Among the many problems transpiring during the Biden presidency and as a result of the Biden policies is the “Supply Chain” issue.  Good news if you are a Leftist who desires to fundamentally transform America and destroy our Republic, IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE!  That’s right, I am telling you without needing to be prophetic that the supply issue is going to get worse.

The unyielding position of the Leftists on the mandates is now affecting truckers and the railroad and if they go on strike, you had better be stocked up in non-perishables.  You may or may not have seen the selves increasingly becoming empty as in the early days of the pandemic, but you will. 

Many Americans who work for a living have reached the point of no return in their tolerance of the draconian mandates issued by this administration and other governmental entities.  Truckers are saying, “Enough” and when they do, if the railroad follows suit, we are in deep trouble.  The Canadian truckers have had enough and should a significant number of eighteen-wheeler drivers from either nation decide to sit this one out, we are in trouble!

The Burlington Northern – Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad may have 17,000 works out on strike soon.  If that happens, the supply issues in the United States will take an incredibly disruptive hit.  We depend on the railroad and truckers to get goods from one location to another.  If items are not being shipped, supply ends, and shelves become bare.  That invites looting, mayhem, and home invasions if it continues for very long.  The last empty shelves issue is still a bad taste in the mouths of many.

What is the issue with the BNSF?  A new work policy to be implemented on February 1, 2022, which disregards the health issues, exhaustion, and inept scheduling is the straw that may break the camel’s back for the workers.  These situations with the railroad and truckers can be directly tied to the Biden administration’s inept and insane policies and assaults on our economy and our freedoms.

President Joe Biden’s actions are intolerable, and I predict that America will not long stand for it.  We will either unite regardless of political ideology and party affiliation and reject this bunch of destructionists or we will become sheep led to the slaughter and watch America be no more.  I know which choice I will make because I have already made it.  I am not a docile sheep that does not or cannot think for myself.

The old story of the frog and the pan of water is somewhat applicable in today’s America.  If you throw a frog into a pan of boiling water, that frog will immediately leap out.  It may be injured but it won’t die by sitting in the water.  However, if you put the frog in lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat it will sit there and boil to death. That seems to be what is happening to many today.  They have been slowly turning up the heat and we keep saying, “Well, this too will pass” or “it’s just another political cycle.”  NO!  It is destruction!

I am becoming more and more convinced that most voters do not care about Biden’s agenda.  What they really care about is the day-to-day decline in our economy and the continual usurpations of our liberties and freedoms.  Many are beginning to awaken, and I am hopeful that in November of this year and 2024 we will see a massive turnout that rejects the destruction.  Will that solve all our problems, NO but it will be a good beginning.

A recent IBD/TIPP poll reveals just how dismal he is in the eyes of the voting public.  That poll reported that The share of Americans who give him an A or B [on handling coronavirus] has fallen from 56% in April to 41% in January.… President Biden’s handling of the economy gets good grades only from 34% of Americans.… President Biden gets good grades from only 28% on the immigration issue.… Only 36% of those who took part in the survey give him good grades for his overall performance.”

I pray that Americans have reached the point they are fed up with grandiose promises.  I pray that we move beyond our complacency and reject the mandates and demand a return to normal.  Well, return to as much normal as is possible in the wake of the damage done already.  We can fix the supply problem, the mandate problem, the energy problem, and the interpersonal and interracial problems in America.  But we have no hope of achieving those objectives if the Left stays in power. 

It is my firm conviction that God will help us, but only if we return to Him and apply the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14 to our lives and our nation.  Although this passage was not directed at the unbeliever the people of God, I believe that if the believers will apply it and do it, the unbeliever will see the benefits. 

America is not without fault.  I know no one who uses reason and sound logic with any measure of understanding of our true history that says it is.  We have made mistakes or committed sins that deserve judgment.  However, if we are seeking to extract our pound of flesh for previous sins rather than seeking reconciliation and moving forward together toward the American Ideal of the Declaration of Independence, we will fail. 

The Bible both urges and commands us to love one another.  We know that love covers a multitude of sins.  We know that love seeks the best good of the other person and is willing to work through some wrongs and misguided actions.  We know that love is a healing balm.  Are there those who reject love and prefer hate?  Of course, but I know from experience that love overcomes hate if continuously applied.

If we could convince ourselves of the truth of the assertion of the Declaration of Independence that “All are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights by our Creator” we would find common ground to debate our differences.  If I believe you are a person created in the image of God, I will regard you differently and with more respect.  I will recognize that life is filled with choices and each of us has a right to choose what we believe and to express that view.  We do not have the right to infringe upon the inalienable right of another.

America, Joe Biden has been a dismal failure! Many of us knew that he would be, but most of us did not realize just how terrible and destructive he would be in the first year.  I believe God warned us, history warned us, and some preachers were bold enough to warn us.  The only thing I heard in my spirit before the 2020 election was, “The election is up to you.”  I was staggered when I heard that.  I first thought it was up to Roy Beaird, but then I realized that God was telling me that it was up to the believers!

We were repeatedly urged to apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 individually and collectively.  Rather than doing that the Church began to choose sides and go to war with each other.  We did not, on a national scale, follow the directive.  That directive was multifaceted.  God’s People are the people to do this.  The first command was to humble ourselves.  We did not do that but rather took a position of pridefulness and blasted others rather than focusing on our sins.  The next was to Pray AND Seek God’s Face.  In doing that we were to turn from our wicked ways.  Rather, we said, “I have no sin, it’s the other side that is wrong.”   God said, THEN, I will hear… THEN, I will forgive… THEN, I will heal their land.

America, I ask that you join me in a national time of repentance, seeking God’s face, turning from evil to good, and praying.  We can see America restored, but it will not be without casualties and difficulty. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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