare could potentially be deemed unconstitutional.  If he is truly an “originalist” then Roe v Wade could possibly be overturned.  What would that mean?  It would not mean the end of all abortions as the Leftists are insisting but would return the guidelines to the individual states.  My personal view and my faith is the basis of my Pro-Life position and I am repulsed by the “abortion on demand” world that we now live.  It is my view that Roe and Obamacare are both unconstitutional but I am not a Supreme Court Justice.  I am an American citizen with the right to vote and will use my “pen and phone” to influence my legislators to enact constitutional legislation on all matters.

I am totally opposed to ‘judicial activism’.   I long for a SCOTUS that is apolitical not engaged in judicial activism.  I am weary of the ludicrous rhetoric being advanced in today’s American politics and pray for a return to sanity in America.  I want to offer you a few quotes that qualify for insertion into Ben Franklin’s characterization regarding stupidity.

  • Mike Dickinson, Congressional Candidate, Virginia – He tweeted, “Dear god. Please use Ebola to infect the @NRA and its various members. For they are A true virus and true terrorists in America.” Hey, Mike – “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Representative Frederica Wilson, Florida – She spouted her hatred for the Tea Party and Conservatives, claiming they hold Congress hostage. She said, “Black males are ‘Convicted in the Womb.’ When a Black boy is spotted he is automatically a suspect.  Even Black people fear Black boys.”  Representative Wilson, “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Wendy Davis, Gubernatorial Candidate in the last Governor’s Race in Texas showed her lack of civility and decorum by attacking Greg Abbot’s disability saying, “A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions. Since then, he spent his career working against other victims…”  She later had to hold a press conference and apologize.  Wendy Davis – “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Representative Shelia Jackson Lee, Texas frequently fits perfectly into Franklin’s Theory. She said, “Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a Constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.”  Representative Jackson Lee – “Here’s Your Sign.”
  • Former Senator Harry Reid, Nevada – Often quite hypocritical in his comments about Republicans and advanced outright lies as the lies he told about Mitt Romney and taxes. He said regarding the record number of children who were illegally crossing the southern border – “The border is secure.”   Senator Reid – “Here’s Your Sign.”

Dare we omit Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and many others who have made ridiculous comments such as “If we ban guns the criminals will turn theirs in.”  How about Hillary Clinton saying regarding the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, “What difference does it now make?”  Or Barack Obama, “Claiming to have visited all 57 U.S. States except for maybe 1.”   HERE’S YOUR SIGN.

We had better wake up and prevent the Leftists from the further evolution of the Donkey into the Jack and do even greater damage to the Republic.  REMEMBER NOVEMBER AND PREVENT THE LEFTIST FROM REGAINING POWER.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 4 - Which America

I frequently find myself attacked by those on the Left and there is an increasing trend of attacks by some who claim to be, and possibly are Pro-America, Conservative, and Constitutionalist.  Their animus toward me is that in my standing for America I stand with President Donald J. Trump.  To them, I am an apostate, a lunatic, a cultist, and worthy of any and all viciousness that can be heaped on me.  I still struggle with that attack, not because I am deterred by their words and false accusations but because they claim to be Pro-America, Constitutionalist, and Conservatives.  I realize that will draw even more ire directed toward me yet, I feel that I must respond to what I see happening in America and as the question of my title, “Which America Are We Fighting For?”  Is it the America of our Framers and Founders or the Fundamentally Transformed America of the Barack Obamas of the world?

I still cling to hope that if those who are so consumed with their distaste, animosity and even hate for President Trump stop just for a moment and think about what is happening they will realize that he is not America’s greatest threat, the toxic liberalism and Democratic Socialism is.  I am losing my grip on that hope because the viciousness of their attacks has reached a level that for them to retract their vitriolic rhetoric they would have some egg on their faces and it appears something, possibly pride, prevents them from that position.  It is often incredibly painful to acknowledge a mistake even a partial one.  I’ve been there and done that!  Infighting among those who hopefully truly desire the best for America and the cessation of the destruction of Toxic Liberalism and Socialism in America is one of this country’s greatest enemies today.  I genuinely want what is best for America and cling to a shred of hope that those not on the Left want the same thing.

To call those of us who vote Republican cultist is not just offensive it is moronic.  Those who are so anti-Trump they would gleefully watch the Dems regain power and destroy the republic are terribly misguided, in my view.  If we lose the house and Senate they can assume much blame. It is that mentality that got Barack Obama elected not once but twice.  I did not prefer John McCain in 2008 but rather than say, “He’s not my candidate and stay home or vote some way that facilitated Barack Obama’s victory, I VOTED McCain.”  I did not like Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate in 2012 but unlike the tens of millions who could have turned the tide and defeated Barack Obama and Liberal Agenda, I VOTED.  I voted because I saw the dilemma of America and understood that although we might survive 4 or 8 years of Toxic Liberalism, it would present a serious obstacle to recovery.  I could have voted third-party and defend anyone’s right to do that but when I viewed the situation I knew in my heart it was a binary choice and I had to seek the path that would give the best hope of preserving the Republic.

