I am serious in my inquiry as to what it will take for the sleeping giant of America to awaken and the people unite to resist tyranny?  How many liberties must be stripped from us?  How many usurpations of the Constitution must transpire?  How many mandates and regulations must be issued?  Will we realize the danger we are in before or after we have been attacked by outside forces as we are disintegrating within?  What will it take?  I pray that we awaken before it is everlastingly too late!

I believe that the presidency of Joe Biden has weakened our standing in the world and made us incredibly vulnerable to our enemies.  I believe that his appeasement and milquetoast positioning of America is unimaginably dangerous for our Republic.  We have been transformed from being viewed as the protector of the weak in the world to being among the weak and growing weaker.  Our enemies do not fear us, and our friends are losing respect for us.  That is a dangerous condition and one all should be concerned about.

We are being reduced from the economic and military giant to a run-of-the-mill nation.  We have witnessed our energy independence disappear in just a few short months.  We are returning to energy servitude to nations that hate us and kowtowing to nations that chant “Death to America” viewing us as the great satan of the world.  That should give everyone pause and is a reason for concern.

We have experienced the metamorphosis from being the nation that defeated the evil regimes and agendas of Germany and Japan in World War II to one that would have difficulty defeating such an enemy today.  We have been transformed from being the nation and leadership that forced the demise of the Soviet Union and the tearing down of the Berlin wall to a nation that is laughed at and ignored by those forces that desire our demise.

We were warned by Nikita Khrushchev and other world leaders of Communist countries who predicted our demise.  I recently read an article citing the prediction of Historian Peter Turchin, a Russian defector who fled to the United States in 1978.  He has researched the records of 414 societies spanning millenniums from 30 regions of the world to uncover his predictions regarding America.

Turchin concluded that civil unrest will likely erupt and reach the shattering point of our society.  He classified 1,590 incidents – riots, lynching, and political events where at least one person was killed from 1780 to 2010 and identified 50-year cycles of peaks in brutality in 1870, 1920, 1970.  He has predicted that the worst-case scenario of an all-out civil war is likely.

He has predicted that we have passed the line of demarcation and will continue to plunge into disarray, and it will ultimately result in the demise of the Republic known as the United States of America.  Is he right?   I pray he is not!  But what will it take for America to awaken to our condition and plight?  What will it take for us to unite to resist the rise of tyranny and governmental oppression?

We have an enemy more dangerous than all the Islamic jihadists in the world and are ill-prepared to deal with that enemy.  We have two major enemies more dangerous than the rest.  The internal strife that has divided us, and the Republic of Communist China.  Couple that with adversaries such as Iran and Russia and we are on the precipice of danger unlike we have ever faced.  Will we wake up in time to prepare for an attack from outside our borders?  Will we return to sanity and restore our moral moorings in America?  I wish I could predict that we will, but I am only cautiously hopeful.  It is my faith in God that keeps me going not my confidence in the Government of the American populace.

China has amassed a vast military arsenal and is capable of putting a million boots on the ground or more at any time and anywhere.  With China flexing its muscle and rattling its sabers over Taiwan the Biden administration is ill-equipped to deal with it.  Biden and his family are indebted to China on so many fronts that any likelihood of his standing up to them is inconceivable. 

The Obama dismantling of our military and the purging of the ranks of senior officers of those who are more God-fearing, constitutionally oriented, and conservative does not bode well.  Trump tried to build up the military but was unable to replenish the ranks of senior and flag officers, therefore we have a very large contingent of Leftist Woke officers in the senior ranks of our military.

China has also transformed itself into an economic super-power or as one said, an “economic imperial giant.”  They are presently threatening to attack our forces in Taiwan and are determined to take over that nation.  They are making other inroads in the Atlantic and appear to be virtually in control of the Panama Canal.  Some would argue that they also control the Wall Street Journal and much of our federal government.  If that is accurate, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, and paddling by hand cannot prove successful. 

China is attempting to make inroads in Africa seeking a naval base in Equatorial Guinea further threatening our national security.  If this is successful with China’s economic might they will further corrupt the leaders of that poverty-stricken country and permit the Red Warships to sail freely in the Atlantic and rule the seas.

Vladimir Putin has amassed over 200,000 troops to invade Ukraine again and Biden is impotent to stop him other than issue meaningless and powerless threats of sanctions.  Putin knows Biden too well, having dealt with him and Obama watched the Obama administration’s reaction when the Russians took over Kiev.  What did they do?  They armed the Ukrainians with packaged food and warm blankets.  Nice way to stop aggression, right?

Add to that terrible condition the actions of Biden are allowing the Mullahs of the Islamic world to position themselves to rule the Middle East.  We have abandoned our only friend in the region, Israel, and alienated the more moderate nations.  God help us!

Thanks to Joe Biden and his administration we are once again dependent on foreign oil.  He is depleting our strategic oil reserves and destroying the Oil and Gas industries.  One has to wonder why Biden would support the Russian oil pipeline into Germany while shutting down our Keystone pipeline.  He is empowering Putin to rule Europe and China to rule Asia creating a condition worse than that of the World War II era.  When will America awaken?  Will America awaken?  Are we watching America be destroyed and destroyed at such a rapid pace that it is astounding?

I believe that Biden is suffering from diminished mental capacity, but his handlers are using the weak, incredibly ineffectual, and in my view, criminal president to further the Globalist agenda and made America incredibly weak and vulnerable.  I am not certain that even if we win super-majorities in 2022 there is time to stop this destruction.  Will the damage have been so severe that it is impossible to turn the tide?  I hope not, but my trepidation grows almost daily.

What do we do?  For me and my house, we are trusting God and have committed ourselves to prayer and fasting interceding for the Republic.  I am placing my all on the line to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I stand on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and call all believers to join me. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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