I am sobersidedly serious about the dangers one living in a Free Constitutional Republic can face becoming a political prisoner.  One would expect that in Russia, China, Cuba, or many of the other despotic tyrannical totalitarian governments of the world, but America?  How can this be?  Why would we tolerate it for one nano-second?  Why would Congress allow this type of action to transpire? 

Just in case there is someone who has not been apprised of one of the many illegal and unethical actions of the man occupying the White House called the President is urging the FBI to find crimes committed by his political opponents.  What?  That is not America! Well, it is not what the Constitutional allows, but unless and until someone steps up to the plate in Congress, the Courts, or there is a unified action by we the people, this will only get worse.

Information has surfaced via several current and former FBI agents to expose this dilemma.  They revealed it to the Washington Times.  Joe Biden has been and is urging the FBI to target MAGA Republicans and label them domestic terrorists and he characterizes all in that category as semi-fascists.  His very actions are a prime example of fascism at work.  It is equivalent to the actions of Hitler in Nazi Germany and a myriad of other despots in history. 

The sanctimonious plea that he is somehow fighting for the soul of America is being exposed as beyond hypocritical it is diabolical and destructive.  They keep harping that the Republicans, Trump, and those who support him are destroying the foundations of our democracy.  (We are a Republic, not a Democracy).  This type of action is weakening our political foundations as a Free Country. 

I do not know whether to call this a shameless display of audacity or evidence of his dementia.  What I do know is that it is not only divisive and inflammatory it is deadly destructive.  If this is allowed, what is to prevent him or future presidents from issuing an executive order outlawing any dissent or disagreement?  If this is not challenged and forced to end, we are doomed as the Free Constitutional Republic of our founding. 

Scandals and targeting political opponents are not new, but this is so far beyond the scope of anything previously experienced in the past that it is frightening.  This is the first time, to my knowledge, that a sitting president has used governmental agencies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, DOD, IRS, Homeland, etc.) to actively target and harass political opponents and their supporters.  Have we truly plunged into the abyss of corruption and totalitarianism to the level that this is allowable? 

The FBI is charged with investigating crimes not going on fishing expeditions to find a crime and prosecute it.  That is so filled with dangers one could easily see how this could morph into the creation of crimes to accuse someone of committing.  It could become fraught with the dangers seen in communist and totalitarian nations where crimes are fabricated and incarcerations or executions the result.  Is that where we are?  That should frighten even those on the Left, for in totalitarian governments even those on the same side become targets if deemed a threat to the totalitarian’s power.

Not to stir the pot too much, but there has been at least one FBI whistleblower who has come forth with allegations that the FBI schemed to distort the January 6th situation into a nationwide ‘domestic violent extremism’ epidemic.  If that is true, we are nearer the precipice of destruction than I have been willing to believe. 

This individual alleged that the FBI failed to follow standard investigative practices for the January 6th cases.  The accusation was that they sought to make it appear that this was a nationwide epidemic of terrorism by those supporting Donald Trump.  The allegation alleges that the misrepresentation of data and the artificial categorization scheme allowed the FBI hierarchy to claim there was a significant increase in domestic violent extremism.  Of course, all the DVE (domestic violent extremism) is purportedly coming from MAGA Republicans while ignoring the rioting and criminality of the Leftist since and before the 2020 elections.

This individual made a shocking allegation.  He said that the FBI hierarchy inappropriately and unnecessarily prioritized the January 6th cases.  He alleged that they were told, “child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”  His allegations come on the heels of two other whistleblowers making similar accusations.

Are we living in a time when the political powers are overtly using the full force and power of federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies to silence all dissension?  We know that whistleblowers have informed members of Congress that “the Hunter Biden laptop was off-limits.”  We watched the nefarious protectionism in the 2016 elections as the FBI protected Hillary Clinton and her camp even in the face of glaring criminality, perjury, and obstruction of justice.  We no longer have a true federal law enforcement arm; we have a political weapon for the Left. 

I am stunned that polls would indicate that the majority of voters realize that Joe Biden and his party are dividing the country yet seem willing to vote for them again.  Are we so blinded by our political bias that we are unable or unwilling to see the truth and see the handwriting on the wall?  The age-old definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing expecting a different result.”  Are we so devoted to our political bias and so unwilling to admit error that we are willing to participate in our own destruction?

If 58.7 percent of the voters see this that should be a sign of our return to sanity.  However, that same poll indicated that 43.6 percent of the Democrats believe Biden has unified the country.  What country are they talking about, it cannot be the United States.  In that poll, 92.8 percent and 64.1 percent of Republicans and Independents respectively believe he is dividing dangerously.

It is incumbent on all freedom-loving and thinking people to pay attention and become involved in the process of government.  If we the people are the true owners of government, as the founders suggested, then our failure to give oversight and hold others accountable is to participate in the destruction.  We have lost all reason in this modern age and are allowing extremists activists groups to push their agendas with the backing of the power of the federal government to our hurt.  We have allowed the government to steal the rightful authority and responsibility of our children from the parents and place it in the hands of governmental appointees. 

We have abandoned true science, the Bible, and reason? Our religious freedoms are in the crosshairs of destruction.  It is becoming unsafe to use any language that is not PC-approved.  It is unsafe to stand for your religious and moral convictions.  It is unsafe to voice dissent toward the Leftists in power.  They use various agencies and social media to attack you personally, socially, politically, and economically.  What will it take for them to attack us physically?  Wait, in some incidences that are happening.

America, I ask, “Are We Willing to Allow Political Dissent to Be Made A Crime?”  Right now, that is dissent toward the toxicity of the liberal leftist agenda.  But, if this is allowed to stand, it could become a normal tactic of those in power.  That would be our end, or is it already our end?  We MUST not let this type of antics stand.  We MUST unite and reclaim our Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

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