The question at this time of year in an election cycle is, “What Kind of Government Do You Want?”  Maybe a secondary question is, “What Kind of Government Are You Willing to Tolerate?”  The latter question might be more germane to the current political scene.  Why would I say that?  Because of our more recent history of apathy, animus toward a personality, and willing blindness to the destruction being done.  If that holds true, then we are in for at least two more years of abysmal economics and assault on our liberties. 

I believe that one of the major goals in every American election should be the defeat of Big Government Socialism.  However, many polls indicate that the thirty-five and under crowd largely support socialism of some form.  I believe that is because they do not have the experience or the understanding of what those entails.  Sadly, they are not likely to gain either between now and November 8, 2022.

Focusing on individual candidates will not achieve that objective.  We may defeat Joe Biden or whomever the Democrats offer in 2024.  We may defeat some of the main Democratic players and that will not do the trick.  We must have a workable, definable, and obtainable plan to ensure that Big Government Socialism cannot survive in America. 

That means we must develop the party platform to mandate that objective.  The Democrats will advance their brand of Socialism and their anti-capitalism agenda.  They will harp on their perceived horrors of not being able to kill babies in the womb, at will.  They will insist that man is destroying the planet and we must end all use of fossil fuels, turn to green energy, and inflict carbon taxes on businesses and the public.  They will insist value of grooming our children into transgenderism, homosexuality, and gender confusion.  Then they will offer their plans to tax us into oblivion and strip us of our inalienable rights. 

That should be enough to send every voter scurrying to vote the Leftists out, but unfortunately, millions agree with that ideological position.  We have a greater racial divide today than we have had in decades.  We have more toxic liberal activism today than ever in my lifetime.  We have more politicians concerned about their position, power, and purse than ever.  We have the establishment on both sides of the aisle hesitant to trim spending and reduce the size of the bloated entity called the federal government. 

It is way past time for modest reforms and token attempts to reduce spending, reduce the deficit, and loosen the grip of the federal bureaucracy on our lives.  It is time to radically transform the current government, restoring it to what the founder’s original intent was.  It was to be a limited government with specified powers and we the people were to be the true overseers and owners of the government.  They are supposed to govern by the consent of the people. 

Today, they do not care about the consent of the people and believe that there are no inalienable rights, only those deemed applicable and acceptable by the ruling class of elitist politicians.  It is time for that to end!  It is time to get out the vote and get out and vote!  In just days we will be going to the polls and casting our ballots for candidates who supposedly will do our bidding in Washington. 

Unfortunately, if history repeats itself many of those vocal and promising fresh faces will become part of the system shortly after being sworn in.  It may be money.  It may be coercion.  It may be the taste of power.  It may be grandiose views of their own political value.  It may be the influence of dark forces that seem to operate freely in DC.  Whatever it is, too many caves and go along to get along and we are left longing for that limited government we were promised.

The Founders feared an overly powerful Centralized Federal Government and what we have today would make them turn over in their graves.  We could turn back the clock and study the actions of both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan in their drive to defeat Big Government Socialism.  Sadly, we have become a reactionary self-absorbed entitled society.  A people more interested in “what’s in it for me” than “what is best for the republic and posterity?”

If we have any hope of reversing the decades-long development of centralized power in Washington, we have to have a plan, and a strategy and articulate it as did both Thatcher and Reagan.  Thatcher condemned socialism as theft that was both unsustainable and immoral.  I agree with that assessment.  Eventually, you run out of other people’s money to pay the fare for free everything.  There are no free lunches, somebody pays for them.

Socialism has failed in every country that it has been attempted.  It is one of those ideas that may look workable on paper and even desirable until it is implemented and soon it wrecks the economy and destroys initiative.  In one of Thatcher’s speeches, she pulled out Friedrich Hayek’s 580-page ‘The Constitution and Liberty’ and slammed it on the podium declaring, “This is what we believe!” 

If we have any hope of salvaging the Republic known as the United States of America, we must develop a plan and articulate it everywhere.  We cannot be vague, and elected politicians must demonstrate a commitment to that vision.  Lip service is insufficient and will guarantee a rejection in the next election cycle. 

I am convinced that most Americans, at least those who work, pay taxes, and have to pay their own way are feeling the pinch.  I am convinced that most of those know that we had it far better before Biden.  They know that Biden’s plan is the Obama plan on steroids and is a train wreck.  Sadly, with Obama, it became an emotional issue based on race rather than actual policy and what was happening.  With Biden, those of us who oppose his agenda and that of his party are deemed, domestic terrorists, misogynists, xenophobes, racists, deplorables, haters, and semi-fascists. 

What do we need to do to salvage America, defeat Big Government Socialism and return to being the Republic our Founders established?  There are numerous things, and I cannot list them all, but some highlights would include:

  • We must control spending, bring down the cost of living and balance the budget.  That will never happen if we stay with baseline budgeting rather than going to a zero-based budgeting process.
  • We must restore our energy independence.  We can and should develop alternative energy, but we should not destroy our economy and lives by forcing the transition. 
  • We must secure the border.  A nation that does not have a secure border is not a nation and faces incredible national security threats daily.
  • We must enforce the law and keep violent criminals in jail and back law enforcement while making any necessary adjustments in policies or personnel.
  • We must focus on restoring the family and parental control of the lives of their children.
  • We must restore education to teaching real history not a revised, sanitized, or politicized brand.  The truth is the truth, and it will free us to move forward.

I plead with every legal American voter to examine the facts and stop allowing your bias to dictate your vote.  I urge everyone to reject the fallacious promises of the socialists and those who want to make America something other than what it was founded to be.  I urge everyone to carefully study the party platforms and then vet the candidates and be prepared to hold their feet to the fire.  We must reassume responsibility and become determined to hold ALL politicians accountable.

Lastly, we need to return to God and restore His rightful place in our society and seek to strengthen the family unit where there is a father and a mother in the home.  We did not get where we are overnight, and we will not dig our way out of this state of depravity and declension overnight.  We have a colossal task in front of us and I pray that as those patriots in 1776, we will rekindle the flame of freedom in America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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