Contrary to the opinion of some both on the Right and on the Left, President Donald J. Trump is not America’s Greatest Threat.  I believe that the Liberal, Socialist, Globalist, Progressive, Leftist rooted in the Democratic Party is a greater threat than Islamic Terrorism or the Invasion of Illegals across our Southern Border.  What I have seen in this President is a willingness to attempt to keep his campaign promises and the promises the Republicans have been making for several electoral cycles.  I am thrilled with his pick for the Supreme Court and anticipate another of that caliber to be named for this current vacancy.  I am thrilled that we got a tax break and am hopeful that we will get more.  I am thrilled with the strong attempt to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws.  I am thrilled with strong diplomacy on an international front and believe that America has carried the financial and military personnel burden for the world too long.  I am thrilled with the defense of religious freedom, and the determination to defeat Islamic Terrorism, strengthen our military and make America both Great and Safe again.  If that makes me a cultist, then give me more.  I believe it makes me a patriot who loves America and wants what is best for this nation. 

Some of those attacking me and others who are in support of the direction of our Republic, now use the “Separation of Families” at the border as an indication of our cultism and lack of moral sanity and heart.  TAP THE BRAKES PLEASE and let me address that as best I can in this short space.  There are several facts that need to be addressed and if everyone will use common sense and reason I believe we can agree.

FIRST – What is it about the ILLEGALS that gives them more rights than CITIZENS?  What do I mean by that?  Simply, if an American Citizen breaks the Law and crossing our borders illegally is a violation of our laws, the citizen’s children are separated from them.  If a parent committed a robbery, an assault, or violated our laws and had their children with them, those children would be taken into custody and separated from the parents.  No one is or would be up in arms over that and no one is claiming that it is immoral, Un-Christian, and inhumane but when it comes to ILLEGALS it somehow suddenly becomes all those distinctions.  HOW? 

SECOND – If we compare the statistical and documented facts we find that the number of children separated from their parents at the border under President Donald J. Trump is less than 10% of the numbers separated by former President Barack H. Obama.  When Obama separated families, there was no media outrage and no moral outcry from the Right of the Left but when Donald Trump does it, suddenly it becomes HORRIFIC and INDEFENSIBLE.  What changed?  I can tell you what changed, it was Trump did it and those who hate Trump want anything to use against him.

THIRD – It is being documented that a significant number of those ‘children’ being separated from ‘parents’ are not the children of those adults but pawns on the chessboard of entry into the United States.  Some of the MS-13 Gang members, minors, are being lumped into the same category as well as children being used in human trafficking to facilitate adults being able to gain access into the United States.  If we throw off all restraint and allow any and all who claim to be children with parents to enter and then release them into our nation we will create a condition where the problem will escalate exponentially not decrease.  The arguments being used to ignore the problem and keep them together is much like the argument of some Leftists on Gun Control that if we simply banned guns the criminals would lay down their arms too.  DREAM ON…

My Position is simple, I want to protect America from Toxic Liberalism and the desired shift of the Left toward Socialism and the proposed fundamental transformation of this nation.  I do not follow President Donald Trump with a view that he can do no wrong, but with a view that, thus far, he has done much right and good for America.  I see the Toxicity of the Liberalism of the Democratic Party as the most serious and present danger for America and am committed to doing everything I can to STOP THEM, legally, civilly, and at the Voting Booth.  I do not want bloodshed in the streets and do not want unrest, anarchy, and chaos to prevail.  I want what is best for America and what is Constitutional.  If America deems the Constitution outdated and in need of revision, then let’s have a Convention of States and a Constitutional Convention and propose a new constitution to be approved by Congress and ratified by the States.  NO, I do not believe our Constitution is outdated and although I can see some areas in which we could strengthen its intent, I am content to continue under its governance interpreting it in the view of Original Intent.

Call me whatever you please, unfriend me on Facebook, stop following my blogs, turn off my Internet Radio Broadcast, and label me an Incorrigible and Deplorable I will deal with that.  BUT never question my Love for America and the Genuineness of my heart.  I defend your right to be right and to be wrong and only ask that you Pray and Consider what is at stake in America!   I conclude with the question, “Which America Are We Fighting For?”

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 3 - Fascism

No, I am not talking about Trump or the Republicans but the ideology of the Liberal Leftist largely in the Democratic Party.  I am talking about those in various federal law enforcement agencies such as James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and Peter Strzok to name a few.  I am talking about Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret, and Barack Obama to name a few more.  The list is long and I could add a few on the other side who are Big Government Liberals claiming to be Conservative and Constitutional.

