ELOQUENCE ASIDE – Trump is Right…

BLOG POST 1 - Eloquence

I would never argue that Donald Trump always speaks eloquently but he often speaks to the heart of a matter and speaks with a forthrightness that is problematic for the Politically Correct, Establishment Politicians and the Main Stream Media.  They are unaccustomed to that kind of candor and prefer the dark shadows of deception, innuendo, and half-truths to keep the voters in the dark or confused enough to achieve their goals.  Thomas Jefferson is reported to have said, “the cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.”  The argument that Informed Voters is the only safe and sure way to preserve our Republican Democracy is valid.  We are witnessing the clear and present danger of an uninformed electorate who advance a narrative presented by the biased MSM.  When individuals fail to listen to all sides of an argument and neglect doing the personal research to verify and vet what they hear and read, they fall prey to the devices of unprincipled and unscrupulous politicians and activist.  Donald Trump’s forthrightness and plain speak is the antithesis of the Leftist, Elitist, and Cronyism that has long ruled Washington, DC.  The Deep State and the Swamp hate the idea of people engaging in honest evaluation and using cognitive reason in looking at legislation, policies, or events in society.  That strips them of their power and control something they will fight to the death to preserve.

Before Donald J. Trump was inaugurated the Left, the Establishment Republicans, the MSM, and the Never Trumpist began laying their plans to either oust him from office or prevent him from keeping his campaign promises.  The Republicans, on the campaign trail, gave lip service to those promises but when the rubber began to meet the road they have shown their true colors that they are “Status Quo” proponents not “American Restoration” advocates. They would rather keep the spending bill of Obamacare and maintain their position than truly do what the America people voiced they desire.  They are not our representatives and not our friends.  I am convinced that the Government is a greater threat to our American way of life than Russia, North Korea, China or any other foreign power will ever be.

No matter what the president does or says, his actions and words are twisted, slanted, taken out of context or interpreted to mean whatever the Leftist, Democrats, MSM, and Elitist Politicians want them to mean.  They truly believe that if they tell a lie loud enough and long enough we are too dumb to see the truth and eventually we will wear down like water dripping on a rock and come around to their prescribed way of thinking.  I pray they are wrong, but previous elections suggest my hopes are in vain.

No matter the tragedy or heinous event, President Trump is in a no-win situation regardless of what he says.  He could say exactly what the MSM is saying and they would twist his words to attack him.  In Charlottesville, Barcelona, or any other situation where ideologies collide and terrorism takes place, Donald Trump will be painted as on the side of evil and against good.  The deranged individual who drove his car into the crowd and killing a woman in Charlottesville or the lunatic in Barcelona or any other place that uses a vehicle, gun, bomb, knife, or club is either a pawn of hell and filled with evil and hate to the point they are uncontrollable or they are so mentally challenged they do not know they are perpetrating an act of evil.  Both are dangerous.

Donald Trump may not have said what he said eloquently and with polish but he was absolutely right when he said there was blame on both sides in Charlottesville.  Eric Holder jumped in immediately and called the act in Charlottesville TERRORISM but called the Fort Hood massacre by Major Hassan as WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.  That is both hypocritical and helps to inspire violence.  In Charlottesville, there were two opposing groups of Fascist and the authorities knew there was the potential and likelihood of violence.  The Governor has issued blatant lies about the White Supremacist having caches of arms hidden around the city and that the police were outgunned by them.  The police and intelligence communities have exposed his lies.  He and the mayor as well as national figures were and are trying to use this event for political purposes not for finding a peaceful resolution and uniting the country.

I have been warning for a long time that if the buttons keep getting pushed and the Left keeps rioting and attempting to destroy our Republic there would be some fringe elements on the other side that would step forward to challenge them.  Those fringe right groups, as I warned, will not back down and are unafraid of violence being willing to meet blow with blow.  That opens the door for the Leftist to advance their gun control agenda and possibly impose martial law thereby taking total control.  That is why I have prayed and do pray that sanity will prevail in the minds of the American People and when we go to the polls in each election we will systematically purge the ranks of legislators sending the proponents of Big Government and Total Control home and replace them with those who will Honor the Constitution and truly represent the people who elected them.

Donald Trump’s plain speak may be grating at times because we have grown accustomed to Political Speak from Politicians but it is needed in this hour to expose the Deep State and the Swamp Denizens.  If we do not wake up, stay alert, become involved and pray we will witness the demise of the American Republic given us by the Founders and Framers and see it replaced with the Fundamental Transformation advocated by Barack Obama and the Left.  WHAT WILL YOU HAVE?

