Well, Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Robinette Biden, Jr., as well as Hillary Rodham Clinton and William Jefferson all, told us they were squeaky-clean, honest, and transparent politicians.  If you believe them, I would like to offer you a deal on some prime oceanfront property in the middle of Arizona.  I will even through in some green cheese from the moon’s surface, a unicorn, and a flying pig.  That’s as believable as their assertions and maybe more so.

The Biden family appears to be owned by China and other devious and corrupt countries.  Peter Schweizer a Breitbart News contributor has released information that has been corroborated by Hunter Biden’s business partner and other sources.  The information indicates that the Biden Family or Syndicate received at least $31 million from individuals closely linked to the highest levels of Chinese Intelligence. 

That money was received when Joe Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama and has continued while he has been sitting as President of the United States of America.  I do believe that is a violation of the law and should bring the question of treason into the equation.  It won’t, but it should! 

One of the players was a man named, Che Feng whom Hunter refers to as the Super Chairman.  Hunter said, “I don’t believe in the lottery anymore, but I believe in the Super Chairman.”  His business partner was the Vice Minister for state security in China.  Whoa Nellie that smells of corruption and the selling of American secrets is not out of the question.  Feng helped Hunter secure a $20 million deal. 

Another player is Mr. Zhao who helped with that deal and also sent Hunter $5 million from a business called Harvest Global.  That is a very interesting and suspicious name considering China’s continued cyber intelligence gathering.  To make it more dangerous and devious, the Vice Minister’s job in China was to oversee the entire Chinese spy apparatus. 

Some have wondered about Biden’s throwing Ukraine to the dogs and under the bus in this Russian imbroglio.  I think I may have stumbled on at least one reason for his actions other than ineptitude.  Sam Nunberg, privy to information on the highest levels under Trump has suggested that Biden gave Putin a green light with Ukraine for spite or payback for Ukraine cutting off Hunter’s cash cow.

Ukrainian energy company Burisma stopped bribing him after the 2016 election of former President Donald Trump.  The cash flow stopped but not the thirst for vengeance and payback by the Bidens.  If you recall, Hunter was paid the handsome sum of $80,000 per month to simply sit on the board.  What Fortune 500 Company pays that per month for board members? 

If you recall, the Mainstream Media won’t tell you, that Joe Biden bragged as Vice President that he was solely responsible for getting the investigator fired who was examining the bribery allegations involving Hunter.  First, they cut Hunter’s fee in half and then cut him off completely.  How dare anyone stop the flow of illicit cash to the Biden’s or any politician?  That is anathema and if given the opportunity the sullied politician will retaliate. 

President Trump strengthened NATO and approved the sale of heavy arms to Ukraine while he was in office.  Biden has reversed course and offers them tokens and blankets not protection against aggression.  He was supposed to help Europe stop Putin’s Nord Stream pipeline but instead, he wrapped it in a package and handed it to Putin free of charge.  Biden’s actions regarding Ukraine will likely embolden China in its pursuit of Taiwan.  Who would expect Biden to take a hard line against China?  I don’t see any hands.

Next, we have to wonder about the motive of the Biden administration to save Iran’s seat in the United Nations General Assembly for non-payment of dues.  Biden arranged funds to cover the debt and keep Iran securely in the UN and voting.  Why would you do that?  Why, unless you see them as an ally in the destruction of the United States of America as the Free Constitutional Republic? 

In less than two weeks the Biden team arranged for $18 million blocked Iranian funds to be released.  Wow!  Maybe the motivation is to create a wag the dog situation with a war in the Middle East and divert attention from America’s economic woes and soaring inflation.  William Jefferson Clinton was a master at that tactic and Biden’s team is not oblivious of the results.  After all, it was Obama’s own Rahm Emanuel who said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”  Everything is political and nothing is about the best good of America and Americans. 

Let me irritate some who hate Trump with a passion.  What would have been the response in the Media, Washington, Hollywood, and on the Internet if President Trump had bailed out an avowed foe as did Biden with Iran?  It would have taken less than a day for the articles of impeachment to have been drafted and presented and probably not much longer for the vote to have passed the House of Representatives.  Frankly, I would agree with the move if he had done that.

Let’s take that a step further and include the Ukraine and Russia situation.  If Trump had greenlighted Russia as Biden has, the howls of corruption and collusion would echo in the Halls of Congress, and immediately the articles of impeachment would have been forthcoming.  

Of course, Biden took a hard line, according to the pundits when he said, “If Russian were to invade, they would be “held accountable.”  I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots.  Then Biden watered down that stance saying, “It depends on what it does.  It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera.” 

How can a sitting President provide intelligence to an adversary as Biden did when he clearly informed Putin that NATO was divided about how to respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  He made it clear that Putin could do some things short of a full takeover and have a free pass.  In history, that kind of allowance leads to full dominance over time and Putin has time.

Since Russia imports gas from Ukraine Putin would be less likely to touch the supply route.  Not so anymore, because Biden handed him the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that liberates Russia to deal with Ukraine anyway, they please.  Thanks, President Biden you are making the world a much safer place and stemming the tide of oppression and aggression.  Don’t step in the Unicorn poop when you go in the backyard.

America, we have a disaster in the White House, and regardless of whether he is calling the shots or echoing what he is told it is destructive.  We must rectify the error in the subsequent elections.  Now is the time to begin vetting candidates to oust the RINOs and evict the Leftists.  We can do this if we band together and take our country back.

God bless you and God bless America!

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