Fascism, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.  Who are those who truly want Big Centralized Authoritative Government?  Who are those that want to totally control the economy via regulations and taxes?  Who are those who are calling for the forcible suppression of opposing views?  I hope you said, the Establishment Democrats but assume that some said, Trump and the Republicans.  If you said the former, you get the Gold Star and if you said the latter, “Here’s Your Sign.”

The revelations of corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe in the FBI clearly reveal the Fascist tendencies of those individuals. They express that they believe that they should be and are “selfless servants of the people” but repeatedly demonstrate their “contempt for us.”  Their actions demonstrate a belief that they know what is best and see the law and the constitution as something they can manipulate for their ideological purposes while arguing they are totally without bias.  They seem to believe that they have been mandated and authorized to CONTROL and/or GUIDE the American political, judicial, and legal systems to achieve what they believe to be the ‘best good’ for the Republic.  The Fascist do not care what the people think or want because, in their view, the state is supreme and is the giver and taker of rights and privileges.  That is why they can embrace Socialism and if allowed to fully develop that ideological pursuit would embrace Communism, so long as they are entrenched in power.

Congressman Louis Gohmert took the bull by the horns in quizzing Peter Strzok’s assertion that he and they (FBI) were concerned about a “hostile foreign power affecting our elections.”  Congressman Gohmert asked, Mr. Strzok, “Do you recall the former Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough having an investigation into the anomaly found on Hillary Clinton’s emails?”  Mr. Strzok in his best Sgt. Schultz impersonation said, “I do not.”  Gohmert continued and reminded Strzok that the ICIG had sent his investigator Frank Rucker along with ICIG attorney Janette McMillian to brief Strzok and two other FBI personnel.  Strzok then said, “I remember meeting with him one or two times, but I do not remember the content.”  Seriously?  You can remember in detail so much but not that.  Wow!  Gohmert then dropped a bombshell that exposed the disinterest of Mr. Strzok and the FBI regarding Hillary Clinton’s violation of federal law and endangering our national security.  He said, “Mr. Rucker reported to those of you, the four of you there, in the presence of the ICIG attorney, that they had found this anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through their private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except four, over 30,000, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list. It was a compartmentalized bit of information that was sending it to an unauthorized source.”

The fascinating part of Gohmert’s information is that the 30,000 emails from Hillary’s server were lost, but only to the U.S. Government.  Even without this email forwarding operation, we know that multiple foreign intelligence services had compromised her server.  Any person using even a smidgen of reason would know that Trump’s slam of Hillary on the Campaign Trail over the missing emails was not a call to hack her, that had already happened.  Those unfriendly governments had those emails and heaven only knows what was in them and what leverage they might provide to our enemies or what complicity with those enemies those emails might reveal.  When the ICIG informed Strzok and the FBI that Hillary Clinton’s emails had been auto-forwarded to a foreign power, they demonstrated no interest.  WHY?  If they are simply seeking truth and want justice in an unbiased manner, WHY?

What is astounding and demonstrates clear bias and even the embracing of Fascism is the total lack of curiosity by the DOJ under Obama and the FBI regarding how those emails were removed and transmitted via a garden variety email then stored on a server that had no cyber or physical security.  Does that strike you a bit strange?  It does if you are concerned about corruption in government.  However, if your prime objective is to STOP TRUMP, and embrace or accept the Obama philosophy of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America then you would be, as were the federal agencies, disinterested.  Another amazing thing is that their disinterest rose to the level that they provided immunity from prosecution to the guy managing the server.  WHAT?  We are spending an enormous amount of money and manpower trying to find something on Trump to connect him to the Russians or prove obstruction of justice but are ‘ho-hum’ regarding Hillary, the Obama DOJ, and even Obama himself.  That is why I argue that the real Fascist are on the Left not the Right of the Political Aisle. 

America, we can argue that it makes little difference if the Democrats or the Republicans are in power and continue our refusal to vote in a way to defeat the Democrats and pay the price for that attitude.  I understand that some believe they are standing on principles in withholding their vote from either President Trump or the Republicans.  I am not arguing that you are not doing that.  However, I ask that you set aside your bias long enough to weigh what is at stake in America.  I ask that you review the agenda and policies desired by the Democrats and give an honest assessment of what damage those policies would bring about.  I ask that you ask yourself, “Can we endure 4 or 8 more years of the Extreme Left-Wing Ideology and Policies?”  If you believe we can, then nothing I say will impact you but if you examine what is at stake I believe you will agree with me that we only have one choice in November – STOP THE DEMOCRATS.

God bless you and God bless America!