God, bless you and God bless America!


I’M ONE OF THE STUPID PEOPLE – – In the Eyes of the Elitist Establishment…


I’m sorry to break the news to you but so are you if you voted for Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Elections according to the Leftist.  In their minds, we are delusional, demented, deranged, deceived, duped, and just down right dumb.  Of course, if you are part of the NEVER TRUMP crowd you probably agree with them and would rather have seen Hillary (Destruction) Clinton in the White House allowing the continuation of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” on steroids.  That is beyond my ability to comprehend but then my views are to those who are so deeply entrenched in hatred for Donald Trump incomprehensible.  I would use the word “Mexican Standoff” but if I did I’d be accused of some kind of phobia rather than simply using a phrase that has been used for decades to describe an impossible stalemate.  In our Politically Correct Society, you can’t use so many words it is almost mandatory to have an auto-correct on our brains to prevent us from using those banned words and phrases.  The intolerance of those demanding tolerance knows no bounds so beware, this article is not PC and I will be guilty of stating views not acceptable to many millennials, all leftist, most Democrats, and many in the Republican Party.

I have one question to ask people like Bill Kristol who worked diligently to get Hillary Clinton elected in an attempt to STOP TRUMP, “What’s Your Problem?”.  He invested money and time in trying to get an alternative candidate to run and tried desperately to enlist National Review’s David French but was rejected.  He then turned to Evan McMullin a candidate that I’m not sure how any truly conservative and constitutionalist would be able to support.  Mr. Kristol was desperate and now is working to form a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.”  His hatred and rejection of Donald Trump rivals that of John McCain and he is willing to join forces with those seeking to destroy our Republic in order to ensure the President is rejected.   Mr. Kristol tweeted that Republicans should “rebrand” as liberals.  Wow!  He said, “We’re for liberal democracy, liberal world order, liberal economy, liberal education, etc.”  Mr. Kristol, I have heard you try to explain your opposition to Donald Trump and now I need you to articulate if you can, what you mean by that statement.  I cannot imagine any true conservative agreeing with you, but then I am one of the stupid people in your eyes and in the eyes of the NEVER TRUMPIST.

Governor John Kasich wants to be identified as a conservative and his views on most things do not even come to the moderate level and he is squarely in the NEVER TRUMP segment of the Republican Party.  Senator John McCain has affirmed that once he returns to the Senate from his cancer treatment he will team up with Chuck Schumer, the Democrats, and RINOs and seek to ram down our throats the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill.  The voters clearly rejected that in the last election but Senator McCain appears to be only marginally concerned about what we think if he is concerned at all.

The Democrats in their “Resistance” which turned out to be riots, looting, and doing physical damage and bodily harm to citizens and property is and has been harmful.  It is not only supported by the Left and the many NEVER TRUMPIST as well as the former President and failed Democrat presidential candidate.  Many of the protesters were funded by Democrat operated organizations and inspired by the lack of action by the Feds and the DOJ as well as the lack of condemnation from the former president and other prominent Democrats.  The members of Congress, largely Democrats but joined by Republicans have sought to find ways to block everything that the President wants to do and ensure that he will be unable to fulfill his campaign promises.  In their minds, it was our fault, those of us who voted for him, whether for him or against Hillary Clinton.  To them, our voice in the election is invalid because it was not what they wanted or believed should happen.  Therefore, the only explanation they can embrace is that we are Stupid and because we are Stupid we were easily deceived and duped and our phobias have led to a demonstrated derangement.  On that basis, they believe, the election should be invalidated and their chosen one and fearless leader should be given the Golden Scepter of Political Power.

It is interesting that according to valid reports the Trump policies has resulted in a reduction of ISIS and his immigration crackdown has led to higher construction wages.  Imagine that, higher wages for American workers and the Democrats hate it because it touches one of their voting blocks, ILLEGALS who are made dependent on the udders of the federal cash cow and locked into the Democrat voting machine for life.  That is, unless, they realize they are being lied to and desire to break free and think for themselves using their minds not simply emotions.  I know some who were in that category who have seen the light and they are adamantly opposed to the Democrat agenda and realize that it is far more harmful than helpful.  I guess that makes them part of the STUPID PEOPLE SOCIETY.

