No, I am not talking about the Red Dragon of the Book of Revelation, the devil, but China. So, who knew that China was a threat?  Who?  Well, anyone, with an IQ above freezing on the Fahrenheit thermometer, did or should have.  Communist China has long been our most dangerous antagonist and a thorn in the side or pain in the caboose.  They have outstripped the rest of our avowed enemies in design, desire, and ability to wage multiple kinds of war against us.  In fact, they have been waging an economic and technological way for quite some time.  I also believe they have engaged in a measure of biological warfare.  Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, the current administration will not acknowledge that reality, or our growing inability to combat their efforts to supplant us as the world’s superpower.  In many ways, they have succeeded and are becoming more successful every day largely due to their growing strength and our decline. 

Who do I blame for that?  I would love to say Joe Biden is the sole culprit but that would be erroneous and intellectually dishonest.  It has been developing for some time.  The CCP gained a significant foothold under William Jefferson Clinton’s administration, made inroads under “W”, but made major strides under Barack Hussein Obama.  They were held in check, in a measure under Trump, but now they virtually own the Bidens and are fearless in their designs and desires.  The words of David Farragut in 1864 – “Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!”  They seem poised to move against Taiwan and whatever else they desire.

China has no fear of America under this presidential administration because they have deep financial ties and, in a measure, own them.  This occupant of the White House has demonstrated his abject weakness in dealing with any foreign power and his inability to guide America. Why would any antagonist be concerned about a WOKE military that is more concerned about pronouns and making sure that transgenders are comfortable in their ranks than being prepared for war? 

I say that about our military, not to disparage the devoted members of our Armed Forces.  I am a Vietnam Veteran and will stand by our service personnel until I die.  However, under Obama, there was an overt purge of the upper echelon of our military and under Biden and his Secretary of Defense and various other bureaucrats there has been a disgusting attempt to reshape the image and preparedness of our fighting forces into a PC Correct, WOKE extension of their views.  That has placed us in great danger and is a national security threat.  I am not surprised at the number of service personnel who have resigned or refused to reenlist.  They too see the dangers!

The CCP has been conducting economic espionage against us.  They are buying farmland near our military bases. Why would they want farmland specifically near military installations?   It is for farming but not growing vegetables.  It is for harvesting intelligence, so they can have the upper hand in any potential military actions.  There are many more reasons, but that is enough that it should have been immediately squashed.  But “The Big Guy” has hands that are soiled with money from China, he dares not kill the goose that is laying his golden eggs.  America first, is not his agenda.  Biden first, would be more accurate. 

China has been engaged in the theft of intellectual property and covertly and sometimes overtly engaged in a disinformation campaign to discredit any opponents to their agents working unimpeded in the United States.  I was deeply disappointed when in the face of the CCP’s brazen activities in the USA, Joe Biden pulled the plug on the Justice Department’s “China Initiative.” 

Remarkably, after he took that action there have been twelve Chinese agents indicted or charged with conducting or directing operations in the United States.  How many more would have been caught if our government continued to work diligently to discover, uncover, and indict the agents working within our borders?  Our U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center continues to warn of the escalation of the CCP’s covert campaign to influence politicians at all levels. 

This administration and the Leftists in control of Congress continue to play with fire and if you play with fire, you are likely to get burned.  China’s Xi has issued a stern warning to Biden, Pelosi, and America regarding Taiwan.  They intend to take over Taiwan and he made that clear, according to reports, in a two-hour phone call with Biden.  Biden reiterated that the United States supports independence for Taiwan but that seems empty words in light of his continual bungling of foreign policy.

U.S. military leaders have repeatedly warned of the growing threat emerging from China and believe that Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan will have ripple effects.  Taiwan has been ramping up its military, but it is a tiny molecule compared to the behemoth of China.  It is not David vs Goliath is it Goliath vs a small ant? Without U.S. aid, Taiwan cannot withstand the Chinese assault, and maybe not with our aid.  Will we defend them?  If so to what extent?  Will that plunge us into a dangerous war and possibly a nuclear war?  With Biden, and his frequent gaffes who knows? 

With this administration’s ineptitude regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the continuation of the disappearing lines in the sand that Obama used and Biden embraces, China has no fear of the United States.  Many experts believed that the military action by China would not likely come until 2025 or 2030 but now believe it could be imminent and possible if not likely within the next eighteen months. 

The strange ambiguity of this administration regarding China and their “One China Policy” lends to the threat.  The U.S. neither rejects nor accepts China’s claims over Taiwan.  How is that for straddling the fence?  As an Obama official said, “Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of foreign policy for forty years.”  He was and still is.  The world needs a strong America but has one that is led by milquetoast oligarchs. 

We have a ten-thousand-pound gorilla in the room in Communist China and this administration is inept and often clueless as to how to deal with them.  Part of that is the financial connection of the Biden Family and many of the members of Congress with China.  They have no stomach to bite the hand that is feeding them.  If they were truly concerned about America, they would put America and the American people first even if it were detrimental to their financial bottom line.  Patriotism is not something that can be bought or sold. 

In the 1980s President Ronald Reagan understood the importance of semiconductors for America.  He said, “the health and vitality of the U.S. semiconductor industry are essential to America’s future competitiveness.”  Sadly, we abandoned that vision and allowed our semiconductor innovation to decline, while Asia became a major player in that arena.  Currently, 90% of the advanced semiconductors are manufactured in Taiwan.  Now, do you understand more why China and General Secretary Xi are determined to take them over?  It has less to do with geography than economics. It is no longer a question of if they will use force but when.  The world needs America’s strength, and we have what we have in the White House and Congress.  May God help us and the world.

China has plans to build over thirty semiconductor factories in the near future and is spending hundreds of billions of dollars to attract companies, including American companies to fill their supply chain.  The Chinese are stockpiling the tools needed for manufacturing the chips and we are experiencing shortages.  We are asleep at the wheel and Bumblin’ Hidin’ Biden is eating his ice cream, twiddling his thumbs, and denying any danger.  I am not Chicken Little, and we are in danger of the sky falling on us like a giant meteor. 

America, it is time to clean house in Washington!  Not just in Congress and the White House but in the courts, the bureaucrats, and at the State and Local Levels too.  Our future and freedom are hanging in the balance.  Please pray and remember the dangers and damages when you vote in November.

God bless you and God bless America!

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