I am quite serious in asking this question based on their shock at their own polls regarding Joe Biden’s favorability.  Chuck Todd recently was obviously distraught and in a state of disbelief that the NBC Poll showed that 71% of voters believe America, under Biden, is on the wrong track. 

He called the news ‘scary’ for Democrats.  It took only a few months for most Americans to have buyer’s remorse over their vote against Trump or for Biden.  Most Americans, I still believe, are somewhat rational beings.  Therefore, they realize that what is happening to America under Biden and the Left is costing them financially as well as in their personal liberties and freedoms.  Would they say that?  No, but they will express their discontent in a somewhat generic poll.  They feel they maintain sufficient anonymity, to tell the truth.

Mr. Todd further lamented that Joe Biden’s approval rating stood at a dismal 41% versus 54% who disapprove.  I suspect that if the truth were known it is even worse than that, but then, there are millions out there who have lost the ability to think or reason for themselves.  They parrot what they hear from the media and politicians.  It is easier for them to be told what to think than think.  They simply hold out their hands to receive the morsel tossed their way and express hate for whomever they are told is bad.

In that poll, only 37% said Biden was competent.  The same number as believe he can handle a crisis.  Over 50% disagree with those assertions.  Those polls indicate that the voting public believe that the Republicans are better equipped by double digits to handle border security, inflation, crime, the economy, and generally getting things done.  The areas favorable for the Leftists are climate change, coronavirus, education, and abortion. 

Abortion?  Of course, they are the party of infanticide.  Education?  Naturally, those being polled are the product of decades of Leftists propaganda and brainwashing.  Coronavirus?  Basically, because they believe what they hear from the media and deem it viable, valid, and trustworthy.  I won’t even address the issue of man-made global warming or climate change.  It is a Leftist-driven issue devoid of sufficient valid scientific evidence to support the overreaction and lockdowns. You can disagree if you choose.

I have asked and been asked, “Why Was Biden Elected?”  I generally deflect and respond with a multi-part answer.  Voter Fraud would suggest that he was not legitimately elected, but even if we discount that, it played a role in the election of some down-ballot persons.  Therefore, if we dismiss voter fraud (not that I do) that leaves only one conclusion – Hate for Donald John Trump. 

I do not believe that with the poll numbers now cropping up regarding Biden and his presidency that most people truly wanted him.  With the prevalence of hatred for Trump, it appears that the Democratic Party could have nominated a blind, mentally challenged rodent and the 2020 results would have been virtually the same.  Not even the Democrats love Joe Biden.

All his cabinet members, the media, the DNC, and other establishment types cringe every time he opens his mouth.  He will mumble, stumble along and then utter something beyond stupid, lame, and often incoherent. 

I laughed myself to tears when I read the Economist’s note that, “only a tiny corner of a large Arlington, Virginia park had been fenced off and floodlit to create the safest possible space in the most reliably Democratic city of a state that Biden won by ten points.”  The tiny corner was correct because only a handful of Democratic supporters showed up.  Most Democrats are ambivalent about Joe Biden.  The crowd was polled about their view of him, and some said they were “indifferent” while others said that they held “no view.”  Nobody was uncovered that was enthusiastic about him.

I loved the results in Virginia after Biden told the crowd, “Remember this: I ran against Donald Trump and Terry is running against an acolyte of Donald Trump.”  Guess What Uncle Joe – Terry lost and Younkin won!  He claimed and claims to be a uniter and has gone out of his way to divide this nation.  Mid-term elections are always a referendum on the sitting president, not the predecessor.  This is not about Trump nearly as much as it is about Biden.  Uncle Joe, you are getting an “F” not an “A”.  Please don’t assume that I am dropping the F-bomb, I don’t use that language and am referring to letter grades on job performance.

Yet, the media and the establishment crowd still claim that Biden has done so much to “Build America Back.”  He has “Sent America Back” to the Carter and Obama eras in which inflation, joblessness, and lack of respect by the world have taken center stage.  Do they truly believe that Joe Biden is a fitting president of the greatest nation on the planet?  I don’t believe they do, but how can I be sure since they appear stunned when forced to look reality in the face.

To make matters worse for the Left and dangerous for all of us a CNN Poll reported that only 2% of Americans think Biden is doing “very well.”  I did say two percent as in 2 out of 100 people.  The full poll was that 2% said the country was doing “very well”, 29% said “fairly well” but a whopping 45% said, “pretty bad” and 24% said, “very badly.”  The combination of the net answers places 69% of the people in the “pretty/very badly” category and only 31% in the “very/fairly well” category.   If my math is correct that is a 38% difference in the negative for Biden.

Let me make every Leftist’s head explode.  In January 2020 the number for “very well” for Donald Trump was 20%.  So, I ask, “How Did Biden Get Elected?”  In this poll, 77% are worried about the economy in 2021 whereas only 58% were worried in 2020.  There are similar numbers regarding crime.  In 2021 57% are worried about crime and in 2020 only 37% were worried.  “How Did Joe Biden Get Elected?”

How do you trust a president that openly reports that he is told what to do, what to say when to say it, and when to do it?  How do you trust a president that is incoherent most of the time his lips are moving?  We should have learned under Ronald Reagan that conservatism works, and liberalism fails.  We should have learned under Donald Trump that a businessman who is not a politician can get things done positively in the political realm but a politician like Joe Biden can only mess things up.  We have zero need for career politicians who have no idea what the business world is like or how to give Americans more opportunities to succeed.

God help us to wake up and may God give us a stay of execution until we can rectify this mess in 2022 and 2024 and prayerfully never repeat our mistake.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. So true! Great post.
    Keep up the good work!

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