I study, attempt to check the facts, try to look at the big picture, and consider what is constitutional, conservative, supportive of my Christian values and principles, and best for the Republic.  What I heard Donald Trump say during the campaign did not always resonate with me but much of the time his proposed agenda was what I desired and desire.  I want a secure border.  I want a strong national defense.  I want a military that is modernized, equipped, and trained to handle all enemies that might seek to do us harm.  I want a military that is disciplined and ready not one that walks on the egg-shells of political correctness.  I want the Free Market to be turned loose so that the economy can break free and all benefit.  I want tax reform and personally would like to see a flat or fair tax and the IRS abolished.  I want the EPA’s stifling regulations and targeting of non-leftist groups to stop.  I want the DOJ to enforce the law equally regardless of party, socioeconomic status or skin color.  I want our inalienable rights protected and am appalled at federal money being used for abortions.  Those are some of the things that caused me to vote Republican in the 2016 Election and against Hillary Clinton or the other candidates on the ballot.  If that makes me one of the STUPID PEOPLE to the elitist, then I will proudly wear that badge.  Some of their arguments help me to realize who is really challenged in the area of intellectual reason and who is standing intelligently for America.  You guessed it, those of us who voted for AMERICA and want Congress to back the President in the pursuit of the campaign promises made to WE THE PEOPLE.

We were angry, rightfully so, and if the Republicans work in cahoots with the Democrats and block the Promised Agenda of the President, we will be more than angry.  I believe that millions will become so livid we just might see many incumbents evicted from their lofty perches in Washington, DC.  I am hopeful and will continue to work and pray for what I believe is best for America.  Call me whatever you please but never accuse me of not loving or fighting for America and the Constitution.  I was not ashamed to be identified as one of the “deplorables” as the left called us and now unashamedly identify as one of the “stupid people” as they call us.  WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!




BLOG POST 1 - Old News

The Washington Compost I mean Post recently published an article that cited U.S. Intelligence Officials on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analysis as being a new revelation.  The new revelation according to the Washington Post was the increase in the number of bombs in North Korea’s atomic arsenal.  The report was that Little Kim has as many as 60 nuclear weapons. These warheads are small enough to be attached to ICBM’s and launch an attack against the United States of America or our allies.  This revelation by the Post was an attempt to make it look like there had been a dramatic escalation under President Trump’s watch and that it was somehow his incompetence that has created this nightmare scenario.  I beg to cite a few facts in rebuttal.

It was William Jefferson Clinton that gave North Korea the technology and wherewithal to develop nuclear weapons although the, like Iran, insisted they only wanted nuclear power for domestic purposes.  Yeah, and pigs are flying over the unicorns in my back yard.  We know that even while negotiating they were moving rapidly toward the development of nuclear weapons but Clinton, the Democrats, and most Republicans ignored the matter.  I guess they were hoping the Communist lunatics in charge would honor their word and only use them for domestic purposes.  They didn’t, and now we have this nightmare on our hands that President Trump inherited from Barack Obama and the Democrats.

This information was revealed in 2013 that the North Korean had nukes and guess who was in the White House at that time?  You get a Gold Star it was Barack Hussein Obama entering his second term.  North Korea, like Iran and the rest of the world, knew that he was so weak willed nothing would be done so they continued.  Then in 2015 during the infamous negations with the Mullah’s of Iran North Korea transferred nuclear weapons to Iran, weapons that were small enough to be attached to missiles.  Obama knew this but continued in his pursuit of his facilitating and equipping Iran to become the supreme Islamic power in the Middle East with the capacity to do incredible harm if not total destruction to our only friend in the region, Israel.  Yet, he and the Democrats tell us the Iran deal was and is a fantastic arrangement.  We are told that the Iranians only want nuclear power for domestic purposes even though they openly avow that it is nuclear weapons they desire and the total destruction of the Great Satan (America) and the Little Satan (Israel).  [Their descriptions not mine.]

