When I use the word “mad” I mean lacking sense, cogitatively challenged, demented, illogical, delusional, and even diabolical.  There are other words I could use, but those suffice to reflect what I mean.  I believe the Bible!  I believe the warnings of what the latter times would look like are like reading the headlines in today’s world.  Our world is not a safe or sane place, and the threat of a worsening condition is very real.

I am a Christian, a conservative, a constitutionalist, a patriot, and a Vietnam veteran.  Those are the bedrock foundation of my life.  I love America!  I stand and contend for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  I want everyone to have their constitutionally recognized God-given inalienable rights!  I want those rights to be without infringement by the government!  It is time that our snowflake world grew up and realized that life is not always fair, and no one has the right to never have their feelings hurt. 

It is my view that those following the toxic agenda of the Left are marching to the directives contained in Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals” and Marx and Engels, “The Communist Manifesto” of 1848.  That manifesto is a 28-page pamphlet that details the agenda and strategy of those following that diabolical system.  I see so many similarities in what the Left is proposing, pursuing, and advancing that I cannot ignore the kinship.

The founders of Black Lives Matter have acknowledged that they are devoted Marxists.  Patrice Cullors has openly declared, “We are trained Marxists.  We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”  Although I detest communism and often resist reading the writings of those who are or were avidly opposed to freedom, I sometimes feel compelled to know the enemy, so I read their works.  I have learned that being informed enables one to strategize in this war properly and effectively.

One of the striking things I see in the Communist Manifesto is the consuming attitude of resentment, bitterness, envy, victimhood, hate, and arrogance.  It presents the idea of a Utopia that is not achievable except on paper.  It is a theory that has failed each time it has been adopted.  Sadly, each new proponent is either so filled with a thirst for power they are willing to use it or believe they are smart enough to make it work this time.  Both are dangerously deceived and produce a deadly condition for the populace. 

The ludicrous idea that if people are given a proper economic and political system everyone will be transformed into amazingly productive saints and all our problems would be solved.  The idea of Utopia or Heaven on Earth is a dream that is not possible.  Our current culture, which is embracing the canceling culture, rewriting, or revising history, and erasing everything deemed to be unappealing is creating a condition allowing deception to have an open door.

If we study history and read the writings of Marx, Engels, and Alinsky we quickly realize or should realize that they offer nothing viable to replace the system they wish to destroy.  Destruction is the goal with no genuine workable replacement foundation for society.  Replacing what we now have with Communism or Socialism does not provide a foundation for societal interaction only for government control.  We become surfs of the state and pawns manipulated for their purposes.  We are given breadcrumbs and told to be grateful for the benevolent benefactor’s charity.  In their world dissension is disallowed.

Alinsky, Marx, and Engels were not seeking ‘truth’ but were purposed in creating a ‘revolution.’  They were bold and filled with self-confidence in their views and thereby created an image in the minds of the dissatisfied that they were right.  The flames of hate are fanned by those seeking to destroy and the higher the level of hate, the more rabid the followers become.  The only end of perpetual hate will be bloodshed because hate gives no ground, and its quest is to destroy every object of its animosity.

Those seeking to overthrow our system of government know that the key foundations that must be destroyed are faith and family.  Thus, we have the incessant push to demand our acceptance of gender blending, gender neutrality, homosexuality, and transsexuality.  It began slowly but has become a runaway train of destruction. 

Government participation in allowing minors to hide life decisions from their parents was a first step.  Now, we have drag queens in our public schools and the groomers attempting to destroy all concepts of moral rightness and family structure in our children.  Those children will, in the future, lead this nation, and what kind of nation will they pursue?

We have morphed into a society where we determine what is right and wrong based on what we want right and wrong to be.  Morality is not and will never be subjective!  We have historical and biblical guidelines that help us recognize and avoid morally unethical practices.  Virtually all societies believe that murder is wrong.  However, some societies adopted the view that those outside their clan were subhuman, and that killing them was acceptable and justified. 

Relativism has stripped us of moral absolutes and plunged us into a culture that is rapidly becoming doing what is right in one’s own eyes.  The rejection of the Bible as our moral and spiritual guide has proven to be detrimental.  Allowing the Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, Wokeness, and Political Correctness is destroying our foundations and will destroy us if we do not wake up.

The demand for tolerance at the expense of one’s faith is not healthy.  When we make tolerance equal to the embracing of all views even those antithetical to our core convictions, we are not tolerant we have surrendered.  We have endured a constant barrage of the poison of toxic liberalism and relativism for decades in academia, television, movies, news media, and periodicals.  The fruit is being manifested and the price of continuing down this path of destruction is more costly than anyone will acknowledge.  Destroy the root and you kill the tree.

Our government will exercise the full power of the Justice Department against anyone targeting an abortion clinic but turn a blind eye when there are violent attacks against Pro-Life Clinics.  The resurgence of attacks against religious institutions must be addressed because it is a threat to our constitution and republican form of government. 

Freedom of Religion is not simply that you are allowed to worship in the Church of your choice.  It means that you have the right to live your life and hold your deep convictions outside the four walls of the church.  You are allowed to practice your faith in a peaceful manner and without infringement by the government or any hate group.

We have a weaponized Department of Justice under Merrick Garland that is pushing the envelope of madness beyond the point of no return.  When the DOJ uses federal law enforcement to harass political opponents, we are facing a condition of Totalitarianism that will not end well.

What am I attempting to say?  Simply, unless we wake up and realize the systematic shredding of our foundations, we will lose the republic!  Unless we awaken from slumber and rediscover our moral moorings as a society and recognize that God endowed us with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness we will watch our republic crumble.

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to become the true overseers of our government and keep a watchful eye on those charged with governing.  Failure to properly dispose of our duty on that front will result in the loss of our right to Life, Liberty and find no pathway to pursue Happiness.  In a very tangible way, the ball is in our court!  What will we do?

God bless you and God bless America!

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