The lunatic in North Korea, a man who kills family members who threaten his position and power and enslaves an entire nation is a problem that cannot be ignored.  Will President Trump’s firm stand have an impact on him and decrease the level of concern?  Oh, he has backed off a bit but I doubt that this little tyrant will cease to be a concern because it seems that he believes he is invincible and because he can run rough-shod over his own people he has the capacity to do that to the rest of the world.  Would a strike against North Korea result in a World War?  Possibly.  Would it cause economic and diplomatic problems in the region and the world?  Likely.  Who would be our allies and who would be our foes?  I really don’t know with the current mindset and political correctness running rampant throughout the world.  Can we allow him to attempt to strike Guam or any of our territories or allies?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  If we do, we open the flood gate for terrorist and despotic regimes to launch attacks on a much larger scale.  You must meet a threat such as this head on and use the appropriate might, muscle, force, and power to quickly dispense of the problem.  Would innocent civilians be harmed in the process?  Yes, in war there are always collateral losses and innocents are harmed.  I wish there was a diplomatic solution but thus far Little Kim shows no signs of being willing to listen to anyone and China, the one nation that might be able to rein him in has chosen to sit on the fence and watch.  Why?  Multiple reasons and one is they know that if we take out Little Kim, they will be in a position to put their puppet on the throne and have even more power.  They are not innocent bystanders but active participants in this mess and the world must hold China accountable as well.

The Arab saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to be in full function in the alliance and accord between North Korea and Iran and maybe even China.  Bill Clinton and Barack Obama allowed or facilitated the rise of two despotic regimes to develop nuclear weapons and now the world will pay the fiddler for dancing with the devil under those two Democratic Administrations.

I do not envy President Trump in having to face this incredible situation but I’m glad we have a President who is willing to do what is necessary to protect America and thereby the world rather than what we had for eight years.  Our founders and famous generals of the past all knew that the surest way to peace is through the demonstration of power.  To prevent war, you must prepare for war.  I’ve been hearing in my spirit for some time that the Prepared hearts will have full hands and the unprepared hearts empty hands.  I know that was a spiritual message to me and all who can receive it but I also believe it applies to the nations of the world.  We will be forced to make some difficult choices in 2018 and 2020 and if we are to restore the Republic and help make the world a safer place we MUST NOT FAIL to make the right ones.  Evicting every politician who does not honor the Constitution and is not in Congress to serve the best interest of the American people is our only choice.  There are many Republicans and most Democrats who need to be shown the door.  I’m praying for godly, honorable, honest, constitutional, conservative, and Patriots to run in 2018 and 2020.  If you feel the tug at your heart let me know and I will pray with you and if you fill that bill I will do all I can to help you in your quest.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!



BLOG POST 5 - Big Mistake

In my opinion was the appointment of H.R. McMaster as his National Security Advisor.  There were significant “red flags” that were raised in my heart when General Flynn was ousted and President Trump named General McMaster to replace him.  What caused “red flags” for me was the fact that the Swamp praised that decision.  The Democrats, the MSM, and many Republicans applauded the decision.  The MSM even said that this decision indicated that Trump knew what he was doing and would move in the right direction.  WOW!  That lasted about 10 seconds but the fact that they said anything like that caused the alarm bells to begin ringing in my head.  Anything that the Democrats, MSM, and the Establishment supports must be examined carefully because they do not support anything that seriously seeks to Drain the Swamp and Limit Government.

General McMaster, among other questionable actions, has promised Susan Rice that she could keep her Top-Secret Security Clearance and that she could continue to have broad access to classified documents.  WHY?  The President questioned her motives for wanting this access but General McMaster went against his boss and the interests of the Constitution and Conservatives and not only allowed her to keep her clearance but claimed it was in the interest of National Security.  This is the same Susan Rice that illegally UNMASKED Americans for political purposes.  General McMaster, whose team are you on?  I suspect it is the Establishment Team that does not desire to advance the Promised Agenda the President and Republicans campaigned on in 2016.  I will attach a copy of his letter at the end of this article but let me address a few things he said in the letter.

He informed Susan Rice that going forward the NSC would continue to work with her to ensure the appropriate security clearance documentation remains on file to allow her access to classified information.  He waived the requirement that she must demonstrate a “need to know” to access any classified information contained in the items she “originated, reviewed, signed, or received while serving” as National Security Advisor.  He said that his decision was consistent with the national security interests of the United States.  Seriously, General, in the interests of the United States.  This woman was part of an administration that did much that was not in the interests of the United States and jeopardized our national security interest.  HOW IN THE NAME OF REASON can you take this action?  If the President fired you immediately it would, in my view, be not only justified but necessary.  President Trump, in my view, made a grave mistake in appointing you.

But, the General did not stop there and he has been cleaning house, not on Obama hold-overs but Trump loyalist.  He is also out of step with the President on the Iran Deal.  He has fired Rich Higgins, Derek Harvey, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick all Pro-Trump individuals and some close to Steve Bannon and Pro-Israel.  He not only has fired Trump loyalist but replaced them with Anti-Trump individuals including Kris Bauman an avowed hater of Israel and a Hamas supporter.  He allows Anti-Israel, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, and Pro-Iran Obama people like Robert Malley full access to the NSC.  He also left Ben Rhodes and Valerie Jarrett’s people in place.  I don’t know why President Trump appointed him but he did and that was a terrible mistake.  One report I have seen was that President Trump agreed to appoint McMaster to appease people such as Senator John McCain.  McCain, the man that has worked against the President at every turn.  McCain, the man that is so entrenched in the Establishment that he would actively work with the Democrat Leadership and inform them of his vote before casting the NEGATIVE BALLOT but not informing the Republicans.  McCain, the so-called maverick that wanted to be president and is angry with both the current president and the American people.  Mr. President, Fire McMaster and forget about John McCain.  McMaster is either openly or behind the scenes working against everything you stand for regarding National Security and Foreign affairs.  He is the wrong man, in the wrong job at the wrong time if you are going to advance your policies and achieve your agenda items as promised.  You have fired numerous others so why the hold up on this renegade?

You may disagree with me on this point and I do not like the revolving door that appears to have been installed at the White House but this is one firing I believe needs to happen and happen quickly.  Just being a General does not make one qualified as a National Security Advisor and if they are lauded by the Left, the MSM, and the Establishment there is a reason and that reason is they are Swamp Dwellers too.

God, bless you and God Bless America…

McMaster’s Letter to Susan Rice:

BLOG POST 1 - McMaster




BLOG POST 3 - Invalidating the Election

If we are going to preserve our Republic and maintain our Republican Democracy, we MUST NOT allow this to happen and MUST find a way to bring it to an end.  From time to time people are elected to office that we do not like, favor, or desire but that does not invalidate or give cause to seek to invalidate a legitimate election.  If we lose, we lose and must find peaceful ways to deal with the situation and maintain our Constitutional Republican status otherwise we damage or destroy the Republic.  The actions of the MSM, Activist, the Democrats, Anti-Trumpers, and the Elitist Establishment Republicans are dangerous and will do irreparable damage to our system of government.  The damage these groups are inflicting is far worse than that sought by any outside entity or foreign government.  The attempted invalidation of the election of President Donald J. Trump is a slap in the face of the Framers and our Founders and all who sacrifice to gain our Freedom and Independence.  It is an insult to anyone who honors the Constitution.  You may be adamantly opposed to Donald Trump and believe him unfit for office but HE WON THE ELECTION and if you love America and respect the Constitution you should be appalled by the antics of the aforementioned groups and individuals.

I have thought much about the leaks from within the White House and heard Juan Williams give his leftist take on the reason for the leaks and it was not surprising.  It was disgusting but not surprising.  He inferred that rather than the leaker being a criminal, doing damage to our National Security and the President’s ability to interact with Foreign Officials on or off the record, this was simply a patriot who felt that President Trump was not acting in the best interest of America and must be stopped.  WOW!  If someone had said that about Barack Obama, Mr. Williams would have been calling for their head as would the rest of the MSM and the Left.  I am convinced that the person or persons engaged in this leaking are doing so to make it virtually impossible for Donald Trump to do his job.  I do not know who is guilty but I now suspect that this is being coordinated or facilitated through the National Security Agency and is directly connected to H.R. McMaster and when the dust settles (if it ever does) that trail will lead to the Establishment Republicans, the Obama Administration, and the Clinton Camp.  Dismiss that if you please, and I will readily acknowledge I have no proof other than the tell-tale signs of his opposition to President Trump and the Agenda promised to the voters in 2016 and his purging of Trump Loyalist.

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America duly elected in a legitimate manner through our electoral system is fighting opposition like no president in my lifetime.  I don’t know what previous presidents encountered other than what I read and even then, there are conflicting accounts of those presidents and their battles.  President Trump is finding, probably somewhat surprisingly, that the Swamp which embodies the Political Establishment would rather destroy the Republic than give up their position and power.  The label “Public Servant” is a misnomer and misapplied to most members of Congress.  It is rare that I have witnessed any semblance of an attitude of SERVING the people but have seen openly their desire to SERVE themselves.  The network and brotherhood they are a part of is very devoted to STATUS QUO and the preservation of Political Elitism.  Most politicians do not view the voting public as their bosses but see themselves as our caretakers, guardians, and overseers.  They do not believe we are capable of understanding what is needed or best and believe themselves to be far superior.  THAT IS TRAGIC!  I can only imagine what the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution would say about what is happening today.  Jefferson would be calling for watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of the Patriots as would several others of that illustrious fraternity.  I AM NOT!  I want to retake our government peacefully and through the system, we are fighting to preserve and maintain.  WE CAN DO IT but only if we UNIFY and determine that the Constitution is more important than personal preference.

John McCain, who sunk any hopes of repealing Obamacare is now working with Chuck Schumer again and has expressed his desire to see Congress pass the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill when he returns.  He was joined in his collusion with Senator Schumer, by Senators Collins and Murkowski.  I pray that the Senate reject his efforts and the House will send it to File 13 where it belongs.

The Special Investigator, Robert Muller is using a Grand Jury, something never done with regard to Hillary Clinton or the many Democrat scandals, to go after Trump Jr and indirectly Donald Trump himself.  This is part of the effort to INVALIDATE the legitimate election of Donald Trump. The hatred for Trump runs so deep and the disbelief by the Establishment both Democrat and Republican that he won is driving them to sacrifice the Constitution and the Country for the sake of preserving the Position and Power.  The fishing expedition will either result in someone being criminally charged or provide the Democrats with bullet points and campaign slogans in 2018 and 2020.  In my view, any politician who participates or facilitates the continuation of the kind of destructive behavior and activity is unworthy of holding office.

I confess I do not like everything that President Trump does or says but I love America and endured 8 years of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and actions that did great harm to America.  I want to get to the truth in all corruption and that includes Democrats and Republicans.  I do not want to see Special Investigators or Prosecutors, the DOJ, the Courts, Congress, or any Federal Bureau politicized so that it is nothing more than a partisan or establishment weapon against a politician or elected official they do not like or disagree with.  THAT IS NOT OUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT.   Wait, it seems to be our system today but is not what the Constitution or the Founders and Framers intended.  We sit silent and allow this to transpire to our hurt.

I ask that you join me in praying for America and in working to send people to Washington, DC who are committed to the Constitution and our Constitutional System of Government.  We MUST purge from the ranks all who are not else we become complicit in the destruction and fundamental transformation of the Republic into something none of us truly want.

God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 4 - Term Limits

Both Democrats and Republicans who have served a long time, often well past their usefulness, in Congress keep giving ample reason to consider ‘term-limits’ for Congress just as we have for the President.  Most agree to term-limits for the President arguing they do not want to allow a situation where someone could become a virtual lifetime dictator in a Republican Democracy such as ours.  I agree we do not want that to happen.  However, why is it good for the goose (president) but not good for the gander (congress)? 

Representative John Dingell (D-MI) retired after serving 59 years and 21 days in Congress.  Robert Byrd served for over 57 years. Those two and several others who served a very long time are no longer in Congress but what about those who have served over 30 years and are still there?  John Conyers (D) has served over 52 years and still there.  Thad Cochran and Dan Young both Republicans have served over 44 years.  Patrick Leahy (D) and Chuck Grassley [R] have been fixtures for over 42 years.  Ed Markey (D) and Orin Hatch (D) have been in Congress for over 40 years.  Richard Shelby (D/R) and Jim Sensenbrenner [R], Ron Wyden (D), Pat Roberts [R], Chuck Schumer (D), Hal Rogers [R], Chris Smith [R] and Steny Hoyer (D) have all served over 36 years.

I would never argue that being over 70 is a disqualification for serving in Congress but extended longevity in office and voting records are most assuredly to be considered.  Sadly, too few voters take the time or effort to uncover the voting records, pork procurements, and reneging on campaign promises by the candidates. Many only know the name of the incumbent or the party of the incumbent and vote accordingly with no consideration of how that person has served.  The Framers and our Founders wanted “Citizen Representation” in Congress and from their writings, they desired people to serve in Congress a term or two and then return to private life and live under the legislation they maneuvered through Congress and got enacted into law.

The potential for cronyism, graft, greed, corruption, collusion, and the exemptions afforded through elitism is incredibly great for those serving extended terms in office.  The longer a member of Congress or a Senator is in office the larger his network becomes and the more he can personally benefit from the kickbacks, lobbyist, and the collusion that now exists.  I personally would like to see the 17th Amendment repealed and Senators once again be appointed by the State Legislatures which, in my mind, would give us more control over who goes to DC and if they fail to do the bidding of the state could easily be removed.  You may disagree and I won’t belabor the point.  However, although some argue that if there were term-limits the Senator or Representative serving in their last term would be a lame duck and a do-nothing legislator seeking only their personal interest, not their constituents.  How is that different from now?  One of the many positives of ‘term-limits’ would be that the legislator would know that he/she would have to live under the legislation, regulations, and confinements of their Congressional actions and might just might be more cautious and considerate of the Constitution and the Constituents.

In the recent Obamacare Repeal Vote of the Senate and the actions of Senator McCain, we see a situation where an elected official is more desirous of revenge than advancing the cause of the American people.  Yes, I believe that his actions revealed his thirst for vengeance against Donald Trump and might even be an evidence of his anger toward the American voters for failing to elect him President.  He told the Democrat leadership not the Republican leadership of his plans to sink the Repeal Vote.  He has, on more than one occasion, colluded with the Leftist and although he has been called a maverick I believe he revealed that he is not even a RINO but a DEMO-PUBLICAN.   With Congress exempted or beneficiaries of 70% subsidies in their healthcare, thanks to Barack Obama, why would they care if Obamacare is repealed and the rest of America suffers under the weight of the ever-increasing rates and failures?  THEY ARE PROTECTEDWE ARE NOT!  

Mitch McConnell’s response to President Trump’s call for ‘term-limits’ for Congress is to make it known he will not let it happen.  There will be no debate and no vote in Congress to forward a Constitutional Amendment to the President and to the States for ratification.  McConnell, like McCain, has been in DC for over 30 years and McConnell has no plans to exit the gravy train he has found.  Kentucky, how about helping him do just that?  Those in Congress both Democrat and Republican that have amassed fortunes and power through their longevity in DC will fight tooth and nail to prevent anything but ‘status quo’ and they will do everything in their power to protect the Establishment.  In that sense, there is no difference between Establishment Elitist Republican and Democrat. 

We may not be able to get ‘term-limits’ as a Constitutional Amendment but we can achieve it at the polls if we unite and work in the Primaries to FIRE enough of them, especially those who have turned their backs on us and their campaign promises.  Agree or disagree with my position, I hope you agree that we need people in Congress who honor the Constitution, fulfill their campaign promises, and respect their Constituents.  We may not be able to fully drain the swamp but we can make it a very uncomfortable place to dwell and rid ourselves of a few of the denizens that live there.

You may not like the phrase, “Make America Great Again” but how about “Make America Constitutional Again.”   God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


BLOG POST 1 - Drain the Swamp

No, I am not delusional, and living in fantasy land hoping to find Alice, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man on the Yellow Brick Road.  But, we keep have incident after incident, often unreported or under reported that reveals the absolute necessity of Draining the Swamp NOW!  I fully understand that the immensity of the Swamp makes it virtually impossible to fully drain or drain in any timely manner or even to the degree that we clearly see the results.  BUT, we must begin the process and President Trump can do some but it will take Congress to fully implement the process.  How many expect them to do that?  That’s what I thought, about the same number that believes the liberal Democrats are going to become Trump supporters.

Here is a headline that gives a clear example of how dirty the federal bureaucracy is, “IRS rehired employee that falsified documents, had unauthorized access to taxpayer information.”  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.  That employee should be in jail not handling our Tax Documents.  In the AUDIT from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration where they wanted to evaluate and protect citizens from identity theft and ensure that the employees of the Internal Revenue Service were of “high integrity” some interesting facts surfaced.  The auditors found that there were 200 employees rehired between January 2015 and March 2016 that had been TERMINATED or SEPARATED from the agency due to being investigated or misconduct.  Some of the conduct issues were falsifying employment forms or documents, unauthorized use of taxpayer accounts, misuse of email or property, absence and leave issues, workplace disruption, failure to follow instructions, and violations of the Internal Revenue Code, to name just a few.   HOW ARE THEY BACK ON THE JOB?  Oh, I know, the Democrat Administration wanted them back because they were doing the dirty work of harassing and gathering information against Conservatives or Conservative Organizations.  THE SWAMP is real.  Two of those rehired, according to the audit REPEATEDLY falsified employment forms by omitting prior convictions or terminations and one even had a felony for possession of a forgery device, and another had threatened his/her co-workers.

Moving to the Special Counsel or Investigator, Robert Muller, in the pursuit of any potential or possible collusion with the Russians by Donald Trump and the charges of attempted Obstruction of Justice by the President we find more reason to DRAIN THE SWAMP.  The role of Mr. Muller was suspect in the beginning and continually becomes more politicized with each new revelation of staff and actions on his part.  He is a long-time friend and colleague of James Comey and that clouds his ability to be an INDEPENDENT UNBIASED BI-PARTISAN investigator.  Representative Trent Franks, a Republican serving on the House Judiciary Committee has called for Mr. Muller’s resignation based on the likelihood of ‘conflict of interest’ which is a violation of federal law.  Muller and Comey have been allies since 2003 or before and both men worked in Washington.  Muller served as FBI Director and Comey served as Deputy Attorney General.  Those who know them attest that they are close friends and that places such a cloud on his ability to do an Independent Investigation, he should resign.  BUT HE WON’T.  He was named to do a hit job on Trump and vindicate his friend James Comey and in the hopes of the NEVER TRUMP CROWD take down Trump or at least render him impotent to get any of his agenda through Congress.  The staff that Mr. Muller has assembled looks more like a who’s who among Democrats in the Clinton Camp and that tarnishes any hope of a truly independent unbiased investigation.  I am all for getting to the Truth but want the Truth to be disclosed regarding Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Samantha Powers, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, the IRS, the Unmasking, the DNC, etc.  If we are going to go after one “truth”, which may have no truth in it, then let’s go after them all.  Hard evidence has been presented against those but no legitimate investigation has or likely will ensue.  Does Congress want TRUTH or a TARGET?

Senator’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham have repeatedly subverted all efforts of this President and been party to the RESISTANCE that the Democrats like to call their antics.  Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, has lauded Robert Muller as a fair and impartial man and not a Democrat Partisan.  He argued that the investigations in the House and Senate “de-politicizes” this investigation.  SERIOUSLY, Speaker Ryan?  Seriously!  Oh, I forget you said before the inauguration that you would not support the Trump agenda but once inaugurated you tried to appear as though you were on the team and fighting for the fulfillment of the campaign promises.  However, both you and Senator McConnell have repeatedly taken actions that do harm not benefit the fulfillment of those promises.  Mr. Ryan argued that Congress was not spending all its time focusing on Russia but they were focused on solving people’s problems.  WOW!  I did not know Congress, under his leadership had become a Counseling Service to solve people’s problems.  I thought they were a legislative body that was supposed to enact legislation that dealt with the real issues facing America such as our borders, national security, economy, taxes, Obamacare, the military, terrorism, to name a few.  His claim that they were working on problems people care about is laughable.  People care about the things I mentioned yet, the House and Senate continue to demonstrate either total impotence, incompetence, or intent regarding those issues.  THE SWAMP IS REAL and Congress is a significant part of it.

Those are just a few examples of why we need to seriously take action that will begin the process of DRAINING THE SWAMP and restoring the CONSTITUTION to WE THE PEOPLE.  The only question is a question that reflects how we got in this mess, “Are we willing to do the heavy lifting to get it done?”  We (proverbial we) did not want to be bothered by what was happening in Congress and the Swamp in years gone by and slumbered while the politicians and bureaucrats stole our liberty and enlarged the swamp.  We, as some do today, argued that we did not want to be bothered with politics.  However, politics affects life and life are something that we all should be very interested in.  Politics affects our liberties as well as our livelihood so it is of consequence to each of us.  Politics left to the politicians can only result in the development of an Elitist Professional Ruling Class of Politicians who seek and secure Power to the Point of Tyranny (soft or hard).  We let it happen and now it may be too late to turn this ship around but we must try!

I may not like everything that President Trump advances or the way he goes about dealing with people or addressing issues but I do like the idea of Draining the Swamp, securing the Border, strengthening our ability to defend ourselves, Tax Reform, Repeal of Obamacare, the Economy, and limiting those in DC’s ability to engage in cronyism, graft, and corruption.  I like the idea of keeping Campaign Promises.  There is no perfect politician or person and although I do not expect President Trump to change I do expect Congress to take positive action to advance the agenda that was promised to the voters in the last election.  If they fail or refuse, then I want them OUT THE DOOR as quickly as possible.

God, bless you and God bless America!